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oh, countless, others like them. ah ah, the leaders of russia, the u. s. whole crisis talk so made tensions over ukraine under visions on security policy also had in the program today, french police fired tear gas to break up our freedom convoy rally central porous is blocked off with checkpoints and armored vehicles. our correspondence is in the midst of the action. as you can see, the t gas isn't coming towards us now. launched by the police just behind because they were trying to control the crowd. and in canada, where the movement started, security forces are facing off against hundreds of truckers blocking the ambassador bridge check key border crossing with
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just a few moments into a brand new day here in moscow sunday, february. the 13th, thanks for choosing our t for your global news update. today. russia has accused the u. s. of violating its territorial waters now after an american nuclear powered attack submarine was spotted off the country's far east coast. it comes amid heightened tension between the 2 powers ortiz. saskia taylor told me more earlier. fair to say that the story of the week has been the crisis around ukraine. it's what will the headlines are about. politicians got their eyes on its flooding. twitter to one party which has been ratcheting up the temperature despite all its claims, of course, to be the global leader of diplomacy is washington itself. for months it has been pushing this narrative of russia, the aggressive president, putin finalizing. his plans were on the brink of wild will 3 at the same time,
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cool, sending millions of dollars of western rate to ukraine, deploying thousands of troops. nato troops closer to russia, borders, diplomacy in short, as interpreted by the us. on friday though, the white house is rhetoric reached really unprecedented levels of hysteria. and the message that we heard was basically very simple to anyone who is in ukraine and was, was one of us get out while you can, winter's coming. an invasion could begin at any time. credible prospect that a rushing military action would take place even before the end of the olympics. that includes the coming days or considerations should leave, should leave now. well, despite the u. s providing upstream in no evidence. in fact, they were refusing to discuss the intelligence the global community pops on to started to be got scared for what we then started witnessing in the light of those was, was really a mass exodus from kiya of. so we had dozens of countries in us citizens to leave as quickly as possible kind of a prophylactic evacuation. the dutch airlines as well,
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k l m has stopped flying to ukraine for the moment. i know, of course, even going to mention the media is to send into apocalyptic headlines. it seems that the world has taken washington out. its word, of course though, in the past we've seen that in the, in the past it's what it's, it's counted for very little. let's remember there's famous claims of saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction. what's very telling is that wall says this flurry of activity amongst a foreign contingent in ukraine. there are many within ukraine who logic. he should be the ones who are most terrified by these warnings, who are simply not buying what washington is selling me, who to hit? i don't believe russia will attack us. i don't believe it. i have friends in sack a linen crashing into it. i don't believe it medusa, from joining the snow. we hope that won't start. so we're not thinking about leaving ukraine yet. i think there is a good chance that nothing will happen when you, when you, when you come up with firstly, where is this information coming from? secondly, russians arse laws and we are
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a brotherly nation. but we will never be split. no matter how much the americans want it, and it's not just that i mean and not the person who has looked can't this and seeing it for what it is, which is madness. since wash has claim time and time again, that has no pants to talk. ukraine at all is the ukranian president himself. now we've heard from him before that people need to seriously tone down the hysteria. but on saturday we had a very clearly frustrated zelinski speaking out. and essentially what he said is, if you're going to come out here with these kinds of allegations, they need to cough up some evidence. y'all has us. i think there is too much information being spread around today about a full scale war wage by russia. there is even talk of specific gates analyst. we understand all the risks. we understand that the risks are there, hasn't. if you or anyone has any additional information about a 100 chance of an invasion, you gave it to us was a me interesting moment to undermine one. suppose it allies in washington like that . but it really, i think, goes to show how zalinski feels that his country is perhaps being used here. i said,
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when we're talking about washington's political goals and perhaps harder control, the situation has become. one thing that has remained constant though, is russia denying that they have any plans to invade ukraine, not spin from day one. anything new enough front though? well, you know what, it's almost as bizarre twist, because now it seems that key of and moscow who washington, of course, would like us to believe a sworn enemies of the ones who are now on the same page. because they seem to share this opinion that what washington is now saying is not just completely excessive and hyped up. it's not your disrespectful to the people of ukraine. 2 months, the u. s. has been saying russia is going to attack ukraine any day now. for 2 months, ukraine's president and security services have been saying they don't have such information. and now they even asking concerned parties to share data. for 2 months, they have been insulting common sense and the ukranian people on that pass to
