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[000:00:00;00] a, what are you doing? what are you doing like a canadian police go in heavy at the anti vaccine mandate protests in also work as prime minister trudeau tries to belittle the demonstrators. a few people shouting and waving swastikas does not define who canadians are. people coming down here showing support, there was why, you know, there was music. we report from the canadian capital where despite the government pushed back the process of passing off faithfully also the south i'll teach german language travel appeals. berlin's broadcast pan russian foreign ministry spokeswoman murray is the power of it talks to us exclusively on this and the world's other help button topic right down the gym and government said it had
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nothing to do with the complex but they did not hide the irritable reactions. the work of our tea and the german union of journalists pay to pay grow. you can say as much as you like that the employees of r t. i not john list this, you need to have some criteria. the funding is not an indicated universal credit. i'm sorry, bills are taking it's toll on families just getting by resulting in them doing something they never imagined. like using a food bank. and there's millions in britain experience, food insecurity or the spike in the cost of living. i'll see if it's a food bank to hear how it's hitting households with global stories and international analysis. you're with our team from moscow. my name is colleen bright. welcome to your world news. we're going to start in canada and where the capital is still in the grip of mass. cobit vaccine mandate protests to providence, as though appear to have relented announcing an end to their proof of vaccination
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policies. but also what police are instead clamping down, making forceful arrest of anyone they find supplying fuel to the protesting truck as or what are you doing? what are you doing to lie day? oh, that's a so i've got it all on video i i, i believe yes you did. i thought you were running in the canadian prime ministers accused the vaccine mandate protested of trying to derail the country's economy. and democracy going so far recently as to label them as a small group shouting and waving swastikas. this is a story of a country that got through this pandemic, by being united and a few people shouting and waving. swastikas does not define who canadian
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to the government of canada. and to mister trudeau. your plan for this pandemic has been dismal. you need to come back and talk to these people. they're not scary people. there's a saying that i'm sure you're familiar with and that's lead, follow, or get out of the way. and mr shadow, you've proven that you're not a leader. and will, as things stand, the authorities have opened nearly 80 criminal cases in connection with the demonstrations protested say the federal government's response to the movements only added fuel to the fire. i've been vaccinated my whole life. so i wasn't scared of the vaccine. what, what made me want to come here was when i saw a prime minister get up and call these people racist. like i said, i'm a truck mechanic by trade. i've been working with these guys for 20 years. and i've never once met people that you would call racist in the trucking trade. when they prose or economy,
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they didn't freeze any loans. there was no legislature that caused them to raise any of our loans. and they didn't lower taxes respectively. so people are losing their homes, they're losing their business, they have no income, and they're being stored to get the bath seen in order to just stay employed. so they don't lose their houses. the mass don't make sense and then the laws that they've come up with little rules and mandates makes sense. their mandates have been way out of control. and, and we need to go back to freedom. we need to go back to the way we were before. well, there were thousands of people coming down here showing support. there was live, you know, there was music there were bouncy, castle, their families reign children. well that's really calm down. it's a much wider atmosphere, not necessarily here, but in other parts of the city. is this really roger up there and horseman measures they issued more vehicles. they're basically trying to cut off the fuel supplies to
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the truckers and also find have increase. so this is all part of the effort, the basically shut this process down. however, the police chief here in the city said, i need an additional $1800.00 officers to do so. they called on the federal government to help the government officials and all this is an insurrection, mostly from what we saw and talking. rogers is very people over the weekend, but there is some volatility. now that being is requiring down yesterday, we are talking to some of the protesters and supporters residence area walking by calling them to go home. making sure your residence filed that class action lawsuit . the judge granted a temporary injunction and tried to shut this boy down. but at this point in the middle of the protests, not only here but elsewhere, continues and really a lot of support coming and internationally as well. federal, the federal government get lady officials want this to stop. now the question is, how much longer will this go on and will it really be a battle of political will it also weighing in more than a dozen canadian politicians and campaign groups according on the government to
