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ah, a russia's military operation to ukraine enters its 8th day local residence plea the fighting with many finding their homes, devastated by sheller, done yet residence, stranded in the ukrainian 3 o'clock of since the war broke down says he fears he could be killed by armed locals as the st descent in the chaos roving stores, it was expected, they were given weapons and now the other hating as if everything is committed. but if you challenge them, you just get a bullet and they say russian, a russian delegation weights for the ukranian sided to begin a 2nd round of keith talk supposed to take place with an hours on the bell. russian border with president joe biden says in his 1st state of the union speech that no
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american troops will participate in the ukraine conflict against russia. but he also confuses ukrainians with iranians. good may circle key with tanks, but will never gain the hearts and souls of the radiant people ah. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our t international. i'm john thomas. let's get right to the situation in ukraine. now, russia's military operation in ukraine has entered. it's a today with many people fleeing the fighting and others trying to escape the rubble that used to be their homes. in this footage, you can see a small village devastated on the outskirts of ukraine's capital residence, say a bomb, destroyed several homes on wednesday morning. 12 people in the village have been reported injured hand to killed. over the past week, ukraine claims 2 people have died and 16 wounded in
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a showing in the city of you told me here about 140 kilometers west of the capitol . here this footage shows damaged buildings and streets strewn with debris. after a massive fire swept across numerous buildings on wednesday, some of the victims were report. we evacuated from the basement of the devastated residential buildings. now the russian defense ministry says that almost 500 of its service members have been killed in ukraine while estimating ukrainian military losses at more than 2800 ukraine's defense ministry, however, has claimed that the number of russian military service men killed in the war is actually much higher. thousands of indians studying in ukraine suddenly found themselves in the midst of a war and have now begun to re unite with their families after flying back to their homeland pressure is on the indian government to pull out its citizens. intensified in recent days, especially after one student died in showing in the training city of,
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of when he left his bunker to go buy food. authorities said the majority of indians citizens in ukraine have left the country and new delhi is now trying to evacuate the rest. and i did 2000 students all putting, you know, like, look you know, for what i find it because it just, it doesn't sound good. so they had to, we had 2 people look people's, the photo that it was, everything will be okay. that you get this off and put it in the unity. i've never seen such a scene before in my life. i remember a siren going off in the morning of february 24th. when we were asked to go into bunkers and 3 or 4 days went by. as we kept returning to the bunkers and advisory was issued to go towards the border and we set out for the polish border. but the real problem began there. there was nothing to eat. the bombardment was going on and the temperature was minus 10 degrees celsius. is that you do?
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we hide a cab from kiev to the hungarian border. it took us 4 or 5 days to get the strikes made it very challenging. roads were damaged. there were huge air strikes. tanks were on fire, cars were on fire. there were many blasts by god and in the loo, ganske, and done yet, people's republics, residents continue to endure intense battles between ukrainian army and local militia forces. this map shows what has been happening with the red dots highlighting the major cities where fighting has been reported. russia's defense ministry claims the landscape. people's militia has advanced against the ukrainian army by another 3 kilometers beyond monday's front line. as for don, yes, could forces, they reportedly advanced 16 kilometers beyond previous front lines. and this is footed where you are getting from the dumbass region, amid apparent showing by the ukrainian army. a missile has destroyed cars and damaged residential buildings in the capital city of the done yes,
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the people's republic, the number of casualties is not yet known. but the city of danielle was warned that there may be victims under the rebel as rescue operations continue. and we have received this footage from 2 villages in the lugens republic where the people's militia claim it has taken control of a ukrainian army stronghold and vehicle checkpoint. the militia says more than 40 towns and villages in the dawn best have now been liberated. and here is more video from the region taken in ukraine's 2nd largest city. 100 of you can see flashes caused by intense, showing throughout the night the o. c. e, which is 4 years, been monitoring the conflict, and the don bass said one of its members was killed in harker this week. neither russia or ukraine has given any statement on that so far, city streets in ukraine have descended into chaos. as the government is said, to be heading out firearms to civilians. a don yes, residence stuck in the ukrainian city of hark of says he fears for his life.
