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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  March 2, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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ah ah, the russian delegation of why it's for a 2nd round of peace negotiations with ukraine to take place today. russia confirmed that attack a television tower in here, and also claims to have taken control of the southern city accredits on. although the ukrainian side says fighting is ongoing local on the next, but public stranded in ha call since the war started save lives in here since ukrainian was given weapons, ukrainians of roving stores. it was expected, they were given weapons and now they are behaving as if everything is permitted. but if you challenge them, you just get a bullet and they say russian you with president joe biden. and his 1st state of
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the union speech disgust closing american air space to russian aircraft and said, no troops will be sent to ukraine at the same time mixing up the ukrainians with iranians. food may circle key with tanks, but will never gain the hearts and souls of the rating people. ah, this is our t international life from moscow. you're watching a knife bulletin this thursday, the 3rd of march. thanks for joining us. some policy as well. there's just one story dominating the news and that is ukraine. the head of the russian delegation says he expects cube officials to arrive for talks on thursday. the talks had been said to start already, but have been postponed. ortiz constantine wash calls,
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reports from bella, was the 2nd round of talks between russia and ukraine is going to be held morning. and that is because of a complicated logistics that the training side is facing. we have to understand that, ah, the cranium, they don't want to go from keith directly towards the bowers. and that is something that already happened before around one. so instead they go from key if towards a poland 1st and poland give provides them with a helicopter, which transfers them to under the bell, russian territory. from there they are going to this specific place where we're now, so it's a, it's a bit of a long journey and this is why they said that they want to freshen knob get some breast. and the russian delegation that if the russian delegation said that they absolutely understand us and that they ready ought to, to wait, ah, now div. i gotta tell you that said there is a lot of security arrangements around these talks. and for instance, i can tell you that we, the media we're, we are strongly advised,
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not to give away exact locations. we're a film, any specific building surround this place. and this is why we go live a from, from this place with an absolute neutral background. but what i can tell you is that it's someplace at the border between a poland and a bowers. and this is, this place was chosen mutually by the russian and ukrainian side because it's mutually convenient for them. ah, and this is also an area where there is that it's, it's the largest europe's largest for is here, cold globular scale, boucher and it's famous because back in 1991 on the famous bell of ash the courts were signed here between ah, russian, ukrainian and belive our leaders which effectively to sold the soviet union. so this is how displace a went down in history. and also i can tell you that the afford this talk publicly. neither side has changed. it stands ah,
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we at winter stare that keep wants an immediate cease fire and a complete withdrawal of all russian troops of, from, from ukraine, including from crimea and the, and the don vast region. moscow wants ukraine to assume a neutral status without a lying with western powers, as well as ought to recognize crimea as russian territory and dominates can lugens people's republics as independent states. so, i guess it's everyone's guess, or whether the 2 sides will be able to come out with something ah, from to morrow's talks. now earlier, the russian foreign minister 30 live rav told the, i'll just have a news network. how russia got to the current crisis. we'll see it was similar, but the little the, the g is we've been trying to appeal to the conscience of the west and tried to bring reason to this regime which you are taking on ultra radical and neo nazi outlines. and the west did not want to do anything because ukraine was used as a tool to deter russia even before 2014. i'm amazed to listen to the comments of
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european and especially german politicians when they declare that they are obliged to supply weapons to ukraine. what's that supposed to mean understanding historical guilt makes germany support neo nazis. it causes strange associations and the live on the land said that europe has never been so close to ukraine. this is probably a signal that as long as you are russell phobe, as long as you are a fascist, as long as you are a neo nazi, everything is allowed to you recall least a closely similar reaction to what russia is doing in ukraine. restoring justice when hundreds of thousands of iraqis libyan syrians, residents of other countries were killed, where the united states and its allies from the democratic camp directed their eyes thousands of kilometers from their borders. it was enough for the united states. this threatened the national security and look at the hysteria that has risen regarding threat to national security right on our border. i do not rule out the someone wanted russia to get my head in the men made conflict created by the west.
