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the me join me every 1st day on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me this ours top headlines here on our tea, russia publisher, the list of proposals to nato, from maintaining security. the deputy foreign minister saying the ball is now in the alliance his court, when it comes to de escalation. the program we think into disturbing revelation to the manchester arena, suicide bomber had linked to a former nato soldier ton terrorist. as an inquiry here, submissions from the u. k. 's home office and counter terror. police turning on the president, media outlets that are usually very joe biden friendly, sought to grumble that he should not run for another tub and drowning famine to
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plunge afghanistan into a humanitarian disaster. the un says the wind to freeze will only make matters worse. situation on the ground in afghanistan continues to be difficult. people are definitely not having enough food enough warm enough of supplies. ah, it is friday night here in moscow and we're broadcasting live in a 100 countries worldwide. this is our t international. russia has published a list of proposals for deescalate intentions with nato. it's all it made fears of a conflict in ukraine. the among the demands, i should say, are a scale back of military activity near russia's borders. now the western defense alliance has already responded by saying it will consider the document, but any outcome will require input from keith will earlier russia's deputy foreign
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minister had this to say. will need you to resume it, sir? yeah, we saw yesterdays text from nato. there is nothing new there. we'd be making proposals, but in return only get ultimatums. we were told it's up to us. now the choice is nato's. well, whereas you mentioned 2 different proposals. one is for the united states, which is slightly more detailed, but largely the same. there's also one to nato as a whole. and the gist of it is that we all need to pull back from the brink to de escalate to stop threatening each other. it's right there in article one that there needs to be a healthy respect for each other's need for security. and in that vein, it proposes a manner of a whole range of practical steps. in order to achieve that, the parties shall not use the territories of other states with
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a view to preparing or carrying out an armed attack against the other party. it is no secret, of course, not to you, not to of you as that the things have reached, i wouldn't say a chasm, a chasm. we're on the brink, where in the past we had talk of sanctions and you, you do accusations of ill behavior. now we're hearing things about an escalation towards water repeat the cuban missile crisis. and so russia proposes i, again, a range of steps including issues that are very sensitive to rush. and that is at the station in increasing station of intermediate, in short range ballistic missiles, mere russia. the parties shall not deploy land based, intermediate, and short range missiles in areas allowing them to reach the territory of the other policies. at this point, i mean, russia is referred to as an adversary in the, in the military doctrines of the united states,
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some of the nato countries. and these proposal seeks to eliminate that. we need to start afresh. we need to change what we call each other, stop again, threatening each other either politically, economically, militarily, in some cases which have which of course quite the shock incidence. we're seeing constantly in the black sea, for example, with increasing native military presence that and what russia wants is our return to the security situation of 1997, which is just just off that i to 97. nato expire expanded towards the east. and now we're seeing more and more american troops, nato equivalent being stationed near russia's boddeson. russia wants that to stop. nato states committed themselves to refrain from any further enlargement of nato, including the accession of ukraine, as well as other states during a press conference. all of this was unveiled by the way, by the russian foreign ministry during the press conference, journalists,
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including many from, from western media outlets were there. and what of things they said is, aren't you asking for too much? i mean, this is, this is essentially a wishlist of everything that marshall month. and here russia says look, this is, this is a draft. this is our proposals. things that we're prepared to work with, work around, perhaps compromise somewhere, paths compromise elsewhere. but the error of russia must do this. russia must do that. russia being dictated to ease ease, over at the nebulous motor. this is not an attempt to revise. the post code will order. it is a response to western expansion which has been conducted in a hostile manner. unfortunately, there isn't much cause for optimism so far. the russian foreign ministry says its proposals have been rejected who are being rejected. i am by nato states by the 2 countries. the european union, and here the problem is that both sides voiced these opinion that things much
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changed, that we want better relations. but every practical step taken to improve those relations to take steps to deescalate how their met with unfortunately, the russian se rejection or a crossing live to geo political analyst a pierre emmanuel tillman joining us ally from brussels as good to see you today. russia was negotiations with nato. it's setting out its terms apparently, what would be your expectations? where perhaps would you expect western powers to engage in talks and perhaps try to deescalate matters when. fortunately, i think your western powers, especially united states, is not ready to engage in a deep negotiation. simple day when you were, you raise, you know, european security architecture because each student doesn't accept a murky,
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put our world. and the objectives of her united states is to weaken any potential driver on your ration continent, beads or china or russia to maintain it. sir. uni paula dream. an acer, as your money, especially in europe. imagine if russia there will be a reset with russia between united states and russia and do the sward. i low the europeans, ste 2 or so do a reset. you have russia and to a better relations, especially germany and france. and we will be no rationale for nate to or to exist. and her defacto herb, the americans who lose in terms of herb ha, money in europe. this is why are they reject this approach
