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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2015 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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ion when we diverse individual up the retail space go to another place c pmc you can do it they have enormous resources. >> is there any additional public comment. >> public comment is closed. and commissioner antonini. >> yeah. it's interesting we hear option defending all the high-end valencia street that are the target of opposition themselves so it is kind of i'm sure there would be equal or other arguments on mission street or close to the st. luke's it has more trench with the medical office building but tenth the mission is under south side of when i was in dental school in northern california there were no dentist in the
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surrounding area so we go up there at the inner city areas are a lot like this the mix district are not the first designation whether dentist or practitioners to start in their businesses and what is lacking is primary care physicians so there's a big difference between this facility and medical office building but this facility will help to make the medical office building more a reality you will have doctors that will be established in the neighborhood but probably are offices in the neighborhood office building so and so offices allow the doctors with in patients to quickly go baefrt between outpatient and in patient and tend to the patient that are hospitalized but this type of facility is designed for
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day to day business no knowledge not only emergency visits but someone that needs a physical or something will often choose to find someplace in their neighborhood my daughter-in-law got goes to west portal rather than cal pacific because it is a lot for having seen so this is going to be a great service to the neighborhood in terms of congestion there was a study done it wasn't brought up during the sponsors presentation but they looked at the impact of 64 hundred square feet of retail as opposed to 67 hundred secret of medical space and found that the number of trips generated were something like that one thousand 65 for retail and 96 of them in peak hours p.m. that is like 7 i
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guess or quarter to 6 with contrast with medical was 2 hundred and 20 trips per day with 28 peak hour p.m. so certainly a lot less impact at least by this study of a medical fault than all retail this is interesting and they have done things we've dimmed to establish a separate retail spates within an independent exit and entrance apart from the other part of the facility so i think we've heard a lot of testimony from professionals there's a shortage of mr. clerk are there any announcements? in the mission district and a lot of them are nearing retirement age that is a good project i don't see a huge
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influx of traffic around areas where the place like golden gate medical is smaller in the scope but even around the medical office buildings around the city the traffic is more with people visiting their relatives in hospitals more than on the visits to the medical office buildings there will be some traffic but it should be able to accommodate and they'll talked about the extend hours that keeps the areas alive during the evening this is a good project it meets the need i'm supportive. >> commissioner hillis. >> i appreciate some of the changes that have been made but i still have concerns along valencia street how active that footage is
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you know, i hold that the old plans were kind of what the retail space is supposed to be 3 kind of retail spaces within that 7 thousand square feet originally plan and less the concerns of kwaefks with the 20th but the quadriplegics only valencia i think we've got one and quarter it is an active use i appreciate the additional retail space and seen your says that the other space you have it can be active but to coupled with this is still we're looking at at the walls on the rest of valencia still kind of troubles me if i can ask the architect thought or the project sponsor i appreciate our answering questions in the past did you consider alternatives an additional small retail space would kind of
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gridlock improve that there's a crunch on making that useful for you but the developments on the valencia corridor whether or not to having the space you know did you consider other kind of independents retail it would or could work. >> yes. thank you commissioner hillis we do look at about half a dozen test fits of how we could reconfigure the space to will you foyer morality subsequent to our meeting with the valencia merchants we expanded the retail about hundred and 50 square feet and added the second door along valencia one another option we looked at was looking at plaza the retail component at the north and upper
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valencia and 19th street but due to the great differences we'll ramp into the space some operational issues that ate so much into the problematic space is it really commodity the competency we're trying to achieve with the primary care clinic we studied a variety of different ideas but unfortunately, the they didn't get to what we are trying to chief here this is providing health care in the community i think that you know the retail that is there now we haven't gone back to the valencia merchants to show them this added retail among valencia with the second door access we are
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where we are now after some rigorous study >> so you were talking about this being the exit what you've savored out this is i think t is good. >> we were looking at the second retail so they'll have their own retail space and independently assessable retail on the northern end. >> that would go a long way i don't want to prong prolong that process but that was the change we were hoping for i like the use i mean, i know it is not always the greatest to have the medical and dentist office but they can work and help to bring people into the corridor but how much frontage on valencia i continue to continue to be concerned with.
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>> we're trying to do something new and different in this delivery model and in bringing health care into the frrpt we want to have a prominent presence and hope the way we've broken down the footage on valencia and thirsted maybe creates a finer grain in the spirit of being in a commercial corridor and district trying to breakdown that a little bit there's an open terrified that has a large retail presence i don't know if you're familiar but looking at that they've been successful in made a transparent open space we've trying to achieve that and having the work pause where people can look at the physicians workstation is another effort.
