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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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departments exclusive operating agreement. we know that there are some uncertainties and there are some challenges with the paramedics of the departments and the ability to increase our resources, staffing resources and equipment resources in trying to be able to maintain our exclusive operating agreement. so i was just wondering because it's not been made clear to me that there are plans to make changes. i know this chief is providing some information of what's necessary and i'm assuming we are just waiting for that or are we, do we know if we are going to make appropriate suggestions in the mayor's budget this coming fiscal year? >> thank you for the question, supervisor. so the exclusive
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operating agreement is essentially an agreement with the state that allows the city of san francisco's ambulance to have full jurisdiction over 80 percent of the calls and we have go other private providers in the market. it requires that we meet 80 percent of the call volume of medical transport. it has been brought to the mayor's attention by the chief and by others certainly, by you supervisor and others in the fire department that we are not fully meeting that 80 percent of call volume, and the mayor has asked the chief for her best recommendations about how to achieve that. as you know it is a policy decision for the city to continue with that exclusive operating agreement. both the chief and the department of
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emergency management have advised the mayor about certain risks that might occur if the city were to open up the system to private providers and they have made strong recommendations that the city main that -- maintain that exclusivity. the mention that the fire department provided to the mayor that in order to provide this level of service, they believe it would cost approximately $9 million a year in addition to their current operating budget. the mayor asked that i go back and work with the fire chief, work with eem to sharpen the point on those numbers and look at what options existed in terms of either phasing that in or other options to kind of balance the cost with the
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goal. in terms of timing, which i think is also part of your question, we will, as with all of these things, as we move a little bit further into budget balancing project we'll know more about how much money is available and the mayor will have an opportunity to direct me and direct departments about what his priorities are and what he's going to be able to include in his budget. and that work tends to happen in later april or beginning of may. but it certainly is one of the things that he's paying close attention to and we are working on now to determine whether it will be something we can fund or not. >> okay. thank you. >> colleagues, any further questions, comments? okay. so can i have a motion to table this. what i will say in
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advance as we continue to start our budget season we'll have an updated 9-month report and i know the controllers office is working with the mayor's office to go over this item. can i get a motion to table no. 26789 . we can file that. any objections. we'll take that without objection. >> okay. madam clerk. do we have any further business in front of us? >> no we don't. >> thank you, we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> >>folks. >> welcome ladies and gentlemen,
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i'm rick i'm the senior manager of digital learning at the academy of science it's wonderful seeing our folks logan and aboard i want to inside of the up the teacher and youth director at the educational academy (clapping.) thanks rick first of all, i want to say on on behalf of the entire science including gregory our executive director and alison our chief of staff and cove and our jrgd. i'm so pleased to welcome you all i'm meg the director of the education at the academy and digital learning is one of the major categories we're delighted to be participating in today's
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program and i really want to thank the mayor and his office in making this happen. that's an amazing morning i'm sorry that you weren't here earlier today to see the youth working on those programs i need inform do more cod pr for those of you you who have not been here we're to explore and sustain life. the claemd - good timing for the class. the academy is the world's only aquarium plan tomorrow and living rain forevers and museum under whereon roof poor we're also the home for major global efforts on bio diversity research and education. the academies leerng program
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ignites a passion for science and learning by using the same technology that young people are so engaged with is using in narrow daily lives we strive in our digital learning programs to foster the youth driven exploration we know is much more engaging than having young people luring. this is true of the middle school youth. over the past 3 years in recognition of and in an effort to meet the critical needs for the engaging program informs the middle schoolers it is a top priority for the stem programming. just briefly i want to list 4
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initiative or things we strive for in our directly program one is to use technology to engage youth with the science story 12/and focusing on telling stories about nature and themes. another major effort to say improve the science literacy you while helping young people to deputy skills for tech savvy and becoming positive troishthd to our community and help them become producers of our technology. another really important focus is 0 create, activate and support the youth leaders and one of the existing things we're seeing is everybody was he helping each other not only heads down but hey i wonder how to do this can you help me and the help was there.
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and last but not least we're very interested in engaging young people who have the theorist for you science so this port san francisco connection is fabulous again welcome to the academy we're excited and honored to have you to be able to get a tour today as well. we're looking forward to future cultivation with the middle school learning i say enjoy our explorations and thank you (clapping) >> and i'd like to call up one of our special gifts deputy mayor
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(clapping.) hello it's my great pleasure to be here i want to thank the i'm sorry the california academy of science for the warm welcome and fascinating. this morning i witnessed the children working together in collaboration it was lovely to see everyone helping out one another it wasn't a competition. and i would like to thank mayor ed lee when we first mentioned it is idea of the kids coming over to san francisco there was no hesitatetion in accepting this the port san francisco of the last 20 years i think today is another wonderful to see the strength here. children and technology are an
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easy fit and children are curious about knowledge. this week was made possible when i many people thank you mayor ed lee and you'll our staff thank you very, very much and the staff of the impeached of science and finally the children from the los angeles they're our future and when they leave here and welcoming all the other children and one of the things it's a great pleasure to be here thank you for the wonderful opportunity for the children (clapping.) and another person is mr. colin
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huey from the cork chamber of commerce >> thank you and hello, everybody it's fantastic to be here and mayor ed lee we wouldn't be here without our kind invitation over stds is it fair to say a fantastic visit and really positive development of the relationship that our mayor a ongoing from strength to strength. i'd like to mention to another person in the room to laurie and others we've got the vice council kevin thank you and others as well. this is a huge roll in accepting our companies in general and in terms of encouraging people to
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encourage the location of visit and we have representatives of the city city group and it's fantastic to see those drient young people since 10 o'clock this morning's i have no idea how this has gotten to where it is, however, i'd like to say in terms of ireland's a major center for technology and investment and in this context cork for that our own indigenous keypads and so on but particularly for investment from california silicon valley and
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the bay area. extending back apple sit down up their european operations and now employees many people outside of the u.s. from cork and since then we've seen significant investments. i've heard about the companies that are based in cork and have taken the time to be here today and dell and other companies here. we thought it was really important that those companies that are cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. poppe people are here today so see what's happening to experience the positive it's which our kids observatory and have done a fantastic job in working with adrian and others.
