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tv   News  RT  March 28, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, washington scrambles for damage control after president biden suggest the u. s. is speaking to toppled vladimir putin, u. s. leader later backtracks and says he was just venting his own personal frustration as expressing more outreach. and i feel, and i make no apologies, work for my person and verified video lead to on the internet, reports to show ukrainian troops torturing and killing captured russian soldiers shooting them, and then leaving them to bleed on the floor. the humanitarian disaster and marble as local residents tied in their basements from continuous shelling as they tried to cope with lack of food and water. a
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room with all the global community rushes to help craniums humanitarian groups appear to have lost sight of the suffering amid long running conflicts elsewhere in the world. as they divert aid to the european country. ah by casting law direct my studios in moscow. this is our 2 international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now let's start by recapping the main recent events in the war in ukraine as russian and their allied don best troops claim territorial advances that amid reports, the russian military has destroyed key fuel depos around ukraine. meanwhile, another round of negotiations between russian and ukrainian officials is expected later on tuesday in turkey, with the turkish foreign minister,
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expressing hope that the meeting could lead to a cease fire. and in the pacific region, g 7 member state japan has imposed a ban on the export of luxury goods to russia, including premium cars and precious minerals. that's as ukraine's presidents lensky says. western powers should increase their sanctions against moscow, including the european ban on russian oil. if russia uses chemical weapons in ukraine, joe biden, once again appears confused about his own views after calling for the ouster of russian president vladimir putin. the u. s. leader now says those remarks aren't to be regarded as an official policy, but rather his personal feelings not walk in a vac, i'm but i want to make clear, i wasn't then norm or now articulate a policy change as expressing more outrage that i feel and i make no apologies for personal my, my personal previously put ins spokesperson already expressed concerns about buttons,
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rhetoric towards russia and said moscow is closely monitoring his comments. i think president the white house made the point last night that quite simply president cannot be empowered to wage war or engage in aggression against ukraine or anyone else. as you know. and as you've heard a say repeatedly, we do not have a strategy of regime change in russia or anywhere else for that matter. look, the president had spent the day visiting with ukrainian refugees in the moment. i think that was a principal human reaction to the stories that he had had that day. we have the white house back tracking and us officials backtracking. what sounded like a blatant call for regime change from the u. s. president and the u. s. president is supposed to be the head of state who represents the country and articulate correctly what its foreign policy is. it sounds like the foreign policy, the united states,
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is to topple and overthrow the russian government remove its head of state from power. for god's sake, this man cannot remain power. now, it's also important to note that there have been a number of occasions where joe biden as dead things about the russian leader that he, they're rather unclear. right? i mean, he's use very provocative language to describe the russian president, and then in some instances, rolled it back or corrected himself. i mean, he's not very articulate when it comes to explaining what the us policy toward russia really is. you know, let him report you think he's a killer. i do so what price must he pay? the price is going to pay. well, you'll see shortly. present by regret calling bottom recruitment killer. note the president gave a direct answer to a direct question. and you're going to see when you're there, you've been there. you're going to see you're going to see women. young people stand on standing,
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the middle from dam tank. the president has been clear. we are not sending us troops to ukraine, and there is to change in that position the, you know, or the years or the not clear messaging from the president of the united states when it comes to dealing with russia. now at this point, we have many countries around the world that want to bring an end to hostilities and ukraine. they want the situation with fighting and dying, taking place to be brought to an end. they want negotiations to resolve the fighting, bring us these fire, and still have so many european leaders, including many members of nato, long time us allies are not thrilled about what joe biden said. i would, i wouldn't use this kind of words if we want to do this, we mustn't escalate neither with words nor with action needed. how help for otherwise was the us president joe button,
