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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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the appellate process, ask us to bring that legislation that will require it to be part of the appellate process. we will do that and get it introduced before it is at the border supervisors. director heinicke: i do not think i do. that is not my point. is that ok? >> maybe i could take the other piece as a point of illustration. i preferred initially to bring this clean-up legislation to the board as a discussion-only item. i would be thrilled to see it continued to a different meeting, where we can continue to work on these things. again, i want to emphasize to you that all of us here on the other side of this room, our staff and all the people in the industry, are weary of ongoing regulatory changes and we are feeling some urgency to get these things done.
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and to push forward, to get these out on the table, where there will be discussed. sometimes, i feel like i am chasing people around, trying to get answers. guess what? they all came to me this time. >> having heard the public comments and some of the sentiments here, with regard to item 15, i think that would probably benefit from some more public vetting, in a town hall format or otherwise. it is a very good piece of work. what will come out of that process is something that is likely fairly similar. perhaps it can be made better and perhaps some of the concerns that have been put out there can be addressed. i think that will be fine.
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as ms. hiyashi said, that was probably her preference from the start. with regard to the police code, item 14, what she was trying to convey is this is not an action that the m.t.a. board can take. what the board would be doing is making a recommendation to the board of supervisors. this legislation is not the mta stripping away a level of appeals. it has the effect of removing that level because it does not exist in the transportation code where these elements would be moving to from the police code. the timing of this, which she was conveying, is that from here, were the board to approve the item today, it would be introduced as an ordinance. it would have a 30-day old. because it -- 30-day hold period
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before it could be heard in committee. during that time, there would be the process of reviewing item 15, where the issue of whether we should insert the board of appeals level into the transportation code could be discussed. the mta board action today would be moving forward what i think -- i do not think i heard any dissension from the very important aspects of item 14, the core of the legislation that would be proposed to the board of supervisors. at the same time, it would provide ample time to come back with a recommendation either to add the board of appeals in to the transportation code or not, depending on the outcome of the public discussion and ultimately, the will of the
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board. i do not think the mta board acting today precludes or directs a specific outcome. director heinicke: in summary, we would adopt 14 today. we would continue item 15 with the idea that all of the issues would be open for discussion within the industry. added to that bucket of issues, to be discussed, is what sort of appeal process permitting we have within the transportation code. >> correct. director heinicke: ok. i am for that. vice chairman brinkman: let's go ahead and -- >> i think mr. toronto indicated that i indicate my assent on the record.
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>> he is a ray of sunshine. vice chairman brinkman: is there any more board discussion on this item? do i have a motion to approve? do i have a second? all in favor. the aye's have it. director heinicke: a motion to continue 15? or do we need to do that? vice chairman brinkman: i want to thank all of the speakers who spoke up about this. i know that this has been a long process. cleaning up the administrative code is a long process. she has done a fantastic job. you have all hung in there for a long time. we are going to get this eaned up. i assure you that everyone sitting up here as the taxi industry and the taxi driver's best interests at heart. we all truly intend to give you a better working environment, a safer working environment. let's keep pushing through and we will get there.
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do believe that we take this very seriously. we do have your best interests at heart. with that, we have to move back to the rest of our agenda, which takes us back to -- secretary boomer: at this point in your agenda, they will do the executive director report later. there are members who wish to -- who wish to address you on item number nine. there are a lot of those. there will be no advisory council report. if you would like me to call item nine, this will be on matters within the jurisdiction of the sfmta, but not on today's agenda. >> my name is cory lamb.
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it was not on the agenda today, but i would really like to bring up the issue of ubercab, a consistent born in our side. i understand there are some issues as to which jurisdiction that will fall under. they are not cabs. they are black towncars. they pick up passengers and functioning as taxis even when they are not doing uber business. i was on their twitter feeds and they quoted a price that was $85 from sfo to downtown. it clearly says, do not worry about it. hit a button and we will pick you up. no waiting, no checking in, no fees.
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this is not the airport commission, but they are not paying any fees there. they're not coming in here to pay the fees to operate. we do not know who they are driving. it is really disheartening as a cabdriver. trying to work and do everything that is supposed to be done legitimately, to lose a fair because i have a fair. there are three guys around the corner that do not and they jump into a black town car and get quoted whatever price it is. if i did that, i would be in trouble and definitely lose my police, probably. their operating with impunity and they do not have the gates, a place they have to park. a lot of them do not even live in san francisco. i was talking to a cab driver who said he would do a cpc somewhere else and come work here as ubercab.
