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ah, the join me every thursday on the alex salmon show when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the separatist lever carlos pushed him on a release from custody. and italy is expected as an extradition hearing that next month. it follows him detention overnight after almost 4 years on the wrong from this punish government. as european lawmakers bromberg rest at his grave. less than a year. know if his tro, biden's approval ratings. slum. following a raft of devise, his policies with the us presidents now less popular than his predecessor and possible future rival donald trump. and with germany said to choose its next
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chancellor. this weekend to 16 years of angle americo at the helm would begin our special election coverage. and those are the main headline, the sound of next scene to national is the big picture on this week show. should social media be censored? can it be or is the genie out of the bottle? but 1st, those electric rental scooters you're seeing and perhaps dodging on many city sidewalks, helpful, hazardous. i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on our t america. ah, you download the app, you enter your credit card and you check to accept the terms of service that you
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didn't bother reading. and you can then help yourself to electric scooters that are just waiting right there on the sidewalk. what could possibly go wrong? here's our t, rachel blevins. if you live in a major city, there's a good chance you seen that electric scooters just like this one are everywhere. the so are the injuries from writers who signed up real quick, right and then found themselves in the hospital. the numbers are staggering, according to data compiled from the national tronic injury surveillance system. the number of people injured while writing e scooters here in the u. s. triple between 20142018. that's more than $39000.00 injuries. and just for years of those around 3300 were admitted to the hospital injury skyrocketed from 8000 in 2017 to 1452018. i saw always very fe writing. then i felt like i was the strong writer
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and felt safe in any setting. i have not been on an electric scooter since my accident, and i don't plan on doing so in the future. vania montez de oca was a regular e scooter writer up until 2019. when a short commute through the streets of new york city, sent her into emergency surgery. i displaced my tibia and required emergency surgery. i ended up being, getting on disability for 3 months. and just now, 2 years after the accident and gaining back the my full mobility of my right me. but even for those who find themselves a victim of a life changing injury as a result of an accident from one of these scooters, they are often reminded of the user agreement they sign before their 1st dr. while apps for popular e scooter vendors such as lyme and lyft, tell riders they're not allowed to drink and ride and they must wear
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a helmet enforcing those rules is nearly impossible. and it shows, as studies have found that less than 4 percent of injured writers were wearing a helmet. on top of that, a 3rd of the reports from 2018 were head related injury. a separate study surveying writers and often found that nearly half of those injured sustained a severe injury 48 percent of the injured were between the ages of $18.29. and surprisingly 38 percent of the injured writers mentioned. they would get back on an e scooter again. and here is related, 8th graders have even been referred to as an urban health care account questions remain as to whether anything can be done and if it will change the current policy, which is essentially right at your own risk reporting in washington. rachel, robins, archie, those are the usa statistics. how are these scooter rentals going elsewhere? isa? aaliyah is in london. escapes is massively growing in popularity across the world
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over the last few months of the way of getting around, especially in built up busy cities that are relatively cheap to run and use electric energy. so that perfectly invoke with the current focus on renewable energy. yet everyone is so keen on the use, the british government has banned them for use on public roads saying that they can only be used on private land. supporters of the schools is point to near report from the u. k, which calls on the government to legalize private and shed east to, to use the center for london calls for change of rules to help students has become a big part of the strategy, the lower carbon emission. but the researchers also recognize the need for strong safety doors to reduce crushes, involving the scrutiny. and the safety phase are not without some merits. research carried out by the dash. com company, next space that makes up by the end of this year. so we'll be up to 200000 accident
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involving e scooters. local residents here say that the way of london's trial of the scrutiny and setup will only lead to more accidents and potentially more deaths. this is an accident waiting to happen. the scooter by itself is incredibly dangerously site. it's on a blind corner, which is used by buses and vehicles that tend to accelerate. and at this point, the street becomes a one way street scooter uses themselves. often they realize that and head off into oncoming traffic, and i've seen some near misses, it's coming close will issue to it's a the, a teenager side at the end of august in the latest lethal accident. so far this year, 5 excuse uses a, died that between may plenty. plenty. and the end of last year, over 564 road accidents initially involving at least one electric, screwed up. it's led to new legislation in some parts of the country. finding under
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18 from using the food last month, a woman in her twenties in finland were thought to be the 1st person in the northern european country to die in an east scooter accident. leading to call by doctor is there for they used to be found at night. that's when most accidents happen. many of them alcohol influence. now, when we go to a country like lap nearly $450.00 electric scooter accident reported this year so far, more than 3 times the last year. all of these statistics and leading to the fate as to whether coordinates, a global dot city infrastructure to make it to, to use safer is the way forward, or whether just finding them outright is the best thing to do. east ali palsy america in london. if you are thinking i don't rent scooters, so this isn't my problem. what if one of these careless or unqualified or impaired operators hits you, or if you are perfectly able to operate a scooter? what if the scooter itself is faulty?
