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ah, ah french m e p towels r t to sant broadcasting, claiming there are enough useful idiots in europe to spread the kremlin alleged propaganda on the ukraine crisis. place book admits in court that it's 3rd party funk checks and nothing more than opinion. feeling further allegations of vice and censorship upon social media and an attack on the rule of law that's will activists, the calling the case proposed changes to his human rights legislation, which would make it easier to deport foreign criminals. ah . oh i, they're very good morning and thanks for joining us here on anti rampant
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western speculation about a possible rush. evasion of ukraine has prompted a french army p to tell this channel to shut up shop in europe. now, according to them, there's no need for ortiz alleged propaganda, as there are enough, quote, useful idiots about to already spread the kremlin message. let's get ma nessa. ferris sar corresponded charlotte dubin ski. good morning to you from one useful idiot to another. very good morning to you. why? hi. well, this message seems to be very much in teams. we're hearing from many you politician, to a keen at the moment to show that she's against russia with one m e p, suggesting that she is, and she wants to save the russian government a lot of money. this is natalie. so who's also a member of emanuel mac owns on the move party hearing from from this is somebody
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who would probably describe herself as being thoroughly european to the core and anti russian. in fact, in the last few years, she has ramped up the anti russian sentiment and use that as a mechanism to push forward her agenda that needs to have better defense capabilities and possibly even an e u. all me. now on the one hand, next us must be somebody who would say that she defend the idea of freedom of speech and expression to the core. but it does seem as if that only extends to the type of freedom of speech that she agrees with so much. so she's told journalists like you and i the essentially, we don't need it all. welcome any more. don't go say i would like to get a piece of advice to russia today. you can save money and close your offices in europe. your pin politicians are doing you work perfectly well, systematically striving traveling propaganda. and i would like to tell you,
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try not to worry because these useful idiots remain in minority in europe, and they must absolutely remain in minority susie. so apart from and she just the quick fact check pay for madame luez though the name of the channel is off. he not russia today. so pop from the fact that she is unhappy with what she sees as politicians from the left and the right side of the political spectrum saying that russia has the right to have a view in the world to question things. for example, to question the idea of nature when it doesn't keep its commitment. that thank see idea and the question does natty luez or think that if nato renee eggs on commitments said it's made that that should be swept under the carpet. now, all of this comes as the e u has been ramping up. its threats against russia over water claims is a potential invasion, but it is about to happen by russia into ukraine. and there has been weeks if not
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in months of speculations. now, with allegations that russia has been amounting this mass amount of troops on the border with ukraine, while at the same time, not very much. if anything said about the fact that ukraine has been amassing troops on its border to this also comes at a time when nato has once again been suggesting that ukraine could be about to send in the alliance. something that russia has warned for many years and particularly continues to wall, that it sees that as being a direct threat. moscow is also accused he have of not just amassing those troops on the borders, but also really beefing up. it's army with morton capabilities and it says the key have right now is exacerbating the tensions and the situation progresses her today . as for the of a round of threats towards russia, warnings or threats, we absolutely understand the position and there is no need to repeat it 10 times. what we would like their position to be more balanced. if we're talking about the
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need for the escalation, ukraine, we want to see calls for kia to stop the provocative activities on the demarcation line. now while the hawks are soaring and squawking about this idea that there is a war brewing right now, some you lead is a canceling that could be a self fulfilling prophecy. and that comes with a big warning, particularly from french president. i'm manuel mack on who says that that could come to pass if it's something that we keep speculating about. and he said that the primary goal right now should be to avoid any unnecessary tensions. it seems that natalie lou as though to get that memo. yeah. and i me pain defending the freedom of hate. so freedom of speech. good way to start the rundown. appreciate that. charlotte. thank you. now, lunmark, cool case, matter, also known as facebook, 2.0 has admitted that it's 3rd party fact check. so just opinions,
