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with ah, russia condemns the upcoming expansion of nato, if destabilizing of the turkey agreed to allow finland and sweden to join the blog . the un calls for an independent investigation into the killing of at least $23.00 african migrants who attempted to storm the spanish border from northern morocco plus a gym, and journalists say she faces up to 3 years in prison over her independent coverage of the war. in don't bath, lena live told her, see thing, silent spine berlin, because her reports don't fit the western narrative. i do not think it's appropriate to man khakis is against me based in my opinion. i think it obviously violates my fundamental rights.
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a very welcome. this is on the international with the latest world news up. they just good to happy with us this out. now news just in nato calls russia. it's biggest threat in a declaration issue during the blog summit. it's currently underway in madrid and also declared that finland and sweden are now officially invited to join the block . increasing the western military alliance is present and it rushes borders. russia's foreign ministry has denounced nato's anticipated expansion birthdays, moscow security priorities will remain unchanged. to turkey agreed to lift it veto on the accession of finland and sweden to join the block. we consider the expansion of nato, a purely destabilizing factor in international relations. it doesn't provide any additional security, neither for those who are expanding the alliance by becoming new members, nor for the other countries which see the block as
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a threat. this doesn't affect our policy in any way. we will definitely and reliably provide for our own security in any case. well, joining me miss judy to discuss this further with our tv right to blevins. rachel, thank you for coming in. so was it a surprising reaction from moscow? not at all. we've heard russia warning for not only months, but years against me to expansion and what it would mean for the overall conflict going on in the region. now of course, they warned about that red line when it comes to ukraine, but then we have countries like finland and sweden, where russia has pointed out that the 2nd that they become members of nato, that opens them up to be well. so quite frankly, weapons and defenses that nato has to offer. and as a result of that, russia is warning about the ways in which they would have to step up their own defense is looking at that border with finland and what that could mean for those overall tension. so we'll change turkey stance on all this. yeah, i know, in recent months we've heard from turkey that they would not allow finland and
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sweden to join nato under any consequences that they would use up the you know, power. well, that was up until we saw this summit in madrid where there was a meeting that reportedly went on for 4 hours in which the main motive was to convince turkey to change their minds. that's exactly what they did now so far when it comes to this new agreement, we know that finland and sweden have said that they will lift their ban on cells of weapons to turkey. that's something that turkey is, of course, happy about. but there's also another part here, which is the fact that turkey has been very vocal about their concerns about finland included in support for the kurdish militants who they have defined as terrorist and terrorist organizations. now they say that those governments agreed to work with them on their concerns there, but a lot of that still remains to be seen. so what exactly does turkey want to finish in sweden to do in order for them to join nato? well, tracy didn't waste any time their justice minister spoke out earlier and said that
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they have a list of more than 30 suspects who they say that they want extradited for ben, linen sweden to turkey. so that is going to be a big thing to watch out for there. but of course, the nato alliance is not wasted any time in announcing that official welcome to finland and sweden with secretary general stoughton berg. calling it good for nato and good for europe. and security even though we know it is going to continue to increase those tensions in the region. i, thanks for coming in with those details. i saw these 2 blevins now the un human rights office is calling for an independent investigation in the killing of least 23 african migrate and spinal rock insecurity forces. last week, the incident, which has been called one of the deadliest in history, took place when hundreds of migrants storms, the border of know 20 my spanish city and northern morocco. a warning the following footage is graphic and you might find it disturbing. the well,
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these images show piles of bodies on the ground with more apparently being thrown on cut by security offices. the un say the moroccan reported the attack to unarmed people with the tons of stones. if they tried to scale a fence separating the spanish city of my manila from morocco and the 76 migrating sound, a 140 border guards were said to have been injured in the clashes. let's close live now to the contributor rachel marston with more details on the story. rachel, good to see what has been the latest updates about this incidence? yeah, the african union, the united nations and spain's left wing opposition are all now calling for investigations into these death of at least 23 migrant. some and g o is in morocco . estimate that number to be as high as 37. a mid claims of a cover up. the incident is the result of at least 2000 african migrants attempting
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to storm the border between morocco and the spanish enclave of malea. last week in their attempt to reach europe. now that's just one of 2 land borders between africa and the european union that exists. both of them are between spain and morocco, moroccan authority say that $140.00 police officers were also injured, suggesting a violent clash during which the united nations wright's office in geneva says that migrants were beaten with baton. kicked, shoved and attacked with stones by the moroccan officials as they tried to scale the barbed wire fence some 6 to 10 meters high, but spanish president pedro sanchez has high praise for the moroccan authorities. jonas, lord, i'm into want to push, and i regret the deaths of these people, but this could not have turned out any other way. well, i recognized the contribution of the american military police who in collaboration
