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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2010 9:00am-9:30am PST

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taken to certain bodies. i have known mr. jensen for a long time. he brings some qualified information here. he not only represents ha as general manager. he also worked diligently for us. -- for the water apartment. this is the city and county of san francisco. it is not just the city of san francisco like the city of hillsborough. this is the city and county of san francisco. we need to get qualified input from the citizens. deliberations should not be done at the last moment. i know the matter will be
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revisited. i hope the commissioners here will be here for that so they do not have to reinvent the wheel and new commissioners be educated on this very vital issue. thank you very much. u=t[tone!] >>. jensart jensen. it is an important project. i realize there have been tremendous challenges for staff and the community. i applaud the way your staff has applied itself to both of those. nvóit is a good project. i hope it moves forward. >> commissioners, now that we are towards the end of these three items, i wanted to make a couple of general statements. most agencies would be working hard to get one or two of these
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through in the year. !tntto think that we're running three eir's for the commission in one day is pretty stunning for most agencies to be able to do that. it does not just&2(t() magic. i want to thank the folks we have been working closely with that skyline stables and hillsborough. they have helped us out. they've come together to make sure this works. i appreciate that. i also want to thank the staff and all the people who worked on thissc to put these projects together. that includes the city planning staff and the consultants. they made sure we have been burma to impact statements and reports that were appropriate, detailed, and complete to make this work. -- the environmental impact app.
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last but not least, steve ritchie, davewxgiñi briggs folko are operating the system and have done such a good job the believe they can still operate the system and make it work for all of our customers. oa!7?rwsóñiii want. thank you for your consideration. it is a big day for the puc. we should not let that go by. thank you all. ifáe should give a round of applause to everyone on this day. [applause] >> there are some attorneys.
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no offense taken, but there have been in number of attorneys who have worked long hours with your these issues and bring the link the resolutions -- link -- hopefully, we will not be asked to do three of these in a row again. public comments? hearing and seeing none, i will the long- term improvements project. >> so moved. commissioner crowley:2" all thoe in favor, please signify. the ayes have it. so ordered. [applause]
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>> the only other item on calendar is if any commissioner has any new business item they may wish to bring up at this1:ki >> i do. i think we should all say "go, giants!" [applause] [laughter] commissioner crowley: that has been moved and seconded. i know there is no debate. sorry to the phillies fans. no further business, i will entertain a motion to close the special meeting of october 14. >> so moved. commissioner crowley: all those in favor. the ayes have it. go, giants. >> sfgtv, san francisco
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government television. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute good afternoon. calling this meeting. >> [roll call] >> item #2, approval of minutes. >> minutes are approved.
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>> item #3, public comment on executive session. item>> all right, are we ready? >> i move that we reconvene an open session. >> any discussion? all those in favor? >> aye. >> i moved to disclose that we approve a settlement with mama francheski's as stated in the agenda. >> any discussion? >> i do not think you would have to vote on this. i think that i4a1a of the agenda -- >> i would also like to disclose item 4a1b, recommending a settlement between the city and county of san francisco and
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regal stones regarding the oil spill on november 7, 2002. passed on to the board of supervisors. >> thank you. a item 6a, the use of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound producing electronic items are prohibited at this meeting. the chair might order the removal from the meeting room anyone using a similar sound producing electronic device. please be advised that a amber of the public has up to three minutes to make up to -- to make pertinent comments unless the commission adopts a shorter time period. item sevena, director support. -- report. >> midafternoon, commissioners.
