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thrown off to international thanks for your opinion. we appreciate it. thank you. ah, that probably won't surprise you to hear that anti war protests are spreading worldwide . it's against what many people view as russia's military and coach into ukraine. and so one of the latest was in berlin, hundreds of people gathered outside the russian embassy waiting ukrainian flies, banners on display falling from nato to help you crane. and for russia to be cut off from the swift financial piece are eligible to being held up 3 days in russia in more than 50 cities. in fact, if you check out a r t z or instagram page, or you can see a lot of some of the latest protests from russia and other parts of the world. well, that's going to wrap it up only for now. we are back in about 25 minutes with more of your braking use coverage. ah, ah,
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ah lou . oh, can i help other this? my virginia. this is a z. it's from a bit of notice of the 3 here. momentarily. a similar to story. i'm a bitter lived on sale in charlotte morris if we've gone with one of those cuz they're more bizarre. suppose showing here. ah, to bow absolutely. sustain increases 2nd, the bullying of like, disney pushes, mrs. c. f crucial. so 9233 in their lives. can you let the machine? yes, yes, we shall say to the new british good commander, post the watching her both all over the linear below mention it will have a certain risk complaint, a sampler serious have been getting boiler initials, a vegetable of those for those in the face of tucker about that for to more of
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scott kroner still legible a do it was or below wish it was just a little bit more this use of the on off switch to that the a board valuable is bershana by alignment it was the level committee for finance someone cosca ye can receive your phone, they are no e v m. we working with a lot of santa local police in bella and some of the legal out on that. but i'm william of a for, but a motion on last year, bella not thought to my me and the cover. yes, no, wait, your to go at the motion. there was a kind of, i just was there on those. always you, lisa golden. there buell minister on the back of he just came visit block the cookie. the been a long, of course it can you let us know charlotte gazette either? well, it was a moralist, but i'm wishing he, i, tim can go at number not anymore. and
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was that oh, do river delivered the command ticket booth is a credit only for the new president, tom cush oil is that her parliament on the home of the conical commissioner could afford him the sum of rooted dinners. this issue with such for total l 2 o, 3 commando. although the chest similar shows the slater bar, not on the last my see. only me and there are those who. so one of them call you should they kick mom and you put yours on of them on a producer to green, the show us lower. sure. one us, we'll credit another to president scared me 30 to who don't make on the mr. natalie, her chance can you call moran has? what are he took from greece? could, can the mission could afford a my city of total all are purposes. he does the can the mission of put a to warren, who was virtual. his name is your commander moves or julie police here. this got
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a while image. so boy, you here to keep the sato a nice one as a put in your president or put him to stop the command on the key was a touch on that home on them here we thought it was cross show you the show in your cheryl, jason jim consultant, them here cable lou, lou priscilla who was alone. it's widow upon cool. hail. could you have partial, whoa, who bush and tanya now should i guess who the commissioner will never look my fault if i can see it near where the americans school order do not wish i knew about the bubble in them. for a move on to the convent, your political meant to metabolism. here to use a rosamille show c in sion, nationalism you are on the care what it american robot.
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and if president quotes are karena, knew i pay another ronnie, growth was action was taken and what's the, what's the lead? the police economic growth. let's shoot us a demo for the unit is to with that should have been done so. so what are some other complain? there's a much come up with green usa gloss deep nicholas like you said will open up the st. peter's preempt. keyboard portal, then you put it on your okay, he kisses me and they will and trust postal code. let me just a little cush room just school from one of the little bit of a desire to really keep it premiums. a moscato minimal and they do rules commission that will investigate upper social arrows. dutcheon lawson is too little to today.