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with the spanish states security forces have repressed and attack. i emphasize an attack on our country's borders. noticed hello, amish benya. wow, that's sure. a you turn when it comes to the kind of rhetoric that we're used to hearing out of the mouths of you. officials, groups like human white's watch, have accused moroccan authorities of hasty burials as well, and therefore there are accusing them of a cover up there also slamming the use approach to migrants. what's clear is that despite all of the ease, talk of humanitarianism authorities are doing all the can now to prevent migrants from reaching the you. and like i said, that's quite an about face spain, public broadcaster capture video of what appeared to be spanish authorities beating a migrant who managed to cross the border fence. that's a pretty quick resign that spain does not want these people. let's face it. displacement of africans by western back foreign wars like the coup d'etat against
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libyan leader, mar gadhafi in 2011, who held back north bound, migrate waves historically and made his country a destination for them so that they'd stop there and not continue on north. all this has since led to african migrates, falling prey to human trafficking, as they continue to make their way towards europe. without that stop gap measure that gadhafi had introduced for years. this isn't it, is yet another symptom of exactly that. and greece is a after member, they also just the, i intercepted about 1130 migrants in the agency, trying to cross into europe from turkey on trafficking boats in 2004 separate incidents. that's according to the government in athens, e, back towards in the middle east, leading to waves of arrivals in turkey are also partly responsible for an immigration problem on which the european far right has been able to capitalize. like here in france for example,
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the right wing populace party of mapping le pen is now officially the biggest opposition party, single, biggest opposition party in french parliament as of french elections or parliamentary elections earlier this month. so you politicians can no doubt see the writing on the wall for their own careers. if they fail to stem this migrant height . and in contrast between their own political survival and their previously vaunted oakland door humanitarianism, humanitarianism. guess which one now winds out. thank you for those details as a very distressing story. i ortiz o r t contributor rachel mas than that with the details. thank you. now german journalist, alina lips, say she faces up to 3 years in prison, in her country, of her independent coverage of russia's military campaign. in dumbass, the journalists say she has received
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a german court order on charges of promoting war, which is against local laws. now we asked elena lip to explain the circumstances of her case. she claimed she's being muffled by german authorities to prevent her coverage from getting out to western viewers. as most a foreign pattern, if we're quiet when ask a couple of days ago, eventually it is from donnelly, who are usually work as an independent journalist. the shelling has become very intense there, but i will soon return. i'm covering the stories of people who live there to give them an opportunity to present their perspectives to europe. i do interviews with regular residents in towns and villages and with the people of the net can i translate them into germany. i take pictures of everything i see around me. i travel around a law and i ask myself, what's dangerous urban illegal about what i do? i so my work is not state. i'm an independent journalist, there is no one who would tell me that i must do this so that or include some particular information in the textbook. my materials are authentic,
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it's complete madness that i'm being criminally prosecuted for this. i do not think it's appropriate to make accusations against me based on my opinions. i think it obviously violates my fundamental rights. freedom of expression means that everyone has the right to express their opinion. i do not know how this case will end. i have a lawyer who defends me, i can, i can even imagine that this case will reach the european court of human rights. will see the craziest thing is that they open a criminal case against me and they do not want to even listen to me. i have no right to defend myself, and they would probably hear too much truth from me, and that would jeopardize the purpose of their investigation and wound us. a little lip has been living in russia since 2016 when she moved to crimea. she runs a popular telegram channel, posting news, and interviews with people from the dumbass republics, which she visits on a regular basis. some german outlets have accused her of collaborating with moscow to allegedly spread russian propaganda, elena, lep against those. the allegations against her are simply unlawful. yes,
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and my lowest spoke from everyone is simply shocked that i am accused of this. these proceedings are oversee unlawful when you have been in the nets for 6 months under the shelling by ukrainian troops from morning to night. it's very difficult to see what they write in germany's papers. of course, i feel solidarity with the people who are experiencing something right next to me. it's a fact that the ukranian army shelling people there and the german meter does not cover that at all, or even fabricate accusations that it was russian forces. but when i come somewhere and say that i'm from germany, people start swearing and cursing western propaganda. they always say was the as of battalion and ukraine's military that treated them horribly for years. they tell incredible stories that no one listens to these people from territories that have been under ukrainian control for the past 8 years. ukraine and fought us abused these people naturally, they are now supporting russian forces going there. now to the latest developments,
