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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 6, 2018 12:00am-1:01am PST

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>> this is a commission for tuesday, december 4th. can you please read the role? [roll call] >> please be advised that certain directors will be absent today. you do have a quorum. enhancement assessment three is the ringing of and the use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting character any person responsible for one going off in the room may be asked to leave the room. cell phone set on vibrate do because microphone interference to the board so we request they be placed in the off position. item four his approval of the minutes from november 6th, 2018 regular meeting. >> do i have public comment on
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the minutes? >> no. do i have motion to approve? is that seconded class. >> second. all in favor? >> aye. >> item five is communications. just one was set on the agenda. item 12 said the explanatory documents would include a powerpoint and a report. this has to do with meeting improvement programs. there is no report and there is just a slide presentation. in case anyone was looking for it to, we wanted you to know that. item six is introduction of new business by board members. >> i have a piece of unfinished business. it was just handed to me by the director for 30 years of service ms. miss bloomer was not thrilled to have this happen. [applause]
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>> all right. any other? [laughter] thank you for your years of service. thinking --dash thank you for keeping this board moving along and keeping everything organized as you do. we appreciate your service very much. director his character i have any new or unfinished business? seeing then, we will move along. item seven is the director his report. >> thank you. >> thank you. we look forward to 30 more years members of the board, members of the public and staff, i would like to ask our director of sustainable streets to come forward to recognize one of his outstanding recently retired employees. >> mr mcguire? >> good afternoon. i would like to ask angelito washington to join me up here. she started her career in march 2008. in her ten years with our unit
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if unit, she a dedicated employee. she's a kind and generous personality who is always on display with her interactions with her coworkers. she was known for giving out christmas cards to every year does every year to everyone in the units. she bought a box of cards which will be distributed this year. she was planning ahead as she always did. really consistent in the way she treated everybody with respect and courtesy inside and outside the agency. that is all we want all of our public facing employees, even in a stressing job like bop to be able to show. a calm demeanour and professional attitude that she showed de- escalated many potentially volatile situations to the benefit of herself, the public and her coworkers. she was dedicated to the unit and came to work rain or shine and carried on her duties without hesitation and contributed so many positive ideas and infected positive change within the proof of payment unit and we would like to recognize her for her
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outstanding service and dedication to the city. [applause] [cheering] >> thank you so much for your years of service to the agency. i understand that you have, in addition to your husband to watch you receive this honour, you have a lot of coworkers. what you all like to stand so we can see? fabulous. [applause] >> thank you so much. on behalf of this board and the entire city and all the riders of our system, thank you so much for the work that you do. it is such an important job and i know it is not one of the easiest jobs out there. thank you for your years of service. would you like to say anything? >> good afternoon everybody. i am very thankful and grateful for this award.
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on behalf of my family, my coworkers, i am grateful for this award. this is for all of you. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> so i also, if you recall at the last meeting, we said farewell to our outgoing c.f.o. i don't recall her name -- [laughter] >> i wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our new c.f.o. and director and director of finance and information technology. leah levinson started with us a week ago -- leo levinson has started with us so we could go. he has a couple of decades of experience with very city agencies including a couple of stints students with a controller touch office. it comes with a wide array of knowledge and experience here with the city and knows the various players of the city and therefore we are giving him no
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honeymoon. he has already jumped in. i just wanted to -- since this is one of the more important positions in the agency, i wanted an opportunity to introduce them to you and invite him up to say a few words. >> very nice to meet you. thank you for joining. >> thank you so much. thank you. i have been here for one week now. i have met a number 1 -- a number of you in meetings in the first week and i want to say how excited i am to be working with the sfmta. i have been extremely impressed by the people i have met and the importance of -- on the mission of this agency. i'm committed to doing everything i can to support the service that we are providing to the public while doing it in an accountable and transparent way. i am very excited to have this opportunity. >> good. thank you very much. welcome aboard. >> thank you.
