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tv   News  RT  February 7, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EST

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ah, ah, you divide deepen on russia. the french president traveled to moscow for talk with vladimir pierce it, the monument from those to the criminal court, clearly not targeting ukraine to put ra that we set in nato. and you ties a russian official, bronze claims. the countries it's 70 percent ready to invade ukraine, as us propaganda. thank. it's based on the unnamed officials, undisclosed forces, and no evidence in the latest. and a series of accusations of alleged russian aggression being held on a daily basis. candidates capital declares a state of emergency, claiming the city is on the stage by protest, vented that against cobit vaccine mandate. also with police threatened to arrest anyone providing material support to groups of truckers conducting
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a blockade as part of the on the american cybersecurity firm. cloud flare is accused of facilitating piracy. the company still gets us state contract despite accusations it protect the site, hosting child abuse images and hate speech. with a very well malcolm from our team here in moscow. this is asi international with the latest wealth news update is great to help you with that. while other western leaders have been finding the flames of the ukraine crisis, french liter. emanuel micron has arrived in moscow to try and diffuse the tensions in a meeting with brushes. vladimir putin micron who currently also hose the use presidency, has emphasized the importance of a clear dialogue with russia. party correspondent on quarter earlier told me was expected to result from the summit. this meeting between potent and micron has come
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as a bit of a surprise to many people. the french president has taken a strong stance in favor of diplomacy when it comes to the height and tension surrounding the conflict in ukraine. right now, something that's no doubt unsettling for the west. it's more hawkish, voices. now in the run up to this meeting, micron even said that russia's goal is not to conquer ukraine. this is something that we've seldom been hearing from western officials. we must protect all european brothers by proposing a new balance capable of preserving this sovereignty in peace. this must be done while respecting russia and understanding the contemporary traumas of this great people in great nation. now, micron seems not only willing to compromise, but is optimistic about it earlier. he said that negotiations are likely to prevent any sort of military operation from taking place. and on the other hand, moscow was more reserved in its expectations for new mottoes. to france, france is one of europe leading countries and the kronos currently at the helm of the you. but the situation is too complicated to expect to break through one meeting. now this meeting comes at a unique time for both leaders,
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macaroni looking forward to elections coming up in april, no doubt trying to impress his voter base as for prudent. this comes amidst months of butting heads with western officials. earlier this month, washington outright rejected russia's proposals for security guarantees, the main point of contention being rushes asked that nato stop expanding further eastward. and while the u. s. has remained adamant about rejecting this point. this is actually at the top of mac, ron's talking points for this meeting. on the other hand, i mean on top of that, western media has also been carrying out a campaign of hysteria surrounding a ledger russian plans to invade ukraine. this is something that moscow as time and time again said it's not planning to do even now. a lot of western media outlets are saying that this is an extremely risky business for macro on this meeting, and that it could possibly back fire and ended embarassment for the french president, but others are actually calling. it is simply a successful, potent, just because micron has given recognition to russia's position. so at any rate,
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we have seen that the french president has landed in russia, so will bring you the details as they become available. independent journalists linked with a thinks the macaroni is trying to enhance these countries and his own position on the international arena. he wants to come to america, and of course, it is not official, but he wants to position ross as a force on, on the, on the international c. well, francis always been a maverick within nato. you know, it was under the goal. it was not with a night already excelled nato to belgium, actually from fulton law. and michael plays all this again. it's quite complicated for him to take anything. i don't think he has much power given to him by anybody, but don't forget it. there are many oppositions in europe that are not in power, but that would really be on the side of russia. but of course they have gone so far
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and saying i owe you crank and john h o n a to can accept your grain. that is very difficult to climb down from this all, and rush of course says rightly so. no, you grade it, nato. so my whole has to try to, to juggle with these 2 balls. quite difficult. microns visit comes a top ration diplomat rounded on mainstream reports that moscow supposedly a math, 70 percent of its military power needed to invade ukraine. another masterpiece of u. s. propaganda war unnamed officials undisclosed sources, no evidence. and as b. o. so if you openly question such fakes, you won't get answers and will be labeled, a russian apologist as the daily stack of stories of ass and alexi invasion. pilot nato is around to think our power close to russia border, a plane carrying us troops and equipment with steam landing in poland on sunday,
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near the border with ukraine. as he is, daniel hawkins looks at how the media and western politicians can't shake their russia, invades ukraine mantra. even for those who don't watch the news, reports of a coming russian invasion of ukraine would be hard to miss. we believe that there is a very interesting possibility that vladimir putin will order an attack on ukraine . it could take a number of different forms. it could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could take some weeks yet. we do have information that it is that the russians are likely to want to fabricate a pretext for an invasion, which again, is right out of their playbook. present will welcome the chancellor of germany to the white house and discuss their shared commitment to ongoing diplomacy and joint efforts to deter further russian aggression against ukraine. it's been like groundhog day, 3 months of reports, analysis and countdowns of just when moscow will be ready to launch its attack.