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negotiate with the protest as they've published an open letter but also appeals to the demonstrators, to refrain from violence or harming local businesses. one of the signatories is a leading lawyer who told out to she believes there's no legal basis for detaining peaceful protests or people providing them with supplies. i can't speak for prime minister's intentions, but there hasn't been any sign that he is willing to negotiate. and we're hopeful that going forward. when he sees that the protesters are not going to leave without some sort of negotiation, there has been seizure of fuel which the truckers need to keep warm as you know in canada right now. it's the middle of the winter time. the temperatures are minus 20 degrees celsius overnight and they need that fuel to keep warm because they're sleeping inside of their trucks. and of course there's, there's no legal basis to arrest anyone for giving truckers fuel. i mean, if there's a charge of mischief, mischief relates to criminal intent,
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and the protesters are not engaging in criminal activity. they're engaging in peaceful protest, which is protected under the canadian charter of rights and freedoms. so the absolute latest is governmental overreach and you know, we have serious issues with these actions and to hold up in court. a convoy protest against vaccine mandates of spreading beyond canada all the way up to new zealand trucks and vans and the capital. wellington have blocked streets that for a 2nd day surrounding a part of a building. hundreds also turned out to support the protest with the balance the same as they are in canada to lift vaccine and mouth mandate. with in the midst of a 10 stand off with russia, the united states, as it sees no need for immediate sanctions against the new old stream to gas pipeline that links russia to germany. president biden earlier threatened to shut the project of russia and bates, you cry. i'll
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t southgate taylor takes up the story. no string to is now front and center in the ukraine crisis. because while both nato and t of now agree, but the imminent rush invasion they've been waiting for for months is unlikely to happen. the u. s. president disagrees and has decided to take the pipeline out for a final politicized right. there will be no longer a nor stream to we will bring it in. how will you, how will you do that? exactly. since the product and control of the product is within germany's control, we will, i promise you will be able to do for europe fake one can only hope that this incredibly detailed plan of biden's to stop a sovereign countries economic dealings with another sovereign country will be asked for town as his plan for the afghan est with toral but white doesn't bite and want berlin is cooking dinner over russian gas? well, some accused president putin, unlike bite, of course of using gas as
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a political weapon. what if he flicks the switch and hundreds of millions are hit by the great frees, like that time back in? oh, no, wait, never, president biden has made clear that nordstrom, too, is a bad deal to bad deal because it divides europe. it exposes ukraine and central europe to russian russian manipulation and because it goes against europe's own stated energy and security goals. so thought of occasion of the project is on hold . and moscow for its part thinks that brussels has failed to do the mass that the shooting for this is also senseless. for those who don't let the system work, because additional gas supply to the european markets would unquestionably lower the stock and spot price. okay, so biden's worried about poor europeans being at the kremlin. marcy makes much more sense to pay more for american liquefied natural gas. and i have the privilege of being a washington's marcy. but that's not the only concern. another big issue crane won't
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get a cut. now at the moment, keith gets more than a $1000000000.00 a year for allowing russia to pipe gas through it, nor string to would bypass ukraine and for some in brussels. that's unacceptable. these is unseal ones. and these sanctions are unprecedented and have been coordinated and prepared with old partners. i would like to add that due to the close economic interdependence of all the partners involved, especially my country. yes, we are prepared to pay a high economy price when ukraine securities. let's take minus london and a high price. it will be if laska retaliates to any potential western sanctions. europe may have just 6 weeks of gas in the tank. and then what? because for washington's promises to find its allies alternative energy sources so far, nothing capital said no can do, don't have the resources. u. s. companies that will max out any way we can't match the russian numbers. in fact, for all the threats and master pounds of biden,
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that's a real consensus. no, russian gas, no warm and cozy europe, a global mass. europe has no alternative to russian gas. you have to divert half of the liquefied natural gas that asia concerns. that would mean massive energy shortages all across asia. this idea that we will fill the gap with liquefied natural gas. no, you can't. little one to than that. the german chancellor has been less keen on publicly promising to turn off the top, especially since he knows that even if they did decide to care about ukrainian security and brave the cold by heating the old way, you know, by woods. well, even then there's a bit of a catch, the ocean you be my sure, what you're going to with guess you won't developing nuclear energy. will see you going to do burn firewood, which you don't even have that. you'd have to go to siberia to get firewood. and yes, nor string to dead in the water wouldn't be great for russia either. but then again, moscow didn't just sign