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>> a just a few other items to note. one of the first things that leo will be working on is to figure out how to spend some money that we weren't anticipating. you may have heard that the city controller announced last week that the city will recognize about $450 million of unanticipated property tax revenues of which 181 will be available to spend for the general fund. the reason for the delta is because there are a number of set-asides in the charter that direct general city revenues to go to specific reuses. one of those uses is to come to the m.t.a. about $38 million at this unexpected revenues will be coming our way. so we will be exploring various capital needs that we have that are not funded that might be good uses for this money. we will be treating this as one-time funding. is possible because of -- there
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is some uncertainty in terms of whether there will be a feature such funding. we need to be conservative, and assume it as one-time, to the extent we do want to expend any of this money, it will require supplemental appropriation from the board of supervisors because this was not anticipated. that we will be bringing you, at the next meeting, our five year, $3 billion capital improvement program. it is already more or less done, so there probably will not be time to put in the $30 million, but it will provide a reference point for discussion on how we would recommend using those funds. good news for the city, and good news for the agency that i wanted to share with you. with regard to vision zero, i wanted you, and particularly the public to know that for the 19 th consecutive year, the m.t.a. will offer free munimobile service on new year's eve. this is from 8:00 pm on the 31 st, until 5:00 am on january
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1st. i put this within the vision zero update because obviously we want people to get around safely on new year's eve. giving everybody an opportunity to do so on nalcor -- en munimobile is a very much in line. we have continued to work on the update to the vision zero action strategy. we reported to you previously we have done various types of community outreach. we did coffee talk sessions in each of the 11 supervisor districts and our gathering a lot of feedback towards getting that revised plan back before you in march of 2019. what we are hearing so far, is many of our programs such as a safe routes to school, safe to senior, high visibility enforcement with the police department, and improving the streets on the high injury network, all seem to have very strong support. i'm sure that will come through,
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and we are on track to bring that strategy to you in march. shifting gears, an update on the central subway. a technical update. as you know, the central subway, as we have been saying for the last year or so is on track to commence service in december 2019. a year from now. we continue to be on track for a while. the schedule is slipping but it has been holding for the last year or so. however, our full funding grant agreement with the federal government has the original start of service date which is december 2018. so we need to formally request from the federal government a revision to the grant agreement to reflect our current projected revenue service date, and what they're asking us to do, and i think it's a reasonable thing to do, is included schedule contingency into that revised
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date. while we remain confident that we can meet december 9th -- 2019 and we are committed to do so, there are certainly risks to the schedule as we finish up the hard construction, finish up all the systems construction, integrate the systems, do all the startup and testing. so we will be submitting a letter to the f.t.a., the federal transit administration requesting -- indicating we are on track for december 2019 starts. but also asking for six months of schedule contingency which is in the grant agreement and put a revenue date of may of 2020 but we will be remaining fully committed to keep to the december 2019 date. this is something we have been working with the f.t.a. on. there is no surprise here but it is a step we need to take because our current grant agreement will soon be out of date. i just wanted to let you know that in case you heard about it. another thing you may have
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already heard about his congestion pricing study that our sister agency, the county transportation authority, will be undertaking. you may recall one of the action items in our strategic plan is to coordinate with city partners to advance the congestion pricing framework and recently, the transportation authority commission has directed their staff to undertake a pricing study update. they did a pricing study back in 2010. they have been directed to updates that work. a lot has happened since then. a lot has changed here. there is a lot of experience that people have gained elsewhere. so currently the scope and scheduled budget for this undertaking, they were bringing that to the commission today, this morning. this study will look at alternative scenarios of congestion charges, subsidies,
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discounts, subsidies, and multimodal -- multimodal improvements. is a lot of different ways to do pricing and terms of the geography that it covers and the times that it covers, how it is implemented, what exemptions there are, to the extent it generates revenues and what the revenues are used for. a lot of different parameters. this study will look at different scenarios and evaluate the scenarios relative to metrics such as congestion and equity and impact to transit. they are expecting, about a year and a half to do this study. which we will work with. it will make it ready in spring of 2020. there will be significant community engagements. obviously this is something that lots of folks in the public will be very interested in. the t.a. his can -- the t.a. is committed and we will support them in any way we can to make sure that there is community engagement and feedback. we will give you periodic
