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tv   News  RT  March 9, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EST

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ah, with the headlines this hour on archie international, russia claims it has taken full control over europe largest nuclear power plant in southern ukraine. archie gets an exclusive glimpse of the massive arsenal stored at the plant after the ukrainian army laid down its arms. half crates and crate stack with assault rifles, kalashnikov, rifles, as well as grenade lord, just ammunition of all sorts and types all through massive destruction in ukraine's 2nd largest city. hot with residential building left only partially standing after intense shelling, with 2nd affording vote on that with devastated towns
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also in the dog bass. republics of done yet scan lugens as residence, leave the fighting and fear for their lives. and joe biden announces a ban on all oil and gas imports from russia to the us. but the move it exposes divisions between america and the u. as the block says it will not go along with washington strategy with broadcasting from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. we know that you have a choice. we're glad that you're with us as we continue our special coverage of the war and ukraine. now, it has been almost 2 weeks since the conflict erupted in ukraine. let's now take a look. some of the latest major developments. the russian military has established
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a regime of silence for wednesday morning to enable civilians to safely evacuated from 5 ukrainian cities to nearby bella luce and russia. meanwhile, rushing convoys with humanitarian aid are said to be pouring into those cities. ukrainian authorities have blocked a previous attempt to establish escape routes. and nationalist groups have also reportedly been trying to stop people from leaving the cities as well. she of, in turn says past attempts to set up civilians safe zones failed because russian forces were allegedly violating, sees fires earlier. russia and you have agreed on 10 humanitarian corridors in 5 different cities during the 3rd round of peace talks. that is, according to moscow. now ukrainian officials, however claimed that only 2 corridors were opened as of tuesday, insisting they had not agreed to any of those leading to russia. moscow's defense ministry says that only one quarter was confirmed open from the north eastern city
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of sumi to the central city of poll tava. then the evacuees can go from there to the polish border. ukrainian president vladimir lensky says that he is ready to compromise on the breakaway regions of don. yet, lou ganske and crimea with guarantees for the safety of ukrainian loyalists living in those territories. but he emphasizes that capitulation is not on the table. moscow has said that it will withdraw its troops for its part if you pray, recognizes crimea as part of russia and danielle and lou guns as independent states . and moreover, if ukraine vows that it will not join nato russian forces now claim that they have gained full control. busy of these upper rows, sky, nuclear power plant in southern ukraine. it is the largest nuclear plant in europe . i piece, but i got visited the site and brought us this exclusive report on
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the 4th of march for days after russia. and that's the takeover of europe's largest nuclear power station. the world awoke to terrifying images, fires and fire fights in their go done this building or rather what happened to it is what caused so much fear internationally about potentially a new nuclear incident. and ukraine wherefores up at oscar nuclear power station. the biggest nuclear power station in europe react number 12345, and 6 over there in the distance. this was the sight of a pitched battle between russian troops who were on site and who they say will ukrainian infiltrators who penetrate to this building on the outskirts of the react, a complex itself. and those a pitched battle, ah, when they retreated, these are of again the outskirts of the nuclear power station. they allegedly set fire to the building. the worry was that this was the training center. according to
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i. e, a rules, every nuclear power station must have a training complex with a mock reactor on site. fortunately, the training center itself is in this nearby building which is largely on damaged for a frightful stretch. no one knew what had happened, but the damage was, fortunately, things cleared up soon enough. the i. e. a gave the all clear and panic died down, but the station was left on the verge of a crisis. it could have been worse much worse for sabotage, had succeeded, who, if ukrainian truth, who were ordered to fight off russian soldiers during the initial takeover had followed their orders, booked their letter bonfire. after we took the plants under control, we found a huge stash of weapons and ammunition and couldn't have a weaponry. we've in south, i mean a sense of,
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of reactive facilities. we remove the handling, preparing for real battle, written sense prevailed after talks ukrainian troops, hundreds of them lay down their weapons which were promptly locked away. this is the armory at the approach. a nuclear power station filled to the brim with weapons ceased from ukrainian national guardsmen. more than 200 of them who surrendered to russian troops who have taken over the facility. you can find here all sorts of farms. this is an american m full rifle clone, locally made called the or crop. you have crates and crate stack with assault rifles, kalashnikov, rifles, as well as grenade launchers, ammunition of all sorts and types. also in vast quantities. the ukrainian soldiers who was stationed here were ordered to defend this nuclear power station to the last drop of blood. evidently, they thought better of it,
