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i think see the world a little bit more within the context of how things are actually operating blue is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah
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ah, the white house is on that a thing. are there any other foreign policy? as it looks more to be a crisis of the bite administration and there continued a wrong intelligence in the events of ukrainian border. yet the narrative of a future invasion is still being put. meanwhile, the confirmation of a spy by the hilary clinton campaign in 2016 has now been confirmed yet and various you media outlets are willing to broadcast for details. but why is there a link between the 2? well, we're going to discuss the media is also falling, silent on another topic, which just last week dominated it. their headlines as a music artist who left spotify in protest of controversial podcast or joe rogan quietly returns the platform. actually, did he ever really leave? i'm going to give you all the details. and one person who has not been silent regarding his has been detained and reported back to united states after his hello
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convoy was met at the canadian border by law enforcement. we're going to bring you this story as well as why one of his banks is being allowed to close all of his account. i'm sky now, huge review at these stories along with an expert analysis from r t america headquarters here in washington dc. let's get started. ah, the day at u. s. intelligence, a said ukraine was going to be invaded, has passed, but do you think the by the administration would offer a reason for their mistake or even an apology? no. in fact, the media is not even backing down and saying the invasion is still actually likely to happen some point. and despite russia moving troops away from the border, they cannot confirm this is actually to be true. in fact,
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years officials are now pretty close to saying moscow is even lying about the pullback. we said that we were in a window of time at which the invasion to come at any time a prison foods put in place the capacity to act on very short notice. he can pull the trigger, he could pull it today, he could pull it tomorrow. we could pull it next week. now, meanwhile, the russian response is taking an annoyed get mocking tone. as the foreign ministry spokeswoman had this request for media outlets and us intelligence to publish the schedule of russia's upcoming invasion for the year, she actually respond by saying she would extract a pen or vacation. and the russian embassy in south africa tweeted this, me me out, which should not be underestimated, considering russian political means are so powerful. i even heard they can win a u. s. presidency. that's what i've actually been told. but while the focus of the media is remaining on the desperate pushing of this possibility, the majority is turning a blind eye to
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a very dandy details of the dorm report released on monday. now the report confirmed the clinic campaign did spy on the tribe campaign in hopes of finding information to leak the trump campaign to russia. ultimately no link was found to exist. however, durham confirmed these conversations did not just involve the clinton campaign, rather keep democrats who were in office at the time, possibly including the current president of the united states. to let us discuss all of this and bring in former navy intelligence officer john and george. john, thanks so much for joining me on this. i want to start with ukraine. why is there not a decisive answer to whether or not, di escalation is happening on the ground? should that not be an easy yes or no to see ultimately satellites and other intelligent sources, whether it's electronic or otherwise, i need to make a determination before the and then be transmitted from the pentagon and other intelligent services all the way to the white house before they'll do that. well, that's true. politics rears its ugly head of the by didn't ministration is more
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interested in domestic politics than foreign policy. and the fact that they're so focused on domestic politics, really shapes everything they do in foreign policy, what they didn't, afghanistan, they thought, well, americans will want a big win on the 20th anniversary of 911. so we'll pull out. it was a disaster here, the administration and the media, their media enablers, kinda want to give president biden the moment in the sun. they want him to. he's going to ratchet up tensions beat the war drums. and you know what, when there isn't a war hill declare victory. so this is political theater designed to buck up, his catastrophic polling numbers here in the u. s. in advance of the elections in november. john, you see that i see that you would think that the majority of americans to see that and get the media is still pushing this narrative to back out this idea of truth moving into the border when they've been there. basically all here since president binds in operation the time is kind of interesting. there and now are seen is
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rashni up since december. here in america, we're seeing anyone who actually says that like you who actually just says the facts and it poses us involved in ukraine. regardless of their republican or democrat, being labeled objectively pro russia. ok. so the fact that i don't want to see men and women coming home in body bags in a war makes me pro russia. do you think this is just a bully tactic? we've seen it done with the krona virus early on, all to squelch disagreements with the neo cons. you all of these have a few things in common, whether it's the russia collusion hoax, which is unraveling badly, the ukraine story, and even the corona virus. all of these are designed to help promote a series of narratives which are helpful to the democrats and the biden ministration in their quest that goes back to the obama ears to fundamentally transform the united states of america. foreign policy principles, foreign policy. what's good for the united states isn't important to these people. you look at the clowns that they have working during the defense department now who