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we are able to resist any pressure if anyone helped out. i recommend reading listen history for the russian defense ministry says that 40908 of its service members have been killed in ukraine. they also estimate ukrainian military losses of more than 2800 ukraine's defense ministry has claimed that the number of russian military service men killed in the war is much higher. has a video from the region taken in ukraine's the 2nd largest city had cove. you can see flashes caused by intense shading throughout the night. though if the organisation has stayed one of its members was killed in the city on tuesday. not the russia, nor you claim has given any statement on the issue. a local underneath the public has been stranded in how cold since the war started. pull them rope everywhere. here, there is darkness, like in the films of world war 2. it is stuck in the streets because the lights are
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turned off everywhere, including in the residential buildings. i experienced the same in 2014, 2015 and 2016. because i am from k of car and don bus. the ukranian nationalists came to us brother against brother, and now they are saying outragious stuff in the media. the futon is hitler, for example, it's not is nonsense. they are trying to rewrite history. to be honest, i've been waiting for this moment for the past 8 years, but not at such a price. on the other hand, there is a proverb, a wedge has kicked out with a wedge. and so sooner or later this was going to happen, especially because so many people have died and the next guy and lou, hans during this time there is looting here ukrainians of robbing stores. it was expected, they would give him weapons. and now the other hating is if everything is permitted, but if you challenge them, you just get a bullet and they say russians that it. i haven't eaten anything for 2 days because
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i can't buy anything. we have a curfew overnight from 4 pm to 6 am. if i go, i could be a catastrophe for me because i have ukrainian passport. but the next people's republic registration. this is a terrible situation here in hong kong. i don't know when and how it will end, but i would like that to be peace and justice for those who died in 2014 to prevail . your grades president vladimir lensky says that more than 6000 russian soldiers have been killed or wounded over the past week. moscow has denied that claim and says it has inflicted casualties among the ukrainian military. meanwhile, zelinski says kiev needs security guarantees from the waste. if it is not allowed to join nato and in the guns contin, it's people's republics residence continue to endure intense battles between the ukrainian military and local militia forces. this map shows what's been happening
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with the re dot, highlighting the major cities were fighting is being reported. was defense ministry claims. the guns people's militia had advanced against the ukrainian army by another 3 kilometers beyond monday's front line. as for the net forces, they reportedly advanced 16 kilometers beyond previous front lines. and the 14 were getting from the don bus region and that a parent shedding by the ukranian army. amazon has destroyed cause and residential buildings in the capital city of the dentist, people's republic. the number of casualties is not yet known, but the city of dennis has warned that they may be victims under the rebel as rescue operations continue. we've also received this fatigue from 2 villages in the guns region where lou guns people's melissa say they have taken ukrainian army stronghold as well as the vehicle checkpoint. the militia add that more than 40 towns and villages in the dawn bus have now been liberated. correspondence maria
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phenomena report from the ground the joint center full coordination and control on ceasefire report that the ukranian army has continued to shall the territory of logan's career public. meanwhile, the republican peoples militia say that the or forces are continuing to advance further condition. kristen, 20 kilometers north august can i can tell you it literally looks like a ghost town. the sign on this gate says jose, i was you. meaning it's in russian. the owners are alive. most of the residents fled their homes, left this village back in 2014. what happened? then? there were several air bombs targeting this innocent village. now, with a control restored here in this village, local residence start slowly coming back here, but not everybody is lucky to get a home to return to me how he college hasn't been here since 2014
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for the 1st time in 8 years, he enters his house, did anyone lit stay in your house, then would you watch the movie to go with her this afternoon he would soon or she will soon if this is me. hale's house, but he told me that he cannot enter which morning would you like to move just anymore what you've done, but almost all new years. what does it in your storms in your, on is this won't winter mean the mod, which will almost kick a canyon with, with almost or, oh, but less g o grants. you cannot send the least a little one that's correct. before the fort lauderdale judge, what on earth his age? her? oh, poor her silly bertha will order for sick little corners. what on earth noodle just with them, with a personal or never seen this? are you, it's me, the city of years here with a school which given en route come with me and i what i should in for that
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a young fresh or that there were blooming in here below was her gospel julia and looks like a metal bar. and of a shell, yes, it's just that you choose to do a year with almost or no. this was at the store a year. we're going to lose them way or others, the toaster, if, as in a better. but if you're treasure in, we consider you got lucky, your house hasn't been destroyed, is going to take some time before me. how yo's family can come back here, but at least now they have a place again to call home and to return to it's a very little village, but there is a railway station just nearby and, and this is how it became kind of like strategic point for for all forces and all of them one wanted to take control over it. these men, me how it was all these 8 years under the ukrainian control. mm hm. european union
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. yes. serial you for years you you so you. why do you orchard you? what sir? the 1st of my will dormer the year, so from the food chain, lack of ice. usually we use our to the thought. come managerial it with near thing a dealer. really let's go across with shimaya. there was such a sir. cavaloni. will you show the governor lum women? reason who is poor to live. women is go. your killing us was reason. i'm mom voice him, lia, nazareth, nice guy. utica little natural reason. i knew lucy lynn was see war now more than 500 children from the conflict. red and dumbass region have begun attending schools in russia's neighboring roster region. however, more than 1800 students still remain in a temporary accommodation center. artie went to one of the schools that has welcome children evacuated from the war zone. oh