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pullman rope everywhere here. there is darkness. like in the films of world war 2, it is stuck in the street because the lights are turned off everywhere. including in the residential buildings. i experienced the same in 2014, 2015 and 2016. because i am from mckay of car and don bus. the ukranian nationalists came to us brother against brother. and now they are saying outragious stuff in the media. the futon is hitler, for example, it's not is nonsense. they are trying to rewrite history. to be honest, i've been waiting for this moment for the past 8 years, but not at such a price. on the other hand, there is a proverb, a wedge kicked out with a wedge. sooner or later this was going to happen, especially because so many people have died in the next got some new hands during this time. there is lifting here ukrainians. a roving storm was, it was expected,
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they would give him weapons and now they behaving as if everything is committed. but if you challenge them, you just get a bullet and they say russian that it. i haven't eaten anything for 2 days because i can't buy anything. we have a curfew overnight from 4 pm to 6 am. if i go, i could be a catastrophe for me because i have ukrainian passport. but the next people's republic registration. this is a terrible situation here in hong kong. i don't know when and how it will end, but i would like that to be peace and justice for those who died in 2014 to prevail . ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says that more than 6000 russian soldiers have been killed or wounded over the past week. moscow has denied that claim and says it has inflicted heavy casualties among the ukrainian military. meanwhile, zelinski says key of needs to guarantee security from the west if it isn't allowed to join nato. now
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a 2nd round of peace talks is scheduled to take place with an hours in dollars near the polish border with a russian delegation waiting there since tuesday for the ukrainian side to show up the 1st round took place earlier this week. and also in belarus. but near the border with ukraine or cheese constantine ross golf reports with a lift. the latest news that we heard is that ukraine wants to change the meeting's location. that's according to one of the members of the delegation. a surprising move because the initial place was agreed by both sides in advance and the russian delegation already arrived for talks in valor is yesterday. speaking to the media, the head of moscow's team summed up the 2 size stands before round to one of the luxury. we came to a mutual understanding on several proposals, but for some of the most crucial of them, the ukrainian side on surprising me took some time for consideration and to consult with t f. anywhere. we're expecting the 2nd round of talk to start later today, according to letter myrmidon, sky,
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the craniums want to rest out before the meeting. as there are 2 tired after the trip from ukraine. he didn't wonder negotiators to take a shorter route to bella cruz, despite the russian military offering a safe passage. instead, they made a detour through polish territory. the russian delegation set. it's fine and they can wade but some senior russian officials, including the russian foreign ministers, are de la express. their concerns over what they believe is an attempt by the cranium side to deliberately postpone the negotiations. the 1st round of talks ended a few days ago without a breakthrough, although both sides agreed to meet again. after consultations were their leadership, publicly neither side has changed. its dance gave wanted immediate cease fire and the completed withdrawal of russian troops, including from dun, vast region and crimea. moscow wants ukraine to assume a neutral status without align with the western powers, as well as are recognized try me as russian territory and going it's going lugens as independent republics. earlier russian foreign minister sergey lab,
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rob told the algebra, news network, how russia got into the current crisis we've see, to simulate. but these 8 years we've been trying to appeal to the conscience of the west and tried to bring reason to this regime, which was taking on to radical neo nazi outlines. and the west did not want to do anything because ukraine was used as a tool to deter russia even before 2014. i'm amazed to listen to the comments of european and especially german politicians when they declare that they are obliged to supply weapons to ukraine. what's that supposed to mean understanding historical guilt makes germany support neo nazis. it causes strange associations and the live on the land said that europe has never been so close to ukraine. this is probably a signal that as long as you are russia phobe, as long as you are a fascist, as long as you are a neo nazi, everything is allowed to you recall least a closely similar reaction to what russia is doing in ukraine. restoring justice
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when hundreds of thousands of iraqis libyan syrians, residents of other countries were killed, where the united states and its allies from the democratic camp directed their eyes thousands of kilometers from their borders. it was enough for the united states. this threatened the national security and look at the history that has risen regarding threats to national security rights on our board. i do not rule out that someone wanted russia to get my head in the men made conflict created by the west. we are able to resist any pressure if anyone doubt, i recommend reading russian history. so for the losses are mounting on both sides as the war and ukraine enters its 8 day with civilian deaths reported amid the fighting, but gods that god spoke with it. russian convoy in the south eastern korean city of mili topple. now, take a looks. ukraine is a battlefield. and today we had front row seats. ah