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are more interested in woke ism than they are in military readiness or taking care of men and women in uniform. the clowns that run the intelligent services that have run the until the services that brought about the the, the hopes to help hillary clinton. the administration is more interested in promoting a series of narratives and to help the democrats in their, in their quest. and there really is no way around it, and all of these stories are connected when you look at it from that point of view . and it's interesting when you're looking at the nerve of the strongest ally, it seems like besides the truth to this, i did it. there's not going to be of asian is ukraine itself even they say the amount of truth are at the border are not enough to be to be available for a full scale invasion. they're the ones in their lives are happening. nothing has been changed. they had a day of unity on a day to disobey. so that's how they're the ones telling by demonstration to ratchet down, they're talking. so why is it this administration listening to ukraine at the very least, much less germany, france,
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and this idea that all of natives united behind it? it's not besides just the 2 leaders of nato that happened to be in the most trouble at home. okay, well facts are stubborn things and you, you touch on an interesting point. the fact that matter is, is 130250000 russian troops along the ukrainian border. ukraine is the size of texas with a population greater than that of california, 44000000. so anybody really expect that the russians are going to launch an invasion of that country, that size and think they're going to occupy it. when most of ukraine really wants to be independent is, is kind of, it isn't, it isn't realistic. but when you look at this point of view in the biden ministration, because they need to win right now, biden needs when the democrats are desperate for a when they have their corona virus narrative collapsing, they have the collapse of their own credibility on everything from masks, to vaccines in the toilet, they have an energy priced skyrocket. they need to divert attention. so what
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they're going to do is bang the war drums raise the temperature and then try to declare a win. and none of this was a bite illustration has anything to do with the facts on the ground. well, and that's what's interesting because you also look at the timing because you go over to the derm report that was released and we knew this was coming little pieces, but i had a major chunk come out and expose this. a russian collusion. narrative was inflated all by false information gathered by eaves dropping on donald trump. something that everybody denied except for donald trump and said it was true, little know, also flying, think and falsifying things and, and falsifying records and then feeding them to the cia and the f. b i who are all too happy to be politicized. i'm, these are the agencies that we all kind of grew up admiring as americans in the cold war. these are now political hacks and they're being exposed as such. and that's going to accelerate in the coming months. what have what happened here is that the people that run the deep, stately american government or so we're so afraid of hillary clinton, she's and she, her vengeful ness is known. even biden talked about it,
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which why he didn't run in 2016. he said, you don't know these people, you do not cross them. people in the government are very aware of hillary clinton in the clint and shaw for for vengeance. so they thought, well, she's probably going to win anyway. let's help her. las crosswind. let's curry favor with the incoming administration. they didn't win and then they have, they're kind of stuck with it. the kind of have to own it. and so now the democrats venue move forward a few years bite and takes office is numbers in the toilet. he feels that he needs a political when to get build back better through so they do this dramatic show in afghanistan, completely withdrawing. abandoning americans behind abetting tens of billions dollars equipment. and they thought they would give them a bump in the polls, because they looked at some numbers and said americans, one of out of afghanistan, they didn't want out that way. but the whole thing blew up on their faces. but that was a domestic political. that was a foreign policy debacle that had its origins as a domestic political stuff. and that's what you see time and time again. and i'm
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sorry to say, but we're going to have of 2 and a half more years of this. well, and today, you know, hillary clinton did respond this kind of responses, but you're spotted in a tweet saying, trump and fox are desperately spitting of a fake scandal to distract from his real ones. does the 4 year you know, that is what's interesting. her response on this mean? well, this actually doesn't come from trump or fox. this comes actually from the durham reports. i mean, that's been commissioned by this government. and let me remind you $32000000.00 we spent on an impeachment investigation into this. that was based off of lies that were probably illegally gathered. i don't know if we're going to see justice, but i know that you'll continue to follow this with me. and i thank you for your conversation. with the canadian government is actually trying to crack down on donations to the organizers of the freedom of convoy protesting canada. as the political fight continues over the truckers in the countries capital city r t that john hattie has more otto, a police or warning protesters to leave canada's capital city. writing that quote,