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with me, a daily news stories, it's almost like news headline, bingo reports of ballooned in intensity and in depth initial planes focused on the number of troops most good move to the border. as the weeks went by outlets sighted analysts and sauces. mainly anonymous, of course, in more detail, claiming special forces and equipment, field hospitals and even blood bags had been deployed in preparation for an attack . back in january, russian troop below was apparently nearly complete. 3 weeks later us officials say moscow is 70 percent ready for an attack. no longer imminent lease. what in the world does 70 percent? ah, i mean, i mean it's simply pulled out of the an air. there is no possibility that there is anything. there's no mathematical calculation for these things. they just invent
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the numbers. oh, most people believe whatever they are told. most people have absolutely 0 skills of skepticism when it comes to us military announcements, military songs, waving flags. so anything that is said and said repeatedly, is a problem. outlets are falling over a shop to get the most memorable story thumb even having to apologize for jumping. the gun reporting on a non existent war. we prepared headlines for many scenarios on the headline rusher and ukraine was inadvertently published around 4 pm today on our website. we deeply regret the error. the headline has been removed and we are investigating the cause . it's safe to say things are pretty hated. lot a day goes by without western leaders threatening russia with dire consequences or pledging to deploy extra troops to eastern europe. and what we would see is we see rushes economy suffer if they were to take an action to invade ukraine. devastating
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package of sanctions, economic sanctions that would have enormous impact on the russian economy. let's take a step back. so also headlines, really new. apparently the russians have been flexing the muscles since last year. holdings not drew since 2020, massive forces on the border since $29.00 team building weaponry since a year earlier, and threatening nato's border on russia's own territory. the year before that. the list goes on. only rarely do b. c news about may. so, forces deployed halfway around the world to russia's own borders and how that might affect relations with moscow, or the balance of power in europe. to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace, said george washington. and is the most high level folks in years between nato and moscow breakdown, and troops support on alerts calls for the escalation to fall on deaf ears as the
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media continue to beat the drums of war. the mayor of canada capital city has declared a state of emergency if i think a serious threat to the safety of residence truck drivers have been protesting. and also for a 10 consecutive day vaccine mandates around 5000 people with a 1000 vehicles flooded downtown on sunday, which is with the dancing and singing in the streets. although no trouble was reported. but demonstrate to say the movement is entirely peaceful and accused the government of smearing them with allegations of extremism. calling bray, discuss the developments with danny armstrong book protesting over the still no job . no job stand by the canadian government that concerns truckers traveling between the united states and canada and that precipitated a mile long blockades stretched all the way from canada to the u. s. state of montana and the government saved the city is now on the siege. our city is under
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siege, this group it arising our residence, torturing them with incessant honking, threatening them, and preventing them from leading their lives. this group is a threat to our to mar chrissy. what we're seeing is bigger than just the city of ottawa problem. this is a nationwide and direction prime minister just in trudeau, himself, and everything to the credit of protest this alleging they abuse, passes by and even waved to see symbols, including the confederate flag in insights and violence. despite the protest is saying that they are peacefully protesting for their rights. now this comes amid a huge police crack down on the freedom convoy. people have been arrested as for sharing fuel with the chokers of her sharing supplies were already been several arrests now in actual facts as the pictures tell a whole different stories or the an insurrection. yesterday i visited ato to
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witness freedom convoy 2022 with my own eyes. everything is peaceful. families with children play around music, free food and drinks. this felt like a festal rosen approach us fairness. i saw the family with children enjoying the peaceful demonstration or freedom convoy. a few bad elements were present, but they could be plants to discredit the freedom convoy. the bad elements were kicked out. simple throwing accusations around won't cut it. you have to have physical proof, be unreasonable doubt to be accusing them of terrorism. this is name calling the kids generally do. in contrast to them being portrayed is this extreme, a minority to incite violence. the views of actually been shared by a lot of people in gone and support across canada, talking to that the support is this. what's going on with this? go fund me side. the governor of california is accusing that website. us based of doing something, a little dodgy with millions of dollars of donations. what exactly is going on