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. we joined a russian military convoy making its way across ukraine to the city of relatable. and for hours on end, we watched convoy after convoy roar passed us. ah, the helicopter circled back and forth, protecting convoys from ambushes and provides in cover the frenzy of activity. ease, sobering, that really drives home, that this is a vicious fight and losses on both sides a high so linear, so you're not your thought. unfortunately, there are casualties among our comrades taking part in the special military operation. $498.00 russian military personnel were killed during the military duty . their families are being provided with all possible assistance. 1597 of our
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comrades were injured. eventually we reached the city of mulatto where we were told that we were targets. russian press prime targets for ukrainian nationalists believed to be hiding in relatable and surrounding areas. some armed others have drawn or painted the letter dead on their guards. also, in the fashion of russian troops here in ukraine. as i said, the situation in the cdsi said that because we were unable to enter, but we haven't heard any shooting in the vicinity of the city or on our way here. the problem in the city now is, is the humanitarian situation there supplies the said to be running low convoys and logistics are down because of the situation, the current situation, new. great. and so it is,
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we have the priority to deliver humanitarian aid to the city. we've also heard that the locals have organized patrols. they're afraid of, of loses. there's been a lot of that apparently in the city. and lucas of organized, patrolled 59 groups. patrolling the city at night during the day to keep loses away . but again, as we, as we moved to the outskirts we saw many windows broken and people had obviously boarded up shops. 8 years ago, ukraine was split equally, roughly half way through russia and half lean towards europe. since the civil war began. any pro russian sentiment has been brutally suppress, beatings attacks and killings by nationalists, arrests and intimidation by security services. the question now always, what next? who to his promise to de knots?
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if i ukraine to free its people, he said, but how and how long it'll take you steal unclear. meanwhile, russian forces operating s 400 anti aircraft missiles systems have begun a large scale training exercise in siberia. the exercise has been around $600.00 military service members, practice detecting and destroying enemy aircraft. they also prepared their firing positions, camouflaged their weaponry and organized defense. meanwhile, the eu has been preparing a 4th set of sanctions against moscow over the ukraine crisis, as announced by austria's foreign minister. that's as some european leaders, including french president emanuel micron, have admitted the already imposed restrictions on russia would inevitably backfire on the block. from one this, we can cross live to charlotte davinsky, who is in paris forest. charlotte. what exactly did my crown say and what impact is
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that you're preparing for me? it's increased sanctions against russia. or president macro was warning about difficult days ahead. and he said that europe would be impacted by the results of these sanctions. this was an address to the nation on wednesday evening. and what president micron did is he said that the war and you claim is blaming. he put the blame solely on president putin saying that the pretext is for this war, for this invasion were false. now he saluted the efforts of the ukrainian people, and he said that there were plans being developed in europe at the moment in france in particular to try and shield people here from the impacts of the sanctions. and the ramifications of that. he said that they could include price choices for things such as we for few basic,
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every day necessities that have listened to what else precedent. i cannot say. normally sick, the many economic sectors are suffering and will suffer either because they depend on imports of raw materials from russia and ukraine or because they export to these countries. our growth, which is currently at its peak, will inevitably be affected. the increase in the price of oil gas and raw materials has and will have an impact on our purchasing power. i have asked the prime minister to drop and economic and social resilience plan in the coming days to address all these difficulties. president michael also addressed the refugee crisis at the moment, saying that france was ready to open its alms, its hands to those who are fleeing war in the country at the moment. just to give you a sense of the scale of that, at least here in europe, the u. n says around 1000000 refugees have to flee ukraine. it's describe this as being an exodus. and his called for the guns to be put down for the water