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vice chairman brinkman: is mr. templeton here? he left? tara housman. >> i will try not to sound bitter. imf member of the taxi advisory council. the pac report is still monitoring on someone's desk and has not been presented to you. the perception in a lot of the distain for us at the sfmta, both because of teh tac -- the tac, which would benefit sfmta if you had quarterly reports from the tac, kept updates on
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things, and had us deal with other matters. also, the fact that the taxi section is under the finance and information technology section instead of being its own division also adds to the feeling that there is disdain. if you're going to sock the cab industry dry, at least give us the dignity and the fig leaf of having our own division. afford us that minor bit of lip service. of course, it is probably more truthful, having us under the finance and infotechnology department because it says what you want out of us is cash. it does not say what you want is a division of your transportation system.
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but i think you should seriously consider moving it out of the finance and infotechnology section, where it does not belong and where the message is conveyed to the public and the cab industry that we are there for one thing. thank you. [applause] >> midafternoon. i am here to express my fear and concern about ubercab. it is a little bit off the agenda. we aren't we did we all know there are in large numbers all over the city. if you think cabdrivers are aggressive drivers, ubercab drivers are on overdrive, steroids. i want to know what kind of license they have to go to a cab stand and pick up passengers in front of me.
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i would like to ask you to ask ms. hiyashi to come up here and ask what they have been doing to enforce law. they have a large number all over the city, even in cabstands in front of three empty cabs. i do not see enforcement out there. i have seen ms. hiyashi a few times on a friday night. all these medallions you are trying to sell are useless if you do not dispel ubercab. >> good afternoon. i have been a cabdriver for 17 years. i just hope you follow the list, the medallion list. people are there for a long time, like me and the other guys.
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that is the only thing i am concerned about. thank you very much. >> good evening. i guess i am repeating myself. i would again ask you not to include the pre-k medallions from transfer. these are people, myself included, that bought a medallion. i have been in the industry for four decades. i would like the same opportunity as someone who got a post-k medallion. i implore you to streamline, speed up, get some more cabs on the street. ubercab, out of town cabs are making money because there is a demand. it is not like there are tons of cabs and people are stepping over cabs to get in these illegal cars.
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we were told there would be some final something in february. he did not say what you're in february. -- what year in february. [laughter] we used to have a little green book of regulations. and there was a seven-colored bulk of regulations and that was five or six years ago. you should streamline, have a book of regulations so drivers can know. color schemes and is backed off its tend to know the rules more because they are the effect of it. drivers have not had a rule book for years and it does a disservice for them. 25 years ago, taxicab regulations were seven pages. i think it is getting on 700 pages now. still, get it out and get it done. thank you and good night.
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>> i am with desoto cap. i have a few topics i would like to talk about. i envy this board because i believe all the heavy lifting has been done interned -- in terms of moving towards an excellent medallion sales program. there will be a lot of revenue received by this agency and the city. it will of our working drivers who are lined up to buy these medallions. i am concerned that we do this correctly. i feel positive that it will be done well. i hope you do not miss handle that. empower the working driver, raise the revenue. my strong feeling about what ails this taxi industry stems from a shortage in the supply of taxis. i believe the exploitation of drivers, limousines acting as taxicabs, the illegal operators and brokers, all come from the fact we have a shortage of
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supply. there has been a consultant who has been hired to review this. has anybody heard from this guy? i have left him to messages and he is supposed to speak to the stakeholders. what is going on here? while we have been waiting for an environmental impact report, hundreds of taxis -- hundreds of limousines have been approved and are operating the streets of san francisco this needs to be addressed immediately. the ills of this industry, from a shortage of supply and enforcement. lastly, if we are talking about safety, i am very concerned that there are many illegal operators, not just banded taxicabs, but medallions that are being operated not by the company, not by the medallion- holder, but but brokers and third parties illegally. there are a high percentage of drivers' driving san francisco taxi cabs that do not have a taxicab drivers license and are
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held accountable. as we move towards the reforms, i hope you provide the leadership of accountability with all of the resistance umar 1 degette. this industry needs it and deserves it. -- all of the resistance you are going to get it. this industry needs it and deserves it. >> i am going to say it again in public comment. i have been driving a cab for more than 50 years. i've been on the waiting list for over 13 years. your policies are hurting driver like me. we are already suffering from the medallion pilot program. you are giving single operator permits to the driver who never signed up for it. you are bypassing the entire medallion waiting list.
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giving medallions to drivers who never even asked for it. as long as you have the medallions waiting list, you should only issue medallions with qualified drivers on the waiting list. i am asking for your help. i need my medallion now, not 10 or 15 years from now, when i will be retired. directors, giving the drawings to people who never asked for it over people who signed up for it, obeying the law. you are ignoring them? if you want to compete with uber, we need to have 1000 medallions to compete. otherwise, they can take over the industry.