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the in the, on the ukraine conflicts versus defense ministry. things caves forces have been continuing to sustain substantial losses in bottles on the dumbass region in the city of lisi chance square. fist fighting is currently underway. within 300 ukrainian soldiers have been reported killed another 500 members of kias forces, including foreign mercenaries, have been observed abandoning the battlefield as a face, shortages of food and other supplies. some of left behind internationally prohibited weaponry as they fled to their physicians. the according to authorities and the la guns people to public ukraine, 2nd largest city hall cough in the country's ne, around a 100 nationalists san 10 military vehicles have been neutralized. he claims president landscape has acute russia of deliberately targeting a shopping mall in the central city of cremeans. should 18 people have been reported killed in the massage strike, which russia says it conducted to take out the munitions dep, where fire wrapped it and spread to the mall,
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to support his allegations. lensky provided a video fragment, allegedly showing the moment of the mis solid tag. however, it's not clear from the footage what exactly is being hit as the target is obscured by trees. russia denies targeting the shopping center. earlier the defense ministry conferred its missile strike and they crept marsha factory just across the street from the mall mall sco say that targeted and destroyed a warehouse full of western supplied weapons. but some of the munition there exploded, spreading a fire to the nearby mall to 70 meters away. and this cctv footage from a nearby park shows the moment the strike hit the factory, which russia se proves that it did indeed target the factory and not the mall. now, despite russia's denial both kiev and major western powers have dubbed the incident, a war crime, that's an area in which western powers have had plenty of experience as artist on
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quarter explains. according to moscow, it was the massive explosion caused by all that ammunition going off at the same time that made the nearby mall catch fire as well. on top of that, the ukrainian cities mayor is saying that the malls management for some reason decided it wasn't going to shut the place down. if the air raid alarms started to go off. neglecting array alerts is a crime which the trilogy at armstead has once again demonstrated the investigation has revealed that the administration of amsterdam had announced on the 23rd of june that the moon would no longer be closed during array to loots. if a high precision missile dealt that much damage to nearby infrastructure, imagined the destruction that an artillery bombardment would have wrought, according to a previous conclusion by the international criminal court. russia should be well within its rights to bomb a 70 meter radius around. and the legend military target, why, while there is the case of antic tova and blood and markovich to former croatian
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generals who were acquitted of war crimes by the skin of their teeth. at 1st, these western backed military men were found guilty of indiscriminately bombing towns as part of an offensive that killed $116.00 civilians and displaced hundreds of thousands in 1995 in the middle of the yugoslav wars the hague. originally decided that bombarding beyond a 200 meter radius of a military target was outside the bounds of reasonable error. the chamber found that the shelley constituted an indiscriminate attack on these towns and an unlawful attack on civilians and civilian objects. it was only after they appealed the ruling that the hague determines that 200 meters was in fact too strict. and so the croatian generals were led off the hook despite the fact that they had ordered the bombings of civilian populated areas up to 700 meters away from military targets. the appeals chamber unanimously found the child chamber erred in concluding that ower tillery impact sized located more than 200 meters from
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a target deems legitimate, served as evidence of unlawful attacks. the trial chamber irs, and fight in that artillery. attacks ordered by mister gov tova and mister marcus were unlawful. so russia being accused of a war cry after causing collateral damage 70 meters away from what it says was a military target, but western backed potential war criminals get away scotch free for bombing civilians, 700 meters away. not only are the double standards, glaringly obvious here, but it also begs a couple questions. why in the world would ukraine place military infrastructure that close to a shopping mall? and why was the mall allowed to be opened in the 1st place? unless the authorities were trying to use civilians as human shields. let's discuss the issue with our steven egg, our guest stephen gay. h a professor at the institute of european studies in belgrade. many thanks for joining us on the program. steven. now this military facility was located to 70 me is away from the shopping mall during the war in
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yugoslavia former croatian generals were acquitted of war crimes for having attacked civilian areas within 700 meters of a military target. but that ruling went largely unquestioned in the west. why is that? because we are facing policy double standards. again, i have to say that there are even more severe cases. for instance, what happened on the 7th and 8th of august 1995 during the croatia, gratian operation storm, and there was an order for gratian air force that the color of c williams should be bombed. as a result of that, 13 syrians died out of them. 5 children and nobody was indicted so far until recently of the serbian courts actually started in march of this year. and that happened because. busy it was obvious that
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none of the international i, you sions, nor recreational courts will, were actually willing to face the serious problem in a war crime. i today some exposed to starting to question the very concept of war crimes saying this is hard to prosecute and pointing out the west. so track record in the ball can region announce, what was your opinion on last. i mean, they're saying that because nato was directly involved, the operation store was operated with the full logistic or how. busy nato and all the private military companies, such as m p r i that was directly involved in planning and execution of operation store. and also natal planes were bumping the position positions of
