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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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but that 5 thousand dollars wouldn't have covered anything if anyone had been shot we have four victims. it's an unfortunate event and they took 3 steps forward and 3 steps back. having said that. i did give recommendations to them about their business and my suggestions were able to present that with the adequate information. also military you have a promoter doing your due intelligence and making sure you know what that person is and how you're going to check on them. i asked to photocopy the ids. they gave a community center not a hard address.
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there's a - two people with those name that is wanted. i don't know if either one of them is that person. so i'm a little - and i explained to them if you've been in business for 18 years i'm surprised this due intelligence wasn't done prior to this event. and it came out this was a friend of a friend. i explained i had a birthday party for my 70-year-old fat and i paid insurance >> it was a friend of a friend of your friends so did you call your friend and ask him about his friend? your friend or your friends
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friend oh, i see. i don't mean to a interrupt you. i didn't have 3 hundred people at any sweet 167 but you had been in business for a look at not checking out your promoter i don't care if he's a friend of your mother. not looking at him up is a check or cole what he don't see tracking his advertising but this is a really bad incident that spurred the law and why we have a plan. there's a promoter who would go to ymca.
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kids can't get into clubs so anything for kids kids will flock to. the information to come to this party. and this promoter took the money ran left lied about his address and a kid was shot and killed. we have rules in this commission about checking out your protocol. this is a promoter and you didn't check him out and was he on your promoter list. did he have insurance did you have a contract with him and did i check the reference on the contract to see if he lived anywhere.
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it was a community center he wasn't living at the community center this is bad business and what squares me most is you have a year left on your lease i have nothing to lose. i know you're saying no, because you're standing in front of the commission but your judgment was that bad and your crowd was between 12 and 17. there are codes on the book that talk about parties so the people under the age of 18 need to have chaperones. there are laws that are different for those age groups
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>> they told me they did say they had chaperones and - and what constitutes a chaperone to you. >> one other thing i also when i did go there i asked to speak to the promoter and conventional enough. >> there were parents of some of the kids that were in there. if i may explain how things transpired. it was totally your fault we got hoodwinked. just for the record i'll tell
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you >> you wouldn't have gotten hoodwinked if you had of checked him out. >> we had bad judgment it was a close friend who solid it to us as my friends sister is having a sweet 16 party. so they're doing this fundraiser for a basketball tournament in july. now there's no excuse we dropped the ball on all the procedures we do for any event we have. this was a date we had open we had no gain on this convenient. our intentions we're doing
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something nice to help them out. we had no idea that was going to happen and it's unbelievable we let this pass. this promoter terrence has pulled this scam at different venues in the city before. he's a scammer and we usually do every promoter we rent out the cloub club to we rent out at a protocol. there was no alcohol at this served. we weren't aware of anyone under 12. it was listed out on the contract. we hired alp security for any
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minor whether it's sweet 16 we want to be careful so the procedures we had 6 security guards. 2010.
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i hope this complete lack of judgment and incomputable
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actions doesn't completely destroy >> okay lieutenant what do you suggest. what's your recommendations to us going forward? >> i think they need to do they're due diligence in everything. they did they're out reach. they did everything they were supposed to do up to this meeting up to that event. we don't discourage bad business we cash register good business and i think if they continue to be a good business but this is disturbing. the officers who drove by spoke with jason and the officers called me and says he has to
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cancel it? so they have to make those decisions for themselves. i think as we going forward they need to disclose the event. i think it was, you know, and self-admittedly it was poorly managed and in effect prior to the incident it went i guess according to plan they miss managed the coat check thing they thought they were doing a good thing. i guess the recommendation if the commission going forward that we continue to monitor them carefully and continue to come back to the table is it working.
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but this is completely upper acceptable and we won't support anything like this. if they're not going to be they're due intelligence >> do you think they do they're due diligence. >> i think they from the the last meeting until now. >> i think they did a minor attempt at notifying people and i don't think they understand what community out reach was. i think they got educated and produced letters so they actually went out and tried to do that stuff. that's good of them to do that and if they continue to do it
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it's a merchant business. that's your core and they are your support in having that business not just the neighbors who call. and i don't know if he meant to minimize that. their important >> so every time cocoa slips something happens. i mean, the first time you came to us you had a murder outside of this place. that's really true. if we recondition your permit i'm going to recommend i know you're an all ages venue >> we are an all ages venue but we have not done an all ages event i don't remember the last
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time. >> i'm going to recommended you can't do an all ages fire department. >> absolutely. >> you're absent absent will allow you to do it but no entertainment. i mean, that's what i'm going to recommend to this commission >> i think it's important since we're top of this that i have in my hand and from their file an order dated october 2010 and in it or 17 points that were done from the directors order to the security plan. and i bring this up because if the commission is going to do anything i think we should look at this so commissions don't add conditions that are part of the secure plan
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>> do you know what that reconditioning of your security plan do you operate under those conditions. >> i have it with me. >> they have a copy. i think it's important >> i'm on the - >> on the plan do you have do you have to notify the calendar events. the venue calendar p will notify the people >> and you were not notified of that. i didn't get that fashion as the watch commander so that could be coming on our side >> i have a question - >> every month when we have the calendar authorized we send the calendar it doesn't go into as
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much detail it has how many people we're xeft and the nature of the music so for this particular event it says sweet 16 party and i said i have the e-mail he, you know, you know - >> okay. i'll is that in other venues can you send calendar to the empathies as well as sfpd they include what the general event and who the promoter is what the hours are they're a little bit more detailed. >> and on those calendars do very provided a closed event. >> absolutely. >> some of it will include preticketed sales and they're pretty detailed and we're not getting anything from this club
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here. >> they're not required to send it to us. >> okay. >> commissioners anyone else. >> when we get calls and people want to have those sweet 167 parties you know, i mean we do as policy they have to have 3 references of other places in the city before you decide to book them. at the end of the day who's in the hot seat now. and if somebody would have got shot you would have lost your license today and your insurance your liability insurance may not have covered you had you not done your die intelligence and if you own anything in the whole
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world someone would have gone after you. it is just i know i said you were hoodwinked and you dropped the ball but it was in the worse possible way and a around kids and that that i have if you didn't drop the ball at an over 40 party but an under 18 party and that's bad news >> hey, i've got a quick. we kind of get it. so far as the regular base they're doing salsa any climates from the neighbors >> so far as the business has been going fairly well. in the last few months we really haven't had much going on there.