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there? because i mean, the support that has been gone. it has been translated to the tune of $10000000.00 canadian dollars, and that's been raised on the go fund site and used by people who want to raise funds for all sorts site said it had conferred with the police and they said it goes against the site rules of prohibiting the promotion of violence and harassment that the court, despite these freedom come by protest the saying again and again that they want to peacefully protest at the site said the people who have donated money could ask for a refund within 7 to 10 days. and then the rest will be broken up rather arbitrarily. among the charities, florida governor from the census label that fraud and cold for that, and investigation into how they would break those funds. so all those that did react with isla, most of course, is a canadian citizen, he called go phone me professional thieves that has been of course, jordan peterson as well. who's pipes up,
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he's pop perhaps the the foremost voice of reason within the country. you would have simplified the process for your users if you wouldn't of carrolltown and caved and trumpeted. your virtue in doing so disappear, go on me now cause the freedom convoy has been a thorn in the side of the canadian government is declared the protest. all sorts of things. now also mat jim watson has declared a state of emergency. it's a developing story over the last 10 days and will keep you updated with all developments on auto dot com. well, thought heathen also reportedly detained several people and seized more than 3000 liters of petrol being stored as reserves for the truck as during a crackdown against the protest movement on sunday. oh, the wrong you don't have the. c least confiscated the fuel and all the materials in an effort to end the truck, a blockade over the city, which is now lost in 10 days. authorities have threatened to arrest anyone
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providing supplies to those dr. is the protest is have reportedly been issued around $100.00 citations for disturbing the peace, including using firework sounds, causing noise pollution. well, let's go live now to run the healey. a member of canada's ontario provincial parliament. thank you for joining us on the program. it's good to see you. now, do you find the all to a math decision to declare a state of emergency really necessary here? so actually, also, it's a cation, it's a pretext for what's actually government is doing. what we're seeing in my view is that there is an interaction against the people by our elected officials, by our this is, this is a very peaceful, friendly, energetic festival. a went to carnival about this, happening to purposely distort, in fact, will be fabricate. this is in any means warm,
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fighting for dangerous is wholly reprehensible. but it does provide more to what you're actually doing. and that is in effect, the key to talk against parts with removing all the checks and balances on political law and government authority. that's what is happening here in candidate . yeah, the same time authorities threaten to arrest anyone providing support materials to the truck drivers and things extreme. what's your take on it? fully, of course it is extreme in gain holding unnecessary. and it's also lawful. this is, this is by a distance interaction gets for people who could talk against our policy to say, all our governments are operating against our most foundational legal
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documents in we the way we are capturing balances against arbitrary authority by the elective people this. yeah, but our governments are using top and gap and get to the site here endangered in the general public. and to use that as a way to diminish and destroy our culture to control protection. do you feel like the trudeau government might have back itself into a corner off the branding protest is a bunch of insurrection is far right? extreme as i mean, it's very, very difficult to turn back off the same things like that. what do you think? well, it wasn't that in fact, himself a car he, he has done this wilfully and purposely he has gone to the site and to create this, this false word, this fiber in danger. just as we've seen this for the last 23 months,
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there is been government propaganda being used to insight into create a narrative of danger in terror within the population, which is wholly unnecessary. and so this was lot, this was not a formal, this will not be doing competency. was your tension intentionally to do this? and we've seen caused caused cavities because we were having freedom protests that are all very friendly, all very festival, like from vancouver to connect. every major with prudential capital has freedom convoys in our border points, or we do and convoys that people are waking up to understand that. what if we allow trudel to continue to hide into create this false narrative? we will soon be this set looks a lot like the hugo chavez play. what in venice waiver, who is what he's doing,
