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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> commissioners? >> we are nominating committee met and recommended that benny wo ng be approved by the full commission to become a member of the advisory council, we felt that he had a combination of experience and academic training and he was an award winning social worker, and served as the council and we thought that he was qualified and the motion on the floor is to approve him by the full commissioner and it does not need to be seconded since it is coming from a committee. >> and will you stand up so that we will be... can we, can you give us a briefly, you know, activities, and working with the seniors and for the seniors? >> i think that... (inaudible)
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and i have to look with (inaudible) for over 14 years, and mainly the chinese community and also the api, and i was a mental health counselor working with the seniors and providing mental health services and as i became a director. and i am still working with a senior. and maybe, in the community, and for (inaudible) to inform the community, and also, it is okay for our failed, senior, especially when we have a transition, from a building, that has to help us to see the better program, and i will interfere, and our printout radio, and tv and newspaper, and try the people and it was a program to keep it open and so i am also a licensed social
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worker and these are of my back ground. >> and you used the term,... (inaudible). >> community based adult services. >> thank you. >> and do you have any questions? >> hearing none... >> not now. >> okay. it is not... >> and could we have a motion on the floor, and to accept the nomination nominating the committee report. and do i hear a second? >> i second the motion. >> do you move and second that we accept the nominating committee report? all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? >> ayes have it and so the motion is carried. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and now, this public comment.
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any public comment on anything that we have said so far. >> yes? >> good morning commissioners i am with the office on the aging. and actually what i am trying to do is just go back to a question that was posed by the commissioners on the elevator work group, and i just want to let you know that the work group did meat yesterday and they are putting out a questionnaire and a very detailed questionnaire two, or three of the residents of the sros or the community involved in getting as many back as we can. and they are also, asking for volunteers to translate the questionnaire into spanish, chinese and also, russian. and so, the work is being done and very diligent did meeting on a regular basis and making sure that we get a full assessment of what is actually happening out in the community with the elevators and asking
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people to come together with storis that they may have. i just want to add that. >> thank you. >> any other public comment? >> hearing none, old business? >> we have none. >> new business? >> okay. >> the new business, item a. requesting authorization to enter into a new contract with mcwilliams mailliard technology group mmtg, for application running aging and adult client tracking system aacts. during the period of october 1, 2014 through september 30, 2016, in a total contract amount not-to-exceed $191,500. could i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> second.
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>> okay. >> jill nelson? >> yes, good morning, commissioners my name is jill neilson, and i am the program director for adult protective services and i am here to request your consideration and authorization to renew the department's contracts with both care access and mmtg in order to maintain consistent access to aacts, which is the aps case management tracking system. it is a critical aspect of san francisco's aps program. and this system is currently being utilized by 78 users, and that is, and those users are located not just within the adult protective services program but also in the centralized intake program. but it is a core hub for dos. and for the community. the aacts system is literally accessed on a 24-hour basis in order to facilitate, our
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mandate to provide 24-hour response to mandated reporters and there is a request to review two contracts and both of the contracts are necessary in order to maintain continual access. to the aps data system. and care access provides a secure hosting and a secure web portal. while mmtg provides the software, and the user interface and provide us with training and customer service and more importantly they are responding to the updates and the new requirements that are being rolled out at the state level. in fact, in october the state is finally issuing a revision to the soc, 242, which is the aps, state wide data tracking system, and mmtg, has been working with the state to insure that for the roll out, we will have an effective system that will allow us to track our data incompliance
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with the new state standards. we have completed the first contract cycle, with mmtg, and care access, and at this time, we are requesting to enter into a two-year contract. and there has been some growth in the contract, since the last contract cycle. and that growth is primarily due to an increase in licensing and there was an increase in the staffing and in the centralized intake unit which you might be aware of and we also have the growth and we expect to have a small amount of growth over the next two years, within the adult protective services program, and so we need to be able to accommodate, for additional licenses, along with the licenses also, come the training fees, that are associated with that. we have been working with mmtg and they will be incorporating some changes to the system that they actually provide to 22 different counties, throughout the state. but these are changes that are
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coming from san francisco, and noteworthy, would be the incorporation and the integration of the gender identity and the sexual orientation questions as they are recommended by the department of health and the task force recommendations that i know that you are familiar with. we are feeling confident that the products that we are using is a very, solid product and we are going to be able to track, certain data elements that we have not been able to track before and we are really hoping to have the increased reporting capability. and are there any questions that i can answer for you. >> commissioner seruna? >> yes, that was very comprehensive. just a small question, on the agenda, the amount ininvolved for the first contract is dated at 191,500, but the detail is 191,448. >> so i would like to be sure where we are voting on the direct amount. >> i am going to have to defer
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it to my colleague. in contracts. and regarding the dollar amount. >> all right. good morning, steve kim, contract. and the amount on the cope is correct, 191,448, the agenda item needs to be corrected. >> so we need to amend the agenda item. >> and that is correct. >> the correct amount is $191,448. >> the motion to remend the motion to read 191,448. >> second the motion. >> okay. >> it has been moved and seconded. that we amend the amount on the item for action from 191,500, to $191,448. okay. >> all in favor? >> aye.