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also one of the key challenges nobody in terms of the housing the people to fill the roles to allow that sector to grow it's on a inspiration looking at the core kids coming over from san francisco and looking to the future in a number of years time, you know, those young people polish can be working together on projects working in employment fascinates fantastic companies no matter where they're working the skills the san francisco kids get to work with cork and give us the opportunity to come to san francisco and it's huge and for those who are not aware cork is spreading around the world. it's we need more people to get
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involved in the movement people young people thinking about technology and building up their skills and helping that sector to grow it's one of the key messages that cork is bringing here today and in support of mayor ed lee and messing office particle his staff and also particular thanks to the academy of science for the fantastic welcome and looking to the tour we are going to have later so thank you very much (clapping) >> and i think we want to see some of the stuff our kids have been doing so let me introduce adrian i think he's dpon going to introduce us to another
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adrian. >> so colleagues i'm a research at the obtain try i'm going to give you a quick synopsis. we thank mayor ed lee and the office for the opportunity i know the kids are tired to be here. we're very, very thankful for your generous offer and again, the academy of science in making this happen so thank you. and just a little bit of background we're an obtain try in coverage and may not make much sentence so we obvious and this is a little bit what the kids are working on this morning some you may or may not know we have responsibilityic telescopes
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in california and the kids were using data from the the telescope to create images. this is what public scientists do all the time we've had kids using those same skigz. the very first thing they took ugly data and learned the skills to do a beautiful images. they created a cool game. i'm going to show you i am not a mentor but this morning our mentors were the kids our kids a quick round of applause (clapping) and finally i'm going to introduce adriana great name
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(laughter) just to show you he's made a great creative thing here (clapping) and he'll speak about that >> i made a game called save the earth. let's start. the background is the focus this morning and the error keys use the right and left to shoot at the met reiterate then it explodes and keep on doing that. i can't say this well but looufr. the vegetable and time ran out and there you go
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(clapping.) so just to finish up that's the sort of work the kids are doing they're playing and making games but learning about the computers along the way (clapping.) yeah. >> and last but not least we have some words for our mayor. >> (clapping) well, everybody welcome again to our california candy sciences i've citywide my share of astroids with the games i got to touch and feel greg and meg and alison thank you your staff for hosting us here today it's incredible to be here not only
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teaches as you what's going on in detail we give us a clue of the future. this is why we decided to take advantage of this and it started yesterday and bring some residence of cork island and the observatory here to a participant with our middle school kids. thank you all for being her. we're succeeding and i know hidrosis draw menu defenses is here we've been investing in our middle schools all of the middle schools as of this year will be open and wified up with ipads throughout the whole middle school (clapping) and generous donations from
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individuals but we want to take advantage of the fact we have cod can do joe's that are here having fun and part of the our international folks so this is another opportunity to create a presence and maybe some of the industry represented will join us from the academy and promote 24 so kids can understand what the rest of the word is doing. it's gay development right now because it's fun but if you reuse those tools over and over and introduce user with new tools whether sound effects they've done really, really well or the crafting of the drawings using those tools gets you in the doorway of our city the new
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you bay area jobs have a lot to do with technology and when you master those tools you'll be able to do more what field whether the height field or game investment or bio life science the discovery to create the next drug that will save the world we are challenged with those things and technology is a way forward it begins with the story of the astroids tomorrow we could be striking diseases in terms of cancer. this is great stuff and i'm so glad the academy has offered the space and time thank you to the mentors that have come over and the corporate sponsors this is
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something i want to tell the kids have all the fun greg told me where is my kitty told him i'm a guest you have choid you'll introduce user and you'll know that is the secret password in the future. it's my way of saying thank you also congratulating our folks for coming her they'll pride themselves not only that the center offers but the ideas and have a good time to elapse for our middle schools and industry and education we begin to match up the skill sets for the 21st century jobs and technology is going to be absolutely necessary and to learn and have fun in
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doing so with more skill sets you may have not to have. so thanks everything and detective mayor of corky got to be the grand marshall on stds in ireland over a year ago did you ever see a chinese less than con (laughter) it was our way of creating this and we have 18 sisters cities their president to create opportunities of business and investment all over the world and they look to san francisco to be a really great partnership that's another great reason why you kids are really lucky to be in the city and i'm the lucky to be your mayor and parents mayor, i want to do things that secure
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your future you can look towards us and say who was the mayor when we needed a better education and just less than 10 years you'll be recruited by one of those powerful tech companies and maybe i can be in there and don't have to be mayor (laughter) thank you very much and congratulations (clapping) and so like mayors often do i get to declare today to declare this the day for san francisco (clapping)
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>> the commission will please come to order. yes. >> and commissioners please make sure that you speak into the microphone commissioner taylor-mcghee. >> present. >> xh*ix chow. >> present. >> and commissioner karshmer. >> present. >> and chung. >> present. >> first is the minutes. >> so moved. >> second. >> are there any comments on the minute. >> i have not received any public comment. >> we are prepared for the vote, all of those in favor of the minutes of march 18th, say aye. >> all of those opposed the minutes are passed. >> item three of the director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners, i wanted