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and are or so, or as long as there is no accepted a geopolitical old or if they cannot be any or a negotiations or new treaties because or united states on it's a clause euro atlantis and i still think they can win against russia, they can or in the future, or maybe provo, dream changer in x, u. s. s or countries on finally in russia to impose a westernization, that's the object chief and of course, so rush ice trying to to put is, oh no reads lines. or if i can jump in, if i can jump in, i do apologize. i mean, you're racing, some pretty interesting geopolitical points here. it's, it's almost like you're talking from a big new brzezinski, a grand a chessboard book that was for some number of years, a bit of a playbook inside the hallowed halls of washington d. c. but what i wanted to ask you next is because with russia making a set of proposals to nato and essentially to, to washington as well to,
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to deescalate potential tensions in ukraine. what does this mean for europe? because there is plenty of disagreement between european powers over providing military support for ukraine. i mean, do you think this could actually fuel divisions within the european union? yes, of course sir. european union members are not so natal member subdivided because europeans f or different interests from the united states, but they don't want to show with no public places. and or for example, france according to say, to the legacy of goddess we vision like and you are europe and security architecture of russia and to start to negotiate. oh, but are each each time if there was a possibility to do but or over atlantis countries torpedoed vicinity or keep germany is or so are in favor of maintaining a better relation to russia. but still think nato is
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a main pita of its security. a doesn't think the european project out of the euro atlantic or exclusive dimension, but is reprogram i know so me a bit. your tra atlantis countries are poor and under and do like countries who doesn't want to speak a tory about to any type of negotiations because they want to a closer our united states to diminish or role of russia in europe. so it's up here for a minute, but essentially the serve jumping in again, but you're saying that america isn't really up for this multi polar world. but i wanted to ask you though, when it comes to, because you know, we've seen this anti rusher rhetoric for so many years now, it really never goes away. and when you look at the u. k. tabloids, for example, the u. k. tabloid saying russia, ukraine invasion evasion. i've been reading these headlines for absolutely years and nothing has come of it. i want to ask you this peer, how much patients do you think russia has left?
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well, i think i did my of a patient suffer a russia her regarding the your, these constant to refuse or offer a western powers to engaging any negotiations because or western powers are also feeder are quite insecure. we see, but 2 or more and more of a multi part our world ether are developing. anyway, we've china or russia, or iran, or brazier or south africa or countries. many countries don't want to be in a unipolar world and they try by communication or war communications to, to, to replace sound geopolitical and negotiations. i did hear political analyst appear, emmanuel tom and joining us live from brussels from all of us here at out international. good evening to you. thanks for joining us. the
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manchester arena bomber may have been radicalized by get this a former nato soldier turned terrorist and that was revealed during an inquiry into the atrocity on thursday senior figures from the u. k. counter terror police and a home office gave their closing submissions schedule. just for now, a quick reminder of exactly what happened in 2017 a salman, a betty detonated explosives in a stadium hosting and arianna grand a concert 22 people killed. hundreds injured, of course from an eagle dan off now looks at the latest fax coming to light. he murdered 22 people in one suicide blast. now a public inquiry is trying to establish what turned a hard core party go into a suicide bomber. and how it could have been prevented the probe is yet to deliver concrete answers, but over the past couple of years, it has yielded plenty of disturbing revelations.
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these pictures unnerved by the inquiry leave, little to the imagination the bomb. his whole family himself included, have been gun toting maniacs, thoroughly radicalized according to the findings. this is his father and the m. i. 5, they admitted they knew about the trigger. happy father who apparently was turning his sons into extremists and my 5 also knew about the bombers contacts with not one or 2, but 6 people who were just short of being placed on the terror watch list. and my 5 were also reportedly warned by the f b i that cell mana betty was planning an attack in the u. k. which in fact, he was none of that was apparently good enough to ban him from entry in 2015 and my 5 received information that summoner bady was in contact with the subjects of interest. s a y c. a. so i see was a long standing a,
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so i because we previous affiliation with an extremist group in libya, from mid 2015 onwards. am i 5 received information or summit a baby on several occasions which included conflicting information about his a spousal of pro eisley views. ah, this is abdullah rove abdullah a convicted terrorist, suspected of radical ising the manchester terrorist. he was friends with the bomber with the bomb his father, more than that they were brothers in arms within one of libby as largest militant groups. the february 17th march, his brigade. that's where they learned how to shoot, kill and bomb. not without the help of nato instructors, it was a group that had taken up arms to fight against gadhafi. yes, indeed, we had to do, forced to us, as we were backed up by the whole world and we were fighting. and nature was frightened actually with us. long sighted us as the british government also