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seeming to call see me and who for regime change in russia on saturday. but then rowing back in washington yesterday. circuit, by the way, things are not helpful to say something to ro back fixing to say probus reasons. i think we need the escalation, military de escalation and rhetorical dear escalation. now if you look at the polls here in the united states, joe biden approval rating his tanking americans are not happy about the domestic situation. the crumbling infrastructure, the rising price of fuel, the rising price of food, a lot of unrest at home. a lot of folks just not thrilled with how the biden administration is doing things they promised to pick up the pieces from trump and, and correct the errors of his mismanagement of the pandemic that they accused him of. and things have just gotten worse, and a number of americans are wondering if joe biden should perhaps focus on trying to improve the situation domestically than trying to in and had tanza by the flames of
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international problems around the world by calling for the toppling and overthrow of the russian president, so not a lot of clarity coming from washington when it comes to dealing with russia and their response to the conflict authorities from the done yet, people's republic have released footage, allegedly showing ukrainian forces shooting and beating russian prisoners of war. now we will not show you the disturbing video, but rather just some slides from it, heavily redacted as it portrays bound soldiers lying on the ground with multiple bullet wounds to their legs, while others have broken bones. now, the head of rushes investigative committee has ordered a thorough inquiry into the matter. ukrainian officials gave us the state you're going to be sure to know about 15. i remind everyone that abusing prisoners of war is a war crime that does not carry amnesty on their international law and does not have an institute of limitations. we are a european army over european country. we treat prisoners according to the geneva convention,
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no matter what your personal emotional motives may be. in the original footage, you can reportedly hear ukrainian soldiers asking whether there are officers among the troops and then shooting them in the fight. now the question is repeated as reportedly rushing prisoners lie bleeding on the floor. the matter has sparked condemnation from human rights officials. such treatment of prisoners of war violates protections under the geneva conventions intended to ensure a dignified treatment of captured competence on all sides. they make clear that prisoners of war must be treated humanely in all circumstances and protected against any active violence, as well as against intimidation, insults, and public curiosity. the condemnation does not end with human rights groups. as the footage has provoked a wave of entity among the social network users torture of prisoners of war in summary executions are a violation of the geneva convention. not surprising from a country of nazis. took them a while to settle in
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a new narrative that the russian prisoners of war video is a false flag using crisis actors. they couldn't even have the moral courage to condemn it. promise a tribunal. everyone would forget in 12 hours and move on. they have to actively manipulate l, the ukrainian army set it's fake, so must be fake. they have no reason to lie, do they? we heard from a human rights lawyer who believes there's a lack of consistency in how war related abuses are perceived by the international community. ukrainian soldiers are violating of the geneva conventions. i mean, the truth is in war. they tend to be honored mostly in the breach as a practical matter. but they are still very much in an in force. and in fact, you can even go back to the hague convention of 19 o 7, you know, for so for over a century the community of nations is agreed on many things, including that civilians need to be protected during war. and also the prisoners of
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war have to be treated with respect and decency savvy. we see it over and over again that when it comes to human rights, there is definitely an opportunistic use of the human rights doctrine to try to punish the enemies of the west. and the u. s. while basically ignoring the human rights abuses of our friends, like for example, saudi arabia, how it treats its own people, and how it's treating horribly the people in yemen is just one example. those things tend to be ignored while we highlight the abuses of our adversaries and sadly, i don't see that changing any time soon, but we have to bite for that type of consistency. and now human rights is treated as intensive fighting continues in the coastal city of mario, poland. the done, yes. republic, russian forces say they are advancing and have taken nearly full control of the city. don yet sca troops recently raised their flag over an administration building . there, and he's waterman,
