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comp insurance form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening with. the tyler bond celebrates thinking full control of the gun if on the glaring they defeated the last remaining on resistance. however, on tape town, about 5 claims, a whole parcel, the 8th in the country are pub in that account, a convicted rapist and several suspected terrorist habit among asylum seekers. lifted germany from, i've got a song i'm trailing and she says the bill to allow sources on the internet
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account and devices to any both under investigation. we did a controversial matcher. people can be anonymous on the internet and get up to all sorts of criminal activity, closing all sorts of, you brandy, almost an entire nation is criminal. everyone is a suspect. they approve the use this has been using all team to national hello and welcome to the program. they taliban claims to have solid control of afghan nissan after defeating the last pocket of resistance in the east and puncture providence. but those reports have been denied by anti taliban fighters in the region revolting from campbell. he is, he's in oregon city of during the night, the city of cavil again erupt. it in almost spontaneous gunfire with
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a constant rule, most of of rifles firing straight around into the air. it was very reminiscent of what happened when the last of american troops pulled out of terrible apple the taliban, celebrated by firing into the air logged into the night. well, yesterday, as we fill matter up here, we had the characteristic sound a bullet makes as it passes, very close a leaves almost. and at that point we decide that perhaps it's, it's best to remain in doors. and we later learned that as many as 17 people from 7 to 17 depending on various sources, a died as a result of that gun flaw. yesterday the taliban had since forbidden firing into the air in full celebration by its side to take any flights of doing so would have his weapon confiscated and would himself be punished. the celebration was launched,
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allegedly because of the taliban was celebrating the military offensive against the last hold. that province against taliban rule gotten this. don punch ship province . we also learned that perhaps celebrations were mature because the resistance, those anti taliban forces stationed in pine valley come out and said that they haven't yet broken that they're still holding out. and the fighting is going the ongoing, but there are losses on both sides. we have heard from contacts today that the taliban hasn't been tardy of the problem, but rather several strategic heights and several areas of the problem. they have launched, attacked from the north, from the south, from the east and west surrounded pan. g a r g is also spoken. so those forces fighting against the tide about your body. and they said that while they were welcome negotiations, they are prepared to fight to the end. i just remind everyone,
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negotiations stretched on for about a week before this offensive began with kind of by representatives traveling to pines. you have trying, trying to establish a piece of peaceful resolution to this standup. but the taliban saying that the negotiations fell through because the demands that the i'm futile about forces were making seem to them to be reasonable. we've had heard reports of them demanded 30 percent minutes. suppose any new government that is formed here and again. but again, i shared province is the last remaining provence in ghana. not on the taliban rule . the rest of the country is i'm the direct taliban control and italy uncontested. despite promising to get every year our state funded journalist out of afghanistan, hundreds were left behind as the last american plane departed. and those who did
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manage to get out many needed help from other governments to do policies and don't call her reports because of men and women in uniform. more than 25000000 afghans are free afghan shanisha democracy. i finally want to thank the incredible work of our u. s. military who are doing so much to help bring about a more secure and prosperous and democratic step for 20 long years. the u. s. has tried to force feed afghanistan, freedom and democracy. now they have an utter fiasco to show for this decision about that game is not just about to spout ending an error of major military operations to re make other countries. no mortal school have been trying to civilize the people who live there. although in essence, that means they have been trying to implement their own system of values and rules
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in the widest sense of the word. and that included the political structure. so it's the result, nothing but tragedies and losses on both sides sustained by those who did it. i. e, the united states, and even more so by the people who live in afghanistan, the the colossal waste of money time and human life have no doubt amounted to one of america's biggest defeats, but further muddying its reputation or the hundreds of employees of its global media agency still stranded there with their families last year alone, the usa gm, state funded outlets like the voice of america and radio free europe spent over 5000000 dollars to win the countries hearts and minds. the organization claims to
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have the ears of over 60 percent of the afghan population as well. no doubt cutting edge propaganda was just as important to washington as state of the art bombs. radio free europe and radio. liberty mission is to promote democratic vail, youth and institutions by reporting the use in countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. voice of america will serve as a constantly reliable and authoritative source of news was of america will represent america, not any single segment of american society. and will therefore present a balanced and comprehensive projection of significant american thought and institutions. officials on the house foreign affairs committee, se li, 50 usa gm journalists, were able to escape after getting help from other governments. the state department hasn't even put forward a concrete plan to get its own personnel back home. it just relate a promise that no one has been forgotten. we did not forget about you say,
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jam employees and families are, will, we will remain keenly focused on getting them out safely. just as soon as we can, the usa g m spokesperson has confirmed that their people are still in a life and death situation. we've asked us a gm exactly how many there are. but reports suggest around $500.00 employees and their families remain a situation. republicans describe as disgraceful. my office was working with one of these journalists and tried for 2 weeks to get attention brought his case. so he, his wife and his infant child could be saved, but our police were ignored. it's absolutely disgraceful. the us state department claimed they evacuated the local employees when in reality they abandoned hundreds of usa gm journalists and their families. a scrambled evacuation terrorist attacks a couple airport and a government that doesn't exactly love the us state department. it's a horrifying situation. it's a horrifying ideal. i mean, we've essentially our government essentially left these people to be murdered in
