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tv   News  RT  September 12, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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why do, what were they fighting for? nobody bothers outside the contractors. the in the, in the, on the headlines this weekend on the 20th anniversary of the 911 terror attack, the f. b. i releases the declassified documents into who carried out the atrocity. the files though essentially repeating known facts, adding no information on possible saudi involvement. report suggests the united states mistakenly targeted an african aid work in a drone strike, killing 10 members of one family. this out we hear from a former american drone operator who tells us of his own experiences of killing
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innocent people. every shot that we turn like they're cheering their congratulating each other. they're high fiving each other. people are getting promoted because of this stuff. meanwhile, in our news review of the week, a series of leaked unconfirmed messages from the pentagon prevailed. the panic withdraw from afghanistan with troops unable to rescue desperate american citizens . one former special forces soldier who shed the encrypted messages gives us his thoughts about what happened and our biggest problem getting people out actually is the u. s. government is actually not the man. we've seen the military people behind the gate. the us military was not letting even civilian americans with passports, american passports, and the british prime minister admits to breaking a key election promised by hiking taxes, fix
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a shortfall in health and social care funding. ah, ah, i good happy with this is sunday, the 12th of september the weekend. so we're going to take you through some of the biggest stories we've covered here over the past week, and also the weekends development as well. first, want to update you on a story we brought you at the end of the last bullet in the developing story. the short range passenger aircraft, with 16 people on board, as crash landed in coats in the central russia region. not far from lake by cal, according to local officials, everyone survived, but one person is in critical condition. the information that's known so far, the plane fell from a low altitude 4 kilometers from its destination. some report say it was on a 2nd approach to trying to land the officer coming down. one of the passengers contacted emergency services, poor weather conditions and engine failure,
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a thought to be among the reasons for the incident, which is still being investigated. now the f. b, i has released the previously classified documents on it's proven to the 911 attacks victims, families have long demanded the record to be made public with many calling for more focus on saudi arabia as possible. involvement. however, it's not clear whether the latest document really says anything new. as kevin, i discussed earlier with the article responded to me to poke this report. what it is basically is. it's an interview with a saudi national, who was applying for citizenship, who apparently had contacts with, to saudi nationals who apparently assisted to hijackers while they were in the us. one of the 1st came to hijackers of the $911.00 plane basically. but a lot of this stuff, a lot of the information regarding this latest report is actually not that new. there was already a report declassified report back in 2016. and basically this,
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the stuff told out in this interview that we got in this report is all the same stuff. it's the same people, especially the same people. for example, one of them is being a person named alba, jo, me, who was apparently held in high regard within the consulate of saudi arabia in los angeles. now apparently this person was not working there, but he was highly regarded. and the person in this interview says that he was seen as one of the higher ups, even amongst the staff, even though he does not work there. but the main thing that this report was supposed to do is prove a connection to the saudi arabian government. and it does not do that. there is no concrete evidence that links these people who were, sorry, national, there's no link to the actual saudi officials, government officials. so that link does not exist. also there were people names such as baton again, another person who had a ties to the hijackers who lives across their apartment in los angeles. again,
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he held extremist views, but no official ties to saudi government. and then there was also also mary, who was apparently accredited diplomat. so she's like one of mark accredited people . but again, he was not proven to be following any direct orders from saudi arabia from their official government. so this report basically just shows more details like 5 minute detail, like phone calls, where the met accidentally from restaurant the one to what it does not give any specific evidence, no, no connections. the saudi government. ok, going along with what the saudi government said, all along the way that they would not respond revolt in this, in any shape or form. right. that when all that said, what are the victims? relatives had to say this report was heavier attack. did you saying this hardly anything new it it, are they happy or not about this them? well it's, it's odd actually because one of the 1st report, one, the 1st dropped, the initial reaction from the families. was that a, this is a big step in their fight against their lawsuit, against saudi arabia,
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because again, they're suing saudi arabia for billions of dollars in damages for their suppose and involvement in the $911.00 attacks. the one, the 1st report dropped in the said yes, this will definitely help. but upon closer inspection, really there's not that much of air even though the families have been fighting for this, these documents to be released for quite a while, even threatened bite. and that would be not welcome at any memorials pertaining to $911.00, unless you released the documents. we had great hope that president biden to campaigned on bringing truth and trust, back to the oval office would value the lives and sacrifices of america citizens over diplomatic relations with a country accused of mass murder. we cannot in good faith and with veneration to those last sick and injured welcome, the president to a hallowed grounds until he fulfills his commitment. those calls were heard and biden did respond. no, not directly, but he did issue in order to release more documents pertaining to the investigation of the 911 attacks. and this is just the 1st one and there will apparently be more