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carrying out yet another global provocation campaign. and if we're going to talk about provocation, an american submarine discovered in russian waters unannounced on approved, on responsive to requests to leave the apparently, when it was off to soften to sort of show itself it's scurried away very high speeds. but i mean a minute. truth vessel in foreign waters at a time when, according to washington, the walled piece is hanging on by a thread. i mean, it really does take kind of special level of delusion for the us to do that. and then claim that russia was the one that's being the aggressor, but just fine you. what i want to do is just step back with all of this and look at the big picture. because one has to say that for western need is these last couple of months this week especially has been an excellent opportunity for p. all. you know, you've got president of micro france with elections this year. he's been kind of shocking between moscow and key of trying to present himself as this european peacemaker. he had a cool with pearson this saturday as the president boynton. what that means is that
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if on, when russia doesn't invade ukraine, as by the way did fightin. and what we heard, again, was this rehashing of really what we've heard and conversations all those times before russia for the a 1000 times saying we are not going to attack ukraine. america saying we don't believe you. we think that you are very aggressive, and by the way, if you're lying to us and you even touch ukraine with the thing that there is going to be a serious price to pay. what really, all this means though is that if and when russia does indeed not invade its neighbor, i mean bite. and especially it's got to come looking out like a safe a. he will be the hero who saved the world from war and stop the evil to 10 in his tracks. and of course the media will support him. will be channing out that headline, which means it will be articles about how inflation is that record high. hasn't been this bad in full t. yes. those articles will just drop right to the bottom of the page. no one will remember the debacle of the afghanistan withdraw. no one will be interested in the fact that by all accounts,
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and if polling is to believe there is an absolute blood boss awaiting the democrats at the midterm elections bite and will be riding on this wave of success for the rest of his life. but simply, it's really just not the day and not that political game well played, and it seems that the stability of ukraine, of course, the mental health of its citizens are just collateral damage. now, love me, joe biden. on saturday, i had a conversation by phone brought forward off the request of the white house. the oval office released the statement at following the call, saying that america was open to diplomacy, but thought it was equally prepared to impose severe costs on russia. in the event of an invasion. russia foreign policy advising, gary, who chicago said that mister britton spoke about the danger of foreign military aid flowing into key f rush. the president also drew attention to the dangers of ukraine's militarization pumping modern weapons into the country. something that is
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being done by western countries in which increases the risk of accreditation by ukraine security forces towards done best as well as crime. you know, well, let's discuss all those factors with ken stone from the hamilton coalition to stop the war can always good to see you in the program. washington sees it has intelligence to suggest russia could attack to create any day. now, if they have such data, why they're not giving it to ukraine? because the u. s. can't point to any evidence backing up their claims of this intelligence that somehow rushes a poised for an imminent attack on ukraine. and because they can't point to any sources either. in my opinion, there is no credible evidence that russia is about to attack ukraine. ah, and i don't think anybody in the world believes them anymore because their intelligence in the past has been faulty, manipulated,
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and used as pretext for war such as the tonkin gulf incident that provoked the vietnam, the bombing of north vietnam, or the weapons of mass destruction which provoked the attack on iraq. so i don't think anyone believes their intelligence. i think this is an artificial crisis created by the u. s. and the reason that they are not showering any intelligence with mr. zalinski and ukraine is because he is merely upon in their game. he is not to be consulted at the highest levels. he is just expected to do what the imperial master tells him to do you think that western countries are, are overreacting, indeed, causing unnecessary panic. even in telling their citizens to flee ukraine and can you or from caliber you're one of the, from one of those countries that his reasoning the alarm asking citizens to leave as a canadian, what's your feelings on i think the canadian government is doing playing exactly