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causal of reports on the destruction and the local residents who continue to live under shall we're now heading out to the center of mario full city where the fighting is still apparently it taking place. according to that, the next people's republic of militia and officials, most of the city has now been liberated from the ukrainian army and nationalist battalion, asoft, the city of murray. opal has been under shelling for nearly half a month now. the entire town, his devastated buildings lie in rubble. he could hear shelling right now as while it's still continues. the people have been forced to live in a bomb shelter is without food, water, or electricity. i'm about to visit one of these bomb shelters right now. and the year, the stories of the people that had been forced to live on the ground for nearly a month. people in these bomb shelters and these basements live without food,
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water, or electricity, has been happening for about a month. so i leaned some friends of mine. i got some, a read some canned goods, water for the nearly 70 people that live in this basement alone. and of course, for the kids, we got some chalk on this as well. what would it just do? what i showed along the 20th century doesn't live on it. it must have it. jackson? yeah. docs. vince you got so much stuff. okay. well next door. oh, donna york marie viola shushing the 2 shield. it was it will to use it well. it little swollen belly believed lou union with bob skin relieved. what stu, mom he took while back, thus keeping the titular bringing torches over to look on his dime. so
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will you give a dear, no guys a book to belong to lily more children? because i will say this is a quite se booth and money belongs to the secretary of the country. the political got really sick. what akita was job title, because what was the quote that you have with the ship? all the chinese learn more to see when you had julia wellness, qualitative body language to those students. who should be sure to me as a little he all middle moved was what he couldn't you live? what he to come to school there just wanted to comment on your so good you one yet up. so you go nature one yet. what did you me? i'm not good as to what's i learned that whole you pointlessly just thought be that did you feel like you did that you thought that sonya does like is over more your throw them into what had lately, what lorell delivery to you you will study. i thought, i mean, wasn't said that he was good time for today. at the present moment that is new and not all of them will hit the roof a fit the old. meanwhile,
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local residence interior have been cleaning up debris after their homes and cars were damaged by shelling. ukrainian media have reported the area was shelled by russian military outskirts of the ukrainian capital have seen intense fighting in recent days between russian and ukrainian forces. and while the world's attention is to largely focused on the crisis in ukraine, influential countries and humanitarian organizations appear to have turned a blind eye to the destruction and suffering in other war torn areas, such as in yemen and me, and mar, but concerns that resources are being diverted from those regions and are being an equally pooled for ukraine, or he is posterior reports. for weeks now, the world's attention has been focused on ukraine's refugees, while they no doubt face a dia, humanitarian crisis. what about the millions of others in the same situation? if we cast so much about people's suffering and ukraine, we should care as much about people in somalia. the king of faso, south sudan,
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pakistan where the scale of need is high. it's so frustrating that other countries don't get the level of support they're entitled to. were struggling because they don't have the st geopolitical element. mainstream media is also to blame. the ukraine crisis dominates the media spotlight in terms of search terms and publish materials. it's caused indignation even among waste and allies, the humanitarian suffering that we have seen in ukraine. and everyone is talking about it. now, it has been the suffering gopher, lots of countries in the region, 40 years, and nothing happened. actually, the war in yemen has been ongoing for maybe a 2 years. it's the world's worst humanitarian disaster. and in march the u. n. announced a fundraiser with a target, a $4300000000.00. as the conflict enters its 7th year, millions of people continue to suffer in yemen. we need urgent support to continue our work to save lives. but we also need to address the underlying drivers of the
