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oh, the, the news top headlines this hour here, when i see us, maureen is sent to a military j o. off the land, passing his government handling of the afghanistan pull out in a series of viral videos. critics say he's being punished for asking vital question won't generals in the depth and everybody else. they see him as a threat, so they need to, they need to shut him up. you tube removed off these german language channels for allegedly violating the platforms community guidelines. ortiz, editor and t cord, that a fully fledged declaration of on media war against russia. wiki league editor
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in chief says, reports of a c, a plot to kill julian songs show that his life would be in danger if he were to be expedited from the view case to the us. fate on the ground would be in the hands of those who were planning to live and france rejects what it calls indecent claims from molly that it's abandoned the country by withdrawing troops for the african nation. turns to russian contractors to fight against tires . ah, is it just off the 80? i'm here at moscow, and we are off to a quick start on our international lots of use pouring in on this wednesday morning . i'm receive a us marine at known for his outspoken criticism of the us, pull out from my dentist on has been sent to a military. j. stewart shallow lieutenant colonel of the us marines was relieved of
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his command after a series of videos on line, flagging multiple failures and the gun draw down and branding at a humiliation for the us. shallow says he couldn't stay silent after serving in the army for 17 years and losing colleagues in the suicide bombing at the campbell airport. people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we mess this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate biography airfield, the strategic air berries before we evacuate everyone. i am submitting charges against general mckenzie for his bad assumptions now because i'm vindictive, but because the senior leaders need to be help how to the same standard as us. the marine has been accused of violating several us laws. it's forbidden for
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a service men to publicly criticize superior officers or to show contempt for civilian leadership. i should say civil leadership, i beg your pardon. now the officers fate is not yet clear, but several charges are being considered. left tenant, colonel stuart, shall a junior is currently in pre trial confinement. the time date and location of the proceedings have not been determined less tenant, colonel shallow will be afforded. oh, due process sheller made that made that video on his laptop. you didn't ask for any chiller made that made that video on his laptop. you didn't ask for anything completely unreasonable. yes. for accountability. and he asked for answers. the woke generals in the set up and everybody else. they see him as a threat, so they need it. they need to shut them up. so what did they do? they gave him a gag order. right now he's now he's going to go to the break. now he's facing charges. and i personally think that they're also trying to make an example out of
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him and showing the world ok. if you're going to do this, if you're going to speak out against us, we're going to, we're going to hit hard and you're probably going to face military prison, which is unfortunately, that looks like it's faith. lachelle as parents are standing by his actions saying old son did is to ask questions that everybody else was asking specifically about the apparent lack of planning and the african withdrawal and, and why many americans were left behind. meanwhile, top general to reinforce, to answer those same questions in congress. the fact that the afghan army that we in our partner strain simply melted away in many cases without firing a shot, took us all by surprise. and it would be dishonest to claim otherwise i was there a couple times in 2006. i was there in 2011. i was there, but i every time it got worse and get better. so it is going to be a surprise, isn't it true that you've left americans behind on august the 31st?