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ah, i'm seeing that. we had strong explosions in the morning, so i didn't go to school. then in the evening, we were told to evacuate to rest of my new classmates came when we were at the temporary accommodation center. they visited and helped us. i've been well received here. every once friendly. it's really good when there's no explosions over our heads. no shelling, just a go to clack in the dawn. yes, for public. i had to skip school several times. one day in december 2016, a shell flew into our house, all the windows collapsed. luckily no one was injured. but the next day i didn't go to school. it's good when you were at school as a peaceful sky over your heads,
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and no one is shooting. ah, you'd ready to move from conversations with their mothers. we realised that the children of course, wanted to return home as soon as possible, but we are ready to teach them as long as necessary during this emergency situation and by decree or they were stop reaching. scave with joe biden has focused his 1st state of the union speech on the ukraine conflict. surprising critics who note mounting domestic problems in the united states. he said, washington has joined the european union in closing its a space to rush and flights,
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but specified that american forces won't participate in the conflict with russia. are inflicting pain on russia and supporting the people have ukraine. goodness, now isolated from world more than he has ever been. i'm announcing that we will join our allies in closing off american aerospace to all russian flesh. her i, sasha, this history. but let me be clear or force not engage and will not engage in the conflict with russian forces in ukraine. our forces not going to europe to fight ukraine, but to defend our nato allies event, a potent aside to keep moving west terabyte and also voice support for the people of ukraine and said, put an miscalculated the ongoing situation there, but he confused ukrainians for iranians with more on the story, archie corresponded. caleb martin,
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joe biden state of the union address was given last night where he addressed a joint session of congress and in that state of the union address, he began by focusing almost exclusively on russia, demonizing, russia, the situation in russia's role and intervention and ukraine pretending that nothing was done to provoke this as if this just happened out of the blue. there was an even an embarrassing moment where he said that he said that the iranian people will never surrender to prove it. basically, he slipped and instead of saying ukrainian, he said iranian putting a circle key with tanks. but i'll never gain the hearts and souls of the iranian people. however, at the same time, you know, many are looking on at the world situation and quite concerned about the rhetoric. people are looking at the possibility that these sanctions that are being put on russia that we just heard about from anthony blank in the us, secretary of state. they could have a global impact. for example,
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russia is one of the main exports of fertilizer. and here russian fertilizer is not able to get to farms around the world in places like brazil and african countries and in europe, the results could be a shortage of food. we already have supply chain issues and the price of food in the united states has drastically increased over the past several months. and if russia is, fertilizer is not allowed to be exported. the results for the world in terms of malnutrition, in terms of crop shortages, could be massive. this is not being highlighted in american media, but serious economists are looking into this. it's also worth noting that in addition to that, in the united states, there is a big concern about the rising price of gas and the rising price of gasoline and heating gas for winter time. and those prices are only going to increase and joe biden, to talk about strategic reserves, but that hasn't really addressed the issue joe biden basically use the wage and i
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and ukraine to distract from his own very low poll numbers. joe biden is quite an unpopular president. he has not been doing very well, because me has really been suffering under jo biden's president, the promise to fix up all the mistakes and all the problems that went on under the trump administration. with the pandemic. and he's gotten in and the economy has gotten worse, the country is more polarized and more divided than it was before. so here in the united states, we have a lot of, you know, chest pounding and high podium, pounding and hostile rhetoric against russia. they are mobilized in the public to hate russia, but it's not addressing the problems below the surface. now meanwhile, you politicians have court on the block to impose even harsher sanctions against russia over the conflict and ukraine, as the e. u has already band news outlets r. t and sputnik, as well as approved, excluding many russian bang from the swift international transaction system. the block is also considering restrictions on oil and gas import,
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says ortiz charlotte to pinsky reports, will these restrictions directly impact artie international and also our sister station? artie france here in france, what it means is that our channels are no longer allowed to podcast. whether that be on applications on a telephone via the internet, or even on television subscription services across the european union. those are new sanctions that have come into force on wednesday. now it comes as the e u says it has to stand in solidarity with ukraine as this war plays out. really able to do either towards the retreat and to decide does so sions, whist, message consequences for russia. but also to be honest, the through the web address for us, where the secretion of transitions is additional for democratic principles discretion of international law. well, the ear is using a special sanctions regime to bypass the ordinary media licenses that apply. so to
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give you an example, artie france or sister station was given a renewed license to boot cost in france just back in 2020 a bit. despite that under this sanctions regime that can be taken off immediately. now our t francis denounced the action as saying that this is simply censorship. the decision to banner channel, which currently has $176.00 employees, including more than $100.00 journalist, is a violation of the rule of law and goes against the very principles of freedom of speech. nothing can justify this censorship. now there has been criticism over decision not just by one union of journalists, but also by the president of serbia. of course, serbia is not an u country, but the president saying, this is what he said when they talk about freedoms. what they mean really in terms of freedom of the press,