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the revelations came during a legal battle journalist has brought against the social media john to accusing it of defamation to his posts were flagged as being misleading, ninety's husky. taylor picks up. the story turns out the famous fact checkers who are busy labeling things false party, false misleading. i've actually been a bit loose with, well, the facts. facebook yet again found itself in court. this time up against to john list. he didn't like the bay slapped partly full sticker on one of his post, so he sued for defamation. i'm because facebook where he spent millions of dollars on legal fees over the years. it got creative this time and claimed that front checkers don't decide what's false will not based on fact, what a ridiculous idea, but on their opinion, hence the title, fact checkup and because opinion in america is sacred, you can't sue it. it's a very, very nifty loophole. but just to really escape any liability whatsoever. facebook
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double down on how it gives it. fact checkers. a very long leash, though miss identifies potential misinformation, for fact checkers to review and rate. it leaves the ultimate determination where the information is false or misleading, to the fact checkers. and though mets is designed is platform so that fact checker ratings appear next to the content that the fact checkers have reviewed and rated. it does not contribute to the substance of those ratings. now, you won't find any of these details in the giant fact checking section on facebook top. com. instead you'll learn about how they interview full says and consult data . look for facts, you know, to really drive home the point about how it's all based on opinion. i think some of it's 3000000000 uses worldwide, want very pleased. after all, many of them had probably used these facts one arguing with their friends. and now it's turned out they would just quoting some random person's opinion. i've been embarrassing railing, so di, campaigning for facebook not to be let off the hook. court filing. facebook admits
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its fact checkers. don't check facts. is facebook admitted here that it's fact checks are not really fact checks it oh, but merely opinion assertions also by facebook, clement, it's labels constitute opinions than doesn't that make it a publisher. facebook, your opinion piece is not exempt from being fact checked, even when they are clearly labeled as op eds or editorials. also, facebook are fact check labels cannot be false or defamatory because they consist sheet protected opinion, even though we present them. as fact, my question though is, what does facebook need these opinionated fact checkers for anyway, after all, over the years, it's proved, it's been committed to free speech. it is giving people a voice, especially don't come. it's dedicated to openness, transparency, and of course democracy. i mean, it says all the time your democracy can't tolerate the speech of people. i'm not sure what kind of democracy it is. i do believe in giving people more access to information and more access to connect with one another and not reserving those as
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tools for some small number of ally people. i don't feel comfortable at all saying they don't get to have a voice because i don't agree with. they said our ability to know what is misinformation is itself in question. and i think reasonably so fact checkers. facebook's favorite friends protecting it from defamation, setting it free for accountability, someone to hide behind and times of trouble, but most importantly, always ready to get their opinion. facebook has found themselves back against the wall and if they try to cling to the idea that they are fact checking in court, they're going to lose. and not only is it gonna cost them big time, but it's gonna open the door to a flood of similar law sewage in the near future. and it could be more than they can handle. i think they're hoping that by admitting that fact, jack just means opinion jack, when facebook puts a label on there, hoping to get out of this lawsuit without harm. and then just sink the story into
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the daily fountain of news events and hope people forget about it. in due time and in the, in the future, you'll see changes in their labels. they'll stop using the word fact and they'll come up with some other way to express it where they still exercise their dictatorship right to control speech on their platform. but it won't be a false presentation, like the word fact jack is false. and another france, journalists are fighting against government surveillance after it was revealed us homeland security. secretly obtained information on reporters congress members and possibly even its own staff. using databases said to track international terrorists the associated press, his reporter was one of those who was targeted is demanding answers where he deeply concerned about this apparent abusive power. this appears to be an example of journalists being targeted for simply doing their jobs, which is a violation of the 1st amendment that the center of the uproar is a special unit inside customs and border protection. it is called counter network
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division. it reportedly gather data l 20 journalists, seizing sensitive databases. the revelation has prompted condemnation, not just from media workers, but lawmakers as well if true, this abuse of government surveillance powers to target journalists, elected officials, and their stuff is deeply disturbing. if multiple government agencies were aware of this conduct and took no action to stop it, there needs to be serious consequences for every official involved and department of homeland security and the justice department must explain what actions they're taking to prevent this unacceptable conduct in the future or the department of homeland security insisted a deeply committed to ensuring. busy the protection of 1st amendment rights, namely freedom of speech and the press journalist and commentator chadwick moore told us that americans have long been spied on by their governments deeply shocking and chilling, actually to put it more accurately. but this is also nothing really new. and this
