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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  June 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> thank you very much. anybody else wish to comment? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you everybody for being here today. colleagues can i entertain a motion to file 23? >> motion by supervisor tang and second by supervisor kim. any other business in front of us? >> no, mr. chair. >> okay, thank you everyone, we are adjourned. [meeting adjourned]lee.
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>> well, good morning, everyone good morning tutor joining us at san francisco city hall regardless of what team happy openly day with the giants (laughter) i would, of course, want to say thank you for all of you for coming together and talking u u
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talking about the clams we have and locality in the regional and nationally and we want to commend specificallycy thank you to secretary csa to he's been doing those myers weigh fortunate for him he's been here many times but to have the focus on the prosperity playbook and talk with all of us to see not only hear the fact problems but ideas we have to try to solve them i know as a mayor, i want to say thank you to all the fact mirrors mayors the room we don't have time for beater we're demanded to provides the answers we seek those answers every day of ever week i know the pressure is on me and you they have to have the answers no objection i
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appreciate with the secretary comes out and offering not just linking bus he's got answers he's been mooeshsz merging with the mayors that dope prediction he know that not only the secretary we president obama is thinking how has been working digital with mayors to get things done that's why the country is moving forward i wanted to attaining jean and congresswoman barbara lee you're our strong advocates for the mayors when we as mayors raise up and scalding asked individually or as a group you've been there for us thank you very much and, of course, along about all the regional mayors i'm fortunate to work with libby schaaf and sam who have been more than architectural they've come up
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with so many other ideas i compliment the ones we are pushing and even go further cover areas eave not thought about we're leap year if each other and that's also a blessing i have with the other mayors we've had session to come together and deal with transportation and other things the other mayors come together with great idea plus you're all good folk you know secretary thanks for choosing san francisco to be part of the prosperity playbook initiate the fact meeting we need and want to develop with you and with all the flexibility and support of hud and again, i thank you fire marshall regional leadership as well you've got great people that helped us to think through and cautioned us and said he's how every time
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i've been on the phone that's okay. that's a problem think about this about that that and how you can do that that's the attitude that brought more success, more open attitudes and positive thinking if this great pinching so thank you. i you mentioned and i know that we deemed our naefthd all the mayor's should know that the fact challenges we want to be able to produce model after model what we can do to be more sought after to the navigation center has been our best model thank you to interfaith counsel that provide an exceptional documents now we have the model we're breaking down a kind of old shelters we had where people they were put in and kicked out and put in and kicked out it is
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kind of no different than american people encampment in many ways but for the fact health and public health challenges we want to demonstrate there is a better model and that no less committed are those models that we have to have the end result that is permanent excellence exits out the fact homeless we've helped. >> veterans and responsibilities and chronic homeless for veterans and families you've backed up with appropriate funding where we demonstrated we can get something done that is appreciative the rad program as i mentioned earlier our stellar
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- that's much more successful and independent in hair lives we did this and the voters get it as well recently last november to supplies for you will have us we passed (11) 000-0000 homeless bond we've not done that for two decades the people respond and say that's a good investment that's what we want to do due to the creativity of working with the fact papering that $310 million bond will be a great benefit when we do infrastructure bonds this
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affordable housing bond will be a great contribution is secretary in collaboration with i i want to make sure you know amongst all of us there's a great preparation people want to get it right there will be requests that hud be as flexible as can be with the fact rules and regulations given the fact urban density champions we we have we also will be talking about issues like stableizing neighborhood with that credible economic upturn many parts of the neighborhoods are totally upset so long term ahbp africa be about stabilizing certain be neighborhood we create and build and finally, the homelessness population you deemed our seriousness by joining us with all the fact west coast mayors came up to portland and prepared
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notes we agreed homelessness is a challenge to all of us we needed months a partnerships with hud to end homelessness and number of us stood up and as i said of would we'll end hematomas we know of the cause of homelessness but have frjsz of what does so gathering that together having the best models and hud backing up us as a models model of ending homelessness is a great game so i want to give an opportunity to marry libby schaaf she's been thinking again and demonstrating the new coverage of what is happening in oakland kind of similar challenges and also hoping refresher ways to do that. >> mayor libby schaaf.
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>> thank you, thank you >>[gavel] >> supervisor peskin: good morning and welcome to the government audit and oversight committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. i'm the chairman, supervisor peskin board and i like to thank the folks at sfgtv for live streaming this meeting. mdm. clerk, any announcements >> clerk: yes be sure to sound all cell phones and electric device. comple s