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a 30 year gas steel with beijing. and just the fun they decided to settle the bill . in euro, can other voice on this german jew political unless right or office believes that despite american pressure not stream to is too important for berlin to drop. germany understand, sir, that it is too dependent on the north stream to project. we need the gas supplies for our domestic market in under circumstances when the gas prices are soaring. many users of gas now are really, really under economic pressure through the soaring gas prices. and so i am pretty confident that the german government will turn to a full certification of the pipeline project and will not sacrifice this joint german russian gas supply project in the ongoing ukraine conflict
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artes german language channel is appealing against the broadcast band imposed by berlin the arguments boiled down to some confusion over a subsidiary companies. role media regulators banned the channel saying the berlin based r t d e productions doesn't have the necessary broadcasting license for the crux of the matter lies in the fact that the channel goes on air from here in moscow, a not berlin has is being claim. while the production company provides some of the content, it's got nothing to do with getting the channel on air. the controversy surrounding r t d a was one of the topics on the table for our exclusive talk with russian foreign ministry spokeswoman barriers. however, all 7 over the phone i didn't use our system, could give my nutrition and believe what it it's we have had statements like germany was supposed to issue a license that did not. therefore, broadcasting is prohibited. it's a lie. it's not true. the tv channel broadcast from moscow, russia, in this case, germany has only one link and that is the language and it is absolutely in no way
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connected with the issuance of a license. germany spoken not only in germany, but in austria and switzerland as well. will they also issue licenses to everyone who produces products in german? the license is obtained in serbia. it gives the right to broadcast and $33.00 countries that's according to the convention on trans national broadcasting. all. this is a classic trick of propagandists when a fact is taken lies are added to it, mixed up and then offered to the consumer. i know the r t d will be fine. i'm not interested in what the german authorities will do. i know what we will do if they follow the path of escalation. they will see a mirror response, but if they follow the path of reducing tensions, they will see a mirror response there as well. from a solution. again, mosque is a leading u. k. charities revealed that millions in britain are living on the bread line and increasingly turning to food banks this winter. struggling households are also facing a triple threat right now. as inflation pushes up, grocery prices,
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energy bills, we're about to sore by over 50 percent. well, government welfare payouts face big cuts r t. shoddy edwards dash the report next from a food bank in london. well, putting food on the table is the most important thing a parent should do for their kids. last month a 1000000 adults in the u. k. went at least a whole day without eating anything because they simply couldn't afford it as a familiar story that we come across in london in different burrows. many, many parents are doing that. they literally reduce it to show intake. in order for the children to have a decent meal. and then if you look at what are decent meal is that in itself is not fully well balanced meal. rumbling tanny's and belly aches are not uncommon as the cost of living source. 3 emergency food parcels are handed out to families and need every minutes. energy prices, sky, high, grocery prices are inflating, while government handouts are low forcing many people to rely on charity and food banks like this one to make ends meet. we've seen a,
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over the last 4 fortnight's an increase in 35 percent of all uses. the rise in inflation and the cost of living has affected impact at every single household. so as come home to people. and you know, you've got a real choice of either your home or literally put in a full play of food on the plate. and it's the same pitch across the whole of the capitol. it's all about policies. it's all about policies, local policies, and how up trickle down to the end user, which is the local citizen in the community and how that impacts their daily life. the already harrowing di lemme of eating or heating is reaching a breaking point where households may be unable to do either one in 10 households have been skipping meals or going hungry, while about 2000000 children have been left without access to a healthy diet. the government says it will help alleviate the financial pressures . we know this has been a challenging time for many people, which is why we're providing support,