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is something that. a transcends administrations that transcend democrat and republican administration. there's absolutely no reason why someone from a government should be looking at your bank records, who you're emailing your travel records. it was funded mentally against everything that this country stands for that, that our constitution. so it doesn't matter if you have something to hide or not, it's wrong and it should be a legal probably is a legal and it's not, it's the end of the values of this country. and the people in journalists are being deceived. and this is all being funded by our government. it seems like congress should be able to do something about it. they won't, you put up quotes and congress people who are saying are deeply concerned. i don't think anything will happen. might be, i don't know if it's too far to say that maybe because these agencies have every bit of dirt. they cannot members of congress, maybe congress people are frightened to come out against these agencies in the delta services and any kind of meaningful way that's possible. but congress could absolutely do something, but they haven't,
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and i don't think they were the british governments planning to reform its human rights laws by adding what the case just the secretary called a healthy dose of common sense. the proposed changes paid the way for the deportation of foreign criminals, but sir, being pummeled by the opposition and by rights activists. this bill represents the biggest legal assault on international refugee law ever seen in the u. k. a future where the u. k. breaks is international law, obligations and ox out of human rights protections is a very bad future. these conservative governments attacks on the rural floor must stop. the human rights ad does not stop as depaul in serious criminals threatening to weaken people's ability to challenge the government. just because the course sometimes rule against you is the act of dictators and despots, not democrats. now, these proposed changes would apply to the u. k. human rights acts. it's been in place for 20 years. among other things,
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the conservative government wants greater powers to curb foreign criminal's ability to appeal deportation. and to get british cause more flexibility in interpreting rulings from the european court of human rights. now she returns a host of ortiz show, going underground. told my colleague in o'neill that the timing of the proposals could be significant. viewers around the world are going to say, you know, this is just coming days after a british court accused of corruption by some are overturned, a previous judgment, that the julian assigns of wiki. these can be sent to the united states to raise a 175 years for revealing war crimes. so why, why so soon after we learn of that our judgment and his stroke in a high security prison? do we suddenly hear a reform or consultation document on the human rights act, which will, which will and on the table is a reform over you. european human rights are court affiliation of the british
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system. one of the reforms on the men points of it is that the u. k. wants to make it easier to, to port foreign offenders. that's something that a lot of conservative voters have been asking for for many years. why should that one be a problem? the numbers are far in offenders that have been coming to britain. you look at statistics our minuscule, in terms of overturning the entire human rights act. one good, maybe i say that britain there is or acting quite intelligibly about this britain after all, knows exactly the scale of the refugee crisis from countries that it participated in the annual bombarding of it was britain of course, that destroyed africa's riches per capita. country libya on the mediterranean, there were thousands untold thousands of drowned, and course england and france were involved in that. we have refugees drowning in the english channel. and of course,
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england and britain was responsible partly for the aerial bombardment of iraq of afghanistan, or of syria at britain knows where and why refugees are seeking solace and asylum from countries whose economies and whose entire populations have been destroyed. a former immigration minister in denmark has been sent to 2 months in prison for legally separating refugee couples. in 2016 ingles storybook says the move was to protect child brides and that she has no regrets. yes, i can. i see i can only say that i am very, very surprised by despair. and it is as it were, the only scenario i had not prepared for before because i thought it was completely unrealistic. but here we are, and i take my punishment and i do it without vent in my neck. oh boy, agnes, i don't know there is nothing i have a bed. so i mean, simply one has