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updates on the progress as it moves forward. i think it is a good and important step for the city to be taking. a few more things, one piece of not so good news, we have been doing construction work on thir, to construct new tee line platforms. we did a couple -- we did a weekend shut down the previous weekend where we had buses running instead of trains. we did the same this past weekend. however, that we could -- the work this past weekend his that we believe that we had a good plan and adequate schedule and contingency on that schedule had a number of issues happen that have delayed the work until today. so we were planning to have the work done late sunday night, early monday morning in term -- in time for the start of service but for a number of reasons,
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including the heavy period of rain that kept us from being able to compact the soil, some delays in getting concrete, some extended time required to form the structural work that was going inside the concrete, as well as manpower issues, it was a perfect storm of things that have created a delay. we had to continue the best service. we increase the best service because it is a weekday versus a weekend for yesterday and today. the work is now substantially complete. we fully expect to be back in regular service tomorrow but we are very sorry to the riders who inconvenienced. it is obviously not as good a service as we had with the rail. we are doing everything we can to mitigate that. we did what we could to provide information and make sure we had a good service for people to get up and down the third street corridor. it should be back in regular service tomorrow. it will give us an opportunity to do another very thorough look
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at the plans for this project. we have bigger shutdowns planned for the new year. we want to see what lessons there may have been from this one which did not go as planned and see what adjustments that we need to make for the shutdown that is planned for january. apologies for that inconvenience we are doing everything we can to get the service back tomorrow and make sure we don't have any other planned loss of service. two quick things, one is to remind you that this is something that was approved as part of the last watch what your budget. beginning in january 1st as part of the automatic fare indexing policy, there will be small increases to the one and and three-day passports which will increase by one dollar, and the seven-day passport will be going up by two dollars. that is only for people paying with cash. you will recall with the last
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budget, we created a new, much lower cost, essentially a half-price category for people using muni or a clipper card and we will be holding those affairs steady. only the cash fares will be going up. it does seem that it has been effective in terms of trying to encourage people to move to muni or clipper. this was also part of the discussion we had with you in directing us to eventually move cash out of the cable car system i would say it is off to a good start. there was a 5% increase sales in a month over month basis. single ride fares went up by 10% increase and one day passes increasing by 17%. more impressively, from this year to last year, we have had 130 5% increase in sales for all
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of electronic payments. so for muni and for the clipper car, that is on the cable car or for these passports. the price signals are working. i just wanted a reminder to you that the cash prices will be going up january 1st on those three products. and then finally, while lots of folks were out shopping and hopefully generating sales tax in san francisco on the day after thanksgiving, we had a number of m.t.a. employees working to make sure people could get around safely and that traffic would flow and people could cross the street safely. we had well over 100 parking control officers who were out that day and working hard to make sure that people could be safe. i have not heard the numbers in terms of retail sales in the city. i hope they were good to. we had a lot of folks out there working hard that day. i wanted to thank them for their good work and to make that a good and safe, and hopefully
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lucrative day for the people of the city. that concludes my report. >> thank you very much. there was some really interesting information in their i am pleased to hear the congestion charge pricing study is moving along. i do remember when that first study was done and i understand the work that was done in the first study will help inform the progress going forward. some of the things that are different right now is we did do not have t.n.c.s the last time this pricing study was done. i think we have more technology available to help address the equity issues that can come up when you look at congestion charging. that is very exciting. and i assume that thankfully we have enough buses to continue the best service on that line when we missed the deadline to put the streetcars back on. >> it is a stretch. we are trying to balance the service system wide. we did not plan to need those buses, but it is the level of
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service that we will need in january. in a way, it was a good dry run. but we did not have that. we cannot plan for it so it was a stretch to provide the service we will do our best to continue that through the day. >> excellence. i am glad to hear that the non cash fair options of paying for your ride are continuing to rise. it is a good reminder to people how much more helpful it is to have a clipper car and have muni on your phone, and will hopefully will continue to remind people of that and have outlets where people can buy their card. all good news. thank you very much. any comments or questions, all right. seeing none -- public comment. >> yes. these are for topics that were raised and discussed by the director. >> two minutes, please. >> thank you.
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>> i'm not going to use this now >> my comments about the director's report was an informational report. my problem is in a couple of weeks, it will -- i don't know what your procedures are when the director comes back to you with information that you have given him discretion on, but from what i understand, the october 16th meeting gave the director discretion to do certain things. i don't know why it was not going to be an action item. you had to take public comment on vote on it yourself. because it does not seem that anything that was so contentious at that meeting should then be decided by a, here is a report in here is what we decided to do here is what we will implement.