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within the next 6 months. but these saw what this one, the report is heavily redacted and doesn't truly provide any bombshell revelations, or any of that anything of that sort. and even the former c i e, director, has said that there's people shouldn't really expect too much from these upcoming documents. and reveals, i suspect that the families and not going to get the kind of satisfactory answers about the role of saudi arabia with regards to this attack. well, yeah. and doesn't seem to be any of that information. and a lot of people have no, it's point to know that this is saudi arabia. us has very tie, dealings with him. there's a lot of money involved and really there's, it's been 20 years since the attack. there's been many investigations, and still there's not been anything to link even though the, all the terrorists, like 900, there was 1900 the terrorist and during the attack and most of them were saudi nationals. so it's obvious why it's some people would assume there isn't a connection, but it doesn't seem like any of these documents will actually prove that connection
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for whatever reason either there really isn't on or that just wouldn't be really beneficial to the u. s. saudi relations. so we'll see maybe the next 6 months we'll see something substantial. some actual revelations. what for now, we're still getting the same old a new 40 suggest us drone striking cobble targeting terrorists killed an aid worker loading his car with water. 10 civilians died. and last month's attack, including 7 children, us forces said that the mans vehicle match the description of one used by the terrorist group, isis k. they also said there was a large secondary blast after the drug strike suggesting that he was transporting explosives. but it turns out that claim was false according to an investigation by the new york times. the worker had even been employed by an american n g o. there are many similar fate, san victims of the 28 us campaign in afghanistan as we discover. and in depth investigation series on heard voices the will use all tools at our
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disposal. killed our children to united states was bringing people in this orchard. it was a pointless exercise. when allied his report, we talked brandon bryan's who flew drones for the us military to help pay for his education. he spoke to us about his own personal experiences which include his belief that he killed innocent people. after my 1st shot, i took it to 3 innocent men killed that, i believe are innocent. i called my mother afterwards and cried. and she told me that it was good that i felt bad about it, because if i felt good about it, i would just be another psychopath. ah no other way. and again,
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my education and the military showed up when day and i will pay for your education if you serve for a minimum of 4 years. and how can anyone turn that down? oh, i sergeant comes down and turns around. now goes in the military crater, actually since your job is to kill people and break things. so you got all these young enlisted deeds and girls. galvan guys who are out of high school have no experience in anything who are now basically video game snipers for months of training, made that put in the position to make these decisions. the are
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the 1st 3 months. i was in active missions. i watched enemy forces die. friendly forces die and the forces die and then innocence, innocent people die. and so i got to see like, the impact on everybody. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, ah, mental degradation. we did proper term, every shot that we took, like they're cheering their congratulating each other. they're high fiving each other. people are getting promoted because of this stuff. it's like
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a withering away of who you are. i are hunting a man named and was lucky. he was a mom from pm and i was told one day going in that president obama himself was up and give the order himself to me and i got this euphoric feeling. the death of the lock is a major blow to all kind of most active operational ophelia. and then he's done. 16 year old son was killed 2 weeks later in july. and when i asked some of the people that i knew why they do a romanella lucky because they didn't want them to become a figure. the 1st thing that trump did in office with carol and our, our rockies 8 year old daughter with the terrorist,
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you have to take out their families, maybe to them, it seems practical, but to me ah, it was an incident involved killing of civilians. they might have been to new zealand white civilians in afghanistan, so president obama got on television himself and was saying it was not the fault of intelligence or the military leadership of defaulted to drone operators that cause . and that really upset me because we didn't know until i felt like he was blaming me. energy from the united states military was pointing a little me and saying, oh, all those things that were other people fault and sexually your. ah,
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i didn't know who i was anymore. i didn't know what i believed anymore. i didn't know my purpose anymore. i almost kill myself with a 9 millimeters 6 p t u 266, our german law enforcement weapon. and the only reason i don't, because him, like he said, he just wants to go for a walk and i'm sitting there with a guy in my hand, like ready to do it. and he's just like, let's go for what for, for what i'm going to go for what i. ready know 1st hand stories from people whose lives forever changed by americans. longest war and are continuing special series, unheard voices which can also watch at all t dot com. more americans were allowed to leave afghanistan on thursday. the taliban, giving them the green light to flee on charter flights almost 10 days after the official end of the u. s. withdrawal. many moto remain, has the biden administration grapples with the fall out?