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create and inside, fearing danger. and then use that also and keep crack down and can get rid of our constitution yet, please, not my next question, quite smoothly. because protest, as we know with the legal rights in canada, but with the state ramping of restrictions on this movement. what sort of precedence does that sets well, depression and how can she is no longer valid that the prime minister has arbitrarily following consultation following loss. so only the song way and stopped on our representative democracy and that fall as long as she is permitted to continue to incite be 5. we will be under the mob rule that he is and said this is never before seen in for many canadians,
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very, very difficult for many cleans to believe that our government was out and such and such destruct tomorrow. it has to be what do you make of the support from the us, the, the florida governors, tweets about go funds, me withholding donations from the truck has gone viral and then we have a law must calling gofundme me professional thieves. well, the r he's will that money was donated in good faith and goodwill for a purpose, a lawful purpose, and then go from me with the encouragements of our elected. prime minister chiefs, police are elected mares. with your encouragement golf on me attempted to steal $9000000.00. now it appears that we are going to win that battle. but that's yet to be determined. but can you imagine in any western liberal
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democracy where will chief of police is a party encouraging companies to steal people's money to steal $9000000.00? this is, again, never before seen in the western liberal democracy. this is something that again, you would likely see. i'm doing this for carrying government like single chavez for the north korea or, you know, other authoritarian passion, sword carrying company. we cannot allow this to stand in canada. we won't. we are making arrangements for other means for people to contribute to help to freedom convoys. we are making arrangements and have made arrangements that we can to king to supply our truckers with food and fuel to keep them safe people warm as we continue to fight for our freedoms in ottawa and allow the country. many thanks to
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the whole contract today. best randy hillier, a member of canada, is ontario provincial parliament. thank you. and demonstrates in central london are showing full authority with the truck as protests in canada at raleigh. they've done the u. k. freedom convoy our correspondent, shoddy and was dusty expense. active. several countries around the world are engaging in very similar to their own and wide by what's going on in canada. now we know across the lawn, but we just seen as the police are coming very heavy handed using the force of law on that just nation penalized not today has been from a piece of what we know that the u. k. movement. ready knows, actually seen the piece, i think with activists throughout the last 2 months. it is now really with upon deming, but today is not as big as expected. in fact, we were expected to see almost a 1000 truckers reaching this site for central london. i spoke to the very 1st
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truck driver as she entered down this very road outside new scotland yard. and she told me that actually majority of this call has been really outside of london with them trying to get into a central london. however, some of them have made it, i've spoken to some people even as far as quarter, which is 7 hours away. so hadn't, and finally been a failure to buy any sense of the imagination. but interestingly, the current political hours are the last never really galvanizing movement. this movement of the gangs, the governor, particularly bars, johnson and all his friends engaging and talking throughout the demo. they use that id as an example, as a reason why you can't trust the government because that was at the time when the government was telling everybody else to follow the rules. and they said they say the roof 3 ripped up entirely and you cannot trust the government. as for today though, we've seen many vehicles carrying signs with slogans like no more locked downs,
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no medical tyranny and freedom over. but one song has been charged throughout the morning and now off to noon, it's that these guys think that they are 99 percent providing online safety for everyone, even if it's for criminals. american cyber security company cloud flare is set to be sued by several major japanese publishers who accused the firm of allowing piracy slides to use and services. under fosgate tele reports, it's not the 1st time the company has come under fire for dodgy activity on his platform. millions of web sites rely on the us space network to deliver traffic quickly and protect them from threats. but while cloud flows equally fighting off 17000000000 cyber attacks every day, it seems to be, let's see when it comes to well, principles. all the profits made from those manga piracy sites. go straight to the illegal operators with nothing going to the bookstores publishes and manner artists