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the same game as the u. s. and not, and creating an artificial crisis in ukraine. the canadian government has been for years manufacturing ah, as a situation, i, in the ukraine. it helped with the staging of the cool and help the u. s. in 2014. it just turns a blind eye to the fact that the ukrainian military is heavily infected with pro nazi elements. and despite all that, christie of freeland, are who, when she was foreign minister. and now as deputy prime minister has funnel all kinds of aid to the neo nazi elements in the ukrainian military. we shouldn't forget that. and yet, christie of freelance grandfather was a leading nazi collaborator and world war 2 with the,
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with the german riff. and since the, the qu, her government, the judo government has given approximately $700000000.00 to the ukranian government. it has given them sniper rifles, anti tank weapons, trainers, 260 of them ships in the, in the black sea. and now we've just recently sent in special forces during the so called crisis. i think that the u. s. and and canada would be glad to fight to the last ukranian they're, they're pushing on confrontation and it's, and it's largely for domestic purposes in canada. trudeau was pandering to the a right wing emigre ukrainian population, which is huge in canada and in the states. mr. biden is pandering a to an american audience a while his approval ratings are plummeting. he's trying to distract the american
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people. it's always good in the u. s. press to be banging the drums of war, and that's what he's doing. and we must say about the korean government would deny allegations of new nazi elements within their government. but at presidents a lensky ken has accused the west of provoking panic in ukraine saying panic is the people's biggest enemy. could western alarm msm over ukraine actually damaged lead to a big divide with keith? our 1st of all and the a nazi element pro nazi elements in the ukranian military have boasted that they have been trained by canadian trainers. so they made the government made denial, but not the people on the ground in ukraine. secondly, i, the ukraine is, or the ukrainian government is getting, increasingly, i am bothered by this,
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the crisis mode that the u. s. and nato are trying to put his or the country into and it, it is causing a, you know, he is made speech of saying that the, the economy is tanking. our ukraine was already economically and tough shape with many of most, many of its youth emigrating to other parts of europe. so the, the talk of war is only making things worse for mr. zalinski. and i, i think that our u. s. relations with ukraine will continue to slow deteriorate that the longer this crisis goes on, just to touch an appoint to meet earlier that jo biden's ratings. they're at a low point. has that influenced his administration's aggressive stance on ukraine is, is not the primary thing here. a play well, the, the, the prime reason for the u. s. saber rattling is that, out there,
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that i and goal is to completely and circle russia with nato. and i actually, if they could, to dismember russia around the of the immediate goal is that it is, as you suggest, to divert the, the attention of the american public, which is greatly divided. i, our government, our government that is unstable. busy and split, and people in crisis and, and in the united states there's nothing better than a war to, to patch all this over. and that's it. that's what biden is all about. plus, the more, there are saber rattling, the more arms that are shipped to, to ukraine, and to europe, and the more money that's made by the military industrial complex. so our war is a racket, and mr. biden is one of the biggest players in that racket. can has all the thank
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you for your time for your thoughts. kennestone from the hamilton coalition to stop the war live on our to no to another. we're a headline story today. right. police are odd in force in the french capital firing tear gassed against freedom convoy activists. thousands of people have gathered, inspired by the canadian movement against harsh coven restrictions. it's happening despite a band put in place by the french authorities with checkpoints, set up an armored vehicles on the streets or corresponding charlotte to pinsky reports from the heart of the unrest. well, i think a buddy see behind me, they're all about a 1000 people marching through the street to paris just on this particular protest . now you may be aware that the freedom convoy the so called freedom gone vote was banned by the authorities here in paris for thousands of vehicles all camped out around the gates of the city because they were not allowed to enter. since friday
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there has been a massive police operation. detroit in stock, march is like this taking place. in fact there. 2 are many, many police out on the street state monitoring and everything. in fact, you still have not last italy and the police were that stopping the protections from taking the route that they had intended to take. we know that there have been hundreds upon hundreds of verbalize asians already from the police, but we heard from the french prime minister on friday that anybody trying to block the roads in paris would feel the severe consequences of the law. we also. 2 heard that from the police authorities here in paris, suggesting that organizes could face prison sentences and also find several 1000 euros. and there is taking part as well. trying to block roads. could see that driving license is suspended for a number of years and also face huge fines. so what is all of us are back?
