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tv   Keiser Report  RT  February 22, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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ah, ah, russian law makers approved the deployments of troops abroad on the president's request for vladimir putin says he has no immediate plans to use that authorization in the newly recognised don bus republics. this comes after president putin recognized the independence of the de niro sca lugens republics legend to ensure peace in the region. i am certain we haven't been abandoned and that we have a future. we greeted the knees with tears and we are happy. at least there will now be order. the bombings will stop and people will be able to lead normal lives was told, it's better to put on a bullet proof vest or stop working. we are now waiting for the red cross to who are going to deliver water and thanks for the people here. all corresponding reports from the don bus is 8 workers delivered much needed supplies,
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amid reports of sci fi violations on both sides of the border. we are a secretary of state consoles of meet thing with russian foreign minister said a gay lover of rounding it useless and accused as russia of already starting an invasion in ukraine. ah, it's just gone. 7 am on wednesday morning here in moscow. mine is peter scott and wherever you joining us from, welcome to 30 minutes of news and analysis here on oxy international. now the open house of rushes parliament has approved the president's request to deploy the armed forces abroad. that's after the lower house ratified treaties of cooperation with the newly recognized danielle and lou ganske republics. earlier, artillio, petro incurred towards daniel hawkins. through those developments. everything
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that's been said doesn't mean at the moment that the russian troops are marching across the border, that there was an army hardware is currently being sent over to the republics of don bass. mr. prudent pretty much said, well, for now we'll have to look at the situation. we'll have to see where this goes and if there is a necessity for it, in that case mister prudent could actually say, hey, well, now it's time to act. but at least this is something that the russian legal system requires. he's now got the green light from the upper house of the russian parliament to deploy russian troops abroad. again, like i said, if there was the need for that, now, what that means for the locals. what that means for the situation on the ground perhaps, is that the, the ukrainian army won't be emboldened to further attack these 2
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republics that have now been recognized by russia. we've heard from our correspondence on the ground that the night was much more silent. and this is indeed a sigh of relief for the russian speaking population of what used to be east ukraine. what used to be the regions of donnie exc, and logan's, now something else that was very important, that mister putin made clear it, was that pretty much as the minsk agreements don't exist any more. but despite what the western leaders are saying, president vladimir putin says that the key of is entirely to blame for it. because if we look at the 1st 2 key elements of the mens agreements that they are giving special status to the donors can lugens credence and also making changes to the cranium constitution that would give these 2 regions more autonomy and
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indeed and ends from kiev in many decisions, but under petro porsche ankle, hon dimmers, and n lensky. none of these steps have been made by kiev, and here's what mister putin said exactly about this particular thing. these documents are signed by the hands of the days, republics, and we plan back then we achieved this compromise. and it wasn't an easy thing to do because initially the hanser way of putting in your shift. so you can't do this . republics. didn't even want to be a part of the means agreements. they didn't want to sign them, but finally, breach and compromise with you and you me. and it was really making a step towards reaching this full agreement, resolving situation by peaceful means. and yesterday, during the security council meeting, it was sad with the app or itself. karen keep authorities,
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it was all broken down to 0. that's why the mains agreements really will meet the say were destroyed the law long before. and then yesterday's recognition of the people's republic call the don that, i mean, not biopsy to the not by the representative solution. we can use all this republics . but by the way, you're acting dorothy is. and yesterday's recognition of the republics was dictated by the fact that public league leadership with all ukraine. and that was the way you see that he started saying that they had no plan of implementing the agreements because they didn't want to. so what else was like to said, mr. proven? went on to talk about how important these decisions are in the context of the actual will of the locals. and he went back to talk about how the referee
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in crimea happened. when overwhelmingly the population there voted to join russia. we remember that to about 7 years ago, the peoples of don ed scalable gods. these 2 don bass republics voted to beach, separated from ukraine. so mister fulton reminded the west of how important it is to listen to these people and called it the highest form of democracy. referring to these referendums, certainly kiera doesn't want to know, should happen from both sides or from, from keith. so that we considered through the situation saddled women in long term perspective. useless. so that now got you the situation. calm down and we wouldn't talk about any conflicts, especially aren't conflicts. so i don't think it, sir. secret the truth. there is nothing secret about that. the 1st thing that must
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be done by every one is to be recognized the will of the people who lived in service topple and crimea, you know, get us it with you. and i have said that unmet which in which many times schools. so how different is these when you cham, has these for a friend and watched and cost with this will be expressing this will. how different is it from what happened kosovo? because there was a referendum there and i would like to reiterate one more time to switch to crime. you did you no one did that, but i thought you had gone to point no one for them to go to the voting stations. they did it voluntarily, and they made that decision to join brush and we should respect their decision. of course, the announcements that have been made by the most senior russian officials to day are very important. but like i said, what will be more important is the final decision by the crumbling to at physically send the troops and the hardware over to don bath. like i said,