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actually i was trained by and actually natal. it was just normal, basic training in weapons. basic train and yet out to ain't you and reload militant groups that later birth terrorists have been ones favored by western officials. the inquiry has shown when a delores commander was done with fighting in libya, he formed an anti government militia in syria on irish government. money, and did he subsequently lead a group from libya to syria? it? yes, i saw mana he did, and here before that he was in island, is it it, he was a live is a live in irish. i know and, and he was aided by the irish government with money. and i believe the british government also knew of others well to go and help syrians,
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if against the fight against asset during the libyan conflict in 2011, the british government was in communication with a wide range of libyans involved in the conflicts against the cathy regime forces it is likely that this included former members of the libyan islamic fighting group and the 17th of february, march. this brigade is part of our broad engagement. during this time, the you case helped to rebel groups of various degrees of extremism did not. and there britons elite troops were caught on camera in libya, despite official assurances at the time that there were no boots on the ground them . there was no other choice but to admit the reality. if the malicious and or herb bellinger had not been there playing a key role, i am not so certain that air bala would have resulted in good of his downfall in the way that we had a few people imbedded with them. not of france, so to speak, but beckoned carriers. rebel groups firepower grew. nato was dropping bombs by the
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1000 and qaddafi while eventually fell. and with him went down libya's security and rule of law. as all this myriad of militias turned against each other vying for power, the country turned into a free for all. so the u. k. began to evacuate its citizens, including militants. well guess who boarded the royal navies h. m. s. enterprise. back in 20. 14 in tripoli. none other than the future. manchester, boehmer, solomon abedi, we have asa, nato, and u. k. officials to comment on the admissions, we'll let you know what response we get. well, there's more on the inquiry if you like, head up to our website, which also has an awful lot of stories, not in today's program, including believe this or not how the u. s. and ukraine voted against a un resolution that was condemning naziism. just a few clicks away, party dot com. 3 months off of that thought about took over
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afghanistan, humanitarian groups asked, sounding the alarm. the banking system has collapsed in the countries on the brink of mass. starvation is a situation that is expected to intensify during the winter. i went to means that even with like, spending the whole day in line to get some bran at 3 loaves of bread help esvito children where the stand in front of the baker says is from morning to make it for 3 loads is brad. the price of bread has skyrocketed with hundreds of people, including women and children, and the elderly come to the bakery every day and make for bread. people live in poverty prices a loaf of bread used to cost $10.00. i've gone east, but now it is 20. 23000000 people face acute food shows,
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juice this winter. as more than half the country's population out the taliban take over. foreign donors cuts off financial aid. humanitarian aid is still getting it, but there is no telling if it will pass the 1st to test. well, the taliban government is not pleading with the u. s. to release $10000000000.00 and afghan assets which were frozen off of the militant group seized power in august. the thought about it for minister has asked the world to show mercy and compassion. or we discussed the crisis with the un secretary general's deputy representative for afghanistan. situation on the ground in afghanistan continues to be difficult and conflicts. winter has come. we have temperatures dropping below 0. and people are definitely not having enough food, enough warm enough of supplies. so it's a difficult situation. our teams are reaching out to over 8000000
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people now providing them with essential food items. and also delivering hundreds of thousands of kids which contain in transition items and which keep people warm at wind overall package of age. the of constant was estimated at $8000000.00 and, and to the next year we will be seeking $4400000000.00 towards the human tune appeal. an additional $3.00 to what is basic human needs. the aid is coming and it's promoting an impact. there may more to make a difference for the people on the grounds. however, i'm gone. a son is far from meeting the needs of the people. all right, at 20 minutes, pasta out here at moscow, we still got loads to come in this friday program, including that of republicans and democrats. in america. they are increasingly gnashing that teeth and lunching at each other's throats. but what is driving the
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division will tell you why in just a moment. a ah ah ah, failure to allow bond markets to reflect to market forces has resulted in
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a bifurcation in the economy where the most corrupt are rewarded for committing crimes. j. p. morgan being a prime example, and if you have morals or ethics, you're penalized. if you're not out there still stealing alluding, then you're going to be america today. is that, ah ah, your friday stores good to happy with us today. with cove it on the rise again in america nearing a 150000 daily infections, president biden has given a grim, wanting to americans who have not been vaccinated from vaccinated. we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death vaccinated for themselves, or families, and the hospital will soon over. well well the u. s. has now passed another grim milestone 800000 reported covert deaths. it comes at a time however,
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of soaring inflation, of living costs as well. it's all of which well, it's all having a pretty bad impact on the popularity of the commander and chief forties. nicky, aaron taking a good look a tragic milestone bind and cold it and he's right. the number of cov, a death in the u. s. is now about equal to the population of atlanta and st. louis combined. the toll stanza, more than $800000.00 a grim figure, which has doubled in a single year. it's a heavy burden for any president to carry in his 1st year in office. but it seems that president biden took some convincing on the gravity of the situation. was was 200000 where preventable death life looks when vaccines wo,