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well, as we saw in canada, the freedom convoy is a march for liberties people, hey demanding that end to the vaccine pass. this is a pass that regulate who can and who called to go into places like restaurants and cafes depending on whether they just recovered from cove it or whether they have been fully vaccinated in frogs. that means 2 jobs have something like pfizer by own tax plus a booster dose. and as a result of that, there remains several 1000000 individuals across route o vaccinated and furious weeping. speaking in the hearing from some of those who are on the convoy why they are taken to yeah, we have been told that in march or april they will abolish health passes. there was that to encourage us to vote. there are a lot of things that need to change to improve the country more. the government
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should stop taking people for fools, randall all rights and freedoms of being violated. we have the right to work to spend and be taxed early for you guys. but all the price is going on, you not to mention the ridiculous health rules you also, he drives me crazy to see what's going on. i think i told you, pasco, almost everything is banned now, but we still have the right to protest. it's the only right we have left since the very beginning we have been demanding the removal of a manual micron region. we also want to pay arises and tax records, especially on if you all know. so that's the demand. but this is gone much further than not what we are seeing, a demand similar to that. what we heard from the yellow best back in 2018. that there is an issue with purchasing power in france and they want more money spent on public services. so a very general to mon, well, as you can see, the tear gas is coming towards us now launched by the police just behind as they were trying to control. 7 the crowd, the crowds attempting to run up
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a steps and to be able to get past this police convoy that he's trying to keep everything in order. would you not have to move further now, because my gas is coming towards us. as you can see, big big clouds are moving along with the police here forming a barricade as they are trying to separate the crowd down. the rest of the crowd has moved all the way back to away from the plume of t a guests that was launched by the police in attempts to control the situation. at this. com has been relatively calm. however, we have seen small incursions between the protesters and the police as they troy make their way through paris. charlotte gibbons k taken us through that now we spoke with al activist involved in the french freedom convoy. he sees the movement is simply way of making the government listen. he long,
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dismal to more. for almost 10 months. we've been protesting every saturday. but the authorities in some media outlets have tried to make these large gatherings look invisible. what no one was talking about these demonstrations the old. we tried all democratic means and have been brushed aside like chromos, willow, and today the freedom convoys providing a way to finally be heard little. there are many reasons to stand up to the government issue, but i think the main demand is to cancel the vaccine policy, which leads to segregation suspension from work and inability to visit loved ones in hospital or nursing home is the protesters that driven not only by justified desire to resist the government, but also by host. and that's why we're seeing people help each other. i think that's why this movement can win because it offers something positive. it's a way to restore connections between people that have been deliberately severed for some time. yes, so that's the situation in france. while there is another solidarity rally happening in the netherlands,
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truckers are blocking the city center in the have. they have lined up outside the government building, defying the police orders to disperse organizers, save in, continue their protests for at least a week and could team up with similar movements in france and belgium. freedom convoys going truly global, with protests springing off and us really, austria, both countries have seen an up swell of public anger over relentless kobe restrictions. austria is seen roots are the toughest in the worlds with all adults required to take over shot and pay fines of off to $3600.00 euro and after the break in 90 seconds, we'll get into where it all started. that freedom convoy protests in canada and see what's happening there and more. besides, stay with our tensions the
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the turn is not expressing itself and having this willingness to lead world quite to the coach. china is still trying to learn from others and trying to do business with everybody, particularly with russia, with us, was that it's not a whole town nation. this is something that the whole world needs to understand china history. another has this experience of colonization. never has this dixby rooms of trying to bully others. always try to make friends with people. the join me every 1st day on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the
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world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me the okay, now, right before they break, we show you the protest happening the anti vaccine cruise and protest happening in austria, a strictly at france. but let's turn attention to canada. that is where the freedom convoys started on. the stand off is currently unfolding the countries busiest border crossing with the us behind me here at security forces. they're trying to clear the ambassador bridge where truckers are blocking traffic on the entire side . the problem, south dakota, state of emergency, now the prime minister is warning of severe consequences, though many say it's a crisis of his own making. if you join the protests, because you're tired of the coven, you now need to understand you are breaking laws. the consequences are becoming