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it happens and it hit home right here at r a t after bernadine who's mom you will recognize as r t contributor a hillary ford, which is on her long road to recovery. hillary 1st things 1st. how is bernard dean and what happened? ok, well 1st of all how its already thought for the future cuz he reached out to me and off how she was and i just really appreciate that. so thank you. know, it's been a long road. it's been 3 months and she's a p t 3 times a week and it's a long hold. she's off crutches now. thank you for asking and now she can drive and she's, she's back to her, somewhat of her life. but this is not something that we should take lightly, and actually she came off for all the lightly compared to think about it. we talked about the death just now from rachel's report. and, you know, in london, emily par partridge, heart ridge, emily hall ridge died. she's a youtube tv kind of star, she died. and i think the issue is a lot of the maintenance. we don't will never probably exactly know what happened
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with bernard, dean, but the front wheel was spinning out. this was within less than a block. and she tried to get off and it was just too late and she went down and torn a c l m c l and 2 minutes ago. that's really serious stuff. when you're a young woman and a put her obviously it's on questions as we just mentioned. i think a couple of things, though, it's about the maintenance of the, the scooters, but it's also about not just the operator, but what about nobody's talking about the room. how many payments of you walk down? how many rooms have you been down with as a pot? oh, what about the winter? what about when the winter comes and that that's good to only has to go into a crack. and unlike a car. sure. while cars can handle it, it's going to be more dangerous as this winter comes on. i think you're seeing a lot of these injuries being taken far more seriously. and there's a lot of lay off in the school to industry. it's not doing well. well, let's hope so, and you point to a dollar sign, which is lurking beneath the surface of almost every story of the money. yeah.
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these big cities have budget problems. is a conspiracy theory to think that they're having so much fun raking in these franchise fees that they don't impose the kind of routine inspection where we have to get a sticker on our car. that's a very good point actually hold on. i think about it. i know the city miami let there be 5 trial companies in each of those companies was paying the city of miami, $100000.00 and they were kicking back a dollar a ride from those scooters. so yes, you're right. the city's duty, the revenue, but also there are some cities that have actually deem them to be essential. i think they're trying to deal with that with the traffic issues. and that would be denver, tampa, and san francisco. they've already dina, these, they're actually essential businesses. so i think you'll see on the horizon the look of cities having to come up with some way to relieve the congestion, although will be congested off the cobra to now i got some. yeah, that's what i'm still doing. the math on a dollar a ride. to that point. here in washington, i've read
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a study by transportation analyst in rick's that estimates that american motorists spend an average of 17 hours a year searching for a parking space. so the 2 buzzwords that the scooter companies are also nonchalantly our micro mobility and emerging vehicles. but you've just put your finger on an interesting pandemic era wrinkle, with so many who have been working at home during that pandemic. now staying there, and many employers, i'm sure including some of the companies you work with making that permanent rather than continuing to pay for the pricey in town office space. is it possible that this micro mobility is a cure for which there isn't, can be continuing disease, say, well that's a very good point. but as you mentioned, i just have a thought though that i wanted to add. and that was that when we went from the
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horse and buggy, to the call, it was the wild west. people were injured over time because they weren't the regulations that actually initially weren't traffic lights or anything else. so i think the school to industry has to do catch up on the regulatory side. that's what, that's obviously what we need because we need to catch up with a new micro mobility. but now to your point about the offices, i will say offices a mike miles and companies i work with. they were going to be opening up in september. most of them of now pushed back to january. and i think you're not going to see the ramifications really of this for the school to industry until january. but the school to industry that di shape the only company that was able to, does anyone company that was able to raise any money doing this and taught panoramic? and there's been a lay off of thousands of employees because of school companies are in dire financial straits. because of the planet during the pandemic. my. my wife's company closed the office entirely, had an out in the least they saved big blocks because everybody was more productive working at home. they all wanted to stay at home. we've heard research lately that
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the people would quit if they weren't allowed to stay home. is this something you're seeing in the app and you were you asked me before? what do i think is going to stay from after the pandemic? what is going to stay? the way it's been, i think people have adjusted to why do i need that commute? why do i need to spend that money or what time or to go point just now? why do i need to find that parking space that you are now seeing? companies, 2 things, one, they're pushing it back to january. and the 2nd thing is though, they're finding problems replace they, they will be able to dictate their funding problems. hiring talent, because if talent is offered to jobs, i'm one of them says, oh you can work remotely. the most employees are taking a remote choice. so that's the other side of the coin here. seems like a no brainer, and i'm going to check back with you in january about this rolling back to work date. hilary ford, which a strong mark business development consultants here in washington. thank you. as always for stepping into the big picture coming off, social media friend, pho,