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there are americans, there were americans, there was still and enough to understand and yell are we can tell you right to work to try to get those americans out. yeah. that, that's a yes. let's, let's not repeat please the, the frankly fall so that we didn't leave americans behind. so in august, we all witnessed the horror of pres is own making when you're scheduling a major evacuation of a country you've been in for 20 years. there's no excuse to not be on the same page . there's no excuse to come up with an effective bullet comes plan to evacuate successfully and the fact that multiple people on different pages and they had no idea what was really going on. it just shows a major inconsistency of our leadership. if you don't take the military out 1st, they come out laugh, it really pains me to say this, but i really don't think they care as much as they should. the fact that our top
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generals allowed this to happen and not only allowed to happen, but not a single one of them, raised their hand and said ok, we screwed up big time. somebody needs to be held accountable for, and they're just trying to brush this aside and move on or so come with the program here on our see to the international criminal court seeks to drop a probe into us war crimes and i've gone on and instead we'll focus on more on that in just a few minutes. so this is archie international that youtube has deleted ortiz, german language channels, citing alleged community guideline violations, and rushes. media regulator has weighted threatening youtube parent company, google with a fine if the band isn't reversed. ortiz cassini rush gulf, discuss the story with my colleague niel harvey. you know, the popularity of r t in germany among the german speaking audience has been growing,
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especially in the recent years. and just to give you some numbers, rti, george had a total of almost $547000000.00 views, and over 600000 subscribers and not a small youtube channel that placed it among the top german news channels on that platform. you know, in june alone rti george gather over 21000000 views on that platform, which is almost as much as what spiegel tv received. nashville is one of the most credible in the major news outlets in germany and which has been around for decades . so our d, george has managed to put up a fight against major german news outlets. and of course, this hasn't gone unnoticed. there are a lot of politicians in germany who have repeatedly called for curves on r t in in the country. and rti has been struggling to study tv broadcast in germany for many years, facing both over it and hayden resistance. so all in all its been an extremely harsh environment, hostile environment for our fellow colleagues in germany. so these bands seem like
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cause treatment. what was the, the potential crime was committed while, as usual, in these cases, the response from a media platform is fake. and youtube send our colleagues in germany message saying that there were, quote repeated violations of community guidelines. so, you know, that's it, you know, get out of the platform. google, which owns youtube, gave us a more detailed response. so let's have a listen. youtube has clear community guidelines which explain what is allowed on the platform. all t joyce was issued a warning for floating content that violates our rules in relation to coven 19 medical misinformation policy. this resulted in the suspension of their right to upload videos during the suspension, the channels own as tried to bypass the restrictions by using a different channel. as a result, both channels were closed, violating youtube tons of service. so to give some context, 1st archie george, his main youtube channel was given several co related strikes and that led to
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a temporary suspension. so because the main page was suspended, its team decided to continue sharing its content on a different page that belongs to one of its shows. it was different content, not that which had been flagged by youtube, of course, but nonetheless, both pages were completely deleted by youtube without any war. and now what's interesting is that there are no clear rules saying that you can run a separate page or maybe even start a new page if you are suspended on youtube for whatever reason. besides those 4 videos and question that are 2 doors receive stripes for contained criticism of the government's approach of the pandemic voice by other medical experts not by journalists. so to claim that this was medical mis information, misinterpretation, well, in the eyes of rt george, that's debatable. so is he denying any wrong doing that challenging this man?
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while they are saying that they receive an unfair treatment and will actually 1st comment on that story in russia with our own editor in chief, i'm going to get it to see my now. and then she said that would just happen in germany, the rti george amounts to a declaration of war on russia by germany. let's hear what she actually said. so this time they did it and attempt to circumvent the restrictions when we invited our audience to our 2nd channel. while our 1st channel was serving a sentence for far fetched violation of community guidelines, which were slept in us for airing interviews with critics. of course, 19 measures. it wasn't the 1st time when i did our audience to our 2nd channel, but only to day did they decide the band both at the same time and to vex, or is terrorists and spacious of all kinds are quietly broadcasting on youtube. they have repeatedly said outright that they shadow banners and don't let us in, but this turned out to be not enough. we grew despite, they're not letting us in. now they simply didn't us. this is a full fledged declaration of media war by germany to worth russia purchased.