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any one blocking streets or assisting others in the blocking of streets is subject to arrest this as canadian authority, say new emergency powers will give them the ability to set up, quote unquote, no go zones in ottawa, where trucks have been lined up for weeks then, the so called freedom conway. protests start at january 28th and $29.00. when a convoy of big rags and trucks rolled into ottawa, canada's capital city converging on the city and protest of mandatory vaccination measures for the trucking industry. since then, it's grown into a much greater debate about canada's overall. coven 19 restrictions. prime minister justin trudeau invoke canada's emergencies act on monday, while officials announced progress, they say moving protesters out of key border crossings with united states that had been blocked, including the crucial ambassador bridge between windsor, ontario and detroit,
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michigan. a major international trade route. there have been more than 2 dozen arrests in ottawa and more than 2000 tickets issued since the protest began. canada's public safety minister said that new policing measures would ultimately help law enforcement officers crackdown even more though some canadian officials have question if it would ultimately infringe upon the protesters, right to free speech assembly and their civil liberties. this is auto. as police chief, peter slowly resigned tuesday in the fall out from the ongoing protest, criticized for not moving fast enough to quell the growing demonstrations. police say 360 trucks remain parked in downtown ottawa down from 4000 just 2 weeks ago. similar freedom convoy protests have stretched across canada and even other parts of the world along with financial support. the new york times reports that lead data from the crowd sourcing website gives san go, shows that of the $92000.00 donations totally more than $8000000.00. more than half
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of the money came from canada and another $3600000.00 from the united states. for news, we use hughes john hardy. we will continue our coverage of the truckers, the ban on those who support them at the credit report from tosh this week. plus when we return was the controversy over joe rogan, a much to do over nothing else. young is a back, honest, modified to low disgust. ah ah, the democratic republic of congo is among the richest countries in the world and natural resources, but he cannot mclee, it's still one of the poorest cobalt is an essential material in manufacturing
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batteries for modern devices. like electric cars, mobile phones and computers. 60 percent of the world's cobalt reserves are in congo . 20 percent of it comes from small scale mines. unicef figures confirm that in 2017. more than $40000.00 children worked in cobalt mining in the republic to enter living and paying for schooling. next time you use a fancy gadget like a smartphone camera laptop. just remember that there's a chance it works thanks to what child, how'd labor? children like john michel henrietta. oh countless others like them. ah ah
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ah, my grendale best known as the my hello guy who's been an abbot. tom supporter also wanted to show support to truckers in canada. but there is been an issue in getting the pillows to those in protest at the vaccine mandates or to correspond. natasha suite has more allendale struggles. like when dell said he wanted to show support for the canadian truckers in protest of the vaccine, mandy. and when he heard children were out there too, he gathered up 10000 pillows to give out. but a media crew and his truckers were ordered to stay in the u. s. if they could not show proof of vaccination or a negative coven test, mike lyndale, known as the my pillow guy,
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has gained considerable fever among conservatives in the last few years. now it's a porter, a former president, donald trump. he has also donated great amounts of money to christian leading causes. you make an enemy of one of the most powerful organizations on the planet. lindale donated $1000000.00 to the movie unplanned, based on a true story, lindale even makes an appearance in the movie himself, helping to demolish an abortion clinic. clearly, lyndale is not afraid of a little controversy. he also has a pillow manufacturing plant in canada, but not because he wanted to lend else's after trump may trade agreements with mexico and canada. that prime minister just introduce said he would be slapped with a 30 percent tariff on his pillows unless he had a plant there. but it's not making it easier for his american made pillows or supporters to get through the border. a conservative media crew covering his pillows journey were not let into the country as they had no proof of vaccination or a negative cove at test. getting his pillows to truckers in protest is not the only heard. outland dell is undergoing 2 of his bangs. he's reportedly done business
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with for years are closing his accounts on the 18th heartland, financial and minnesota, bacon trust are parting ways with linda l. well, all of a sudden the big comes to us, it shows, you know, we don't want to be in the media. we know we're michael, big ease of figure out their little controversial when dell says he added 2 accounts last spring, one for linda l t v and another for backing freedom of speech. now linelle said he gave out the bank's name on purpose and thousands of people have called the bank to criticize what they say was canceling rondell. freedom of speech reporting for news use hughes and hutcher sweets, r t. and now to discuss here joined by todd baba horace, founder and ceo of above a training. but i thought about you on this one just because it's busy. this is politics usually have a good pulse on both. when i started this, minnesota bank and trust cutting ties with lindale and closing his 9 accounts by february 18th, i respect private business rights. however, how was this not a violation of civil rights for banks to just cancel accounts, not because of