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they surrendered to russian forces. and i have been let go there now with their families at whom having written and signed papers that they wouldn't participate in any more fighting, again. rocket propelled grenades, ammunition seized from around the facility cabinets stack with pistols and even far arms and weapons from the united states. here is a rocket propelled grenade launcher. and it says, here, spring branch, texas of this was evidently manufactured in the united states and handed over to ukrainian troops. at this point, the nuclear power station is secure thousands of workers laboring shift, keeping operations running and supplying as much as a quarter of ukraine's electrical power needs. while the complex is secure, the workers aren't. they are afraid of the fighting of the threats made against
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them and their families, many of which live in areas controlled by ukrainian nationalists and radicals. they were warned work together with the russians, and you'll pay. yet here they are bound by duty to keep europe's largest nuclear power, plant, operational and above all, safe. thousands of ukrainian families have been forced to seek shelter underground as the showing continues. they are adapting to life in metro stations with their children. many of cubes, fathers have joined the army or local defense forces, leaving their families to cope on their own. and unfortunately 27 people were killed in shelling in ukraine's 2nd largest city. hark of on tuesday, according to a local police official, now, moscow's defense ministry says no civilian areas were targeted by the russian armed
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forces. but in this video, you can clearly see the remains of a partially destroyed residential building. the russian army says that it is organizing and evacuation route out of the city to enable civilians to flee to safety. and as the conflict between ukraine and russia, rages on, people live in fear for their lives and try to cope amid the aftermath of the battles. a yeah, thank you, though for the vote on that for you. this is footage from a village and logan's republic where an r t correspondent was able to report on location. and you can see unexploded ordnance stuck in the ground in front of a house where residents are forced to hide in the basement. now the stores remain close, locals have been struggling to get food as well. here in this drone footage,
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you can see deserted streets and damaged buildings and the guns people's republic as local authorities continue to report showing from the ukrainian armed forces side as western governments continue to accuse russia violating ukraine's territorial integrity. the done yet. and the guns republics have meanwhile, been suffering from persistent attacks from ukrainian military for already 8 years . let's take a look now at how the situation developed. ah mm hm. he checks with vala, pulling you on
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a me with oh, i'm sorry it was the yesterday. yep. the we was, was mr. richie, could i see my screen chrome, you tweaking with amid the ukraine tension rushes,
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communications watch dog has block to access it to the american social network. facebook, citing recent cases of discrimination against russian media outlets and accusing the platform of spreading fake news. ortiz, policy or reports. facebook's coverage of russia's military operation in ukraine was the point of no return. for long time. moscow warned the big tech giant it was violating local legislation. but when facebook limited online access to state that media, that was the final straw. russia slanted with a blanket ban, confusing some and surprising others, even within the company. soon, millions of ordinary russians will find themselves cut off from reliable information, deprived of their everyday ways of connecting with family and friends and silenced from speaking out. we will continue to do everything we can to restore our services to they remain available to people to safely and securely express themselves and organize for action. well, reliable information,
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according to the meta chief means going along with the mainstream narrative. because even before the ban, facebook had already blocked a handful of pro ration news agencies such a sputnik rear. and of course the media devil himself are t facebook or so didn't see anything outrageous and go find the near nazi as of that battalion. certainly not after russia's military operation began, or even before. in the meantime, the social network blamed russia for a campaign against ukraine and deleted alleged russian bots. it was a slow break down in a relationship that was only ever going to lead to one inevitable outcome. the use foreign policy chief says it will not ban russian fuel imports despite the u. s. doing so. but the european commission has announced a plan to slash its dependence on russian fuel supplies. before the end of this year. we are not going to ban impulsive russian energy. we are not following bite and on this matter, it is
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a meeting to have discussions on tuesday about this idea of reducing the reliance on russian imports of natural gas and also of oil. just to give you a sense of how important they have been to the block over 40 percent of the gas that comes into the e. u at the moment is from russia, and around 25 percent of the crude oil is also from russia. so these are significant portions. what we heard from the vice president of the european commission, this is france timmons at that press conference, is that the block is now going to look to reduce massively. it's dependency. all of those energy imports from russia as this war in ukraine continue to run along our friends, him and said that again, we're in ukraine. so lee, being blamed at the foot of president putin not at the russian people, was part of this quite the european union right now feels it has to reduce this dependency on russian energy imports. and he said that