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our executive director has taken a furlough day. she is now out in long beach to attend the the maria shriver women's conference. i am pinch hitting today. october is shaping up to be a very memorable month for the port and the city. we have seen the biggest and best athlete in years. the first port in california, one of only and fall in the world, to have structural power for cruise ships. a few other achievements to mention. i would be remiss in not congratulating the san francisco giants for their victory against the phillies. the port played host to a successful national league championship series. now millions of viewers will be focused on the port and the ball park, which is the only park in the world that has two ferry
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terminals. we're offering hearty congratulations to our good tenants, the giants. we hope that they really mess with texas. that starts tomorrow. the sentences to maritime park association celebrated the 60th celebration of the jubilee fundraiser. the association is really an unsung treasurer of san francisco, as far as i am concerned. thrilled to be here professionally, the museum of fasciation is a very special place. the dinner was a very festive affair. in spite of the weather and the world series playoff games being played at the same time. monique one and maritime
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heritage award. introduced by tim lazarists. monique was honored on behalf of the port for bringing maritime history to life through education preservation. i also learned that our commission president is an excellent cheerleader. you had to be there. it was great. next on the hit parade, october 13, the american planning association announced the designation of the ferry building as one of the 10 great public places for 2010 under their great place in america program. they celebrated the building for its iconic status as one of the nation's most elegant and beautifully restored public buildings. supervisor of chiu, the deputy -- supervisor chiu, the port executive director, and the
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chief operating officer of the very building were on hand to accept the award. you will see the signs that discuss this award and throughout the building this month. congratulations to all with that. the hits just keep on coming, like we hoped the giants will do tomorrow. last tuesday we had an eye -- we had a spectacular groundbreaking. i did not see any broken ground, but i did see someone coming out of the water. the exploreratorium, the internationally acclaimed museum, celebrating the future home of pier 15 and 17. continuing the embarcadero project at the fair deal -- fair building that began. around the waterfront did doubles the exhibit space,
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doubling the number of classrooms, tripling the capacity for teacher development. developed in two phases. a 9 acre campus. a 10 minute walk from the ferry building. congratulations to all. a number of people on staff have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this project. very exciting. two more items, the last one was put on the agenda by monique. i glanced at it briefly, then i read it and it is quite a remarkable achievement. last sunday was world polio day. last sunday thousands from around the country came to san francisco to mark the rotary 25 year fight to eradicate polio.
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the events culminated in a dramatic fashion when the ferry building was resounding with the pledge to end polio now. other structures around the world -- around the world carry the same message, including the sydney opera house. earlier that day, thousands of rotarians walked from united to the ferry building to signify this effort they have undertaken. i did not realize this and i am sorry to take your time on this, but it is fascinating. rotary has raised $900 million and is nearing its goal of raising an additional $200 million for the challenge goal in the bill gates foundation. rotary has immunize more than 2 billion children, reducing " the
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amount of polio cases by 99%. these are just remarkable statistics. on behalf of all of us, i learned a little bit of something today and i hope that everyone else did as well. two more items, leslie, almost last, the patrol opened in san francisco as the celebration of the harry birches project, a former port commission president. the reception will feature the director of the harry bridges projects, showing his 10th anniversary film but excerpts of his one-man play. the life of thomas paine. last but not least, a reminder that due to a lack of a quorum and the fact that most of
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support staff will be celebrating the world series victory, the november 9 meeting has been cancelled and the next meeting will be on december 14. that concludes the report. >> commissioner? >> is there any public comment on the executive director report? ok, next item. >> item 8a, authorization to expand $15,200 in grant funding from the department of boating and waterways of abandoned watercraft abatement fund for removal of abandoned waterfront. 8b, accepting the first quarter contract in report for fiscal year 2011 for july 1, 2010 through september 30, 2010 reporting period. >> so moved. >> public comment on either of these items?
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commissioners, and the questions? all those in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? ok. did i ask for public comment? >> yes. >> item 9a, informational presentation and proposed adoption of the 2010 building code, incorporating the 2010 california building code and conditions for a green building design and review of energy systems. the >> good afternoon. commissioners? i am here to present information on the proposed adoption of the 2010 port of san francisco building code. at the current code addition from 2008 adopted the 2007 building code standards for building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.
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the state has adopted a new code. a 2010 building code that will be effective on january 1, 2011. when that is effective, they will appeal the 2007 building code standards that we have adopted. as a result of that, we need to adopt a new 2010 port building code, adopting the building code standard for that title 24 california board of regulations status pertinent to the port specific locations with topographical conditions. it will also conclude -- include our administrative procedures. so that we are able to process and permit applications and appeal to building code
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decisions. this includes a building code with a goal -- a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 20% below the 1990 levels by the year 2012. as stated in resolution 158-02 in the city's 2004 climate action plan. we will have a water conservation regulation, construction debris management regulations, and commercial ratings efficiencies concluded in the building code requirements. they will all be very similar to the san francisco building code requirements, which are more stringent than the state.