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mister putin has the green like to do that, but the decisions not yet been made when it happens that will definitely be breaking news, as well as some proper reaction from the likes of joe biden, who still hasn't announced his full reaction to everything that we heard from the kremlin, and other senior russian officials today and the day before a russia is evacuating its embassy stuff from keir after numerous threats to their safety. the foreign ministry is accused ukraine of failing to meet its obligations under the vienna convention to protect diplomats on its territory. meanwhile, the ukrainian foreign minister is in washington accusing putin of an act of aggression against ukraine. he called on the west to impose sanctions on russia and rumble pressure on its economy. and u. s. officials seems to agree with that request. as we heard joe biden announced
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new sanctions and send more troops to nato member countries in eastern europe. moreover, state secretary blinkin has canceled his meeting with his russian counts about sergey lover of saying he sees no points in it after russia recognized the don bus republics. artie correspondent, caleb moore, pin reports we heard from antony blanca and speaking along with the foreign minister of ukraine. from there they made all kinds of drastic statements about pushing russia off of the global economy. they talked of new sanctions and went into detail about new sanctions. that are being imposed on russia in response to russia's recognition of the dawn asked republic and the lugens republic. and they are essentially talking about how this is just the beginning. and if russia proceeds, are they what they referred to as a further invasion of ukraine? there will be harsher consequences, and they made some very harsh allegations against russia saying that russia does
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not recognize the sovereignty of the ukraine and ukraine's right to exist as a country. this is never been about ukraine and nato. it's about reconstituting the russian empire or shorter that a sphere of influence ukraine and nato is really been an argument, an excuse to mask the fact that what this is about is present to you that ukraine is not a sovereign country. now this is the narrative we've been hearing from us leaders for quite some time that somehow this is about russia seeking to violate the territorial integrity of ukraine, not wrecking ukraine, recognizing ukraine as a country, not they are not touching on the fact that nato's expansion has indeed, been a threat to russia and they have not also touched on the fact that the men's agreements have not been implemented. and that moscow waited quite some time,
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7 years before recognizing these republics that were declared in 2014. now it's important to know that much of what we heard from lincoln was echoing what we heard earlier from us. president joe biden and biden said that, in addition to sanctions that are being imposed on russia now, which will make it harder for to trade on the global economy. and we'll target certain specific individuals in russia as well as their family members. that biden's said that while troops are being deployed, additional military forces from the united states are being deployed to europe. they don't want to directly have a confrontation with russia. they're not looking to fight with russia. we have no intention of fighting russia. we want to send an unmistakable message though, that united states together with our allies, will defend every inch of nato territory. for now, later we heard from jen saki the white house spokesperson. and when she spoke, she was pressed on issues such as the possibility of the swift banking system in
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throwing russia out of the international banking system. now apparently this is not in the sanctions that are currently being considered on russia. so it seems like the white house is kind of scrambling to save face mid this moment as russia has gone ahead and recognised the dawn at the people's republic as well as the gods people's republic. and biden, the biden administration is trying to take action to the contrary and saying that if russia were to move ahead with what they call a further invasion of ukraine, there will be further consequences. so not exactly clear messages coming from the biden administration about what their next moves might be. there are sanctions in the works. others certainly have a condemnation being directed at russia. no question about that. we spoke with the journalist and analysts keeps in mansfield. he says the biden has conceded this sanctions against russia will also have an impact on the american people. well,
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we were expecting, at least i was expecting to see perhaps some more fire and brimstone rhetoric from by wanting to really drive home that the u. s. was ready and willing to fight russia. thank goodness that wasn't said, but actions are going to speak louder than words, but biting. did portray this as an invasion. the problem with that kind of rhetoric that what has happened is an invasion of ukraine is you cannot invade a country that you are welcomed into by the people and the government. the government of the don back region has been asking russia to recognise them since the euro maiden who that put in the anti russians, lindsey government ukraine, and don bass declared itself sovereign. they've been asking for russia to recognise them as independence and russia did today. and is now following through with that or did yesterday and now the following through. with that recognition,
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it's not an invasion. it's a peacekeeping mission. if severe sanctions go through, you know, biden, in his address. his very short address that he gave today said that he wants to minimize, the pain felt by the, by the sanctions on the american people. so he's already admitted on live international television. that these sanctions are going to hurt the american people. and in my opinion, that is just going to further turn the american people, his constituents that have elected to, into office against him. because nobody least of all americans who have already been suffering from social services being cut and roads falling apart once to feel more pain and more of the boots because of economic hardship placed on them over some dispute, thousands and thousands of miles away from their homes. in the us, well, russia's recognition of the dumbass republics has been welcomed by people in those
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regions. his reaction from locals and some of those who have fled to russia. we steadily does not. he follows region 14 and i will die. i stay with him. so you did nothing you would like to buy new with which no one has got messed up with