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water by the taliban. these people were seen by taliban. they were us propaganda agents hired and paid by the us government to to report news favorable to democracy, to, to the west, to the u. s. government. and now we've just abandoned them. this is unconscionable . it's immoral it's, it's disgusting because the american people do not think of their government as a sort of government that would do something like that. and yet here we are, the sort of people who have been a top priority to getting out about the understand along with others who have been the crosshairs of the taliban. and now they're essentially stuck and left to fend on their own. it's going to be very difficult to get others trust united states government. but then again, you know, our military industrial complex of all the money in the world. so, you know, you can always at the prices, right. we might step up to the plate and do it. we have asked the federal us agency for global media to comment on this story,
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and we'll let you know when we get to reply. people was the only ones left behind as us forces quickly departed from afghanistan, reportedly more than a 100 dogs, including those serving the military, were abandoned in the haste withdraw. despite the desperate efforts of a rescue group and kabul to fly them out, poorly, boy has known the story. what's called the internet mazda than anything, a handful of what looks like a bonded kids. this photo have gone viral, purportedly showing us military service dogs left behind. on the tarmac in couples ravaged apple fog, a major backlash on line with those people suggesting that this image is a symbol of the heartlessness of joe biden, dithering administration. but washington says, this latest pile on isn't bad news. apparently,
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the case animal was anything to do with the us military. they belonged to contractors and had been passed. them were in the process of being evacuated by a point, but animal shelter and couple called a couple small animal rescue sources for this or the pentagon. in the department of defense, folk person. the dogs in the picture are actually in the care of cobble, small animal rescue and animal welfare organization. the 1st casualty of war though is truth, and the fate of the dogs in the cages is still a mystery. i was talking to ortiz, mariah garcia, who's one of the early reporters on the ground in capital. and he told me that it's still not clear whose dog sees why and why they were left behind. you don't touch on like one kind of an official apparent. he told me that they'll retrain and we deploy the dog to work for them. instead,
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they're still running around the perimeter of the airport and the taliban. ah. but taliban has contacted animal control dog control to catch them. i know they say they haven't sentence them to death, just like with the war itself. america just call when online right now. earlier in august, when footage of us service dogs being evacuated from capital, did emerge, it led to the comments that american dogs lives were more precious than those of afghan human. u. k. government came on defy a couple of weeks ago as well for barney being too slow to help with the evacuation of a 150 cats and dogs from a campbell animal shelter run by an expert marine called penn ball thing. when one conservative politician, you will so happens to be an afghan war that trent was questioned about that this was, has been,
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the difficulty is getting people into and out of the airport. and we just used a lot of troops to bring in 200 dogs. meanwhile, my interpreter family likely to be killed as one interpreter of me a few days ago was my 5 year old worth less than you talk that point. while the us is accused of rescuing tape he, people from i'm gonna stand germany might have taken a he to many among those it's i live to 20 who have penned out to be people of question including suspected terrorists and a convicted of rape is his own year of correspondence, peter oliver, and he was able to airlift around 4 and a half 1000 people out of the country before cobble international airport was closed. that going through the process of identifying exactly who has arrived here in the country right now. while they've been doing that, while they've uncovered that, amongst those people that came here on the evacuation flight to germany was one saw out mohammed. and the reason he is being named like that is because he was very
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well known to german authorities. the reason he was very well known was because he previously being deported from germany that was off the in 2012. he was convicted of having raped his daughter over multiple years by a court in munich. now he was sentenced to 8 years in 3 months for crime. he was then deported to afghanistan back in 2019. we have heard from the interior ministry previously saying that there was no way to carry out checks on the ground in carnival for exactly who was getting on german evacuation flights. some of them totally falsified their papers from a to said. there was an emergency, and cocoa and such situations are always exploited by criminals. for the german government identifies around 40000 people still in afghanistan that it says should be able to come here to germany. when you look at about 4 and
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a half 1000 people that have already been evacuated though, well, when it comes to the people that angular merkle said would have priority. that people who had work directly with german military, german diplomats such at the 200 of those were on those slides that have already left when you included in the family, members of those people while you still looking at less than one in 5 of the people that have already been brought to germany having fits into that category that anglo miracle said were the priority long and we will continue their vacation operation for as long as possible in order to make it possible for after school worked with us for security. freedom, the rule of law and development to leave the country. so when you look at these people as well, like the, the man i mentioned had previously been reported. we had heard from the interior ministry that they said happened. the number that was previously given was that
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there was 4 such cases. well, that's now being revised into a well, incredibly vague. there's many or more by the federal police who are on the ground in frankfurt airport. you are going through the top of identifying people who come here on evacuation flights now. as soon as the cargo airport is reopened, we are expecting more hoping that more of those people can come here to germany. however, as it stands at the moment you're seeing germany having missed its target for people who wanted to evacuate from afghanistan by 90 percent. and also having issues with those who have been able to come here on the evacuation flights that have already arrived. meanwhile tacky, has a rain force fits eastern border with the wrong to prevent an influx of refugees crossing from august on and you 150 kilometer war in the van province found 3 meters high. it's topped with bombs want and patrol around the clock.