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>> okay. he appreciate our comments i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say i mean retail environments are fragile there recent vacancies along this block people view a block as a dead retail zone they don't walk and it spirals into so the businesses i like the use and diversities we had concerns of who too many restaurants on valencia. >> i wish there was another a little bit more activation a carve out independent assessable space but i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say thank you. >> commissioner richards. >> this is one honestly, i'm torn i met with the project sponsor yesterday at length and talked about carving out another retail space like commissioner hillis mentioned please try to
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make that happen we went around and around you have 3 retail spaces if you can put a third in i get the merchants position on the empty spaces i drove from valencia to mission and noticed the dead spaces there were a church and school that are absolutely dead this is not as big i came forward valencia and approached 20th you have fine-grain and fine-grain it is south let's try to add that retail space to break it up and talked about the level of visible interest go ahead yesterday was a great discussion if you were walking down valencia street and had a drink and shopping bag it wouldn't be as interesting to work into look
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into a physician spaces as a rankle but i like the retail space on the end i think besides those are dead space issues the issue with the development agreement regardless of where you'll go it will follow you i mentioned some additional places that might be of interest to them along 16th street for vacancies for 5 years that is right avenue of bart and two blocks from bart so i love the program the fact if you want to make that visible this is supporting it finally how it works we work or went through the financial with the finance guy you have the right retail space and neighborhood but the
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wrong retail space it's hard for me. >> i said to address the issue you talk about dead space you know the plan is and you can see is it in the renderings two it is not a hallway we're planning on having art and delays medical they can tell a story i've walked this street many many times also in the past couple of months i was there last saturday it was very active with pride weekend and even now an empty building it still looks at vibrant it has a beautiful design if those hallway people will be going in and out and people on the inside of the windows the windows are open and transparent and again we're planning on having medical either artifacts or we can put
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up i mean there's no end to the amount of medical interests we can create. >> give me an example of anywhere in the town that works. >> i was at the mission bay. >> and i had my date my actually my granddaughter next to me they have the same kind of frontage that we would plan on having having and it was beautiful didn't look like dead space it looked active and presented a modern and sheik kind of view that's the closet i've seen. >> is the merchants representative still here? can you take into account the revised plans and after the other commissioners speak please come up and tells you what you
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think of it >> commissioner wu. >> you know i share similar concerns i would love to see so the size and footage and there's 99 no 940 commercial footage on valencia the only people walk in the hallway are not- your not accessing anything there is actually a door existing right now about the locations of the mural on you're a plan when we are talking about the access says that a mural but seeing people coming in and out and this is what the retail really
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brings. >> commissioner antonini i have a suggestion for project sponsor that might work this out i'm looking at the space that is along valencia at the very northernmost corner not northernmost because you have your entrance to the building into the garage entrance and things like that that take up that space brown but where the staff workstations i've got telling workstations you might be able to cut it down to 10 and square that off with a retail space in the neighborhood of 3 hundred square feet or two smaller retail spaces and you'll still have the exam rooms and still have two less workstations it seems to me that's a
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suggestion i'll make to approve the project with the advice to try to put that space i think that would answer a lot of the concerns about the activity on valencia you'll have the two retail spaces at the south and the one at the north and have that one session in the middle to a long time the mural or see activity there's an area not retail but a lot of retail on the streets that seems like the simplest solution yeah would you like to respond to that. >> as it relates to the retail on the north he said he was talk to the merchant on valencia average that june 19th meeting the merchant agreed they need to see more of that and the conversations commissioner richards we had done a tested study we've looked at doing a
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carve out that would be approximately 40r hundred square feet and take it off the table for the care center we've discussed that with the foundation and it's clear that is not something in their willing to accept and could work with it was a study it was done but ultimately unfortunately rejected commission will decide what we're going to approve maybe i don't meet 40e hundred square feet you can do it with a space the footage might be a little bit less but the density towards the workstations. >> the thought that retail at the north side it independent of the foundation we'll sub at
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large leasing that to other entity and that would be good. >> that will trigger in other ada requirements and staffing requirements that increases the size of that space. >> we'll have to have an entrance to allow them to come in i don't know ever retail space has to have ada but a way to get into the facility the assessable restrooms would be the other possibility. >> uh-huh. >> i understand the difficulty. >> commissioner moore. >> when we previewed this building in 2009 with a minimum of 3 retail spaces it was redesigned to accommodate 3 retail spaces plus the idea was to have the retail itself give