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take it or leave it. so i am referring to the taxi items that were on your agenda october 16th. i don't know if you can take it out of the director's report and make it an action item at this point. it is imperative for you to do so. you have no idea what it is going to be when it comes up. it will have a huge impact on your taxi industry. >> as they take direction on the authority dose given to him, it will be brought out in public not only to the board but to the public. the action will be taken by the director and shared with all of us. thank you very much. next speaker, please.
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>> i wanted to mention the fact that back in 2010, 2011, 2012, when this agency's budget was sorely strapped by the recession that had taken place and the corresponding cuts in federal funding, and state funding, you turned to the taxi industry and specifically to taxi medallion buyers to help you get through those times. and over a period of several years, some $63 million went into the m.t.a., which was spent on general m.t.a. purposes. now you have, as the director mentioned, what would be described as a windfall of
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unbudgeted and presumably unanticipated state revenues and it would only be right and just and proper for some of those revenues to be converted to these medallion holders in their time of need. and i heard it said that these might be one-time revenues. we are in an emergency situation where medallions are coming back to the credit union month by month. and some emergency funding to help tide these people over until a comprehensive plan, which is not what has been presented to us by the m.t.a. thus far. a comprehensive plan to fix the broken medallion system that can be put forward to. please help these medallion purchasers. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> that is the last one who put in a speaker card who had
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addressed the board. >> please come up to the podium. >> that is fine,. >> hello. so we heard about 181 -- you heard from the previous speakers about using a portion of it to deal with the taxi medallion. i thank you should also reserve something like $4 million to pay a severance check to the director. he has made a disaster of this industry in his time. there are thousand other items which he failed in the city and i don't have time to spend my life going after him. he is a troublemaker. he is a knowledge list person and to this money, a portion of that should be used to get ready
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and your board should consider removing him from this porridge. because you guys do not have a good knowledge of how to deal with the problems. talking about the proposal that will be coming to you --dash you know it already. it will be a disaster for this industry. all the medallions are returning back for this $181 million, why not keep it safe for them. you are also not acting properly you have to listen. last time there were 80 speakers here and 200 people signed up to speak. you have to think that there was one out of 30 against the speakers. twenty-nine speakers are telling you don't do it.
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don't do it, don't do it. save this money to deal with that. thank you. >> next speaker, please anyone else while public comment? public comment is closed. i will remind the speakers i believe it is the city charter that windfall money must be spent on capital programs. all right. let's move along. >> the citizen's advisory council report. there is no report but there is somebody here who wants to address you. >> great. >> i'm sorry. >> okay. you are for general public comment. thank you. >> item nine is general public comment. an opportunity for members of the board to just members within the jurisdiction of the sfmta board of directors dutch directors but not on the agenda today. we will start with tom followed by robert and mike. >> two minutes.
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>> hold on. you need to step up to the microphone. >> i understand i have two minutes. >> yes. >> i live at 18th and guerrero and i took this opportunity to come down here. i received an invitation in the mail to come regarding the bicycle transportation routes in the city. i don't know if it is within your jurisdiction, but i am 35 plus year resident and i can legitimately say i represent the people who work for a living. i i'm a carpenter. i study poetry. all my friends are artists. they are being evicted because the city is too expensive. we can't live here anymore. the sfmta seems to be making a mess out of things. i don't suppose anyone really
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realizes how people move loaves of bread, or materials, or tools , or carpentry things, is as if we can move them on bicycles. the city is not functioning. if you live here and you have your feet on the ground and you walk about the city, you find you are gridlocked everywhere you go. there is a huge denial from here to the whole supervisor's board as to what is going on. and how to make a world-class city that we can all live and that really represents a city of san francisco, the city that is meant to be a liberal bastion, a place for us all to love and to get beyond the hatred that is coming out of washington. i was raised this way. i will end it on that. it is not really a sanctuary city for people who need help. it is a sanctuary city for rich people. you have to stop bending over and lubricating their bank accounts and letting them sell us down the river. thank you. please keep that in mind. >> thank you. next speaker, please,.