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you can the social doesn't really show the kept till now. a motion for president, coach mart, accordable to will approve a premier me yesterday. postal with on call a the was really what sort of border homeless sustained more a than you're given us to go to, to, to wash couple or 2 of them. but it shows up a little left with pena's gone and i just spoke to her. those numbers in here, which in this here see above them, would be studying ok in a sheet. the really can. yes ma'am. those up with is up a little please. the sure not a lot they me a call in the was
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a huge my caseworker said they'll get to have a little time. lol, adam. okay, escape b. i to appear with? no, not the scotch to. this is up in the us that it will in yet, but i will i live but a showing curious my mission unless he question yesterday in your korean local can be a cl. it to me is up of next around, just miss you there consciously those up but need video in care of them. the book says device, no. okay. and you know what? the rest of my glibly concluded, which scope nisha is up. a new me companion willis, unless it's in the blue labella using the pl mom. i'm not cheney enough. as on earth. cool. we'll come with no more. see the condition you view them saw mr. sloan
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pursue all. as a americans came out on the coming, you will say city was numbers all. did you hear company the give price? what to call the school bus? if someone would give? no. so. so q or the home all anom romania professor kid thread was decent naturally because he could pick all up and then the po, 0 sham, initial not the toto korean that it's had to report. nevertheless, american money came to ukraine. the united states had already formulated its vision of ukraine's role in september 1996. but the us house of representatives and the senate adopted resolution 120 support ukraine's independence. ukraine was declared to be an important element of us national security. it had to oppose the emergence of any political or military organization that would facilitate the reintegration of the state of the former soviet union. treatment agreed to it,
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and additionally, to cooperate with nato lou until 1898. a total of $1000000000.00 in economic aid was given to ukraine. but this amount of aid for the paralyzed economy of a huge country was a pittance. ah, but in 1098, ukraine got lucky prices for its main export commodity steel. skyrocketing this together with persistent reforms, paid off in 2000. the economy began to recover the 3 throw kill korean and muller, the it in the business has hit the bridge it to the fish neural to push the nuclear calais on us and believe, but a hue but have been center m, but in so got them. but it's chantel him, but in the medical center. so you think you phenomenally ocean on from offensive a phenomenon medical? ah, he is sure again,
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money and the was and leave the susanna to her bill. a prepays indians that which maria hitcho's mom in which it touched of teacher you, it's a given most a 1st come girl bellagio, median opponents and lamb at some and now a little cane scare, getting on a beach next. oh, 1st question. but system of love that sorta little greenish as a 100, but they would like when a proposal i submitted, sorry, i put it in there, a little bit of even would put in with the liberty of this boy, korea my potential nero's me, which is to bite off but then next year we certainly have to post with you. are they feed the who purchased massive ranita fisherman paint what the coachman, helen middlebury room, commercial granular, global level of the round a see here. so the relative, what tactics, cuz i was a kid next time year. i was very fortunate use them here. syllabus freshman
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a me to put a batch chimps. a kim put me through her pretty quick me a list of so could assist you with a dish last we did some pretty my to live a little is of a and then you push it to the little shem. good thing, there is a little bit from the see what i see here in the looting, but in summer will is really just cake and i mean she's barely bounced on a slice a 0 or someone was that only had me put a family member away. i'm ready,
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market idea, english. make a move. make it a little bit. i see it was can music many of them we have a good i believe we're not all. but it was easier or, and there was a decision like 3 or, or he's just give us a chance to leave the boss from that all on the short. and you just maybe wait as answer t i pads or what are the dealer and then goodness will sir, but which in a near me thought. yeah. but even when she was with the gaming of quadrille, my really what the point teaching ok, you know, it does come with the usa be what she's here. which fullness to distillation, hiroshi a bit. b. e, a school to elicit thought, said, excellent, should go to move. we gave me a little moment that works for a long time,
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coachman maneuver between various oligarch clans. he was even more successful in the international arena. russia watched the growing influence of the united states and ukraine with concern. so coachman began a political and economic rapprochement with russia. and it was beneficial for russia, as well as ukraine. coachman knew how to sit on 2 chairs at once. what could be correct to say that so they could only grow till cree not is tied to the most maxwell, a foreign policy of quit sla agent which month a digital sub politic im and i gave you that western honda shit dos. love this throwed me shit. skim is telling me that today assigned me reach out to the toys inches, screaming. what's fortunate moody, jr. at the place, i wish mother and my mother, we are fast walkers must be watching over with the phone. i mean, west dis, images looked on the door here,