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>> opposed? >> ayes have it and so the motion is carried. now we just motioned to amend this item, and now the motion was, another motion here, on the floor, is there any other questions about this? any questions? >> okay. so hearing none, so, i call for approval of this contract of a motion. >> i do have a question. but not on the amendment. >> can i ask a question, now? >> okay. >> like the amendment, the amendment was approved, right. >> right. >> you know i try to read the memo, and i cannot follow through all of this, and there is input and you know, the caseworker putting in the computer and it goes into this computer giant and then this giant will you know, give back
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some information, and whatever we need and i just want to ask, is it proper or you know, in the time for me to you know, go into your office? and see how it is the input up, and putting it into the system? and what kind of report the computer company gives us to that for the dollars. >> commissioner, we could... neand we will share the reports with you when we have aggregated data, but the information is confidential. and only the staff who is working with it are allowed to look at that data. so i don't look at the data. so aggregate reports are something that we can share and if you, if the commission as a whole at some point, wants to see, and have a report from joe, and we can do that. but, i am sorry to say, coming to the office and being part of that would not be allowed. >> that i noticed that it is i a typical complaint.
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>> yes, and even before hiipa existed, client information in any of our protective services programs is confidential and that is what the client knows when we work with them and we need to keep it in the folders. >> the blank form, can you give us the blank form? not the filled up form? when you fill out the form, the client's name, you know the address and so on and so forth. >> if i can see the blank, you know, without the information and, then i know what to input of the information. >> but from what i am hearing is that it sounds like you are interested in see the data base, itself. >> i would be happy to forward you the training manual that we
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have. it provides a detailed overview of all of the aspects of the data base and it may be more information that you are looking for, if there are specific aspects of the data base in particular that you are interested in. >> i think that what he is asking for is that when you see a client, and you have intake, what kind of information, are you asking the client? >> okay. >> in the form that the client fills out, and i think that is what he is asking >> not the information, that the clients indicate. >> just the blank. >> blank form. >> so the intake interview, is primarily structured around the aps, and ombudsman elder reporting form, this is the soc 341 and this is on the state website and i can follow up and have her distribute the form for your review, but most of the questions are structured
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around this reporting form and then we will go above and beyond that to ask other types of questions and, risk assessment questions, that is for the intake portion. and then the social worker conducts an unannounced home visit and during that time they are carrying out a detailed investigation, regarding the allegations of abuse and also carrying out a assessment with the client. and all of the aps, workers in san francisco are master's level, and they are carrying out, a very detailed clinical assessment with the client. but in addition to that, they do also need to ask the questions, and that pertain to the investigation. and to the issues at hand and so that we can work with the police. >> yes. >> and just, i want to comment, that the two different
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assessments. the first one is calling is not the consumer, it is frequently someone else who is reporting so that is one reporting. >> that is one reporting document. >> and then, when as jill says, when the investigation takes place, that is another document and so there is a lot of paper involved and a lot of questions as anyone who has been through the system would know it, that is because we need to be as thorough as possible to be sure that we get all that we can on the front end so that when the investigation happens, we get as much. >> and then we have the center. and so,... >> now, i think that you can get you the form, and that may be questions that the intake person may have their own additional questions. >> you do have the training annual. >> yes. >> i am not going to... any time and i just want to see the outline, that is enough for me.