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no more than a hood. what out of moody boost of what beach, who do you do? or $10.00 cash that it, i should say, that was the opinion that is sheila, this sheila, according to the signed agreements, russia will help saying show the defense of the 2 republics. and that includes protecting their borders. it allows the participants to create and use military bases on each of this territory. they will also recognise official documents, including passports. russia will also provide supports for financial and banking systems in the republics. and the treaties will last for 10 years and can be prolonged automatically. russia's recognition follows 8 years of conflicts in the dumbass. more than 13000 people have been killed since early 2014, many of them civilians, more than 23000 have also been injured and more than 1000000 people displaced. a massive explosion is reports. it sort of happened in the sense of done yet. a
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building belonging to a local television sensor is said to have been badly damaged but no casualties have been reported. for now, several regions in don boss have been cuts off from the water supply due to the heavy shelling or correspondence from an causative is near don. yes. with this update. we are in the village of glen of car, right outside the city of damascus. this place is a home to about a 1000 people and it's so from major major quite think of the last few days i was told it's better to put on a bulletproof vest before thought working. we are now waiting for the red cross who are going to deliver water. thanks for the people here because a, as a result of shelling water supply was cut off to the people here and to nearby towns as well. oh no about. well, more than 20000 people have no access to drinking water. the moments we are riding
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along with the red cross delivering water tanks to the people here we're driving right along the front line. the ukraine positions are merely just basically hundreds, all 5 meters away. but this, despite that, the, the red cross nice to deliver water tanks to a residence and they delivered to these a water tanks to 5 different locations in the village. this is for so told and technical water. they have also delivered a bottled water for those residents that say needed. the international committee of the red cross is very concerned about the developments we have witnessed in the dorm bus over the past few days and times of conflict and violence. it is essential that all sides ensure the continuous supply of a sufficient quantity of drinking water as well as other essential basic supplies to meet the daily needs of the that he and population on both sides of the line of
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contact. unfortunately, the recent intensification of the fighting has again put certain keys central services at risk of coming to a full stop ice r. c would like to stress that without urgent action to protect essential services in areas where the hostilities take place, we might face humanitarian implications at the large scale. much of still illness was in the shelling over the last 2 weeks has become very frequent. people were evacuated from their homes and we were left without water. the red cross is bringing us water supplies. for 8 years, we have been waiting for the republic to be recognized and now it's happened. so we one no more shopping in milan, all parts in in san tra, pay that's for the use top diplomat, joseph barrelled swede said before swiftly deleting it as that of brussels slug sanctions on a list of influential russians over the recognition of the dom bus republics. ortiz
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of policy reports. well, we're just hearing from you opin union foreign ministers saying that they will sanction 27 russians and entities. and this will include banks, the defense sector, and limit russian access to european financial markers. it will also include members of russia's duma, which is parliament's lower house and will involve things like travel benz an s at freezers. we've also heard from the e u commission chief saying, and i quote, we need to diversify our supplies and look for reliable suppliers. now all of this comes after a press conference earlier on tuesday was held by yes, stoughton berg, the nato secretary general. he said, the most dangerous moment for you appear un security in a generation is what is being faced now. so quite a dramatic way of looking at things. he also has accused moscow of moving from
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covert to overt operations, saying that he has evidence that moscow is planning a large scale military invasion of ukraine. but he didn't give any examples of what that evidence is. and he went as far as to say that since 2014 russia has been operating in the don bus region. at the same time, he has accused the russian presidents recognition of lou ganske and annette as independent entities as a serious escalation by russia and a flagrant violation of international law. and in fact, that's what we've been hearing some many in the international community. and here in europe is that this recognition violates international law violates ukraine sovereignty. and at the same time, a call on russia to step back. now this comes as we understand that more than a 100 aircraft are on high alert and these are aircraft belonging to nato. and some, a 120 allied ships are carry clean underway. so certainly seems as if nato is
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preparing for something. visa, the military. we spoke to geopolitical analyst rate roth force and he says, the recognition of the done yes, glue guns republics is a logical step for russia. well, this is a critical issue of course, because according to international law, there is sovereignty of peoples. and if people decide to be independent and self governing, then usually it should be expected by the international community that these moves are being respected. but of course, the independence of the people's republic of the continents were in contrast with in conflict with the constitution of ukraine. and therefore, the western partners as illegal and russia as in accordance with international
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law and therefore on behalf of the russian government. it was a logical, this step to recognize those republics, sooner or later as a real severe humanitarian crisis was going on in these people's republics. for over 18 years now, and this of course is also a compelling argument. i mean, we cannot stand idly both the west and russia, seeing that a conflict can not be resolved. that means a court was not really so usually because it was not really taken serious and it was not really put into practice. so some move forth or back. what's necessary over in canada, the occupation of dance on also were led by the truck. a convoy has now ended.