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a legal activity, but rather because they don't like the political perspective of the account holder . i, scott, he looked, this is cheerly political, this is a, this is more of the narrative of the entire administration. ok, they are doing things that are so far backwards. and of course there's going to be a lot of people that are gonna fight the bank because let's figure a space for about 50 percent countries on one side about 50 than the other. and i think that will show up in the midterms, but with the bank is doing is ridiculous. and i think is our cost them a tremendous amount of business and a lot of bad p r. because what do they care? he's are either free person. they had in this country, we are free speech and the right to do things. i don't know of any laws he's broken yet though to determine him to be out. and many of the things he has said have been proven to be somewhat accurate. so to me, this is all part of the, the biden of gender, the, the administration that is in power. now,
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that is letting this country divide piece by piece, looking for a ball most another revolutionary war. her, well, i left the sky, paris, but one well, as we look at even just bigger picture of this, this is a test for the future. as you mentioned, if other banks will be able to kick out account holders, are they certain political perspective? i thought the goal is to make money, especially if you're in the banking process, but in this case, they're probably losing a large chunk of change and have no problem with it. why i think gets career, scotty. i do look they're, they're going to have to lose some business. but certainly i, my guess is they're getting some pressure. and of course, if you use a federal reserve and i can't vouch for, they are. but you know that the banks get a lot of funds to the federal reserve as well. and if they're helping put some pressure on to try to stabilize his order, quieted down. you know, this is not the whole narrative since his administration to go office has been a joke. and again, they're going to russia, ukraine of recent vintage. i mean, there is an army know attack in your grandeur is gonna be not they way on there,
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but you get, you've got the, the administration, i think putting pressure on the people that they can to force them to make decisions. they may not normally make, but they're under some of themselves, so they are making bad decisions. and i think very bad for business as well. and i guess we'll play out as time wears on her. and i think it's very scary because we're supposed to live in a democracy or republic both and you hear the things are happening. these are the stories that you heard from years ago in socialist communist, other countries, not in the united states. and yet here we're seeing this happen, a man losing his bank accounts, all because of his political beliefs. now because he's done anything wrong, lindale help pay for the defense of cow rittenhouse. now he showing support for the truckers, he's actually putting his money where his belief is various you conservatives actually are this loud spoken. but do you feel like bob in this climate that were in that you can be a known conservative company in the present? and actually turn a profit, i mean, think of hobby lobby and chick fil a and what they've had to deal with in the past . i don't think you can. i think this was a problem, scotty. we continued to have to give up more freedom almost on
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a daily basis from the website. you can post a conservative view on to the oil wells that are not being opened up ignited states so that we could cut the inflation down because the fed is not smart enough. the high greats. so you're seeing all of these things that are taking away be spike, be sure freedom. and you saw what trudeau did in canada, invoking the emergency procedures. they can go on to your bank accounts and take your money as my understanding that a lot of money. it was donated never got that have drucker's because the kid that the, the administration in canada stopped it from getting to them. so this is again a way of taking away freedom. and actually we're trying to reverse everything we've ever done at the life we grew up in the freedoms we have. we no longer have and they're getting worse by the day with build back better america and, and, and, and allows the administration that doesn't have an agenda to take care of americans, but to torture americans. well, and that's one thing you look at is this on also the consumer's fault,
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because that's the thing. if you're on an act as me go, you know, uncertain company, you will buy things like that. it's from a hobby lobby or a cheque fillet. they yet on the reverse conservatives are still very rarely do they ever say i'm going to boycott because of political views? does it not also come a lot of responsibility back on the consumer? well, i think it does come on the good. so her, but look at the consumers are, you know, the hobby lobby and chick fil every time i go into those places they're back. so the consumer is certainly supporting them. ok. and even, i'm sure there are many people that have protested against chick foy, that are, they're getting their great chickens town. does every good, you know, this is we live in a society of a lot of people open are miles a lot, but don't follow through. and don't have the guts to follow through. and i think this is what when you, when you become muted and you become less free because you can't speak your mind. you tend to go with and keep your mouth shut name of your against it. but you like