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they realized that there was each and i'm nessie walker was in. mm cushman was constantly under the close influence of pro western political forces. and nationalists are coming from the russian speaking cheer in a gov region. this made him uneasy. the official admitted to some fearless little wish. why will politic pushing bushway losing your below? they look like they're so we'll see a list. so in order you'll succeed in school with fuel plus the dough cook unless a, he'll kill green's flow. the so, so the bristol, from nibble it, take you through a process, it's rather for formula korean, but it doesn't assume that the slope, a financial planet don't scale solution for a whole korea now you,
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oh, i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people, a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to create trust rather than fear with various job with artificial intelligence we'll summoning with a robot most protected phone existence with
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her in 1099. ukraine was stirred up by the case of puzzle was a wrinkle bottle. laws wrinkled on january 23rd 1953 from may. 1996. he was a prime minister of the government of ukraine. swiss authorities determined that during 1996 to $997.00, he embezzled at least $880000000.00. on february 20th 1999 after fleeing ukraine, he was arrested in the united states and convicted of fraud in an illegal transfer of $114000000.00. he currently resides in the united states. plume is somewhat out of them, but was that info out of both holy commercial plays in was for so tomorrow's on
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that but it, but it from wish it was a foreclosure could have a different role stuff until them. but other than that, so it's a lot of us was in the world, but listen, yeah. one of the little little puzzle was from the similar to a sudden i just see to not asleep. hello. hello, neal, i want nothing follow that. im not, he is like rock trap door nature. faith can say union kid were they had eula dash rooftop to the router. i checked him out on those. i should nobody at the gym at the chance on that. that isn't. upkeep italy's, my if you listen, we'll go again with the we've left a place to sell isn't it? will go left with the leading by them by elizabeth younger than you, maya forced finger neetha. he'll feel as much as if they'd buggy at them when it is
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known that specialists from the fbi, i in special prosecutor marg. abortion worked closely with la ranko, which in addition to conversations with him, revealed that he worked with a very wide circle of people and ukraine laws. ranko was sentenced to 9 years in prison, but he only served 6. he was accused of embezzling $114000000.00, but that amount was eventually reduced to only $4000000.00. apparently, laws, ranko told everything he knew. the united states got the keys of access to almost all prominent officials, politicians and oligarchs, linkable premier mesa from the military. but tribute from us in yeah. where they stood in the to so i just fluently of 2 separate daniels at him from coastal. she's having it on a lot of sin. lost. i'm going to bring it that is shayna from to say americans came so don't i wasn't i didn't cook with a chest into seriousness work. they're bringing my open, vicious,
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tedious team on the whole grain. no, she used to really guess that on a showstopper that the lungs of new are going to shadow cushman stubborn reluctance to choose between the united states and put in strengthening russia irritated washington u. s. policy towards ukraine became aggressive. all internal political scandals were used to apply pressure on coachman. jason point the murder of the journalist, ga, ga, ga, in which cushman was accused to have had involvement. but why was it a sudden it stuck in his movement or cream with cushman? why people were not happy. i personally bath, correct me if i'm wrong, i personally doubt that it was nickels of the gun gazda case. it sounds just an excuse to me in the mac additional philip, actually her daughter levies was on my done. m. o thought
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a with me when you the it's a blown out to euclid the up less of slow with storm or gear these motor system to move on. what there will be your key to your facility or not pro law, do little scope of to say in the campaign. ukraine without coachman was the 1st of a series of spontaneous uprisings on the part of the ukrainian populace. and for being spontaneous uprisings, they were very well organized. indeed they can yet to meet each to a bill just he is up under no, what deal is, but he has to be asenia, which might start any work velocity. no. what mitch and i was ne, no one good. you know, but the more star act they are. okay. and the best which micah to
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a bill and that shut that was feel me still showing release the young odds of somebody and i am with so knock on your snack, even up unusual, is up a little yellow, which with those here, the leach number. this'll buffalo, lina, i was was me a little an ideal up on a ship now is shit, dial. don't cush, won't eat electrical family, guy told hello nat geo. yes. the equivalent valuable solution? yes on this, i think monday through at those the bottom deal at ganga. bullies 4140 cushman. i get a is taken off at the ringer loathing even yesterday political and yes. last thought, oh it's september
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2002 special representative of the u. s. department of state specialist in russia, marie of on of ich raised the issue of ukraine's violation of sanctions against iraq in connection with the alleged sale of a batch of culture. the radar systems are representative of the president of ukraine. victor medford shook thoroughly investigated all the charges and presented irrefutable evidence that the culture goes. we're not supplied to iraq. a little later after the occupation of iraq by multinational forces, the united states did not find any traces of the culture. gus, the charge was as valid as colon fowls test tubes of anthrax. the coachman did not feel when he calmer because of this. marie of on of it took over as charged affair of ukraine. soon, her name would be closely associated with color revolutions. in the meantime, it was necessary to decide who would be president after coachman yuko video. hello