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please, at least 500 so i can get mind it i need my medallion now. right now. thank you. >> midafternoon. -- good afternoon. i just heard other public comment. that town hall meeting was held last week. i did not hear about it. i checked your web site, spent a
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couple of hours going through all the different lengths because we are not given information easily. there is no town hall meeting scheduled in may. this is horrible, that we are not getting proper notice about these things. the website has been the place. roberta says, check the website. it is not updated properly and there is a little bit of confusion. about how this works for it also, you hired a new employee who has done some great work so far. but this person, his job is also to help educate the stake holders and the public about what is going on with tax issues. we are not getting that information writubercab, the amount of stress you put on the staff and the lack of support from other divisions could be driving some people to drink.
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the thing is, being a little facetious here, you need to provide support to this body. you promised me that you would put this -- director reiskin, having to go for all the steps to talk about this stuff. it has created a lot of animosity and undue hardship and undue criticism. regarding the future, i think the tac is necessary to look at these other issues. it should be to vet these other issues. we hear about these other things. i ask you to help get the word out better to the industry. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i seem to have a little
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experience about cab driving. this board has no idea what it is like driving a taxi. you should all get in a cab and drive a taxi and then you might know. as far as i'm concerned, taxi drivers are the backbone of this city. if they ever went on strike, the city would know about it. you treat taxi drivers like they are nothing, they are garbage. you treat them like they are immigrants and you could care less. well, i am telling you, i have been driving a cab for a long time. everything that you recommend, this board recommends, not to the driver for it the driver has no say. i am a member of the taxi advisory commission and i have been on the two years. i do not think you have
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recommended more than two or three different items that we have presented to you. the rest of it goes the way you want it or the cab companies want it. this industry is really going downhill. i have heard on channel 2 news the other day that uberbac -- ubercab will introduce 300 more limousines in san francisco. they are a chain and it will take over the taxi industry. please do something about this before it is too late. i feel sorry for the people who bought medallions. their medallions will not be worth anything if this goes through. >> the afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. i am here to represent pre-k
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owner-drivers. i have some of the way bills we are working. we are people and we drive like anybody else. i worked as a cabdriver through college and then i came here and saw an opportunity to help bring back yellow cab to the city, which every single person in the public had an opportunity to invest. their time and their money. to bring a company of from bankruptcy to probably the best co-op in the world. we were recently visited by the international taxi association as a model for taxi co-ops in the world. i have worked hard at this business. i put my time, money, and effort to show my best leg. i have not had one chargeable
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accident or one complaint in almost 40 years i have been driving. i took off about five years. i flew hot air balloons in sonoma county and i was awarded the first tourist ambassador award for showing the county in the best light. that is what i do every day i tried here. it is important for you ladies and gentleman to see the positive impact that professional drivers have on the income of the city. more people here means more people take buses and taxis. i feel personally affronted by the concept of not being allowed to sell my medallion when other people, other drivers have the ability to have a medallion and sell it. why can i not do that? i have been in this business longer and put effort to build a company from nothing into what it is today. i am proud of that.
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there is a disconnect here. i would appreciate it if you would follow up. >> james gray, jr. the first time i drove a cab was 1971. at that time, there were three cap companies. i learned about achab medallion when i was driving for sammy. the possibility of me not getting one, the difficulty i had to go through to get one, i was one of those people who sent a deposit to the first bankruptcy court hearings when yellow cab went bankrupt. at that hearing, and a medallion
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had a date on it. you set it down to san diego and the mayor said he wanted energy to run a taxi company. we got the nod and yellow cab hit the streets in 1977. we are still here now. during that time, i drove in the white nights right. bob young was driving one of our taxes. he was able to act as a mobile dispatch. the set for cisco police department were not the only ones who lost vehicle that night. we lost vehicles. with bob young acting as a dispatcher, some of the people were taken to the hospital. i do not feel he had enough time, but we were beneficial to start a transit administration on oaks street.
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rose, when she was starting operation, there were beneficial in helping her. yellow cab live up to its responsibilities. i would like one word. vice chairman brinkman: i am sorry. you are out of time. i have to be fair to everyone. >> good afternoon, directors. i am the president of transco rps workers union. my visit today, it is rare, but
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it is necessary. the letter that i sent, addressed to the board today, i was concerned on the post proposition g. i would like to submit this to the board. this was the proposal that we had submitted in the current labor negotiations or labor problems. we have what we call a general signup, which is tri-annually. we were just handed documents the move towards favoritism and trying to reinvent the wheel. we do understand that there needs to be some kind of costs that are saved. however, there is no accountability on what was proposed in front of us. what we are looking at is changing the way that we have done our general signups. with no locio