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variation at a larger scale two to three that footages were effected what we have now is basically the appearances of the building as it meets the sidewalks we - those are hidden between a uniform facade and what happened hidden the planters is not adding not able variety that includes the smaller retail the sameness of the planters you need to take a pen to draw it for ourselves so see closely to see the entire facade is really behind between the same planters that is what i one of the major problems lies that the one retail, however, relative that was supplemented t
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is just not doing it what this as that requires to look at the ground floor having for variety than currently offered or to completely redesign the entire lay out of the medical facilities i think the way it currently looks at we're not getting the variety we are looking for i would have to agree with the valencia merchant the original approval of this building was contingent to significantly contributing to the valencia neighborhood commercial corridor of which is current design is not really on ideal solution to participate and. >> commissioner richards commercial valencia merchant can
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you let us you know of the plan i'm sorry, i for the your name. >> okay. this is a little tiny change similar to enlarging a waiting room for a slogan that is similarly how we view their retail component that is a salon with retail hair products that's the percentage of this operation that the retailed that is super tiny micro that is a primarily way to go from this plan really just looks like they enlarged the waiting room i don't think i see a difference in the retailed component component and didn't change our outlook on the spaces making the southeast corner or southwest corner large. >> i guess a question to the
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project sponsor thank you when we met yesterday you indicated to me an up and down vote i think to continue to this you can try to work this you hit a dead-ends would you prefer an up and down vote or a continuance. >> the foundation has been working hard to put it's best foot forward and we've been spending a tremendous amount of time on this project and we hope that you know given the health care needs of the community we the commission looks at favorably upon this project but at this time we're moving forward. >> commissioner hillis. >> i think you've done you've come a long way and gotten rid of the issues before you're not
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hearing us talking about the broader da is not on the table and parking so i think your close there's been good process i mean, i'll recommend taking a short continuance a week or two to see if there's a possibility because you've got the waiting room just carving out a square feet side to use some of the space i don't know but i don't want to give you you know us to sit here and design it and tell you we're going to carve out a 4 hundred and 50 square feet room so your better served taking a week or two to see if you can put that into the space and make the valencia side
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more active your favoring the people they like the use it is appropriate it makes some better auditoriums but have to compromise that is a fairly fine-grain incentive commercial corridor and kind of make some adjustments to the program. >> so a little bit of clarity the design changes that we've made took and this was tough to do took space from the waiting room and eliminating one room we needed as part of the care package and we knew you wanted retail space on the north end we've met several times over the past couple of weeks with the designs over and over looking at how we could accommodate retail space on the north without
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completely abandoning our reality our mission to bring primary care we couldn't find a way to do that. >> i i mean, i see you put your retail space this didn't have to be on the north side and adding assessable elevator bank i would i mean, i'll urge you i - to give it another shot at that it is close but i mean we'll ultimately the planning commission; right? not the health commission i've got up i us over the humbles to make sure - >> i understand where we're were apart here and - i'm not sure how to reconfigure the space to continue with our plan for primary care i mean, you you need x number of exam rooms they
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have to be ada compliant much larger than we'd like to build and hallway assess and room for our doctors and caregivers to subcontract we were not able to make that work i don't know if we can huddle for a moment and i'll tell what the commission is due for a break we'll give you a few moments to huddle. >> thank you 11 at
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valencia and commissioners we've huddle huddleed and have our architect we've had numerous meetings and designs to try to redondo configure that space there's no way to put in retail in that north end without making that enforceable for the patient flow and casters to be present in. >> way that make sense for what we're to do to provide health care for the community i'd ask
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for your question vote today, we're bringing a fantastic project to the community that i think is rare to were going to have primary care in a neighborhood and vibrant health care practice we ask for your yes vote on behalf of my team i want it thank you very much for working with us it's been a pleasure to work with you we're asking for our vote thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i have a question i was going to add i'm in practice i'm a dentist you have sharing you've got 6 docks not all seeing two patients at the same time, you work with what you're says that a available my office
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is a triangle configured in awe of short places we are there 67 days a week i'm going to make a motion we approve with a second retail space somewhere along the western side of the valencia street with a minimum dimension of it hundred and 80 square feet. >> and we'll leave it up to you to figure out where you're putting it and do i hear a second. >> how do you come up with 2 hundred hundred and 80. >> the other is kind of small if 245ur sell their own products they can have a smaller spates it didn't have to the accessed from the outdoor in my motion you could have an interior access