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more and more severe. the deliberate politicization of the pandemic is undermined to trust in our public health institutions and as damage to national unity. a prime minister's opportunism has created 2 classes of canadians, canadians now watch as the rest of the world moves forward ending mandates and removing restrictions. while our government has no clear plan to do the same, the prime minister has intentionally stigmatized and divided canadians for political gain. the prime minister has stopped basing his decisions on science. he's now basing them on political science doing whatever it takes to save his own political skin. when will canadians have a clear plan in the mandates here? just to recap, the movement started in mid january against the vaccine mandate for a canadian cross border truckers and has become a nationwide rallying point for grievances against the government. a judge is now
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issued on an junction allowing police to force protesters from the ambassador rate on the truckers in ontario has been highlighting the grassroots support. their protest is getting from large sway to the public while at the same time pointing to other provinces such as alberta as catch you on quebec, which are all starting to rule by co restrictions on vaccine mandates. the head of an activist group we spoke to cease these images that we've been showing up in a long time in the making. actually been fighting against this for about 2 years. we've got over 400 organizations that have popped up across canada. everything to do with that providing and allows notice of liabilities in order for people to keep their jobs against these particular government dictates. and i'm going to call them dictates because that's what they are. but the police coming on our side, it's happening in droves, and we don't just have the occupation happening in order we've, we've also got it in the economic center here. it's ronald and at every other legislature building across the entire country. and we encourage,
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we encourage more kids to come out and support this. i mean, this is your freedom in your life and our fundamental life, liberty, security, and property are being infringed upon. and it's unacceptable. the courts of arbitration for sports will hold a hearing on sundays on the case of russian figure skater camila valley of the 15 year old was embroiled in controversy at the beijing winter olympics. this week, after it was confirmed, she tested positive for a band substance in december. now, she won gold just days ago. that was part of the russian figure skating team in the group competition. but the metals are being withheld due to the scandal of decision on the case is expected to come a day before the females skeeters individual competition. where volley of a is favorite to top, the podium rushes figure. skating federation sees it standing by the teenage plate . we do not doubt the honesty of our athlete. this case requires
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a thorough investigation because this whole wild story raises too many questions. meanwhile, the international impact committee has said it will help with the investigation to ensure it proceed smoothly. it will take tough action. if cheating is proven. now we talk to many people, including a cardiologist on this, who explained to us how the bonds substance in question may have affected camila bullying. hello year in your ear. many coaches consult with the doctors. you don't see the lists of forbidden substances roster. it seems something like this happened to maria. sure up over with mold onion, or see what's also important is the tri, metacity effect has not been properly studied for people under the age of 18. on the one hand, it's very mild medicine, more like a vitamin, but there's a whole science studies how medicines should be prescribed if it children, because the under 18 group always requires special clinical research. so athletes recovery is usually reached through the right type of training. and physical
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activity, not with medication. i believe white lesson should be compiled, just give them a list of the products. athletes can take, white lists would have solve the problem. yeah, well no more in 24 hours or we should at least know a deeper dive into any of this. our stories can be fine. just a click away and r t dot com no end of content to get stuck into there as well. i'll see you again and 30 by the the, the welcome to redacted to night this past weekend. i was sitting my hot tub. that's really just the bath tub. it's really just my neighbor's bath tub that he let me use when
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he's out of town and doesn't know i found his apartment key and it occurred to me. i don't think most americans are happy with our political system. i don't know why not. i don't know why not, but much like that. south carolina waffle waitress, i've always regretted its weight on the tip of my tongue, as was in an identified fungus the following day. wait, i've got it. it's because both mainstream parties are owned by corporate america, and they all stand for the same. and they haven't actually been face to face with a regular human being since they father. the 1st of their 14 children and their surrogate mother happened to bring her boyfriend to the birth, or as the rich call it, the human baby transferred to it's rightful owners. and sure enough, a new survey verify that most americans are not happy with the false choice between our 2 political par.


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