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>> and in two minutes, i will tell you what a mess that's your previous directors made of the whole taxi business. in 2009, the m.t.a. took over the taxi business. one of the things that was given to them in their mandate was the right to sell medallions. and they started the program and sold a few medallions. that was in 2010. 2011, they started messing around. and then a funny thing happened in 2012, and that was uber and sidecar, and subsequently lyft
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came into the city. in their wisdom, and with a little help from mayor lee, the m.t.a. did nothing. they shut their eyes, and continue to sell medallions but they actually -- that they actually knew where worthless. because nobody, by 2016 was buying or selling medallions. the only medallions that were changing hands were a few lucky people that had bought medallions early and managed to resell them before the boat finally sank. so who is responsible for this decision that they knew, in 2010 , i'm sorry, in 2012, when uber was already operating illegally, and yet, the m.t.a.
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had an opportunity to claim jurisdiction, but it didn't, because mayor lee said no. >> thank you. >> you are responsible for this mess. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> next speaker, please. thank you. >> if you will put it down, s.f. gov t.v. will put it on. sometimes it takes them a minute there you go. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. go ahead and start to. your time is ticking down as we speak. go ahead and read off the one you have. >> could you started over at two minutes? >> yes. we will started over at two minutes. next time, please be ready.
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>> hello. i'm going to go over the taxi medallion transfer program with you very quickly. first of all, it raised $64 million for the city, the pilot program raised 21 million dollars. the pilot program only transferred medallions from the existing medallion holders to drivers. so there were no new medallions are issued under that program. the real problems come in with the permanent program. the permitting program starts on may 16th, 2013. in april -- i'm sorry, may 16th , 2013, is when the permanent program starts, and the permanent program allows the city to issue brand-new permits and the city issues 400 new taxi
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permits from may of 2013 to june of 2015, if virtually floods san francisco with taxi permits. the mayor, also back in july of 2013, had declared july 15th "lyft day." they were sending signals that they could come into the city into what they wanted to do in san francisco. at the same time, they were initiating a program to sell permits. there is an important meeting that occurs in office in 2013. just three months after the program starts. they visit with the president of the federal credit union. they basically reassure them
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that this program is on track and will be good. at that time, she was not head of taxi services. >> i'm sorry. your time is up. next speaker. >> thank you. >> i wish i could donate some of my time to the previous speaker, unfortunately, this will not be the case. anyway, i have a really --dash i had a really ugly experience on saturday. i waited for the 21 hayes bus. my right --dash it arrived shortly before 3:00. and the travel panel said five minutes, four minutes, six minutes, when it came down to one minute again, it was going to be six minutes again. i got on another bus and just as i was getting on the bus at 21
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hayes, it came along. >> so for the transportation system is a reliable failure but at least we are reliable, this just can't go on. the transit affected this project will not solve the problem of timely transportation and that was a central problem of why that project was initiated in the first place. you are using cosmetic servers and surgery on the transportation system and it is going to fail. it is going to cost tons of taxpayer dollars. federal money and the rest of it is going to be a natural scandal and fiasco. this board will be held accountable for its. i don't know.
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may be we should sell shares in management or something. unfortunately it would be a stock that would fail. >> several community groups from across the city including the excelsior, richmond, the soma selma and bayview have been coming together -- soma and mission have been coming together to address the current inequities that exist in the transit system. and a contingent of us have come before you today to demand you bring justice back to the transit system in the following matter. our communities from across the city demand you shift your agency's priority is to place our people and equitable outcomes first and make a renewed commitment to investing in public transit that serves those who need it most, and use it most. unrepresented and excluded from current planning processes, our
12:38 am
vulnerable communities are left with not only an inaccessible and unreliable transit system, but forced to endure exclusionary changes to our neighborhoods that only exacerbate the current crisis of gentrification and displacement and further devastate our communities. our communities need you to make a permanent commitment to community process, that elevates the concerns and needs of existing residents and particularly those most vulnerable among us. in order to move towards an equity first direction, and ensure justice in transit, it is our fervent belief the sfmta board of directors must immediately make the following changes. and the use of private transit on red bus lanes, commit to a permanent community planning process for future, current plans, and failed existing projects that will actively engage participation from vulnerable communities and create sufficient safeguards to ensure the sfmta is accountable to the concerns of these communities. suspend all major projects until
12:39 am
