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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2010 6:30am-7:00am PST

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[applause]. >> thank you. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> thank you, i am very excited and honored to perform a song.
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it's particularly, the intimacy of the body. i work as a physician as well and had i heard this poem, it made me feel that profoundness for the body. but for the body of sensations and of a lover. it's a very intimate and beautiful song. [music]
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>> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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[applause]. ks, between the may
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office and san francisco public library and the friends. tonight is a wonderful opportunity to hear from our guest speaker. and a perfect time for topic, which is politics in the era of youtube. joining mayor newson is founder of youtube, steve
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chen. he founded this after they found an easy way to download, and have done a wonderful job of building youtube and leading to acquisition of google to 1.7 million dollars and he does the business and operations and as well as the features and services that are compelling and user friendly. you will agree that he's been instrumental in changing the culture through youtube particularly in politics. tonight mayor newsom and steve chen will look at how
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youtube has changed the picture of politics. and this new media has engaged politicians and particularly how cities can use this new technology as a platform. it's my pleasure to welcome mayor newsom and steve chen. [applause] >> thank you. all right. no videotaping us. i jest. thank you, and welcome everybody to our third in a series of city speaks. and one as our librarian is wise to state is appropriate considering the time that we are living in. and the incredible influence that we are all enjoying, some more than others, with youtube. and of course the incredible
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importance of the upcoming election and we coerced steve to get him, and i am honored that you took the time to be here. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> first things first. just four years ago in your wildest imagination, i don't think you could imagine a debate on cnn and youtube as part of the lexicon of america. what the heck were you thinking when you did this? >> even now we would sit in a restaurant and hear the waiters talk and hear youtube and secretly think
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to myself how widespread and not just california but other countries and youtube can slip into the conversations. and it's astounding and this was only in february, 2005, that's surprising how widely it spread globally when it started three years ago. and the first video that is posted now, and the video of my cat, i no longer own it but the videos are there and chad hurley, the other co-founder of u. -- youtube and the humble beginnings of kids and pets, it captured the timing correctly where people had digital cameras and capable of taking videos.
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people had broadband internet and could watch them. and the tools to watch them, everything was at the same time joined together in that period of february 2005 and may of 2005. and we came out with youtube as something that people wanted to have and people wanted to share the videos. and the timing was right. >> at the time, what existed out there? you and chad sitting there and wanted to exchange more than photographs and exchanged others. was there anything or how did you pose the question if there was a market some something missing? was it organic or self indulgent, or as a business?
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>> i think there was first things, at the time, if you rewind the clock three years, we noticed back then, when you wanted to see the video in a browser, it would ask whether or not you had microsoft windows or watching on mac. and things like real player, but there are all of these complexities. and half of the time when you click on a video, it was sometimes a prayer that they would work, the ads work, but the videos. it was hard to imagine in a short time that it would be a surprise to people nowadays that a video would not load within the browser. and that was the biggest problem of having people not to download somethin