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stop if only for humanitarian assistance to be able to get into the country to help millions and millions of others. meanwhile, companies here in the you are offering free flights and free trains to those from ukraine who had to flee their country in order to help them get to destinations elsewhere in europe. we have also heard over the last few days of other european politicians, also warning about how those sanctions against russia will come to bite here in europe to and as airlines are facing restrictions with them not being able to fly into russia and russia having band some airlines from the you coming back into the e. u. this is this tit for tat over who can fly in which as space. some airline see that they are already feeling the pinch of this bypassing the rushing space length
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and flight times to asia considerably. and thus, the operation of most of our passenger and cargo flights to asia is not economically sustainable. competitive there's also the fall, of course, of those individuals who are listed on the sanctions list just for example, in the u. k. roman a problem of it. sure has been the owner of chelsea football club. he's only ok. he says he's now selling the club. i'm the reports. he's trying to offload several of his multi 1000000 pound properties in london as a result of what's happening at the moment. and in germany reports that a super york over a russian billionaire has been, sees that c p your said to be worth over 600000000 euros. i'm. there was also been a cultural backlash. in fact, one university in milan attempted to try and ban, of course, or at least postpone a course on dostoevsky. the russian writer saying that with these tense times,
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that you know they could be strong, internal disagreements, intentions. as a result of that, however, there was a backlash to that decision, including from the italian prime minister, x prime minister, imitate renzi who described that decision is insane. and as a result of that, they'll say ascii is back on the menu or he's trying to been see keeping across the sanctions list of from europe. thanks to that, appreciate it. i know joe biden has focus to his 1st state of the union speech on the ukraine conflict. surprising critics who have noted the domestic problems in the us are mounting. you said washington has joined the you in closing its airspace to russian flights, but specified that american forces won't participate in the conflict with russia or inflicting pain on russia and supporting the people of ukraine. prudent is now
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isolated from world more than he has ever been announcing that we will join our allies in closing off american aerospace to all russian flesh. her i say, adding additional free from her. but let me be clear. our forces you are not engaged and will not engage in conflict with russian forces in ukraine. our forces not going to europe to fight ukraine, but to defend our nato allies. the advantage decides to keep moving west gilbert and also voiced support for the people of ukraine and said, put in miscalculated the ongoing situation there, but biden seemed confused during his speech mistaking ukrainians for iranians. with more on that commentary is caleb martin. joe biden state of the union address was given last night, where he addressed a joint session of congress and in that state of the union address, he began by focusing almost exclusively on russia, demonizing, russia,
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the situation in russia's role and intervention and ukraine pretending that nothing was done to provoke this as if this just happened out of the blue. there was even an embarrassing moment where he said that he said that the iranian people will never surrender to prove it. basically, he slipped and instead of saying ukrainian, he said iranian, put in a circle cave with tanks, but will never gain the hearts and souls of the iranian people. however, at the same time, you know, many are looking on at the world situation and quite concerned about the rhetoric. people are looking at the possibility that these sanctions that are being put on russia that we just heard about from anthony blank. and the us secretary of say they could have a global impact. for example, russia is one of the main export of fertilizer. and if russian fertilizer is not able to get to farms around the world and places like brazil and african countries
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and in europe, the results could be a shortage of food. we already have supply chain issues. and the price of food in the united states has drastically increased over the past several months. and if russia is, fertilizer is not allowed to be exported. the results for the world in terms of malnutrition, in terms of crop shortages, could be massive. this is not being highlighted in american media, but serious economists are looking into it. it's also worth noting that in addition to that, in the united states, there is a big concern about the rising price of gas and the rising price of gasoline and heating gas for winter time. and those prices are only going to increase and joe biden, to talk about strategic reserves, but that hasn't really addressed the issue joe biden basically use the question i in ukraine to distract from his own very low poll numbers. joe biden is quite an unpopular president. he has not been doing very well. the read the economy has