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readily available. and the old habits of blaming donald trump is no longer going to work just over 4 weeks ago. america had no real plan of action that most of the country, my predecessors, my mother would say, god love them, fail the order, and our vaccines fail to mobilize the effort to administer the shot. fail to set up vaccine centers that changed the moment we took office, as by the now uses his influence to encourage people to get vaccinated. won't turn help it. wonder where the trust in the presidents woods has been on the mind vaccinated. 57 to me. 570 to me. i don't want to read. i'm not sure i got to read normally. the total number of boosters is what i have a 77000000 booster. we have a roughly 350000000 people and actually united stage. and
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as biden comes to the end of what was expected to be a com and year after trans post, so that almost at 70 percent of americans have it reservations where the bind and is a leader. they can believe in no doubt not helps by his multiple fo par, like cracking jokes about kentucky after the state was ravaged by killer tornadoes . by kid say, the best thing ever came out of kentucky was my sister in law. the president's performance this year has also been enough to turn some of the mainstream media against him just months ago. the few to look to bryant as for cost as spoke optimistically about how life with bind and at the helm would play out. but the tune has changed with some media outlets now urging bite and against another run. combined president joe biden's age. he'll be a to, to shortly after the 2024 election and his ongoing political struggles. he's mired
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in the low fourties and job approval. and you get this a series of stories examining with abide and runs again, and if not, what might take his place. so was the president to do? he should announce much sooner than later that he would not run for a 2nd term. the argument against this is that he would instantly turn him into a lame duck presidents. and that's undoubtedly true. bought news flush right now, he's worse than a lame duck. the white house press secretary, however says the president has every intention of keeping his job, whether the country will concur is another massa. willis sounds a bit dramatic, but her american society, being split along party lines, could be, quote, irreversible, and extremely dangerous. that is the finding of a new academic study, which concludes that division in america is close to tipping point of the study claims. that polarization has gone so far that americans will find it difficult if not impossible to unite even when faced by a serious threat such as wall. let's get the opinion now of
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a political commentator, a naughty contributor lauren chin. political division in america is at an all time high right now, and it is no secret that by and large the corporate press are not fans of conservatives. after all, they have been calling them nazis and white supremacists for going on 5 years now. and perhaps it is because the rhetoric against republicans was already so strong that now leading up to the 2020 to mid term elections. and yes, even 2024 general elections. it seems like the new way to demonize anyone who would dare to support donald trump. is not just by calling them ideological extremist as we've been seeing, but to actually go so far as to imply that they are physically a literally dangerous and an actual threat to democracy. and if you think that's just hyperbole, check out this op ed from the washington post in his piece. our constitutional crisis is already here. writer robert kagan lamented that quote, the united states is heading into its greatest political and constitutional crisis since the civil war with
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a reasonable chance over the next 3 to 4 years of incidence of mass violence, a breakdown of federal authority and the division of the country into warring a red and blue enclave, and to be clear afar from believing that potential political violence could be a both sides situations where democrats and republicans alike end up taking arms for their respective causes. commentators like kagan and m. s. n. b c's. john heilman. make it clear that in their opinion, the threat of violence comes solely from the right, at least 8 percent, and maybe as many as 12 percent of the american people now say the job was illegitimate and that violence was appropriate tool to remove human restore. donald trump considering that throughout 2020 large scale political violence was almost exclusively left wing arena, with many american cities being burned or looted under the guise of b, l. m, and t for activism. here in the corporate press. now trying to paint conservatives as the real threat of domestic terrorism in the country might seem disingenuous.
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and so with all this discussion of political division and even violence should come as no surprise that the bit of secession has even come back to the main stream. in fact, as a bloomberg opinion piece recently noted from tax it to the new california republic poles in the u. s. do show strong support for splitting the nation among blue and red lines. and although the concept of balcony zation or succession is still regarded as an extreme suggestion by many in the media, if from supporters and republicans really are as violent and bigoted as they would have us believe us, shouldn't they be jumping at the chance to separate themselves from them or perhaps are the allegations against conservatives. merely smears meant to keep them out of political power all while allowing democrats to enact legislative control over them . it is out international with the world still. if you're occupied with cove, it scientists or warning of a possibly greater threat in the form of ancient viruses that are lying dormant
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under the arctic ice. a russia has taken the lead calling on the arctic council to start examining such viruses urgently as melting permafrost. well, mays at the end of the day, the viruses could ultimately be unleashed on humanity. deadly ancient viruses, revive horror movie. no reality rushes permafrost is melting. viruses and bacteria that were trapped in frost for thousands of years. now, could we come? there are extremely good papers that say yes, you can revive bacteria from deep permafrost. russia establishes an organization to examine these threats with that are sure, there are a number of well.


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