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>> okay. that training manual is not confidential and so i would be happy to pass that along. >> i will talk with brig et so that, you know, i will go down to the office and take a look. >> okay we want to move and we have a question, is all in favor of you have another question? >> just a minor point, are we voting on 191, 448 or 277,848. >> taking them individually? >> individually. >> and we vote on 191, okay. >> and so, all in favor of the motion to approve this contract, for 191,448 say aye *. >> opposed and the aye haves it and so the motion carries. b, request authorization to enter into a new contract with care access silicon valley, for
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hosting the mmtg application for aging and adult client tracking says temperature aacts. during the period of october one, 2014, through september 30, 2016, in a total contract amount not-to-exceed $86,4000. could i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay. >> the present that ising that i gave earlier was actually in response to both of the contract items as a explained before, it is necessary for us to have two contracts one is for care access and which is the secure host, web portal, and then mmtg is the software. so, voting on both of those items is necessary today, and in order for us to maintain consistent access to the data
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base. >> okay, so we have no difference in the amount okay? and so, any questions from the commissioners? >> commissioner itani? >> there are 90 users? >> we are going to increase our licensure to 90, as a explained before, we are anticipating growth on the intake side and also, on that within the adult protective services so we need to increase the licensure. >> and the training is provided to 32 users? >> we have estimated these, these are estimates that over the contract period, 32 trainings will account for new users and then, of course, also for a certain amount of turnover with the staffing. >> so the training it is the requiring that they provide their own training and this is really about maintaining the
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integrity. and there are up grades and who will handle the training? >> mmtghandles that. >> will there be an added cost to that. >> my understanding is that for the state updates, they incorporate a per user fee and i would not be able to tell you whether that is billed on a quarterly rate or how they carry out their billing, but essentially, they share the cost, and throughout this state. and through all of the users, that from their framework, there is a benefit for us to be using the same system that is used in 22 other counties and we share the programming costs that are associated with all of these revisions. >> auls these contracts, they speak about the maintenance and support but they don't speak about the up grades and what occurs after that. >> truthfully, the upgrade that is happening in september, or i am sorry in october is very unique. and it does not impact the care
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access consider at all. it is only a software requirement, because essentially the way that aps is going to be tracking our case data, is changing, and this has not happened, in the last, in the last time that this happened was there might have been some slight changes in 2007, they do roll out, some updates but they have these in a very small scale. and so, what is happening in october is quite unique. and but i don't know if that is something that we went to take back and what we do about the upgrade issue, >> and one last question. >> thank you. >> one last question. >> with the roll out of an external cultural service and tracking tools and so forth, all of these systems are as good as the data that is entered into it, is there a
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monitoring system that enables the up to see any of the deficiencies or the incorrect entries or in complete follow ups on such notes in >> are you speaking to the user error or more to the compliance issues >> yes, there is a feature in there and the primary issue is that the duplicate client entries in the move july, we received, 626 reports of abuse. and that is a very high volume, especially for the county the size of san francisco. when you start comparing us with other similar sized counties, there are, and there does happen that there is user error, and especially on the intake side because they are talking to callers, maybe that they are talking to a police officer, and they might be talking to a medical doctor and could be talking to a neighbor or someone who is reporting
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anonymously who have very little information and so it does happen that the intake worker might enter a new client, who is actually already in the system and we don't find out until we started to really look into the case, but this is actually a duplicate and they do have a feature that facilitates our ability to find those duplicate intris and we have been able to work with the it department within hsa. they are is assisting us to correct and remedy the backlog of the duplicate entris that we have, we are in the process of rec fies thating situation right now, and we very far a plan to man tain the integrity of the data base. >> thank you. >> commissioner loo? >> contracts are on a cycle, 91, through june, this one is october, first, and it does not go to the federal grants or what?