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who have dedicated their lives to creating these works with cloud flat handing out a naval copies for free. those who walk tirelessly on the graphic novels are left millions of dollars out of pocket. so the text joint insist, it's not really to blame, but cow flat is a repeat offender. 82 percent of the legal traffic in the wild goes through it solvers, and it's not only as innocent as stolen among the drawings. no cloud flat has proved an oasis to the most hateful in the world. who did it, knowing how was customers for years? terror groups, web pages with images of child abuse, stolen payment card details, and new nazi and pro much shooting material. some of the services were only banned by the ceo because and i quote, he was in a bad mood because bother wise, he doesn't see the home and having hate speech hanging round a website, his speech is not bon. we do not believe that investigating his speech,
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the flow through our network is appropriate. in fact, we think doing that would be creepy. yes. better not take down, but i thought propaganda in case the terrorist got creeped out. never mind you say that's what the long arm of government is for. surely the white house, the champion of peace and tolerance, will step in, while the us authority told us to terminate any of them as a customer. we would, when we have a customer who we think might be engaged in illegal act, we consult with law enforcement organizations. in some cases, we've been specifically ordered not to terminate customers that may from an outside perspective objectionable. so not only is washington clearly not taking action, it's actively choosing to keep shady content alive and kicking as extra reward for a cloud flash, turning a blind eye, a giant contract. today we're excited to share that clerk flare and extend to federal services. have been selected by the department of homeland security to develop a joint solution to help the federal government defend itself against cyberattacks
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the platform and now both the f b i the state department, the department of interior and the library of congress as its clients. so just to be clear, the white house will encourage spotify to monitor jo, rope and podcast. our hope is that all major tech platforms and all major new sources for that matter, be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the american people have access to accurate information on something as significant as cobra. 1900, that certainly includes spotted, fly the f b. i will get facebook to hand over the private messages. i. p addresses, phone numbers and email accounts of john you the sick writers and i say will press telecom companies for data to track uses. washington will ban federal employees from accessing wiki leaks on. now, one computers and congressmen investigated the parlor but cloud flat. well, it gets a free pass on it. c o hits net was of $3700000000.00.
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clearly government credibility depends on the way they choose it, the service providers, the policy or the company similar to the one of the most fasting providers, to remark that they are not responsible for illegal conduct, any content that he's published by the customers that he's true. but he toes importantly austin provider, we quickly respond that way of picking down from a lawyer for smith, the he's the most important aspect company that failed to respond to regress the from outdoor are not trustable. in my opinion, it seems for washington, nato enemies are equal with some. in fact, it's even willing to rob shoulders is the 3rd day of the beijing winter olympics and russian figure skaters have taken the team goals with camilla valley. ava becoming the 1st woman to lambda quadruple. jump in and pick up the
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competition. but the games have not been without control. vesee is on his election . sketchy yourself ski reports when behaving a very good 3rd day of the beijing olympics for team of russian olympic committee. winning their 2nd gold in the space of 2 days corps to see off the ice figure skating team. there was little in free going into this round of competition because on sunday they basically sealed goals with very confident performances by monica. come that i took and come leave, who absolutely turn the ice into shreds with her. stella performance getting very close to a world record in fact. so the monday session was almost irrelevant. in that sense. russia was comfortably cruising to gold and confirmed it winning. the 2nd goal, gold in just the space of 2 days, and raining supreme in the overall metal stable at the moment that was, however,
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a somewhat controversial incident involving women's ice hockey match between r o c and canada. the canadian ice hockey plas reportedly refused to take to the ice until they see negative results of the team are, sees corporate tests and my colleagues are indicating that this was not something imposed by the i o c, or the chinese authorities. this was an international i skokie federation decision to whole tests at 5 o'clock in the morning. the r o c team refused to do that, and that's why the u. c. had to step in, eventually the teams made it out into the ice wearing medical masks. it might be the 1st time in history of ice coffee that a game is played with players wearing protective masks. and on sunday, it was also the case of the same old story, still making waves a noise here in beijing when russian ski.


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