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a moral and compassionate obligation to protect the girls, and that was what i did was sort of served as denmark's immigration minister from 2015 through to 2019, at the height of the migrant price. she gave orders for couples to be separated when the female partner was under age somewhat as young as just 15 well below the marks legal marriage age of 18. the danish court ruled the decision though was unlawful. it was made without consideration for individual circumstances, and that still had breached her responsibilities. as a minister. it's an issue. we put up the debate to me. nobody is above the law is as simple as that. and she had been only sentence for 2 months, not for 2 years. and we also know that she will not go to the present. she maybe get a strap on her leg, you know, and that is, that would be, i think the lessons learned, says oper, say there is a lack of proportion,
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a on behalf of the danish minister. but also, i think on behalf of the tool, because we're talking about 23 people. so i don't think our mom's sentence, most of the girls who are in this 24 cases giver. 1617. so they were not child right. like 5 year 60 or 70 years, and most girls were already married with these campers and to separate those people. i think that if she wanted to do something humana, she should have gone to the court and knocked some competent expert who had given her some good advice. but she didn't do that. i think they didn't type in search for the service. let's good play trying to contract that i just read why she might go as long as i got members, also having economic time since syria which is contributing to so many of them
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coming to denmark didn't know that, that they didn't know what the damage became as asylum seeker hope of the know the loss of the land. they were running for the lights are in the country. they were seeking asylum somewhere. and they came to the denmark. and if she was so worried about them, then she the minister would have been something more humane. talk to them and explain to them. well i think if you go by what she said, she said she is defending diverse families. protecting child buys. it is not a metro one day or one year. it's just a matter of subjecting those more people who are seeking asylum and, and the government and the minister is subjecting them to cancel unbearable pressure. and that is, i think, personally for me is absolutely terrible. so the main reason people come
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from syria to, to play supplies, they denmark and the is the all for a phenomenon, sanctions which literally agree on some nightmare. so you never passing me today or beach or on the, on the extensions. and then maybe a little bit more bearable. but inflation soaring in america and citizens there have been advised to spend, spend, spend before the savings, the value further supply. so that hasn't gone down very well with already strapped for cash consumers, warranties correspondence over the caleb moore pin takes a closer look was prices on almost all goods and services rising. some media have come up with some advice that isn't going down too well. they say copy inflation ravaged argentina and simply blow all your money before it evaporates in high inflation economy. money that sits in the bank is losing value each day. those
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$100.00 and deposit by a little bit less. as a result, many argentines spend their paychecks as soon as they receive them, cards in a way, weeks worth of groceries in a single shopping trip. even if some of it excess me chicken fish will sit in the freezer for months. so won't burg, offers us to spend more. that's as consumer inflation costs of jumps, 6.8 percent the highest and 41 years. no doubt, many have pointed out how disconnected from reality such a solution is. in the weimer republic, the price change so fast to customers bought beer for the whole day in the morning . it's coming or the fed can stop printing trillions of dollars, making us all poor in the process with a decline and currency that also works. yeah, you definitely should start live in a hand to mouth because of temporary blip in inflation. it's not the only example in a recent washington post article, a leading columnist aptly suggested. not expecting very much. rather than living
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constantly on the verge of throwing the fit and rescan taken it out on the la whelmed service, struggling shop owners later ivan delivered a pupil. we do ourselves a favor by consciously lowering expectations. a recent article from walks recommended reducing holiday requests in order to not feel the crunch of by nomics . the mission to my last with more intention is achievable for everyone, especially affluent shoppers. it's incumbent and americans, the wealthiest people in the well to come back, come and be critical of their consumption. many c biden's policies as being directly to blame while an infusion of treasury bonds may have been necessary at the beginning of the pan, an egg. the strategy of printing money seems to be backfiring. everything costs more grocery stores of pretty much everything. the universally cost more everything, it's got up gas, food, everything. so it's not then i'm a small in a black home business owner and all the prices are my products, have
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a coffee shop in brooklyn, in prime grand coffee. and like all the, all the beans are more expensive and it's harder to get like even little products like napkins and cups and all those stuff. so it's kind of bad. you know, i dont think biden has been handling any situation. i think biden has just been sitting in office, says kind of a doddering man. joe biden seems bored of explaining how he sees it, not too interested in defending his actions. if we were all going out and having lunch together and i said, let's ask whoever everson, the next table, no matter how were what restaurant ran, have had them explained the supply chain to us. it didn't understand was what we're talking about. why wouldn't biden be trying to stop inflation if apparently he's the only one who knows what it is, but even economics nobel laureates writing for the new york times say they did not see the inflation coming. trying to clarify my own thoughts on inflation. i got