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the state pretty much addresses only new construction. we will include remodeling and construction that is not new. the schedule, we are working out at right now. engineering staff is meeting with our environmental specialists currently and we plan to have a final draft posted to the public from november 15 through november 30. with a request to be adopted by the effective date of january, 2011. in summary, the 2010 court building code will adopt that california building standards code with specific administrative procedures and
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design requirements, as well as technical aspects considered necessary for the marine environment and maritime operations, as well as new regulations for conservation, the green building, and energy efficiency. we will also include a procedure that will allow for timely, cost-effective processing of reviewing solar energy building applications for the encouragement of photovotaic systems in that port property. questions? >> questions on this item? public comment on this item? ok, thank you for the information. >> great. >> item 10a, requesting approval between the rapid that transit district and the city and county to the port for a term of six to
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six years for the installation and maintenance of security barriers on and under the ferry plaza barring censuring the agreements of the very plaza limited partnership equity office partnership under golden gate bridge highway transportation districts for use of the property currently under agreement to each. >> good afternoon. i am with planning and development at the port and am here to talk to you about the barbarian project and cooperative agreement. i have been part of the team that has worked on this project for the past four years. to give you some background, in 2005 we installed barriers on the ferry plaza of platform north and south of the facility. in 2006 they approached the port and stakeholders to enhance them. that is to say they had a proposal to enhance service barriers and install marine
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carriers. last year, the area stakeholders approved the design and layout of the barriers concept. since that time, we have been working with bart to come up with an agreement to accommodate these barriers. bart will be responsible for any repairs or damage is required because of the project or issues that arise. to achieve this, prior to construction, bart will lead to finalize agreements with area tenants. we request that we not move forward with this agreement, going forward, until those agreements are in place. bart is also required to provide support with an engineering assessment. the board will need to review this assessment for accuracy.
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bart will not be able to move forward with the project until the fort has proved -- approved the assessment. bart has agreed to take on repairs themselves, the full cost. bart has also agreed to submit to the port a building agreement for the surface barriers and marine barriers. the port has already provided the building comments. bart has not submitted a permit -- a building permit for the marine barriers to date, but for the surface barriers, bart has provided the terminations. bcdc has approved the approval concept. design and layout will not infringe upon the tax on the plaza. in addition, the building permit requires the provision of a
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construction plan and schedule for the barriers. staff has already provided comments on this to make sure that the construction has limited impact on area stakeholders. after construction, bart will be responsible for maintaining the barriers. the ports, under the agreement, will not be responsible for maintaining the areas where the barriers will be installed. dictating the future, what we have agreed on is that the port undertakes a project on the platform that requires the relocation of a barrier to maintain the circle they are creating around the facility, the port will have to pay for that relocation. if the port undertakes a project that requires additional barriers, or if there is an act of god or some sort of catastrophe that makes it so that barred needs to add
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additional barriers to maintain their circle on the platform, bart will have to pay for those additional barriers. both relocation and additional barriers will be processed in the same way in the sense that they will have to submit a building permit, sequel determination will have to be made, bcdc determination will be required, and we will maintain access on the platform. we have additionally determined that there should be no fee for this project as is being pursued to protect the public and harbor assets in addition to facilities on the platforms. there will be no harbour fees except for the relocation fees associated with this project. the agreement term as the secretary mentioned is 66 years. bart will have an option to renew at that time.
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any laws applicable at that time may bear out that option. the agreement includes all of the required city provisions for construction and operating property in the city of san francisco. i am now available for any questions you have about this project. there is a part staff representative in the audience in case that there are questions i cannot ask -- answer. >> so moved. >> any public comment? and the other questions, commissioners? refresh my memory, this was presented how long ago? >> 2006. >> it has gone through many iterations. >> we are approving this the day, but it still awaits pending final design from bark? or there is still more steps to go before lamentation?
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>> the design and layout have been approved in concept. the steps that need to be taken for it to forward is agreement with various stakeholders. after that it will go to the board of supervisors. and then it will go for the executive director's signature. great. all those in favor? any opposed? ok, resolution 10-71 is approved. >> 11a, requesting approval of a short-term lease for office space located at 541 cesar chavez, pier 80, and a portion of 366. with the mothballed -- modified direct schedule for the combined value of market rate rent.
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>> of good afternoon, commissioners. i am here to give you a brief presentation on what the item as read by the commission secretary. followed by a brief presentation from the director of the mayor's film office. and tricia harkins, the producer for whom productions my favorite location for filming. in recent years there has been a steady decline in san francisco and generally in california in the fuel industry. based on the wanted them to come to their locations. the net result is that the city has specifically lost the money


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