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crisis. this will help to make people less vulnerable, build their ability to withstand shocks and give them hope for the future. so how much did the fundraiser make? you guessed it? nowhere near how much is needed. it is a disappointment that we weren't able is yet to get pledges from. some we thought we might hear from us is asking for it's 2023 budget to include nearly $700000000.00 for ukraine. this kind of selectivity leads to an alarming prognosis . unless we ring fence the resources that are dedicated to responding to crises in all parts of the world. we risk once hopefully the crisis in ukraine dies down. a huge backfire of other crises that have become much worse and even more difficult to address. while suffering cannot and should not be compared and contrasted. this pattern condemns millions of people around the globe to an effective death sentence . the influx of ukrainian refugees entering neighboring e u countries is continuing to rise. these images reportedly show ukrainians
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crossing the border into poland. now the un has estimated that $3800000.00 people have fled at the war torn countries since the conflict directed last month. you interior ministers have agreed to, to a 10 point plan to help the refugees are to correspondence. davinsky has more. there are some 3800000 who fled ukraine into the european union. and this plan is about how to deal with them in terms of the registration of who arrives in to ensure that children are getting access to education. but some of the major points that this plan has been implemented do with include the concern around criminal networks that could be looking to profit to take advantage of those who have fled the war in that country. the e. now, as a result of has activated it anti trafficking plan, this is impact. the french interior minister show her down and down raising
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concerns from information services, saying that they were already starting to notice the presence of criminals who were looking to exploit women and children. and that point was reinforced by the commissioner johnson who said that they were also reports from agencies about suspicious vehicles that have listened to what she said already before the war. ukrainian citizens were on the top 5 of citizens being traffic into the european union. so already before the war, there were criminal networks that were specialized in trafficking ukrainian citizens. and there unfortunately, they are probably still still active. so and now we have increasing report from the you and organizations on the, on the ground, especially in the member states that they say that they witness more suspicious cars coming to pick up women and children. now that concern about trafficking isn't something just that the
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e u is looking at in factor. there was concern raised in the u. k. just a few days ago about the schemes operating there to help you koreans find a home, essentially been described as tinder for sex traffic. as this was 16 refugee 90 trafficking at org and stations that said, the traffickers had already made attempts through that scheme to try and reach out ukrainian women and children. but going back to this meeting in brussels on monday, they're also concerns that the routes that have been used by refugees to, to flee. that country could also be used by other criminals, or indeed russian operatives. it was set at 0 dominant. the french interior minister played down this threat, saying that the e was keeping a close eye on this and that there was and everything that could be done on the ground to ensure that intelligence lists,
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those who are on those lists don't actually manage to pass through and there is another reason for the registration platform, it basically will allow all of this information to shared across the you across the block to make sure that all are pretty much on the same page as to who exactly has come into the since that will start it already soaring energy prices driven up further by sanctions imposed against russia over the ukraine conflict have bolstered concerns about the rising cost of living in europe. one u. k. thing tank is now warning that around $1300000.00 britons will be pushed into poverty. this year because of skyrocketing expenses, cues could also be seen outside supermarkets in greece, after reported supply chain disruptions and the rise in demands amid the ongoing conflict in ukraine. customers were reportedly allowed to buy a maximum of 3 bags of flour and 3 bottles of cooking oil per person. we spoke with
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some of those affected by the supermarket shelves are lacking flour and its price has gone up. i remember a month ago the price of flour was $0.80 per kilo, and now it costs $1.00 euros. rents are also going up. the electricity bill is increasing while salaries are going down. all prices have gone up, things are messed up. you cannot buy what you want. as some supermarket shelves are empty. the situation with flower is no better in germany, a loaf of bread, it may rise in price to up to 10 years this year, which would be double its current mark that is pessimistic forecast was made by a regional farmers association. it also predicted a general increase in food prices by 20 to 40 percent, with some products such as rape seat oil, a popular cooking ingredient, expected to completely disappear from supermarket shelves.