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wealth around 12000000 pounds is financial year and next to help households. the cost of living, including putting an average of $1000.00 pounds more per year into the pockets of working families. we have announced to further 9000000000 pounds to protect against the impact of rising global energy prices. but it's not just those below the breath line seeking people like taxes help financial difficulties. the pandemic cuts universal credit and soaring bills are taking its toll on families just getting by resulting in them doing something they never imagined. like using a food bank, poverty affects everyone in a different way. it doesn't mean that you're out on the home homeless on the street with no money, no food. that's not the case. no more. you got working, households are being affected. you all single parents, you got a whole different group of people that are affected in one way or another. and it's kind of like putting an onion. i look in all the different layers. you've got to understand food insecurity is a lot more complex than they used to be. researched by food campaign is on
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supermarket. basic ranges shows an increase on the lowest cost items is way beyond average. for instance, the cheapest generic pastor, for example, has risen a 141 percent in a year. and tasco a leading supermarket in the u. k. ones it's only going to get was in some ways to wants to still to come. because although food price inflation in tesco last quarter was only one percent, we are impacted by rising energy prices. and it's not just brits bearing the brunt global food prices, sword by 1 point, one percent last month. as in, closer to 2000 eleven's all time high, a whopping 22 percent of the population, or 14500000 people were living in poverty before the pandemic. 2.4000000 on the brink. that number is surely going to balloon in size is the cost of living souls yet again. and while food banks are a lifeline, they can only go so far. shut edwards,
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dusty party london. the world's biggest social media networks threatening to pull out of europe, however, demands from e u regulators. they want to stop matter which owns facebook into grammar whatsapp from transferring the personal data of european uses to us based service saying it's a rift to their privacy. his are, you are a correspondent, peter oliver. social media was supposed to bring your soul closer together online, but now the biggest fish and the internet pond meta, the parent company behind facebook, and instagram seems to be giving away lessons in how to lose friends and alienate people. the message to you, right from marks, look a books, empire give us access to your data. a will take access to our platforms, away from you. if we are unable to transfer data between and among countries in regions in which we operate, or if we are restricted from sharing data among our products and services,
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it could affect our ability to provide services the manner in which we provide our services and our ability to target ads in the summer of 2020 the european court of justice and not a treaty that allow trans atlantic data transfers. this was due to numerous violations of european citizens privacy by us based companies. with some of that data ending up with us spies would be an essay, a new deal is being discussed, but it's not unlikely in the 1st half of 2022. only an arrangement that is fully compliant with a requirement said by the court can deliver the stability and legal certainty. stakeholders expect on both sides of the atlantic. there's just on the 310000000 facebook years is a year of meta. it's threatening to cook them off unless a new deal can be stroke specifically and you deal that will allow the data harvesting to continue. we will likely be unable to offer a number of our most significant products and services,
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including facebook and instagram in europe. critics of method say they hope the us, but he miss will follow through on it. threats. don't expect look of the empire to turn it back on the money it makes from europe just yes, given much as profits in europe. i would rule out that the company will carry out its threat at any rate, a withdrawal of the surveillance colossus from europe would be welcome because he would finally get better competitors, a real chance and the framework of the plan digital market sacked. we'll fighting to endo dependence on corporations like matter by means of interoperability in order to give uses a real choice. lawyers who have worked to expose the data breaches the facebook saying that there are ways to fix this. but it requires guarantees that european citizens info isn't ending up in the hands of us intelligence agencies. we wonder why they do not work on a stable solution that ensures that only the absolute necessary data goes to the u
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. s. this is doable, but obviously requires investments by facebook. these are chopping, sees that method is sailing on last week. the company last active dale uses for the 1st time in its history, not sent the stock price tumbling by nearly a quarter, despite the threats of a year, a p in pull out the financial implications of doing so are highly unlikely to be popular with shareholders. peter oliver, artie berlin, privacy activist and technology expert bill muse says there are a number of scandals surrounding facebook and it's inability to provide data security met. so could quite easily set up a, an infrastructure in parallel in europe and process the data there. there are a number of different options it could take, but most obvious, all plan of all is for it to actually comply with the law. there been any number of
