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tv   Documentary  RT  June 16, 2022 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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vigilant of that, ah della problem that they're having in the u. s. is they think it's better to hire college kids instead of former combat. that's. but when, when these college kids get under pressure, then you want to put situations like volley, where they didn't go into the building after a shooter or they panic and they start shooting people. do these aren't the kind the cops that you want. you need a hardened combat that who've been there and seen it. well, many thanks for coming the program and sharing your thoughts. say, all know the situation in don boss as well, which you've just returned from john, mark, doug from us. police been turned whistleblower many thanks. thank you. yeah, it's how past 5 here in moscow, i'll be back of the top of the are with more on what is a busy news day this thursday life, most of this is with
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ah. with awe on february, the 24th 2022. russia launched
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a special military operation in ukraine campaigns. first, major battle was an operation to bring the city of murray. you pull back under the control of pro russian don bass with a group. i
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want you to with almost 3 months now. alexander had a cough skis, unit made up of volunteers from dun ask has been fighting on the murray you put front of you. prospect. thank you. from previous conspirator has said your young ladies roster at the foot you as to restore your direction, you prefer to prepare? looks the i'm capable of postal room. i could have been sort of a little boy because you'll ah, oh,
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thank angie 14, how kosky relies they would have to fight in is the ukraine's pro russian cities as protests on keys. my dan escalated into st. wolf that someone would share that with you. he goes which he wasn't suitable venue scare. anybody you us know when your city is like okay, government with g. s a chilly, the brochure summer promotions are some we do in book. but i wasn't almost a julie but also for aah with wells fargo. and i'm, i thought it was all up on your part of the, the work i still have a beautiful look. i just need to speak here when we got here, we're just giving them new cook this parish. their 3rd of october through the
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visuals of neutral village toward the study. ah, off to the kuta and ukraine, how to kosky returned to his native done. it's here as in almost old russian speaking regions of southeast and ukraine, people refused to recognize the new government. ah, my daily liquidity for another one who showed no portion of my downs in that'll be shy a gore. where did you wanna border a shawl? never worked with a quote up in the bush. i guess she lady surely was mute. no, i for the much that would be stupid. this is a shirley. i'm to consider a song, a cigar. can it be what with what was on the home? the cool you'll be spending that he talked to them. quit the invoice from the home . she's screaming at a
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desa lugens done. it's and mario poke. people began to form malicious joke. i've talked to people as my dummy a dual credit. 2 of them looked at all as could view it. he could look to see what he sure. yeah. across the game you do, you want to go up to 43. there will be early off. i need to bring up a legit. deborah reported to me that all of your machine are you based on your boss with the horrible bridge or see what you brought on another bus almost with them, but some people call them and you almost almost midnight with
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a go to school. when you get over a ceiling, a resource for you, what's the medical profession on like ah articles case prediction came to within week the city then you keep authority sent on my dad. protest isn't amin. it's too was murray. you both a crucial industrial center in southern ukraine. maryland in the cool and you should, could it school little screen regionally, i suppose, to live with the midland church. listen grain. your external soul doesn't come when you're mishal. chilson is up because all the students graduate from scribbling for
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most grade sorta that the role rules and okay. and the mental is what it will. social models can ukrainian armed forces, open fire on civilians in mario on may. the nice on that day as is tradition presidents were celebrating victory over fascism with
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with with . ready in february 2014, mario po, please sided with the pro russian residence the ukranian use combat vehicles against them. most of the fighting took place around the cities,
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police department building. ah, charles little oak. ready ready ready biting they just love. ready because in the home says, daniel, but they only get you with a she can, that's the sort of like that this will give you a little bit of a, you know, but i need to pick it up with a slap question. what about them? a kidney stone, i don't get that, i get them all divided metrically to send uniform, get my frustrated with it. he'd been up and hold it. so local combustion, it was done. you won't by him that only by now going around those, you know, that was our but the leader with
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with what it was the orc demo, but i think a question but need to speak with because only the only strategic portable said be done in the get go with a she has the what your loved ones doing, flushing the push on it. so you need to see do i need a a couple of unless i to the subway. thank you
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for you know with abruptly uncomfortable ready video door. you put the list of all of but usually i use a little reduced form nikia block. the initial sub with you at a solicitor is to pull it through mutual near ah, just about these, you know, grainy mean he was suddenly given one, you select euro was a store and says to get a minute bullet, you won't be will look, i'm going to shoot me if there was a bit of a problem with the motion we sent me election
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will be eager to me. down of was done is people's written, exposed defense minister in may. 2014. he was captured during an clash with fighters from ukraine's as the nationalist battalion. he was interrogated by the leader of ukraine's radical party and the cold in the presence of keep journalists but give them as good as reason but in them abroad that the government lepers, if this abuse was number was deal. it's a pleasure because i seen them, it's like i should be a little christ west, but it was like why didn't you let those be ceiling? which and she did this will that but also i don't like i have to get these because i'll see what happens with it though. just keep up with them. they just