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frenemy. we will talk conscious controversy and the big con job when jesse ventura, when we come back after a quick break, this is the big picture on our t america. ah the ah ah ah, i will
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the you know, life me it's diverse. that's what makes it interesting. when you have a monoculture, it's dangerously monochromatic. like when you have only one train, a banana and a banana gets sick. and now there's no more bananas to because there's no more diversity land of universal healthcare makes america the country of every man for himself. we have a retirement crisis in this country and we have a health care crisis for seniors in this country as well. so private business has come up with a special mechanism for that. it's called the live settlement market. we are
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a life settlement provider, means that we buy life insurance policies from primarily seniors throughout the united states who no longer want or cant afford their life insurance policies. if you are sick and for want to live a few more years, you can sell your life insurance. that way you get more money right away and the company collects your insurance payment after your death. there's a group of people out there, i guess, hoping that people die soon. what kind of motivation is i give them when i start crying about him dying? that's usually what it's about. it's just the sheer unfairness of it all. the fury about what those aggrieved, called big tech largely boils down to to beefs,
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why are you censoring me and why aren't you censoring them? here's our t boom bus. co host, an investigative journalist, been swan hall. and as you know, the state of florida recently had is social media last stopped by the court. but now the state of texas is looking to do very much the same thing. essentially telling social media companies they cannot since are users or content. the new law in texas for social media platforms to carry all sorts of content that is currently band or moderated. it would institute extensive reporting obligations for social media sites, and it opened the floodgates for lawsuits by individual users. texas governor greg abbott says the aim of the policy is to prevent side from during users political views. but just as was the case in florida where a similar law was struck down by a judge, the taxes law basis 1st amendment problems. so far, courts have held that private companies have the freedom to moderate or sensor content on online platforms as they choose. but limited exceptions. interestingly
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though, as social media platforms are coming under fire from some states for censoring content and users, those same platforms are also coming under fire for not doing enough democrats to are mulling bills that face the same hurdles. but usually for making sites remove content that they deem deceptive or dangerous. and it's not just social media companies that have been pushed to crack down sen. elizabeth warren has called on amazon to ban books from its online marketplace, which she claims pedal misinformation. and now roger mac name me an early facebook investor and author of zach says, criminal investigations need to be launched in the facebook role in not only radical lives in extremis groups on january 6, but also a row in human trafficking and drug cartels. as well as anti trust violations made me says that the tech giant quote, aided and abetted an insurrection and actively radicalized millions into q and on all benefit in the company's business model. but let's be clear here, the idea that martin tucker berg or any other executive would actually face
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criminal prosecution over content on their platforms is highly unlikely, almost impossible, in fact. and the reason for that is pretty simple. keep in mind that section 230 of the communications decency act protects platforms from being held liable for content that is placed on their platforms by users. so if that's the case, it certainly would protect executives for facing criminal charges for ideas that are spread on those very same platforms. for the big picture, i'm been one. thanks spend during the deadly hurricane idle last month. social media became an important means of information sharing and for years google search data about flu symptoms has informed the centers for disease can troll about outbreaks and the f. b i is monitoring dark chatter by those who reckon january 6 was merely address rehearsal. like a knife, these tech tools are merely that there are tools that like a knife we can use or abuse. this is
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a story we will continue to follow. so we want to hear your concerns. i am at holland cook on twitter, where if you follow me, i'll follow you. and during the shut down, you may have seen r r t america colleague jesse ventura, light up the internet with his plain spoken take on what may be the story of our lifetime. the country chaper. feisty world war 2. do you think there would have been any argument over wearing a mask for the people of world war 2? i'll tell you if we behaved like we are right now. hitler, what i want, jesse, thank you for reminding us about how our parents sacrificed and how we need to step up. now, a recently, as we mark 20 years since the $911.00 attacks that brought us together as a people. and back then, our attackers were human, but now we're up against a super human virus. and all we want to do with argue, jesse,
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where did we as people go off the rails? well, holland, 1st of all, let me say it's great to be back talking with you. i have been for quite a while. now having said that, i don't know where we went off the rails. i mean, i guess what the way i look at it is this 911, you add human opponents attacking us. so you could see them. you could clearly, you knew what they were now were being attacked by an invisible opponent. something you cannot see. and the best determination i can make this is simply this. we require science to win this battle now. and unfortunately in the united states of america today, we have about half or 50 percent of the population that for some reason chooses not to believe science or won't put their trust into science at all. they would rather