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we had 3 noise complaints but that's over from april until now and it's in the area. this is specific to that address but specifically to that address there's 3 noise complaint. a fight and a petty theft. what i would request going forward what they told me they were monitoring the sound from outside. i request they continue to do that instead of, you know, just saying hey, that rngd and stop doing that. that would be the thing i'd request and like roger was saying maybe a little bit more detail in their calendar to us because this said private party and he showed me the e-mail but
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the private party sweet 16 brings to mind maybe a one hundred people and in the king addresses not baggy pant >> that were community to them at the time and these guys took advantage. i truly believe they were taken vague of. i think they could have fixed that but i don't think there was the intent there. i am hopefully this is not one of those things like i'm losing my leases and i'm going to have any event that brings me money. i hope that doesn't happen in the future. i want to make sure that's not a
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pattern >> any thing else. >> this is so dreadful do you have any idea how many folks. >> yes. the number was that hundred maximum. and you jason were on the premises at the time >> yes and how many security. >> 6. >> and how many champ responses did you see at least over 21. >> all the chaperones were above 40-year-old and they were parents. >> did you think that was normal that the sweet 16 party that had 3 hundred folks. >> it was a fundraiser for a basketball game. we didn't do this because we
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wanted to make a quick buck we didn't make a penny on this event we didn't say hey, let's not serve he alcohol but moving forward this is not something we tried to sneak in. we decided - >> let me just go around. do i have any more questions commissioner (calling names) >> one more time so when they told you it was 1 hundred and when did you found out it was 3 hundred was that like a week later. >> giving american people example there was never any - >> it was - they told you it was 3 hundred people for a sweet
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16 party? >> combined with this party - >> so they presented a that sweet 16 party and a basketball game at the same time. >> yes. because this youth leader was part of the process. >> okay anything further. >> question. on your report it says that 3 items listed violations do you want to bring feel up now >> what you're seeing on your report is the incident we're talking about. so the only thing we mentioned was inspector edward's wrote them an administrative citation and we gave them a copy of it
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over this incident >> okay. thank you. okay sit down. thank you. so commissioners we have before us a question of a possible reconditioning of this permit. i have a few questions to ask you. are you satisfied with the outreach part of it new >> i'm actually surprised and pleased. >> i'm at the outreach port part of it. i was expect much less and i think also from the comments not only did they do it out reach they went into the neighborhood and are going to continue to be beneficial to their business. you know, i think that, you
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know, the problem here is like, you know, as they progressed they got taken advantage of and they have definitely taken to heart the sound problems and other connecting doing to the neighborhood and i feel they've done a pretty good job of that. you know, the promoter that was a mistake and i think they learned a valuable lesson >> anyone else because i want to make a motion here that we do recondition their permit to include that no one under the age of 21 while entertainment is present. and that they follow the preordainment guidelines of
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entertainment. your promoter should have a contract. you should have references. they should have insurance naming you as an additional insured >> canned think of minimal that's my motion. >> if i could i'd like to second that and add a friendly amendment. >> go for it. >> that they do have a binder at the - in the venue. there we go. that they have is a binder and they continue to work with the officers exactly to what they want to see in the binder. with your desires as well
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>> accepted. >> what about vices how about the sound level other than they're doing it themselves. i mean do you feel comfortable letting them do it themselves >> i believe i do. at this point but i believe it now. i can turn it over to inspector who did the sound like reading. they've come a long way. though i'm comfortable letting you - i agree with lieutenant night we'll continue to monitor them. we'll continue to spot check and surprise inspect them >> i want to say that their permit should be readily
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available at all times. part of your prirt permit is your conditions they have to be total and staple them together. not in pieces they're actually one document multiple pages but more than one document >> and actually, the a l u would like to posted on one bulletin board by the door. and >> they had the permit posted but i would suggest they have a binder with all their information to present to us when there's a problem. it behoves them to have it when we show up are abc. note that all of your permits
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whether it's abc or the health department or us the conditions of the permit has to be together. okay. there's a motion on the floor. yes, ma'am >> i was wondering if you have contracted with anybody that have folks under 21? >> no, we haven't and we don't intend to at all. >> okay. all right. there's a motion on the floor. >> wait just to be clear. those are the conditions no more under 21 events while entertainment is present and contract to show insurance and binder and work with the san francisco police department to see whatever needs to be in the
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binder >> and to check the promoter list to make sure they're on the promoter regulatory arrest that's the motion and you're going to call the roll (calling names) >> they shouldn't change the vote but i want to clarify something. most of our preordainment's are weekly event holders >> tell them to register. >> we have some kind of a company and they don't get individual license events and a tell them to re