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scandals involving facebook and it's an inability to actually implement our privacy and security effectively. it doesn't seem to learn extra territorial laws that exist in the u. s. need to be revised in order to introduce a certain key elements we, we need there to be a level of transparency. we need that to be the opportunity for redress such that if your data is abused or seized, you can challenge that in the good. but don't think facebook is ever actually gonna cut off that service to europe. ah, it will try and reach a compromise. at the winter olympics, russian figure, skaters are still waiting for their metals, or the delays, apparently down to an unspecified legal consultation. alexia shasky reports next from beijing. a rather market situation is ongoing. now in beijing with the russian, its ice figure skating team the team, one of the metal in the team, competition just
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a few days ago. and yet they are to receive their metals. the metal ceremony has now been delayed for more than 48 hours is or hours it was due to take place on monday. it's wednesday already and it still hasn't taken place. there were rumors that it may have been postponed because of a several covered cases within the u. s. team, even including those who won the metals. but now information surface that it may be involving russian fig escaped and skaters, particularly one skater, allegedly, according to inside the games, a media portal, it might have something to do with a failed drugs test. now this is not to be confused, of course with a doping test. it may have been a case of a skater using drugs before the beijing olympics and that, that refers to a case before the olympics kicked off. but that is purely speculation right now. of course, we have no confirmation whatsoever. we are waiting on the resolution of this matter
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. the i o c spokesperson already said that this issue is being resolved as quickly as possible, and soon we'll see whether that was the case. in the worst case scenario, russia will be deprived of their t medals. ah, they want in the figure skating team team competition. and there are no place will be taken by the us team. the, the silver medal will be go, it will go to japan and canada, a who ended 4th will get a bronze medal. but that is, of course, the worst case scenario. still no confirmation whatsoever. whether this is even on the cards. i am keeping very close track of the situation here in beijing, and we'll update you as soon as i get the news here in the china's capital alexey rush, ask your tea reporting from beijing. kayla said from aid. thanks for watching. keeping updated in the coming hours. nick aaron, he'll be here in just over half an hour from now and then kevin, are in rounding off the mid week world news from marty bye for now.
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ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah, a ah with ah, well,
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they directly re sell advertise as content to us and decide who sees what content when and how much of it. facebook claims that these algorithms are there to learn about our specific preferences. actually this is untrue, they are shaping preference. if tomorrow a person finds a fake pull a good video with saying the earth is a flat, then this content ranks. huh. at least 20 percent or maybe even 40 percent. or believe it's true. it's a very dangerous thing. the mediterranean is the world's most over fish, seen on sustainable exploitation of its fish, dogs. what's marine? biodiversity undergoing thread, assuming your selection again, course we sure you understand the system because our system i'm working from clinical liquor key capital for
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a tech and want to put our lives despite the eas promises to end over fishing by 2020. the situation is changing to slow. well, i'm very disappointed with the politicians that they basically not in public interests. they also do not in the mid interest of officially the only interest of the fishery and the facial, the only ones in danger. the fishermen also at risk of losing all the ups of them before they get to them about that i'm with the level thought i get them, i'd be real. she's been with us. ah ah ah
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ah ah hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered, i'm hearing about while tensions remain high over ukraine. one thing has abundantly been made clear. russia and nato have fundamentally different ideas. about pan european security and neither side appears to be in the mood to compromise. is this why the propaganda war is reaching new heights? ah, to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess. all robinson in ottawa, he is professor at the graduate school public international affairs at university of ottawa in pittsburgh. we have dan kabbalah. he is a professor of international human rights law,
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an author of the plot to skate for russia. and here in barstow we have to meet research. he is deputy director of the center for comprehensive european and international studies. at the higher school economics. i generally cross up roles and effect, that means you can jump anytime you want, and i would appreciate it. let's go to ottawa upon, i'm sure you came across the exchange that ned price had with matt lee of the associated press. and that's why i entered my introduction about heightened propaganda because it was truly an extraordinary media experience where the 1st of all, you have to believe me 2nd both, you doubt us intelligence and british tower. and then you're somehow a stooge for the kremlin. i mean, is this where we have gotten to because there's, there's no evidence of anything we're waiting for godot, we're waiting for an eminent invasion. this has been going on since november and


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