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keep a justin with 2014 ukranian nationalists managed to suppress a popular uprising invariable and retain control with ah, a
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he remembered these rides. the authorities used the next 8 years to turn the city into a fortress ah, with these units were later reinforced. and variable became the home base for the as of
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nationalist regiment. it's backbone propped up by those who strongly believed in the concept of the purity of the ukrainian race. lee, it was a brothel, supposedly it still believe not so just to just go to his also put their little green down below a wallace. this is not silly. come was, but i don't not sure to call acumen gold green schools on that. so you see squid is and this will not should abortion, to dislodge his thought, equal porto greens can, which are the willing school moral. he did, some will not bring at all with arctic on little boy boy from september shania settled down with amended, don't believe not. you know, it's response to yet way of getting on the window cookies to some were young a failure. how does keith gonna just tell you on my or what made you yes. oh,
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i thought and when the battle for mary you will began keith state hopes on milton's from the outer nationalist as of regiment. which is a boston near company quarter numbers, a bomb care. i'm not a good deal better. i'm never sure. yeah, because there was no diesel ball goes off, but use of dos. studying with them was mitchell garcia with as of regimen fighters, trained by nato. instructors have adopted a new tactic or forcing residence to stay in the besieged city. they use them as human shields. with
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heidi is they do a b a for him. we'll just have to put a ups store ship with a reference to it, but these are like national. i brought them back. i seen you been there and you got when you brought that much, you move, move,
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move to like breaking them up. ah, professional russian soldiers and ordinary people from don bass. those who joined the people's militia a few days before the fighting account went to stall. mary, you holding no such jordan dog, i don't my lease. but he is a boy, a bunch deregulation he started with all hard also. bill mother here with a
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number she him on the really logical from are in march. you can then you still have all her children with kind of short of thought. as you get, i will show jessica boiler a boiler by any chance to be able to mumble. you should at this my forgivable bureaus with me. recently civilians they had to learn of and wolf that tactics in the midst of shelling. with
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a few sure interface with more like a resource to mess with while hiding behind the banks of civilians, the ukrainian military turn hundreds of my review post houses into a stronghold. i mean, you know, most of the level 3 with
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north america who usually personally with a little be a pro for the most, all those move to the board should throw sort of a ga, a with militants. wanted any evacuation attempts, people fleeing from the burning city came under precision fire from the ukrainian army worship bush. i was looking for
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a book or a stylus locker. all about the teeth are for hold. wait, your personal. don't work with for like we did a $100.00 care, but from, with a would you want to say no in with the liberation of murder. you will then that an assault on each blog. i'm so became a rescue mission
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with do you. okay, but i just said, oh and that much anyways, i'd go label question here with the machine. a
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relationship with journalist slacking in the matter. you will know thousands of similar stories. wal correspondent now donna frederickson was one of the 1st to speak to residence of a recently liberated mary jo, pull neighbourhood, a laugh at what got me. we've got a cough. i got to go out a little really a shot. listen so ah, go take
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a dozen julia. this is a huge thing. i said i need it. okay. when did you lose it? you like your ah, a sofa. a didn't hold is that the also knew about was about was cable or did pisca receive, and you put us on the back for which you are in a said the short wasn't the musky, miserable thruster. oh, nothing to do. there's so much leslie. a shop
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with a whole bunch just looked at it. will you do shoot a studio which is close enough? i was lucky with
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with since the beginning of military action. it's volunteers who've been evacuating mario pose residence. a don, it's put on a delegate of a, is one of them, a shock study, vol, fee of any of his wife. every day she travels from done it to batch of mary hugo is well aware that each attempt could be her last name is jane with hor. done. ludlow proceed. i needed to do a divide. it. yeah, it doesn't get all but hold on. let me have a pointer store, i bought that one and you've got a book to please call me as a chopped, chopped them yet. i would then have
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a quick process to my group. everything within erica look like he mcgonigal that, that we choose this deal. it is different, she has a credit as long as this boy do not want that valid yet. so do for who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing additional strong sanctions. today russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. a list, a bill in your city, mostly mine or wish you were banding all imports of russian oil and gas news. i know they pay with regard to joe,
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by imposing the sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there is your boomerang with the leaders of you states, germany, italy, and france make their 1st war time visit to kiev. as the block pushes for renewed peace talks about europe suffers from storing oil and gas prices or goods or rules. that's the message from gals, from the ceo up the st. petersburg international economics. he said the western dominated economic system is undergoing drastic changes with the u. s. dollar. we can a d b u. s. central bank approved it's biggest interest rate hike and 3 decades in attempt to rein in searching price inflation.


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