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a part of that was defending europe against it. is this, he said, is one of those vulnerabilities, and the answer for the future would be looking for security when it comes to renewable energy, and also diversifying supply away from russia. by the end of this year, we can replace $100.00 museum of gas imports from russia, but as 2 thirds of what we import from them. this will end our over dependency and give us much needed room to maneuver todd, bloody hard. but it's possible if we're willing to go further and faster than we've done before, there was also a sense from france, tim, and that they needed to be protection from those who are going to be impacted. particularly as that dependency on russia is weakened as price rices. in a price is royce, here in europe. so that's the gas and electricity bills that households and
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businesses will have to face. we already know that prices have been hugely high since the last autumn. and the e, you said that russia's aggression against ukraine had exacerbated this energy crisis. and because of these extraordinary circumstances, pranced him and was also asked about the diversification of what people could do. and he helped this nugget of advice in the short term, at least for people to look at, reducing their energy at home and help the european union reduce its dependency on russia. your choices and how much energy you consume, decide how strong call decide how strong we are in our reaction to russia. you know, by lowering the temperature in your house, if you can buy, be more conscious in the choices you make that lead to energy consumption. you can substantially contribute to reducing our energy consumption and thus make a stronger vibrato. however, they have been you countries that have be massively resistive to these sorts of
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sanctions on energy, particularly germany, which has a higher dependency when it comes to russian. a supplies coming in a 3rd of our fuel comes from russia. if we stop at now, in a few days, we won't be able to transport ourselves. we've also heard from some energy providers who say, you know, the idea of doing this will be incredibly difficult. and such will really impact europe, not right now, but they'll impact you next winter where people could see that price is really significantly increase unless governments are able to do something to mitigate that elite is expected, discussed much further. these id is on tuesday and of course if those sanctions are implemented will be keeping up to date here. problem as the german seem to be more realistic because of the germans now that without russian gas they are to switch of might, it will not be enough electricity even for living. and i'm not talking about the
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economy and i'm not talking about prices. so we really have to understand that from my point of view in brussels, we have people who are just fighting for ideology, ideology, which is transatlantic. and there's no really no realism, no realistic view on the situation back. because whatever you want to do it, it's simple. we have a limited guess on earth and whether you can change it or not. there is no way maybe russia starts to switch off that because it is feed off of it off with these functions. i don't know. maybe russian will make a decision without effects from the conflict are already being felt across the continent in spain. as supermarkets, barcelona have started rationing sales of sunflower oil as a quarter of the countries in ports of that product come from ukraine. consumers fear shortages and higher prices triggering panic, buying in recent days, as the war continues, russia says it will keep its energy supplies flowing as usual. despite threats by
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western countries to impose and embargo, and russia's deputy prime minister says any serious restrictions could lead to disastrous consequences on global markets. every one knows that oil supplies from russia are the most competitive for the european market. it is obvious that the rejection of russian oil will lead to disastrous consequences for the wild market. the surge in prices will be unpredictable. if you want to refuse the delivery results from russia, that's ok. we know where to redirect these volumes. italians are also feeling the effects of the ukraine conflict with gas prices surging as italy imports almost 40 percent of its gas from russia. we asked italians on the street to share their opinions about the price hikes. they want to still sitting. so cindy, be that it's become an unsustainable situation. arnold, i'm really struggling to pay bills as prices for electricity and gas are increasingly peak of it. what gas supplies for europe should have no connection
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with what is happening in ukraine, liberty. and i am, i'm having a lot of difficulty paying all these bills, especially for electricity, which has even doubled compared with a few months ago. it's becoming an impossible expense, and it's a big problem for all of us citizens see them on a russia supplies gas to many european countries. and it seems to me that it will be really difficult to live without russia gas shamburger. all the prices have increased from raw materials to electricity and fuel electricity prices are up 40 per cent, and i find it difficult to pay for a figure. but i think europe can survive without rushing gas in by gas in other places. it's a question of organisation river where logic to remain for i don't think europe can do without russian gas because we fundamentally need this gas. the consumers must be protected and what's happening shouldn't be connected with gas supplies for urine. as we mentioned earlier, joe biden is ramping up the sanctions against moscow this time announcing a ban on all oil and gas imports from russia to the us. meanwhile,
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fuel costs in america have hit all time highs with drivers, feeling the pain of the pump or cheese kellum up and comments. joe biden addressed the united states about new sanctions. he is imposing on russia. the main focus will be ending russia's ability to export oil to the united states. the united states will no longer receive petroleum from russia. now, in addition to that, there will be efforts to shut down the assets owned by russians in the united states. the john just department is involved in that, and there will be efforts to cut off technology and prevent rushes ability to import key technological products. joe biden also referenced how certain corporations are boycotting and shutting down their operations in russia. now joe biden emphasized that this was going to cost a average american, the price of gasoline is already soaring, and there will be a higher cost of gasoline for average americans as a result of this move. now joe biden said,