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protesters were taking the stand against covey. mandates brought in by the government. bought p. m. just intruder brought out the big guns to disperse them, invoking the emergencies out for the 1st time in the country's history. ortiz pizza . oliver picks up the story. nps have approved prime minister, just untrue those decision to invoke the emergencies act. here in canada, last monday, it passed through the house of commons, 185 to 151 votes. it always was thought that it would go through that was because true, those liberal party had a tentative alliance with the new democratic party on this particular issue. the greens also saying that they would vote in favor for the the, the putting in place of these measures against were the conservatives and the block cubic corps. and what we heard from the, the liberal party was them saying that this measures,
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these measures that were put in place were needed in order to try and get the protestors who were all around here where i am in central or to were just a week ago in fact, they were all here up until saturday when they were forcefully removed from this area. you may be able to see just behind me as a fence that leads up to the, the parliament building. that fence is to not only keep protesters outward to keep everybody out apart from the m p. 's right now. and what we heard from them is saying that if it wasn't for those measures, they wouldn't be able to do this. that was strongly contested in a mammoth debate by the concert is unblock cubic core. and this, and i say, man as debate, i really mean it. it started at 7 o'clock and run through until midnight on saturday and sunday on monday. it started at 7 in the morning and ran through until 7 in the evening. and the liberal party also saying that they needed this. and these measures to be put in places that allowed them in order to be able to press gang tow truck drivers into service so that they could tow away some of the trucks
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and their other vehicles that had been part of the, the protest part of the blockade that had been here in central or to where they also used the new measures that were in the emergencies act to freeze bank accounts of those that had been involved in organizing and financing all pro testers. now that has come in for a lots of criticism, a lot of scrutiny, saying that they basically isn't of enough transparency over what's being done when it comes to whose bank accounts are being frozen. and how long those bank accounts are going to be frozen for the conservatives essentially saying that these measures were a little bit late using a sledge hammer to crack and nuts at the prime minister just and trudeau, though it stuck to his guns and said that he didn't want to introduce the emergencies act, but it was needed and that's why he did it. we didn't want to use the emergencies act. it's never something to turn to without serious consideration. but after weeks
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of dangerous and unlawful activities, after evidence of increased ideologically motivated, violent extremism activity across the country. after a flood of misinformation and disinformation washed over canada, including from foreign sources. after these illegal blockades and occupations received disturbing amounts of foreign funding to destabilize canada's democracy, it became clear that local and provincial authorities needed more tools to restore order and keep people safe. this vote isn't going to see any hatchet buried between the various parties here in canada that agree or disagree with the emergencies act . following the vote, we heard from m. p. 's from various different parties who still very much towed
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their particular lines. i say this to all canadians that conservatives will continue to use every tool at our disposal and ministers, employer general warner, misty can even appoint a modern and then is also the protestors who were driven out of central or to her over the weekend. they were never going to expect much to be given to them by the politicians. they are saying know that they will continue to protest in some form. we waiting to see what form that will take. the emergencies out gives canadian police additional powers and enables banks to freeze the accounts of people associated with the protest. conservatives on the block can backwash argue to the emergency sites was not necessary. in the 1st place. they accused the government of a power grabbed to force a majority vote on extending the measures the emergencies. i'd replaced the war
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measures out. in 1988, the convoy received global support and us focus have now jumped on board as well. at least 1000 american activists naming themselves the people's convoy, aims across the country in support of the canadian protest. as the demonstrators have published their own declaration, urging the canadian government to lift the emergency. but we spoke with the co organize all of the people's convoy more in steel. and she says the protests are about getting people their freedoms, bartch. i'm know in the 1st time in history that to 2 neighboring nations join forces like that to protect their respective government. and it was after that that the convoy started to form. and so i jumped on board to help the truckers organize and now we have the people conway that it's not just the truckers is doctors, pilots, teachers, nurses, everybody. it was never about the mandate and restrictions,
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even in the depths or in the, in the truck or declaration it was about getting our rooms that are liberty and bad . the only way they can in, you know, implement that and in travel. the constitution is they have this emergency order in place and that needs to be lifted. the emergency is over. i think people are fed up with a lot more than just their fed up with cancel culture. they're set up with the political correctly. they're, they're just fed up with government overreach in general and cope and just put everyone over the edge. i mean, this has crippled the entire world, not just the united states. well, so rob for now, but nicky are and will be taking over the whole seat in 30 minutes with all the latest this wednesday. my name is peter scott and it's been great to have you with the .


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