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serbian forces, both in bosnia and today's, mostly, i'm gratian. so of course, we have been facing the cynicism from the beginning. i had a question, is this a new i would say, attempt on creating a media hype around the shopping mall case. and because the western audience is more engaged with questions, especially in the united states of overturning of roe vs wade, which we've already proved to provoke some serious serious some rest and, and brought us all over the country. and then again, the sanctions against russia backfired in most of your be a society,
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which means that soon we will see a wave of strikes and protests that will, that will happen in the western societies from both sides of the atlantic. so of course, now your brain is a much more convenient topic, and russia is an easy target, since the audience is already prepared for the, for using russia and it is more or less prepared in certain parts of the world. why? first of all, i'm thinking of europe and north america to accuse russia and to accept these accusations as true. and with the need of their alleging that russia has committed war crimes and ukraine. but it seems there's a lack of any credible evidence at this point. what do you think it's become so easy to accuse someone of war crimes these days has become easy because we're not dealing with information or investigation,
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but we're with your propaganda machinery, which is a part of the war efforts against russia. so that is why it is really not important at this moment to investigate the truth actually, to utilize any possible moment in order to accuse russia so that probably loses confidence within or, or loses allies so that the west can win. because that's basically what they, what they said, that there is no way for the western economies to stop the recession, which will hit them hard. probably like the one that happened in the 1st half of the 20th century if russia wins. and if, if it says undefeated, because the only the only way is to plunder it again,
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the same way that it was done at the beginning of the ninety's. so, floundering in this science would mean a new wave of privatization with a more cooperative government in moscow. and of course, this is not happening. the frustration is mounting. and the western positions really don't know what to do about the recession, inflation, and strikes that are, that are going to hit hard fitting gauge. professor at the institute of european studies in belgrade. many, thanks for your time, appreciate it. thank you for having our senior us officials have travelled to venezuela on the quiet, in an effort to bring home detained americans and rebuild relations with the south american oil giants. i mean thing between officials received little coverage and was only mentioned during an award ceremony hosted by president nicholas mature, who has previously been blocked by the united states that i c, b. and it's an important delegation that arrived in venezuela. they're working to
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continue talks initiated on march 5th to continue the bilateral agenda between the u. s. and venezuelan governments. the relations between the 2 countries began to deteriorate rapidly in 2018. when the u. s. refused to recognise the reelection of new president nicholas madeira washington, instead referring to an opposition leader. one boy was the legitimate president dependent whaler was also executed from this month's summit of the americas, which was held in los angeles. however, with oil prices on the rise due to western sanctions against russia, washington as being forced to make overtures into its rival the this month speech. 6 of the house, nancy pelosi could no longer remember who one boyd was. the person that you recognise as the leader, the leader is not here. what do you think about this of one way though? here? by whom? one, why do we take this message?
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to motions and acting functions against caracas, venezuela was one of the u. s. s biggest oil suppliers, but since they're in position and 2019 impose from the country of all mess declined to stagnation point. however, 50 percent jumping oil prices under worst inflation in the us in years appears to be leading to a shift policy vice chair of the libertarian national committee in the us of in vogue. i think the current crisis is for c u. s. to realize that and even as well as sanctions have not worked. i think there's 2 things. first, there's a sort of self created shortage over here. when you create sanctions or other countries, you end up punishing just normal people in those countries and you end up punishing yourself. oil sanctions are hurting americans as much as they're hurting anybody else. so 1st, this is literally punishing yourself for somebody else is bad for somebody else's
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bad actions. but the 2nd thing is, i think americans and even the american government is starting to realize that sanctions are unnecessary to prove the utter failure of socialism. that as well has the largest confirmed oil reserves in the world and due to their just sheer incompetence has been struggling. the problem with putting sanctions on venezuela is it'll let people say it's not the socialism, but rather the sanctions may thanks for joining us. our not international web back the top of the ah ah ah
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ah ah, ah ah, the wes sanctions on russia are distorting in damaging the global economy. consumers
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all over the world are experiencing higher prices, ban shortages. at the same time, most of the global south has little interest in the west campaign against russia, and in the long run, they benefit from a world economy in transition. ah, lisa canter, russian state will never be as tight as on the northland scheme. destination america. and i'll send, send up for a group in the 55 when. okay, so mine is professional speaking one else with will ban in the european union. the kremlin, ca, yep, machine the state on to russia for date and r t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube said
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