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foreign ministry spokeswoman money is also we'd in by saying that would just happen was inactive aggression. and that there is going to be a symmetrical response directed at german media working in russia. now the message she had didn't clarify what exactly that means, but i guess her driven colleagues working here can be bracing for a bumpy road ahead. we discussed the potential motives behind the youtube band with our guests, and that of the long running claims of russian disinformation is a clear case of political transition, democratic society, which germany is should be able to handle different opinions and you, what you meant. google is american companies and the companies as well should be able to handle different ideas and not to send law some different opinions. this is some kind of altering behavior and manner,
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which is not worth for a democracy. there's 2 things going on here. one is just this idea of giving strikes for medical misinformation. this is something that you tube has begun doing since the beginning of the pandemic. and they're locked in with various governments, mainly western governments. and they'll sort of use this overarching umbrella. it's just intentionally very vague. r t does media coverage which competes with are outcompetes, other english language channels and competitions. so you know, this is really a credibility war between russia in the west, in the media space. and despite constant efforts by western countries, nato government to paint russian outlet says kremlin propaganda or russian disinformation at no time. can they ever demonstrate exactly where the disinformation is in the content which is being broadcast? and i think this situation is more or less
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a continuation of that. former us secretary of state and mike palm peo has refused to confirm or deny a report that the u. s. plotted to kill julian assange during his time and office upon pay. we made it clear that whatever the administration did, he's not sorry. i couldn't tell you who they have is their sources, but the sources didn't know what we were doing. i make no apologies for the fact that we and the administration were working diligently to make sure we were able to protect this important sensitive information from whether it was cyber in russia or the chinese military. or anyone who was trying to take this information away from us. reporters with our borders has joined in is national outcry over the alleged to plot against us on dating back to 2017. the press freedom organization said the reports corroborated by multiple sources. now show the wikileaks found, as life is still in danger, and he should be released from prison for his own safety. meanwhile, were helix editor in chief christians, ramson discussed the case,
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and an interview with african returns the ongoing on the ground. you can watch the full episode later in the day. the stunning revelation is quite shocking to see that this was being conquered in the, in the, in the state kits. nothing and possibly killing. we had to wind up some of this before through the proceedings in spain, criminal proceedings against members of the security company, you see global, who are supposed to be overseeing julian science. it's curity in the u. s. embassy, and the embassy. but actually, we're bribe try to ca, to spying on. julian, provide it in life feeds from the cameras inside the embassy and 2 devices that they implanted on top of that, of course, they were stealing legally privileged material called the phone. so, and you think this article will help to make the case even more clearer, that genius on should be freed at the end of october at his hearing immediately.
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given that the whole process is being turned it's about. it should have a bearing and almost circumstance. and so there are 2 main reasons. one is of course, that if julian is expedited to the states, it will be in the hands of it to decide whether he is put under so called sam spectral administrative measures, which is another word for 12 to an isolated and horrible prison competitions. so his faith on the was ground would be in the hands of those who were planning tool kit that we should be reason enough. and another important issue to consider that as well is that when these discussions were going on about the kid map or tale in london, there was no guide meant out against them. he hadn't been charged with entity. and actually it was very clearly article, but the main reason why the justice department was pushed to create an indictment
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undersea was so they wanted to have an indictment in place if the ca would go roque and coney these plans forward. so if there was any doubt about the political nature of the indictment and the creation of the entire case, it is now confirmed to be so it is a political persecution, and nothing else. fraud has rather angrily denied its abandoning molly, despite a partial truthful out from the african nation, offer an 8 year anti terror campaign of the african nation that was looking for support elsewhere. turning to russian contractors advantage shall, ado britsky now investigates. it's a situation that's going from bad to well disastrous for a moly. alright, loggerheads, operation, ball cain and security in the form