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essentially that americans should blame russia for this. this is what joe biden said about the rising fuel costs sponder by his sanctions. this is a step that we're taking to inflict further pain on prudent for there will be cost as well. here in the united states. i said i would level with the american people from the beginning. and when i 1st spoke to this, i said defending freedom is going to cost foods or is already hurting american families. of the gas pump says prudent began the military build up and ukrainian borders just since then, the price of the gas, the pump, an american of $0.75. and with this actually is going to go up further. now, joe biden emphasized that the united states would be taking these moves as the united states as a net energy ex, border united states, exports energy on the international markets. it imports energy as well, but overall, united states can afford to take this move while the europeans cannot be emphasized . european al eyes that are dependent or in his words, to depended on russian gas and russian oil. they will not be able to take this move
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. here's what joe biden said, we're moving forward this band, understanding that many of our european allies in partners may not be in a position to join us. united states produces far more oral domestically than all of europe, pretty can all the countries combined. now these moves are not a very big deal for russia's economy, less than one percent of russia, oil exports go to the united states. however, for americans, they are going to have an impact. the price of gasoline has already gone up. and we recently saw donald trump's speaking up on social media, the outlet that still allow him talking about basically saying, do you miss me that and talking about the impact this will have on average americans when they go to the car. when they go to fill their cars up at the pump. so it's quite an interesting move. we have the biden administration, essentially blaming russia for the ongoing suffering of americans. we have defensive statements from behind and saying that's not true that he's trying to
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suppress domestic oil production. eyes is critic circle alleging republicans continue to criticize biden, blaming him for the inflation and for the rising fuel costs. however, at the same time, we have biden, and the democrats saying this is necessary, this is to punish russia, blaming russia for these moves. so that quite a divide by and speaking defensively about his position in the united states while emphasizing that he is taking more moves or punish rushes economy amid the ongoing conflict. earlier we spoke to author and journalist daniel lazar who says that the u. s. and the you will be deeply affected by their sanctions against russia because they are highly dependent on gas supplies or really will suffer, are the europeans. they will be devastated if oil continues to rise and they're the ones who are on the line. and they're the ones who are paying the price for this increasingly crazy and dreadful war. the us will make up the difference, but they will pocket a huge profit from the,
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the incredibly high prices of the europeans. we for the day, no country is more gasoline dependent. than the us, americans consume roughly twice as much as gasoline per capita as other comparable countries. and the reason for that is the, the government has never. busy for a single 2nd, been serious about taking various measures to restrain energy demand. so americans pay very low prices for gasoline and they drive like mad as a consequence. but the result of this is they will certainly be paying more for that privilege and also will be paying more to heat their homes for electricity, etc. the, the economic blow will be quite considerable to americans are highly dependent on gasoline. they get very, very angry. when prices go up and the person they punish is the president, washington has admitted to helping ukraine secure research materials from
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biological labs and to keep them from quote, falling into the hands of russian forces. the russian military previously claimed ukrainian authorities have been hastily destroying biological weapons so that russian would be unable to prove the ukrainians had been violating an international convention. chief has denied those allegations. allegations of the state department's representatives show that the u. s. is afraid that these dangerous pathogen stored at the above mentioned facilities will get into the hands of russian experts. in this case, the violation by ukraine in the united states of the convention on the prohibition of biological and talks and weapons will be confirmed. and finally, after years of lucrative operations in russia, many famous western brands are leaving the domestic market, mcdonald's, coca cola, pepsico and starbucks are just a few of those temporarily suspending their businesses in the country, stopping sales of their products and closing their restaurants and cafes in
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a sweeping response to the war between russia and ukraine. right, that is the news. we will be back at the top of the hour with another full and fresh look. a very special coverage of the word ukraine. stay with us, our international. ah. the west liberal world order is collapsed in the hedge of money. it's hard to maintain and expand the conflict in ukraine as a proxy war. the real target is russian and indirectly china. the law of unintended consequences is in play. in the end, it will be europe that pays the highest price move
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when i was shooting wrong. when i was just a to see out. because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves world, the part we choose to look for common ground. oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers and those with airs sinks we dare to ask
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