these equity first adjustments are made, because of the bike and scooter rental projects and contracts after the pilot ends, while equitable community planning processes are established or emerging mobility is, guarantee free and subsidize muni fares for all san francisco residents, and establish data privacy restrictions placed on rental programs and other emerging abilities and private -- >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> thank you for being here. i will not put this on the overhead. this is a county transportation authority from a year ago. the top chart shows a number of t.n.c.s on the road work the number of taxis. the tax collectors told you they are 45,000 t.n.c. drivers operating and we only have about 1500 cabs. is a 30-1 ratio. i mention that but because -- because for the past two years,
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the transportation director together with the taxi director and if the reit -- if you read the credit union lawsuit, they apparently gave a lot of misleading information and did not act ingenuous lay towards a credit union. the second thing now extends to all the stakeholders in the taxi industry. we are being lied to. these recommendations are coming forth. the whole package of them is based on the false premise that the reason the people bought medallions who are in trouble and other taxi drivers are interfering with their ability to be successful. we want to be reliable and have enough cabs on the road. the solution is for all the powers to get together with city hall, and the city attorney's office, and get half of the t.n.c. off the road. there will still be plenty of uber and people who want inexpensive rides and they will get where they are going a lot faster because there'll be less traffic. that is a huge concern. i hope when the first
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recommendation comes up about cutting away from the airport, you won't go along with that. i wanted to say, we just spent the last three hours at a meeting. we have a new group that will manage to unite all the stakeholders now. it is called the san francisco taxi coalition. we want substantive change. we will have a nonprofit. we will try to help change the industry, whether you cooperate or not to. we would like to work together with you. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, directors. last time you had 200 people here. this room is full right now and similar to the room being full that day. and downstairs, one of the courtrooms was full.
12:42 am
with that, 200 people came to tell you, don't do it. but you are sitting here to do it against 200 people. all these people with the pink stickers, you will listen to them and you will follow them. how come you ignore the 200 people who told you two don't do it, that is going to take away at 900 medallions into the city not to go to the airport. that will affect 2400 jobs. 2400 jobs means that each one, if you count one person with a wife, and one child, that is 7200 people whose lives will be ruined completely. how many people do you support? may be one each. and you people make 250,000 to 350,000 income a year and these taxi drivers who are living at
12:43 am
fairly hundred $50, $150 a day, and you are -- do you understand what wrong you are doing, you want to test the airport. i give you a solution today and you don't have it. you never even heard about it. for one single day, the medallion -- make a plan with a committee on top of it and give the airport for only medallions for one single day and see if their income is going to approve if it will not improve, the whole plan you have made should be rejected outright and this gentleman, i'm repeating again, rough skin should be fired from this job. thank you. >> thank you. i will remind the public that the board of directors are paid $200 a month. just f.y.i. next speaker, please. >> some of us take vacation time to be here.
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>> as he mentioned, we have a new group. i am speaking for the san francisco taxi coalition. this is a coalition of cab companies. most of the companies in the city are involved medallion holders of different stripes. taxi workers alliance and medallion holders association and individual cabdrivers, we are united and we are united in opposition to the plans that the m.t.a. staff has put forward. we oppose banning any cabs from the airport. we oppose taking back any medallions. these measures are bad for drivers. bad for the industry and most importantly, bad for the public. but we are not just going to be
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a group in opposition. we are putting forward ideas back and we will be that will help the purchase medallion holders and help all cabdrivers and help all caps companies. we urge you to put your current plans on hold so that we, as an industry, together with you as a regulatory body, can find permanent solutions to the problems that we face, and they are enormous. it is fair to say that we are in a crisis situation in the taxi industry, and the plans that we have heard from you are only going to make things worse. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> mary mcguire is a last person to turn in a speaker card. >> if anybody else would like to speak, line up on the right side of the room. >> the director announced another meeting for friday
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without getting any details of her plan, which the plan seems to change week by week. we all wonder why the secrecy. but i want to discuss a concern that has been brought to me by drivers at the airports. she is getting false hope to purchase medallion holders and other data will be alleviated if they are giving an airport exclusive. you only live -- need to look at the numbers to see this is ridiculous. a ten hour shift may help a little but not enough to lift these drivers out of debt. the concern is balloon payments coming through on these loans. apparently, these loans are what is called collateral sufficient, and the banks no longer are accepting the medallion to back them up when it comes time to restructure. now they want something more serious like the driver's house. it is false hope and more lives are ruined. the proposed airport band has already caused drivers to leave the business. they are finding other jobs.