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put their trust into hope and their trust into beliefs. so therefore, we have all these people that will not get vaccinated, which keeps a panoramic come in. and now you've got the delta variance and very and says, well, keep coming. and i heard just yesterday, an expert said, scientific expert said, we're going to be strapped with this. we're up to 2000 deaths a day again. and we can now count on that as being the status quo. we now apparently are going to have to accept 2000 deaths a day because of coal. it and why? because people are stupid, half the people in this country will not believe or follow science. they choose to follow other things, freedom, beliefs, and things of that nature. holland, holland, where would we be today if they didn't get vaccinated years ago for all the
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horrible things that happened back the van. and today we're supposed to be more intelligent and we have less vaccinations today than we did before. jesse, who, and i are the same age. and in 1st grade, i lined up for the polio shot. there was no argument about it. the best selling book right now on amazon is peril by the washington post, bob woodward and robert koster characterizing the transition from president trump for president biden as one of the most dangerous periods in american history. and among bombshell revelations, emerging from the authors. some 200 interviews with people at the center of the turmoil general mark. milly then chairman and now chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, back stopped trumps authority to launch a military strike in the days following his election loss. and milles assurances to his counterpart, a top, the chinese military that we would not attack. jesse is millie a patriot or
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a traitor. he is a complete patriot. absolutely. merely did his job. he is the head of the joint chiefs. his job is to look after our military for what's best for them, and we should not be going the war because one person decides we want to know general milly to me did his job. and he said the united states from donald trump, if that's what trump had in mind, why would we fade for one minute? war would be a good option. you know, war is never a good option. and general milly was dead on, in hopes of preventing any type of confrontation with china. we just got out of a war. we need another one so quickly and we didn't need a war to save donald trump's presidency. so general milly, absolutely. as
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a hero for stopping us from going to war and stopping what i consider was somewhat a madman of taking us to war. no kidding. but even before the 2020 election, donald trump was setting the table railing that the only way he could lose was if the election was rigged. and when the votes were counted, team trump spun wild conspiracy theories about voting, machine company and election software firm finance. here george soros and venezuela being in cahoots to steal the election and as billions and damages are at stake and defamation suits against attorney sidney powell and laughing stock, rudolph giuliani and fox news for reporting the scams. the new york times is now published in its entirety and internal trump campaign memo detailing that the allegations were untrue. they knew it was a lie, a big lie, jesse, you knew trump, and i say knew because 1998 when you were elected and trump was very interested in
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your playbook. that was a long time ago. what makes this guy tick? well, the best thing i can tell you, how am donald trump is a con man. always has been and always will be. he came to wash at the time we showed interest, we were a new party, the reform party we were trying to get established. were looking for anything that is going to put us in the spotlight and try to get us established as a legitimate 3rd party. having said that, donald trump's politics back van were much different than what they are today. and i think calculating everything he looked at where his best opportunity was. he's a smart man, but he's also a con man. and he looked at, he found the far right was his best opportunity. he could sell them, he could con, ma'am, and match what he's done. he's con the far right. they are now with the
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a block, stockton barrel, and donald trump patch, the followers he leads today to continue this obsession. he has because donald trump, in my opinion, wanted to become a dictator. he saw his body in north korea. he saw his other friends over there in europe, the dictators. and he saw that in the you talk about the big picture. that was donald trump's big picture, and i believe it's still his big picture today. and the problem is he has a lot of people out there following this guy trying to destroy our country. donald trump is about donald trump and everything he's does is to benefit him and him alone and his followers are eaten up with a fork and spoon and sending him money. governor jesse ventura, thank you again for stepping into the big picture. and thank you for watching the big picture. we're going to be back same time next week. if you're watching real time and if you adult, you can set your
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d v r for direct tv 3 to one on the dish dish where channel 280 are live stream on youtube, youtube dot com slash r t. america. for years of my humble work are archived in youtube dot com slash the big picture r t. and i am merely one player in a vast cast on the portable tv app, free in the app store, and google play and at portable dot tv. if you are a hockey fan, you're gonna love it. i'm holland cook in washington and at holland cook on twitter . remember the deal? you follow me, i'll follow you. question more. ah the ah, i use
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ah, with me ah ah, i use
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the the max kaiser this is the kaiser report, you know, life it's diverse. that's what makes it interesting. when you have a monoculture, it's dangerously monochromatic. like when you have only one strain, a banana and the banana gets sick and now there's no more bananas because there's no more diversity. what am i talking about? let's talk with stacey. at 1st i thought you were talking about transitory the life is.


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