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their products, you're going up shop there, obama. that's why i like you coming on the show. because you know, you can always speak your mind and you have it free form here. even if i don't agree with you, which has not happened yet. thanks for joining me, brother. thanks, get it. rock and roll. it will never die. canadian born a singer songwriter, neil young famously sang. and while that may be true, the same cannot be said of the $76.00 world music legends boycott of spotify. his themes, despite his campaign against spotify over the company's refusal to silence podcasting star joe rogan, a number of his songs have remained on the streaming platform to discuss who welcome calmness and podcast. host. mila go, ryan. thank you for having me. ok, big to do 2 weeks ago. it was definitely a major play of the major headline. the songs that remain on the platform are part of this collaborative projects or soundtracks. they include some of the most popular songs. so is it clear that neil young could remove the songs even if he
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wanted or his sight or is his silence about these songs are made on the platform because appear that he actually is inconsistent, are hypocritical. yeah, i mean, no one can say for certain way and the intentions are here, but i think that this is, it's fairly common to want to avoid appearing inconsistent or hypocritical. and part of this is due to the way that we've grown accustomed to arguing with each other. so the way we argue with each other. now, as we point out inconsistencies and hypocrisy, so it makes sense to want to avoid that. and it also makes sense to want to have the best of both worlds. right. so it's just collaborative projects. there's still some possible deniability or there's one foot remaining in the door of the proclaim cause then another, you know, still on spot by so to speak. well, and that's the thing, you know, neil young does get around $6000000.00 listers per month, or he did on spotify. current estimates, that's
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a body of work spending decades. jo rogers, france, however, it's $11000000.00 listeners per episode. so it's clear he's actually more popular, more valuable to spite of our users. he didn't know young was diluted about how much spot if i really valued his music or did he actually expect even more people than who did to join in on this boycott. and that would outweigh joe rogan's importance to the company. yeah, i don't know if neil expected modified to take down joe rogan podcast because from a process perspective, that wouldn't make much sense primarily spot as i'm going to be concerned with profit principles regardless of what views they think are worth holding. and i think neil right fully estimated that this would spark a conversation. so if we're being charitable. busy we could say that he set out to and achieved a goal. busy of dialogue about content, moderation, free speech with information, but to what degree that dialogue has been productive is questionable. i think this
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more comes from a drive that every public figure has, including musicians to be more than just their craft. and they're entitled to express whatever views they have. but in this climate, there seems to be both the drive and the demand for any famous person to be not only an artist or musician, but a moral leader to hold the right moral perspective and to validate the world views of their fans. and so i don't find this to be tenable necessarily, but i think that's the reality that we're in. well, and this is last 30 seconds, but you know, the one thing that may, joe rogan popular was the thing that was the controversy. and that's what he's had . do you think in the end this is actually made, joe rogan has cemented his legacy in history, as again this conversation and actually fighting back as he's still on the platform? yes, i think this has brought about respect for joe rogan among a lot of people because i mean, even joe himself handled kind of gracefully in the sense that he continued to
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praise meals, music and press no hard feelings. so he comes out looking a lot better, i think. and he expressed this open mind and willingness for dialogue. and i think that is revealing. i think it shows why is able to reach across the political spectrum or mail app or say you reach across. it's like a spectrum as well on your cell. thanks for joining me. that's all for a show. thanks for watching. ah. a, it's too much too much.
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i. who am i doing wrong with a little to one of the money my calendar. i'm all she with a. 1 kaiser's financial due by the guy i don't. why? hey, i guys only teachers. hey, that's not an almost friday. that's the last time i buy it from the future. so
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franco watch kaiser employ. ah, russia says it has no intention of inviting you. frank, a written security response to the united states, also urging nato to products military advisors out of ukraine and joint military drills. the west continues to high thought the prospect of water with some predicting rushing innovation on the 28th of february. after previous dates failed to materialize, moscow says that's all false. let sure. as to whether the escalation will end on february, the 20th. i don't know because we are not the ones who are escalating. we're not doing this. the canadian prime minister is branded a dictated by opposition lawmakers as hearing about so by the use of emergency powers against protesting truckers.


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