12:47 am
ups, fedex, door --dash, uber, if there is no drivers to rent the cabs, they will soon be out of business. it is a given. and a three month pilot program could create this situation. what are these medallion holders going to do if there is no caps companies left? have you thought of a solution to that? the industry is asking you to reverse the item you approved on and find another solution and address the elephant in the room put a tax on the t.n.c. to pay for the industry and the lives they have destroyed and make good on these loans before you make them even more damaged. >> thank you. do i have any more public comment and general public comment seeing none, public comment is closed and we will move on. thank you. >> we are moving onto your consent calendar. these items i continue to be routine and will be acted upon by single vote unless a member of the public wishes to sever an
12:48 am
item and discover -- and discuss it separately. i have received no request that any item on the calendar be severed. >> excellent. do i have a motion to approve this calendar? and any opposed aquatic hearing none, the consent calendar is approved. >> moving on. the regular agenda item number 11 is approving a parking protected by clay and parking and traffic modification along valencia street and 15th street until june 30th, 2020. >> excellent. before we start the presentation , we will acknowledge we have a lot of people to comment on this item. directors, i will ask us all to hold our questions for staff until staff report is done and for the public, we will start calling you up and you will get two minutes. you will see a timer on the podium. when you have 30 seconds remaining, you will hear a soft chime. when your time is up when the two minutes is up,, here a louder noise. at that point, i will politely but firmly cut you off and bring the next speaker up your kind
12:49 am
believe we we have people in the late court. when it comes time for public comment, please come forward from the late court. thank you. >> yes. >> good afternoon, director. my name is kimberley and i am the sfmta project manager for the valencia bikeway improvements project. i'm pleased to be here today to present to you that a pilot project which if approved will implement parking protected bike lanes on valencia between market and 15th street in january, 2019. valencia is a constantly evolving roadway. the first bike lanes were striped in 1999 and it is a major north-south bike routes through the neighborhood extending for 21 miles between market and mission street. it is one of the biggest bike facilities in san francisco with over 2100 cyclists on an average weekday. through the years, they have seen numerous improvements for cyclists and pedestrians including that bicycle timing in
12:50 am
2,009, sidewalk widening in 2010 , the first park installation in 2011, the first ford to go bag station in 2019 and the flex post installation in early 2019 --dash 2018. there have been improvements on valencia and a number of concerns today. valencia is a major bike route in san francisco. the pictures on the slide depicts the everyday challenges that cyclists experience on the corridor or. from initial data collection, we found that about a quarter of vehicles blocked the bike lane on an average weekday with this percentage increasing to about 40% on weekends. the majority of blockages occurred in the evenings. these observations suggest that the improving safety on valencia is not simply proving the bike lane design, for strategically reallocating curb space to meet the parking and loading demands of the corridor.
12:51 am
vision zero is the commitment to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2024. the majority of valencia is part of the high injury network which is a 13% of city streets that account for 75% of severe and fatal collisions. in the graphic on the right, you can see the portions of valencia street that fall on the high injury network and the extent -- extends of the pilot project. from 2012-2016, there were 268 collisions on valencia, and 40% of these were between vehicles and bikes. the most common bike crash type was during, and half of bike crashes involve loading and unloading of passengers. a concentration of these collisions occurred on the stretch of valencia between market and 15th street with about 30% of the total current -- collisions happening along 22 % of the corridor or. in addition, this will fatality it was a hit and run pedestrian
12:52 am
collision occurred within the proposed pilot project limits. the intersection of valencia and defoe has the highest frequency of overall collisions among all modes, and the intersection of valencia in 14 has the highest number of bike crashes at 13th these numbers alone emphasize the need for safety improvements on valencia between market and 15th street. on september 26th, the mayor directed the sfmta to expedite the bikeway his project and to design and implement a protected bikeway pilot on valencia between market and 15th street within four months. the sfmta is committed to making incremental improvements on valencia to improve the overall safety. therefore, for the past ten weeks, the sfmta has retired dutch worked tiredly to prevent this and work with internal and external stakeholders, conduct door-to-door outreach and host the included tea just community
12:53 am