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inflation wrong, i didn't see the current such coming, but why? i didn't think the fiscal stimulus earlier this year would boost demand as much is summers. that's how predicts it. and in fact, so far it hasn't. now at this point, 60 percent of americans blamed joe biden for the crisis, but mainstream media seems to disagree and tell them they should blame themselves, not the people leading the country. there's nothing that upsets american voters more than having to pay for ever higher prices that are going up dramatically by to mr. trisha can try to blame the energy companies in private this fall or want, but it's all happening on his watch. and i expect that the democrats are going to pay a very serious price for this and the next election, if we make it that long, we don't know what inflation is going to be at. by that time, i'm very much afraid that, that we're going to be facing
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a reckoning of without any kind of historical precedent and anybody's lifetimes. american e commerce giant amazon could be in trouble over questionable tornado preparations . 6 of its workers were left dead at the disaster hit one of its warehouses in illinois last week. the federal investigation into workplace safety has been opened, while employees accused the company of failing to provide enough training on how to act during a tornado incident. one of the victims apparently, also notified his girlfriend. the company wouldn't let him leave. a woman said she received the text 16 minutes before the storm head, which might have been enough time for him to get home to safety. it was the last text she ever received from it. lamson says that it is assisting the investigation and the training is mandatory and its facilities. critic site not enough time is spent on preparing work is especially in the busy holiday season.
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companies promised to donate a $1000000.00 to rebuild the devastated local community. political commentator nika house says amazon should have done more on managerial staff, and edward vill, illinois knew that the tornadoes were coming, because, well, they admitted they got alerts, us through various apparatuses like text messages and phone calls in even more so even more. so they had advanced notice not that day, but days ahead. it also probably means that the amazon managerial st staff should have been taking precaution, given that the national weather service made it perfectly clear that there was a valid storm system for me in that area. now they did not close the facility that day. they didn't even close the facility early. bad day. this seems to be emblematic of a major problem that has been consistent with amazon working conditions seem to be unbearable for amazon workers to the point where they are now banning the other
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across the world to combat them. this is not a one off situation. they were given a couple of days notice about the volunteer needles in the area, days, not hours date. they could have close early. they could have, as they could have made an escape plan and say, hey workers were you and the proximity to amazon's facility. in this particular case, larry was only 30 minutes away in an area that didn't get hit hard according to his girlfriend. and why do they keep his facilities open exactly to what to get? the packages were the need to get to on time. that's, that's what a life was law for. that's what people were put endanger for people. larry virgin, partner of 13 years with his girlfriend, father of for lost his life for the amazon. could get you your packages on
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time instead of a day or 2 late terms like the queen's english and brits on now apparently deemed to be discriminatory, echoed into a guide issued by the british counsel to its employees in which he does is them to avoid using such language introducing the new non discriminatory language guide. the british council edition. brits don't use when referring to people from the u. k. makes fellows from northern ireland for you. excluded guides associated with men and can be perceived as excluding women. time to bring back. good old ladies and gentlemen. native english speaker relates to countries like the u. k. the usa and australia and discriminates against others. not so native speakers from other
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countries rejoice. developing countries use lower income country, middle income, country, fragile and conflict affected stake. feel free to be more specific. british english or queens english implies that these varieties of english are more correct or of greater importance than others. too bad, nobody but the brits really thought like that. oh wait. what about the british council? better start looking for another name before it cancels itself together . wraps it up. thanks for company this morning. i'll return in half an hour. mm hm. ah
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ah ah ah ah, a ah with the wait sold again, i missed you today between paul, you got like was a good segue as a break in that you put in on your plate and it's like you thought all the time to break in there. right. yeah wait.


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