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really been suffering under jo biden's president, the promise to fix up all the mistakes and all the problems that went on under the trump administration. with the pandemic. and he's gotten in and the economy has gotten worse, the country is more polarized and more divided than it was before. so here in the united states, we have a lot of, you know, chest pounding and high podium, pounding and hostile rhetoric against russia. they are mobilized in the public to hate russia, but it's not addressing the problems below the surface. we spoke with international affairs expert who thinks that the current to actions of the west to only for their escalate the conflict. well, it's not rocket science. if you want to have a european war and they say russia possibly going wider than lots and lots of the will planes in from nato countries. i mean, it's most stupid idea. i've heard of many stupid ideas that are interesting to over the last 2 days, i days are no fly zones. what people who really should know much better people who
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seem to want is to escalate that it's a very, very dangerous time. we live and when idiots are running the media and running and are in politics, then we have even more danger. military deliveries are designed to kill people, to encourage people to kill each other, rather than to talk to each other, which would be, which i've always suggest it would be the best way to go. the respectful, national law is not something that can be offered to western countries because western countries have never actually since you know, the cold war respected international law. i warmed in 999. when tell you, blair launched the 1st to illegal was the 2nd one big guy iraq, 4 years later. but if black got away with it on the west to is national law would be in the afternoon. and this is so it's a health western countries talking about sovereignty and the territorial integrity and the you and child to consume paragraph for is revolting hypocrisy. and therefore, because they have been violating every one of those elements ever since the end of
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the cold war. meanwhile, the international paralympic committee says russian and bella, russian athletes will now take part in the beijing winter paralympics. under a neutral status. the committee says it is because of their country's roles in the war against ukraine. several countries had earlier demanded that russian peril and beams be thrown out of the games altogether. the effect of western sanctions has also spread to space with rushes around cause most warning, it can no longer carry out all of its international obligations due to the restrictions. the space agencies head claims that ukrainian efforts to hack its systems have been incredibly dangerous for the entire global community calling for those attacks to be classified as war crimes loss. just my guess pressure many are asking us know about how much the attack, what ukrainian hackers has affected the roof cosmos, flight control systems. and the orbital group. i want to say this is fake. they
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were indeed such attempts to break into the flight control systems. but security system automatically repelled them. and secondly, i want to warn those who continue to do this, that this is a crime that should be severely punished. the removal of a space group of any country from duty is an act of war. such an act can lead to disorientation of space apparatus and they can fall to the grounds. i think this is a crime against humanity. we will search for those who organize these attacks and we will pass all the relevant information to lower enforcement agencies to initiate criminal cases. what was that just fancy sanctions against the russian space program? we introduced a long time ago back in 2014. they existed before as well. the plan was to complete the reset capable latino for creating spacecraft. but we switched from imports to domestic supplies. and after losing a couple of years, which of course was painful, we were able to build our own devices and will continue to make them. now the europeans have repeated these sanctions. it is quite obvious that their intention
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is to bring down the russian rocket and space industry. we consider this a war declared against stuff. therefore we will have to respond just as harshly because cooperation in space does not allow such actions. in fact, sanctions against rough cause most will not stop for of course, most it is difficult to stop us. we have many other customers who do not have bay american sanctions. we will now corporate with them absolutely openly. but the western coalition is just uncontrollably smashing international scientific projects . americans are pragmatic people. they want to maintain cooperation with russia within the international space station, despite the numerous sanction. why? because it is impossible to manage the space station without us. we are responsible for its navigation and fuel delivery. i'm not talking about the interdependence of all control systems. therefore, we will closely monitored the actions of our american partners. and if they continue to be hostile, we will return to the question of the existence of the international space station
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. i would not like such a scenario because i expect that the americans will cool down most of it. meanwhile, romania has lost 2 military aircraft in one day near ukraine's border with a fighter jet, reportedly going off the grid on wednesday evening. now, while 2 hours later, a rescue helicopter also crashed in bad weather, leaving 5 people dead. no explanation has been given for either incident or that does it for me this hour? i will be back in let's say 30 minutes with another full infrastructure news. this is our international ah ah.
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with all those driven by dreamers shaped bankers, those with dares sinks. we dare to ask dominican old.


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