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is the only freedom that they're thinking of is the freedom for themselves. now in a separate development. today, european energy, this is going to meet to basically look at the use reliance on russian energy supply. so just to give you a sense, 40 percent of gas to use here in the u. 55 percent of crude oil. more than 40 percent of coal supplies all come from russia and the e. u is desperate to win itself off those supplies. as a result of not just the sanctions, but the fear that they say that russia could potentially turn off the gas supplies to europe. we've also heard from germany that says it regrets it's heavy reliance in the past on russian energy. as for germany, we have to admit that in the past we were like 4 to one sided leon energy imports from russia. germany is more dependent than other european countries in this regard . this means there is an obligation to get rid of this quickly. now other sanctions
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coming to bite on wednesday include the back to certain russian banks are going to be excluded from the swift messenger service. all of the sanctions, the idea from the european union and the u. k. is to have a heavy financial and economic burden on the russian economy. we do also know that there has been further help for that via companies from the united states, such as apple came boeing and forth was said that they have now suspended. they sales their transactions in the russian federation, and in another development. we know on tuesday that president, so let's give ukraine once again calls on the european union to look at immediate ascension for his country to the block. as a result of thought, m p's on tuesday, routed to ask for you institutions to start looking at how this could happen. no, this is a non binding vote to doesn't mean that ukraine is about to join your opinion. what
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it does 2nd also is that the e u is showing that it has solidarity with ukraine, and it does see crane potentially in the future. being an e member. meanwhile, the international paralympic committee says russian and bill of russian athletes will now take part in the beijing winter paralympics under a neutral status. the committee says that's because of the country's roles and the war against or crane. civil countries had earlier demanded that russian parent peons be thrown out of the games or together the effect of western sanctions has also sprayed into space with rushes ross cosmos warning that it can no longer carry out one of its international obligations due to the restrictions. the space agency have claimed ukrainian efforts to heck the systems were incredibly dangerous for the entire global community calling for them to be classified as war crimes. the last, just my guess pressure many are asking us know about how much the attack,
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what ukrainian hacker has affected the roof cosmos, flight control systems. and over the group, i want to say this is fake. there were indeed such attempts to break into the flight control systems, but our security system automatically repelled them. and secondly, i want to warn those who continue to do this, that this is a crime that should be severely punished. the removal of a space group of any country from duty is an act of war. such an act can lead to disorientation of space apparatus and they can fall to the grounds. i think this is a crime against humanity. we will search for those who organize these attacks and we will pass all the relevant information to lower enforcement agencies to initiate criminal cases. what was that just fancy sanctions against the russian space program? we introduced a long time ago back in 2014. they existed before as well. the plan was to completely reset capable. it is for creating space, which of course was painful. we were able to build our own devices and will continue to make them. now the europeans have repeated these sanctions. it's quite
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obvious that their intention is to bring down the russian rocket space industry. we consider this a war declared against stuff. therefore we will have to respond just as harshly because corporation in space does not allow such actions. in fact, sanctions against rough cost most will not cost most. it is difficult to stop us. we have many other customers who do not obey american sanctions. we will now corporate with them absolutely openly. but the western coalition is just uncontrollably smashing international scientific projects. eugene americans are pragmatic people. they want to maintain corporation with russia within the international space station despite the numerous sanction. why? because it is impossible to manage the space station without us. we're responsible for is navigation and fuel delivery. i'm not talking about the interdependence of all control systems. therefore we will closely monitor the actions of our american partners. and if they continue to be hostile,
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we will return to the question of the existence of the international space station . i would not like such a scenario because i expect that the americans will cool down more social operators of rushes as 400 triumph anti aircraft missiles. systems have begun military exercises in siberia. yes. has a thought around 600 military personnel practice combat training tasks to detect and destroy a mock enemy. preparing firing positions, camouflaging the weapons and organizing a defense memo. romania has lost 2 military aircraft in one day near ukraine's order. a fighter jet went off the grid yesterday evening, according to the country's defense ministry. while 2 hours later, a rescue helicopter also crashed in bad weather, leaving 5 people dead. no explanation has been given for either incident. well that brings us to the end of the bulletin for the sour. we'll be back in 30
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minutes. stay tuned for more breaking news on this developing story. ah ah ah. what else shows the wrong one? all right, just don't move any world yet to shape out. disdain becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds
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apart, we choose to look for common ground. in a gray zone, inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling. and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity . worst of all, they've had to watch as the war creeps ever closer to their homes. st. george, i think i train you've been us. is telling you don't look, i'm what don't use that as the our, to the ga,
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ga so when time will deal with them or do i knew parker say, are you with a band was it was 9 years it with, with all these are yes, you will thank you so over this over to me. uh huh. what was i just thought. yeah. you know, you know what that though, but a lot of the.


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