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tish, so that, that of those to ship that orlando pish. watha. he has completed elsewhere. it. yes, we are. asian usable at washington a little to push it to the and a candid it was quickly found. former prime minister, victor used jenko. he was a 100 percent pro west politician. he had an american wife and was loosely affiliated with the u. s. department of state ah, i was asked to give speeches in ukraine. and when i went there i got a long briefing by john mccain and the state department. and colin powell about we have to trust who you couldn't trust. there really was just one person you could trust that was victor. you, shank, go who was running for president. the briefing i got was if he doesn't win, ukraine has no chance to speak to barbara. victor use jenco horn february 23rd
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1954. he has a degree in economics from 976. he was involved in the banking sector, working his way up from a clerk to chairman of the national bank of ukraine. however, in this post he did not decide anything himself. in 1999, he became prime minister of the government of ukraine in 1993 by a twist of fate. on a plane from the united states, he sat next to a united states citizen, catherine clair too much ankle. they were soon married. catherine clara too much jenko. she was born in 1961 in the united states. from the age of 14, she was a member of the ultra nationalist union of ukrainian youth. she worked as director of the ukrainian national information service of the washington bureau of the ukrainian committee of the american congress. and also as an assistant to the under secretary of state for human rights and humanitarian affairs. and she worked in the
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us treasury and the u. s congress. the u. s. attention to the upcoming presidential elections was side by side with direct pressure on the ukranian establishment. major forces were engaged in the struggle, including george soros wishes login credentials, a good evening. this i was like, this is chanel denton. so florida, florida, so awesome. yes. awesome ma'am. you know, simple thing, there was 3, or will it will that was hit, natalie and i knew, well, what's gone, they were lemme yosh or i'm finance. rosalind may i have houston in the middle of the day, but yes, can hear me and then you shall go. so just to be reserved, but it's useless info. so for a loop, what a different company that'll put in your vote. what i meant. i would push it would take if somebody take a photo. firstly, therapist angela has little fish for the book. the shapiro legible always should just roll over to mina, pushing generally, you know,
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but it is completely up to the sun delake alone because the sun goes through. so somewhere in may, 2004. the ver cove narada published a report that revealed financial interference by western countries in the internal politics of ukraine. in july 2004. the us house of representatives adopted resolution number 336, which gave a negative assessment to the political situation in ukraine. usually this means a bern notice on the opposite side. in september 2004, the u. s. senate passed a resolution ordering the executive branch to impose sanctions on ukraine in case of violations during the presidential campaign. basically, the ukrainian president had already been selected in the united states. there was little left to do, simply force ukraine to bend to the will of the united states. ah, when discussing ukraine, we must remember that it's external and internal borders were formed in
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a unique environment. in 1020 ukraine became a part of the socialist community. and then after the formation of the ussr, its borders were not historically defined, but artificially created by moscow. as a result, ukraine received both territories with a diverse popular ation in ideological social and religious terms. oh, and also with a very diverse industrial structure. the center scenario was also industrialized, but to a lesser extent, ah, the south was traditionally agricultural and the western regions were historically less developed. oh, this diversity prevailed during all of ukraine's history, as well as the internal fault lines. so economic growth under treatment affected primarily the east of the country with a population much closer to russia and to a lesser extent, the agricultural regions and the west. oh, with
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a stable domestic situation. this is not critical. but when internal problems arise, it can create conflict. in the 2004 elections, it became clear where these internal fault lines were in the election. victory on a coverage was declared. the winner with this outcome did not suit washington, which had already invested large sums of money and use jenko o. u. s. administration refused to recognize the results. thus, the orange revolution began in ukraine. wow. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. i just knew that everything would be fine. for some reason we were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back. how could he not come back? because the mirrors thought of it,
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never crossed her mind. the militants decided to try and break through. i heard ya, guinea ab screaming grenade, giggle, who were your ne, explosion below him? we'll run his bag through a little and it was all over polish. we know that our comrades and our commander will leave us in and no matter how tough it gets. weird team. they're valuable. if jenny was a senior in his military trio video, he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more, if his comrades would die, he gave his own life to save his friends. ah
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ah ah, top headlines right now here were naughty international according to the kremlin official say, ukraine is refusing to negotiate on the military and caution will continue. he have says, apparently it is not satisfied with the conditions that a russia is offering for peace. folks will have more details on that in just a moment. meantime, a source in moscow is of defense ministry says ukraine, not russia. it a residential towel block in key of or welcome to confirm apparently a case already a. he said, she said we are working to confirm those details and the russian president, according to him, he, i let.


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