workshops so we can bring this to the board today for consideration. community outreach has been a fundamental component of the valencia bikeway improvement project at some of our key outreach activities are summarized on this slide here. in spring 2018, the sfmta sat down with over 40 stakeholder groups, reached out to 215 businesses with a door-to-door survey to learn more about commercial and passenger loading needs, and conducted a customer intercept survey with over 200 respondents to better understand travel behaviour, and shopping patterns. the sfmta hosted two community workshops in july 2018 to share bikeway projects on the valencia corridor or. over 200 people attended these workshops and the sfmta collected over 350 responses to the designs shared. with the pilot project moving on
12:54 am
an expedited timeline, stakeholder engagement becomes even more critical. an additional round of door-to-door outreach was conducted last month with an emphasis on the bikeway pilot between market and 15th street the sfmta continued targeted stakeholder meetings with community and advocacy groups including the san francisco bike coalition, walk s.f., the valencia corridor merchants association, the mission merchants association, and the san francisco interfaith council in addition, several meetings were held between the sfmta and representatives from san francisco friends school, millennium school, and annunciation greek cathedral to address specific concerns regarding passenger loading zones and the safety of students crossing the protected bikeway. a community workshop with 90 attendees was held on november 14th to showcase the pilot which received a positive response. finally, over 475 letters of
12:55 am
support including letters from supervisor mandelman and supervisors ronan and over 25 letters expressing concerns with the projects have been submitted to the sfmta board in the past what 12 weeks. the pilot will extend from market to 15th street and its key elements are a parking protected bikeway, pedestrian safety enhancements, school loading considerations and curb management improvements. shown on this slide, is a block of valencia between the roads with north -- norse oriented to the right. with a parking protected bikeway , the number of conflicts between vehicles and bikes will be reduced and pedestrian safety will be improved with visibility zones and advanced lines at intersections. the intersection of valencia is one of the intersections within the project limit to receive a single up negative signal upgrades to provide separate raising for cyclists. the schools are all located on
12:56 am
the block shown here. to address their concerns about students crossing the bikeway, concrete loading islands will be installed to channel passengers to designated crossing points. these crossings will be marked with continental crosswalk for pedestrians, yield for sight christo cyclists and regulatory signage. with this pilot project, all the existing passenger loading zones will be retained and the number of commercial loading zones will be increased by nearly 50%. half of these loading zones will be in effect seven days a week and will convert to five-minute loading zones in the evenings after 6:00 pm. the bikeway improvements between market and 15th are being installed as an 18 month pilot and will be evaluated on metrics including safe behaviour, effective design, mobility, and perceived comfort. at the november community workshop, these evaluations were
12:57 am
shared with the public who had the opportunity to provide feedback on what areas are important to them. to gauge the changes in safe behaviour and effective design, observations will be made of driver behaviour at mixing zones , conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians and the new parking protected park -- parking protected gateway, and the positioning of cyclists on the roadway. to better understand mobility trends, traffic and beat vehicle speeds will be collected. public opinion surveys regarding perceived safety and comfort for all modes will also be conducted the findings in this pilot will help inform the long term design for the corridor or. if approved, the pilot and its parking and loading modifications will be made in january 2019. later in the spring, upgrades will be made at the intersection of valencia to install phase separation. the sfmta will conduct an initial evaluation of the pilot
12:58 am
in the spring to get a glimpse of how the new improvements are working and a more robust evaluation will take place in fall 2019. no later than spring 2020, the sfmta will report back on the findings from the pilot to move forward. before i conclude this presentation, i would like to recognize the leadership of mayor breed to support -- the support of supervisor mandelman and ronan on the sfmta engineers and planners including jonathan, victoria, alex, jennifer, all who have been instrumental in bringing this project to the board today. i will be happy to take any questions.
12:59 am
. from the overflow room. >> are not a lot of people down there. we won't let you not comment. come up here. >> molly pile and skip pile.
1:00 am
>> i am kristin lucky, i am a community organizer on staff of the bicycle coalition. i am here to strongly support the valencia street project. it will provide much needed protection. valencia is overdue for a safe design to prioritize biking and walking. between 2012 and 2016 there were 268 reported collisions between market and mission streets. what is the city doing to make sure safety doesn't have wait on valencia. we have been working for well over a year to push the sty to put safety first. it is over subscribed. we see chronic double parking every day.


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