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a colony marley's prime minister has been clear that the full peroration has failed . but the un he went even further, move it if he does need to laugh and button the situation arising from the end of operation buck and puts molly in a fee accompli abandoning those mid flight to a certain extent. and it forces us explore alternatives. a means to better ensure our security autonomy safely or with other partners. so as to fill the gap that will certainly results from the withdrawal of back and in the north of the country . in the month of decree, that lake of fire under the french armed forces minister. yes. it's a lot of hypocrisy. it's a lot of bad faith, a lot of indecency, especially because these comments were made on saturday, september 25th. but on friday, september 24th. at 52nd french soldier gave his life fighting terrorism in the hell . paulie has also accused morally provoking a storm because of an inability to keep a commitment to return power following
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a military coup to civilians. next year. i have the impression that the date does not see them perfectly, and that they want to prolong the things. but from wanting that to wiping his feet on the blood of french soldiers, it's unacceptable for molly's pulfer is real concerned about the future. earlier this year, president mack, on the end of authoration ball, came french troops have been engaged on the ground since 2013 in afraid to fight your heart as groups. but now, according to my call, that will be prof. i will be changed with the closure of french army bases, the withdrawal of more than 2000 soldiers that lead to fears molly could see a search in the hardest activity. whole situation in this herald is right now, not being addressed because you can't address it simply from
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a security standpoint. last 1012 years molly is gone to one destabilization after another is not going to be resolved by military deployment by the french or anyone else to say how is suffering a massive economic under development deserts open space. and in the open space is that the terrorist and others live and deploy for my 1st work out how it's going to fight against such threats. it's turning the idea of using private companies in a big to sure security. however, the fact that these companies are russian seems to have really not just problems, but also you the certainly could seriously affect you to be in union relations with molly. so why all the you in front so
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concerned about additional security measures. a molly, is this just the case of fearing that they are losing control and you know, but if you could just not a huge way mother has approached russian private military companies. well, nothing to do with this is an activity that has been carried out legitimately. the west is killing itself and is now has less and less leverage in africa. they're making africa part of the geo political doctrine of remaining to one number one superpower in the world. and they're attacking welsh in china. so they're the ones that are actually danny development because of their geopolitical view of russia in china. and that's the mistake china. he's never going to be put back in the box. they're all over africa and african countries, more and more teresa china because they also. ringback it is ration ball cane was
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supposed to have produced that your hardest right across the saw how region which includes moly, inside the us state department reporters previously suggested that attacks of actually increased 250 percent since 2018 quite simply. it's not working, and frogs is acutely aware of this, hence to some degree, that's why it's stepping back. but in doing so, it seems incapable of allowing others to fill the void. instead it's thrashing out and possibly permanently damaging its african toys. so let's even ski party paris the international criminal court has resuming and i've gotten asked on a war crimes prob, but from now on the investigation will ignore allegations of any us wrong doing. the focus not will only be on the taliban and isis. cade militants are corresponding to caleb and accept this story. military personnel and top brass who
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were involved in the 20 years of us operations in afghanistan can now sleep easy because it appears they will not be facing prosecution from the international criminal court. the new chief prosecutor of the international criminal court said they won't be looking in the u. s. atrocities in afghanistan because of the taliban take over the country and quote, limited resources available to the international criminal court. i have therefore decided to focus my offices investigations enough, going to stop on crimes allegedly committed by the taliban and the stomach state correson province and to de prioritize other aspects of this investigation. now this decision to quote de, prioritize as the international criminal court is calling it has upset many human rights organizations. they feel that washington is essentially being let off the hook to prosecute his telling war criminals around the world that the u. s. playbook of delay and intimidation works. it also validates one of the cool
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criticisms of the i see, see that it only takes action against politically weak individuals or nations while giving western powers a pass. by d. prioritizing, investigating us and former africa national security forces, the icpc prosecutor, it's shamefully hunting and get out of jail free card. now, there were plenty of scandals and horrendous incidents over the course of the 20 years of the united states military presence in afghanistan, all culminating in the recent chaotic pullout. and we also witnessed the incident recently where there was a drone strike that intended to hit isis k fighters and ended up killing civilians . a family ended up dying at the hands of the united states. but it appears that incident like this will not be investigated by the international criminal court. it's unlikely any individuals involved in such events will face charges in the hague. busy