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>> i cannot speak to you about the timing, of the contract. >> yes, good morning, commissioners it is just the timing that the previous contract ended, and thes a forprofit contract and there is no special reason. >> thank you. >> okay. >> any other questions? >> it sounds like the commissioner itani was asked abouting that i am just wondering is there any type of an alarm system for example, before you enter that patient or that new client's name that will tell you, that the client is already in the system before you even enter it. you know? is there any kind of check up on that. >> i would not say that there is an alarm, but that is a good idea, and what there are is a variety of different ways that the social worker can search for a client and they received training around that before
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they actually enter a new client. and searching, by address, and by date of birth, and but, the feature that you might be thinking of does not currently, >> and it is not. >> so that is something that we can provide to them, the mmtg is always asking and interested in our feedback, and so, that is some feedback that i can provide to them if that might be helpful. >> yes. because you would not have to that up again and again. >> thank you, i will just run. any other questions? >> hearing none, i will call for the vote. all in favor of approval of this contract for $84,4000 say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? >> ayes have it and so the motion is carried thank you. >> announcements? >> any announcements? >> yes? >> just one, the walk will be september 20th and i believe that it is golden gate park. >> no. i am sorry mission bay. and this walk had been
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traditionally held at treasure island just moved to or into san francisco in the last couple of years and so the dof aging and adult services is partnering with laguna honda and we have a team of staff that have raised over $7,000 and just to remind the people that that is the date of the walk. >> okay. >> any other announcements? >> we just stand up, and come forward. >> could you use the microphone. >> i am the director for the stepping stone golden gate health and i would like to give all of the commissioners and you to the press conference on september 17, wednesday, 242, and at gold be gate and the purpose is it relief and regarding use and age, and celebrating in the management of senior with the rate to the
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fear, and to dementia, and in the past conference we will show you a tip, regarding to sophia, senior with the facility mentioned that they will be acting in between, the baby doll and the senior, and so, a lot of interesting, and for you and to or how to deal with the bow half or problem of senior, with below the rate with the dementia. >> the address for the golden gate senior? >> the address? >> 350 golden gate avenue. >> across the street. >> and 350, golden gate avenue. >> and that is 3:30. >> 2:30 to 3:30. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay, any other announcements? >> just one. >> commissioner? >> just that jessica leman is not here but i think that she announced last month that the
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senior disability network annual celebration is on friday the 12th from 5 to 8:00 at the lgbt center on market street. >> any other announcements? >> public comment? anyoning that we have had public comment? and hearing none, could i have a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> it is moved and seconded that we adjourn. meeting adjourned. thank you. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> opposed? >> ayes have it. so the motion is carried.
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>> san francisco parks, golden gate park transforms into one of the greatest music festivals of all time, let's journey, inside, outside land. ♪ >> to this, our 6th year doing the outside lands and our relationship with san francisco, rec and park. and we work very closely with them in the planning and working very closely with the neighborhood organizations and with the city supervisors and with the city organizations and with the local police department, and i think that the outside lands is one of the unique festivals in the world and we have san francisco and we have golden gate park and we have the greatest oasis, in the world. and it has the people hiking up hills and down hills and a lot of people between stages. >> i love that it is all outside, the fresh air is great.
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>> they have the providers out here that are 72 local restaurants out here. >> celebrating, and that is really hot. >> 36 local winerries in northern california and 16 brewers out here. >> and you have seen a lot of people out here having a good time and we have no idea, how much work and planning has gone into this to make it the most sustainable festival in the united states. >> and literally, in the force, and yeah, unlike any other concept. and come and follow, and the field make-up the blueprint of the outside land here in golden gate park and in the future
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events and please visit sffresh >> it is 1:15. this is a regular meeting of august 19, 2014 on the commission on community investment and infrastructure. please call the roll. >> thank you. the first order is business is item number, roll call. commissionerman. >> yes. >> commissioner sink. commissioner rosales. >> yes. >> all commission ers are present. the next regularly scheduled business meeting will be held on september on city hall, 416. announcement of sound producing devices during the meeting. the ringing and use of sound producing devices are prohibited at this meeting.


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