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a series of leave messages is now shedding light on the failed efforts to get it citizens out. and the american citizens. yes, all of them we are abandoning american citizens. those texts which haven't been verified, were disclosed by michael young. he's a walker, responded a former us special forces soldier and was among the civilians working with the military and private networks to rescue stranded americans. he gave us details of his conversation with a high ranking us army officer that colonel was not physically present, but he was in contact major general chris donahue who, who was the combatant commander on the ground. and so that colonel wasn't physically there. in fact, he was very frustrated. you can see from that tax, there was more tax those while he was really demonstrating a lot of frustration at one point you said 10, you ran the gate and other were intended with the car and get in. i mean, he wanted to rescue those people and you know, and he, i hope that his tags that would cause him any problems. he's the kind of general we
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need. no, he didn't want to follow those orders. he wanted to get them out. we had 3 jets on the ground that were private jets that were paid for by a friend of mine team. his name is rick clay, and his team had paid for 3 jets. they were on the ground civilian jets waiting. and the us military was not letting even civilian americans with passports, american passports, our biggest problem on getting people out actually is the u. s. government. it's actually not the todd man. i know that sounds crazy, but the biggest problem is not valid in italy, man, i'm actually it's in some cases of actually helped us. you can't even make up the stuff. this is like something for a weird movie. so tally be saying that us forces, happy to come and get them, or call us to let them through it. nobody can make up the stuff. i don't care who's fault it is the department of state or the military. it's all of your fault. you didn't let them in period they were at the beginning. then of course,
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the next day we haven't pentagon in the white house that they're going know, you know, all american citizens who wanted to get in could have gotten in. but they couldn't actually make it to the airport and were saying, excuse my language, i don't know if i can say this on russian tv. they definitely were at the gate period. michael young also released conversations with contractors who were in cobble one of them, claiming that $45.00 americans, including women and children, were unable to leave the app or even if they had the us passports with them. and the source claim that somewhere even beaten and assaulted just for trying to get in . and i did that. he was asking senior officers for clarification on how they could be held as they faced a terrifying ways. however, his command is apparently refused to step in, leaving those still stuck outside to meet their fate. another contract to ropes, the us generals knew that their citizens were stuck outside the apple, but still wouldn't grant any access. he even proposed paying other governments such as the u. k. to help her left americans out and confirmed that general mar millie
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chair of the us joint chiefs of staff have made the decision to not open the gate. can you confirm? general milly was mentioned by name as the leader there is condemning them to death . yes, i can confirm that mentioned by name. the picture coming from those conversations, in stark contrast to the narrative from the biden administration, the white house kept insisting that the situation was under control, and no american citizens would be left behind. what we're doing every single minute of every single hour of every single day. it's working to create a safe passage for all civilians, including the afghans who work for us to the airport to get them on planes and get them out. i think they're responsible to americans are stranded. they are not. we are committed to bringing americans who want to come home homes completed. one of the biggest err lists in history, extraordinary success. and this mission was due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless courage of united states,
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military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals to the evacuation. michael leon wrote a scathing lesson to the armies high command, highlighting some of what he saw as missteps. specifically, the us nationals were abandoned the gates while 3 empty jets paid for by volunteers were waiting for them. we've asked the pentagon for clarifications, but so far they've declined to comment. your beliefs though, that the lack of transparency is already made, matters worse. that's what americans are saying. we leave no one behind. right. and right now we've seen the military leave people behind the gate. but it's, it's a sin to say, well, i'm just going to live because it's humiliating. so we just have to leave behind and lie about it, know we're going to try to get them out and we're getting a lot of them out right now. the military in the department state are in our way, at this point. so in addition to leaving people behind, they are stopping us from getting them out. now, department state isn't our way where we want the military and the government to get
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out of our way. we don't need their help anymore. i mean, now that we're getting success as civilians, because you know, we can do it, we don't need them, we're faster, we're more efficient, and we don't have the bureaucracy and we're just smarter than they are without pay still to come on, the weekly a candidate for the french presidency is calling by his version of breakfast, telling citizens to free themselves from the clutches of the a. you. just one of our stories after the break. the this is your media a reflection of reality. the
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in the world transformed. what will make you feel safer? tyson lation, whole community. you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is in a world corrupted. you need to defend the so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah. the ah, welcome back to the weekly,
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the british prime minister submitted breaking a key pledge on his election manifesto by raising personal taxes to the highest level in decades. we promise not to raise the rates of income tax, national insurance or v a t. this is a tax guarantee, it will protect the income, so hardworking families across the next parliament. no conservative government, no conservative government to speak every once to raise taxes. and i will be honest with heights i kept. yes, i accepted the break. i manifesto commitment, which is not something which is not something i do likely, but a global pandemic within mit, one of its follows and 18 months spending. but because of cobra 19 that seen the national debt spiral. in the 1st year of the pandemic, the government borrowed 300000000000 pounds large part of which was to fund the work as furlough scheme. boris johnson called tuesday's tax hike, a difficult but responsible decision needed to fix the funding shortfall in health