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the protests have also rocked the spanish capital. a 1000 of truck drivers formed a barricade in madrid to protest against directly to your places they displayed. banners honked their horns and demanded the resignation of the transport minister. one banner, read the oil companies are ripping us off and the government is playing the fool. we heard from a political analyst who's confident that despite pressure from washington, you readers are interested in lifting sanctions against russia. it is also an interest of the western government to list those sanction sooner or later because they are suffocating themselves as soon as the voter, the regular citizen recognizes that the price for those sanctions had to be paid by the citizen itself. those in government may fear the losses in popularity and remains to be seeing what will happen next winter. if the gas supply
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crisis will have the thought or if it will be deepened by those sanctions. and by the unwillingness of the g 7 countries to pay a gas supplies in roubles. so there is a really tangible and cbs risk for the lower layers of society. if the west moves towards russia and get into really serious negotiation, then there is a better prospect, of course, for our economic development. ah, the future of the iran nuclear deal again remains uncertain as us officials say that they aren't sure whether they can reach an agreement to restore it. the month long negotiations in vienna are once again on the whole, the mid reports that the u. s. is unwilling to remove sanctions on iranian military forces. analysts are warning this could lead to increased tensions in the middle
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east and further rise in oil prices. the previous deal which permitted iran to continue with nuclear program with regular checks by foreign inspectors, was abandoned by former us president donald trump, on the claim that it was to lenient amid concerns that iran could produce atomic weapons. iran has the world's 4th largest oil reserves after exiting the deal in 2018, the u. s. heavily clamped down on the iranian oil exports sections were later extended to other sectors leading to a significant drop in the wrong g. d. p. we spoke to said mohammed mirandi, a professor in a to ron university who says the country sanctions policies for actual regular americans. the united states has been dragging its feet from the beginning of the negotiating process. and it's because this administration is behaving just like trusting in that they want more concessions from iran
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and they're not going to get it. we already have a deal, and now the united states buy sanctioning so many countries. and by having so many conflicts with so many different countries, it has, we can, it's position against iran, and therefore iran today is much stronger in dealing with the united states than i've ever seen in my life. so that this has shown that iran is empowered, it shows that the sanctions regime that the united states as imposed has not worked . and it's also showing to the russians that the united states is not as strong as the banks on europe. ian powers have been turning to gulf states in an attempt to replace russian fuel imports, but those middle eastern countries appear reluctant to do something that could harm their partner. moscow,
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within the opec plus organization. the u. a energy minister has described russia as serving an essential role on global energy markets and questioned the prospect of phasing out russian supplies to europe. guitars, energy minister says, while his country would stand in solidarity with european countries by continuing to supply them with fuel rejected, imposing sanctions on russian, oil and gas, saying the energy sector should remain outside of politics. somewhere in the range of 30 to 40 percent of the total supply of gas comes from russia to actually say the europe can, can replace that gas. it's not practically possible. it was stretched once again. and none of the guys produce golfer countries that is in gas producing such as capital point cents, such as the united arab emirates will be in
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a position to replace the russian natural gas delivery for the your market. that's effect. i mean, you have to look at the figure in the ears, largest economy, germany, most energy companies have rejected rushes request to pay for their gas imports in roubles. according to the chancellor of schultz, his remarks came after moscow demanded that so called unfriendly countries switch their payments to russia's national currency. the fatigue, most german buyers of russian gas will continue to pay for it in euro's in accordance with the currency fixed in their contracts. with russia, accounts for about 40 percent of the used gas imports. but amid the conflict in ukraine, the u wants to cut its dependence on russian energy and has recently inked a deal for expensive liquefied natural gas imports from the us. that's as european powers reject moscow's request for russian energy be paid for roubles. amid claims, it would be a breach of current contract. russia has sponsored by saying its western sanctions
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that have hindered moscow's access to foreign currencies. you see, if europe refuses to pay in rebels, what actions will russia taking william, we will be dealing with the issues as they arise. i mean, under these circumstances, how real is the scenario that we will whole gas supplies? just for sure, we will not be delivering the fuel for free. it's absolutely certain right now it's hardly feasible to engage in charity towards europe. former austrian foreign minister con, can i saw, thinks that european economies will suffer from the measures against russian imports. the energy partnership that has been recently signed in process between the u. s. government in european commission. when you look at the c guess, it tells you that the figures that will rank in that attitude partnership are only a percentage of what you import just really need. and any facing
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out of rush and gas imports will take years. it will take, at least for 5 years, it will not be that was in this year. and so if there is some sort of suspension of delivery because of a dispute over the terms of contract from whichever side i went, thinks could become difficult. that does it for me this hour i will be back in just under 30 minutes with another full fresh look at you know, stay with the starter trash. ah ah ah, now she is
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a christina. it isn't with the not of the life image here is the 13 is the army thought move on the move of the key on your bills, and those are the post, the real move ukraine a big and rich country. that's always been hand in hand with russia until recently . 2014, a qu divides ukraine and leads to fratricidal war and on


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