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now the i c, c tried to probe us activities in afghanistan, and in response, donald trump slap sanctions on officials of the i, c. c. here's how then secretary of state mike, palm pale, commented on it at the time. we cannot, we will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court, we have responded any way. the way a responsible nation must, by condemning the investigation by suspending cooperation with the court and denying basis to those most directly responsible for going after our personnel. now, while the international criminal court will be investigating situations in afghanistan,
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they won't be investigating the role of the united states. they say they simply don't have the resources to do it. they're citing the taliban take over the country . but many observers are looking on and wondering if this isn't simply due to the fact that the u. s. a has been so harsh and placed sanctions on. i think the officials who did look into them, they're wondering if the new prosecutor simply wants to avoid having his own name on the sanctions list. human rights lawyer, don cavallo, things the fcc decision makes a mockery of international law. bullying of the international criminal court. did what it set out to do, and that was to get the us off the hook here miss. that's a terrible precedent. the, you know, the job of the i c. c to investigate crimes within these theaters. not to favor one party over another. and that's exactly what it's doing, what i and many other, you know, human rights advocates have been saying for years is that the i c. c has been used
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as a tool by the west to punish developing countries. the only leaders successfully prosecuted by the i c. c, have been from african countries. what is the saying to the world? it's saying to the world, if you are a week country, you can be subject to itc prosecution. but if you are a strong economic and military power, like the us who can throw its weight around, you will be exempt from human rights prosecution. basically what we're left with is the law, the jungle, the might makes. right? and that is not what, how international law is supposed to work. it never was supposed to work that way. a feud between serbia and cause of our of a road access shows no sign of abating and nato troops have boosted their presence along the cause of a border and the you and us of cold on both sides to show restraint and local reporter boris mcguckie reports from the frontier. so i am currently here at the
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administrative crossing between central serbia and coastal. it's been a tough day and negotiations between the mayors in the serbia municipalities in the north of coastal and k for the needle forces in charge of keeping the peace in kosovo. k for his suggested to the mares, is that a key for troops actually replaced the special units called ross that were sent by bertina to remove the serbian license plates. but the mayors have refused this because it doesn't solve the issue that cause the crisis. it doesn't solve the fact that they would still be removing serbian license plate services in protesting for the past 9 days. saying that this is a violation of the brussels agreement and that they are restricting freedom of movement of serbs in the province. the way they see it, a serbia has sent military forces. tanks armored vehicles to the region around the administrative crossings with cost of all. while the serbian president alexander butcher himself has remained silent today, cancelling all of his meetings at the same time. a beanie as prime minister has
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visited coast of all the proceed, i sent the message, the belgrade should ease up on the tension on people here that have been protesting serbs who live in the north. of course, civil are hoping that this will be resolved peacefully. they have been imposing barricades, hoping that this issue will be solved without any conflicts, kosovo unilaterally declared his independence from serbia back in 2008 was almost a decade after a devastating conflict under nato intervention. but around half of un member states, including several e. u members have refused to recognize kosovo as a country. political analysts and nicholas markovich thinks nato is responsible for this latest flare up. just one new crisis, as we've seen many every, every these past years. and this is not something actually renewed when deeper. what is new, is that and you see it again that in this situation for the 1st time serve you got afraid to muscle and show that red line has been crossed. nato is responsible of
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the situation. if nato had not bomb illegally yugoslavia in 1999, we would not have pen situation. we do have in coastal mentor and service. so i think the fact that nato had not been capable of managing the situation which he created. so it is definitely not a good idea to have nato forces, again, on the administrative border between central serbia and kosovo. antonia, but definitely western organizations have shown that they have failed, totally failed in the balcony. and the nation state over and probably maybe let the surgeons and albanians and countries from that region to the situation between themselves for us. there are just some of our top stories, but this, our life from moscow. here on our t international, it's fast turning into a busy wednesday. if you will buy news headlines, we are back at the top of the ah,
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ah, when our shows the wrong. when all just don't the new rule out the same because the kid an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground the the, the, the me.


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