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and social cap. were beginning the biggest catch up program in the history of the an hfs. the levy will share the cost as fairly, as possible between people and businesses. because we all benefit from a well supported and a chest and all businesses benefit from a healthy workforce. the shuttle work in pensions. secretary jonathan reynolds, reacting to the prime minister essentially. 3 saying the way the government have tried to frame this issue of, for example, people living longer and having healthier lives and insensitive way of dealing with what are very real issues for the elderly when it comes to their pensions. the governments cases of the full data and the pandemic have produced a statistical aberration. i reject the presentation of this issue as the source of intergenerational tension or unfairness because we all have an interest in ensuring that there's a decent state pension in the future. we would never present increase longevity as
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a problem. the pretends to the prime minister is only here because it's panoramic is not going to wash. he's putting a sticking plaster over gaping wounds which his party inflicted. he made the comment of social care before the pandemic, and he said he would pay for it without raising taxes before the pandemic. now this is of course, the 2nd manifest pledge that the prime minister has broken within a day. the 2nd of those being an announcement to raise national insurance contributions, which they the government that is promised not to do in the lead up to that election at the end of $29.00 teams. so the government, the chancellor, the treasury all with a balancing act to do to have tried to please if not all sectors of society as many as possible when it comes to the agenda, not just in the u. k. the so called global gender of build back a better point. and slogan the bars johnson repeated again today. how much of
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a little commentator anthony web told us the tax site reflects are responsible government behavior during the pandemic? i think it is damaging because of the way it's been done to saw where he's playing the times i make the governments was actually dealt with the district course that way it's been spending money. i'm not thinking about the consequences. it's now trying to deal with the consequences by bringing in additional means of like a mummy house as a leader, the opposition court. today, all the problems we had with the us and with social care is listed well before the camera won't know after breakfast. could fax it the next because a candidate for the french presidency is now calling on his country to seize back control and free itself from the grip of brussels. and it's
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a big name in politics to shall do. ben sky explains from paris. he was the man that was leaving the charge when it came to those brig negotiation thing was the man that was in charge of insuring a victory you for you. and during many years of break that he was, the mom that kept saying you is the gold standard during those discussions, even though she was the u. k, you trying to cherry pick was wanting from the you. now mission vanya is telling a very different story, something for the presidency hearing from elections take place in about a little. and the thing she is saying is shocking. many events in the saxophone yesterday about leaving out more fluid, european counterpart, it was one to many is doing and when it came to migration and what do you have to say? we cannot do all this without having regained our legal sovereignty. being permanently frightened by a ruling or
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a condemnation at the level of the european court of justice. so the european convention on human rights or by an interpretation by our own judicial institutions . the reaction as i was in fact, some people were so shocked about these comments. they thought that this was fake news. how could someone like me? should vanya see such things. there is a junior european affairs mistake level born said that he couldn't believe that some of these who is truly committed. you will, will be able to say such things. others suggested the mission volunteer had essentially imploded. toya korea. michelle bonnie: a is giving a master class on how to destroy your career and legacy in the desperate hope of looking electable to elect for that just straight up dislikes you regardless. well, bonia has defended his comment, saying the idea of a constitutional field would only apply when it comes to european calls on issues such as like gratian, his attempts to defend his comments seem to have made things worse. you can only
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how briggs and she is, has been reacting to this. here are just some of the comments. this is breathtaking . the hypocrisy the same. michel bonnie who doing the brakes. it negotiations taught to belittle the u. k for demanding control over our courts and our borders. now he wants the same for friends for exit. this is ironic in the extreme bonnie: a preaching the merits of national sovereignty to cover the overpower for e. u and european court of human rights who born is true feelings, it seems about the new and about european institutions couldn't have come at the worst time to the book. at the moment. brussels is trying to reschedule supremacy when it comes to issues of the court in all countries, such as hungary and poland. even seeing some questions being raised by germany, constitutional court, and his coma, to phone meetings, to maybe to, to have more influence. when it comes to your opinion,
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you need to counterbalance the influence of germany. this will suggest that the relationships within the block goes cosy. i think would have daughters hash k and that is the weekly for this hour. thanks for watching more of a great programs ahead for you this weekend. i'll be back in just about half an hour to you again. the join me every thursday on the alex, silent show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in
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ah, the i, b, b, c was us left a wrong. america continues to maintain of high prices in the country with us to see in the world situation. and again, this is into the crucial international trip to control over to the afghan forces. the security situation remains critical in the country. we are now in the mileage i do so yeah, like how about if i just keep on if i've already moved our friends most of us again, some of them they have ordered and left for the day now for right now they're


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