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ahead hands to have this our, their messaging service will stop and market fine from the it would be the data will be fine with the details in just a couple of minutes. i use join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me. oh the, i think what your mind indeed gets up against and with a great decision over the last 30 years it, it was the 1st decision which didn't follow the course over the events and history
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was, was an attempt to change the course and the biggest task on the paper is to contradict history, is to change the historical part from the national 4 important, what actually july them do the the the, the, the ah, nancy international. welcome back for people or marks working in russia, including from the us in germany, all being accused of funding, political opposition movements. the russian foreign ministry says one of the main beneficiaries on the now defunct organization of prominent activists, alex say,
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navarro ne, on his constancy welsh cope has mon, the claims. these are quite serious allegations that we're looking at here. according to maria harvey, russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman western embassies in russia help fund opposition, figure election development, who is now serving time in jail after being convicted for embezzlement and reaching his parole condition in the eyes of the authorities. this of course, amounts to blatant interference in russia's political affairs by foreign states and maria harb, i couldn't help but draw parallels for the heated debate between russia and the us that ensued in the wake of america, 2016 presidential election following the 2016 elections in the u. s. doesn't the fresh and diplomat were accused of meddling in the election process and expelled without any proof whatsoever. i dread to think what would have happened if they had found a single dollar transferred from russia to any party in america. and this is what this game looked like. according to maria's harbor, foreign embassies,
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namely the u. s. and germany hired russian citizens to transfer money to the val man, he's projects as a private donations, one of them. the anti corruption fund was brenda an extremist organization for inciting an authorized demonstrations in russia. earlier this year. maria the harvest, as it's unclear whether the transfers were done voluntarily by embassy staff, who simply sympathized with an invalid. the or it just may be part of their salaries, were designated to sponsor the russian opposition all along. what's important here is that for officials, the situation is totally unacceptable. and is a clear case of meddling and the russian politics. the fast saturday or september has been a busy one with ron leaves around the world. in london, one to migration much was not would a counter protest, there were some minus company between demonstrations and police with opposing notches clearly al numbering, the initial protest in power is over. cody,
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restrictions so far will turn out again and protest at maxine passes and mandatory john there was a have a police presence as previous gatherings had occasionally turned violent. meanwhile in greece, doesn't the right wing accident is gathered in central athens to protest against the arrival of later. and now a 3 and a half meter high puppet of a syrian child traveling across europe in support of refugees. police intervened to separate rival proves out of the actual format by a counter protest. there was trading parliament has passed a bill that grant police power to access and controls social media accounts of suspected criminals as will also allow source his to hack suspects device and even modify and release that data all without having to seek a judges approval. it said the powers on needed to fight terrorism and child
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exploitation much which is conducted online. creating tribes that the new bill makes the trillion police judge, jury and executioner. while for instance, in britain and the u. s. know similar powers have been granted. there's also been a proposal to introduce only di trying to uses of social media and age and apps with us trillions having tons, 100 point questionnaire before setting up an account. it's claims that would help to prevent online abuse with critics contend that internet uses should have a right to anonymity were put they show up for the debate. i believe that people should be identifiable relatively quickly and relatively straightforwardly. should they do something which harms others? things that's always useful to investigations into investigative offices because
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communication between individuals is usually a key part of that investigation. and evidentially very important this. this is clearly police haven. you know police needs to do no more. we call fascism really because this is where the government is effectively controlling the media. in this case, social media or the internet. the source of the problem is that social media an internet communication, has moved on leaps and bounds and legislation hasn't kept up with it. probably because legislation simply cannot lose that fast. and communication technology is moved. incredible speed, light speed over the last few decades. and so, problems have a reason where legitimate interests of the state, legitimate interests of the courts,
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legitimate interest of others of failed to provide sufficient ways into internet communications. and so that lacks behind the times. the reality is that in nearly all cases we are able to, to unravel the aid id of people, people who use email addresses and credit cards and they pay for things entities nearly always possible to, to find out who they are, no matter where they are in the world and you know, this is the job of the police. yes. the police will lead to work a little bit and do a little bit of digging and do a little bit of investigation in order. now you cannot incriminate being an entire nation, but in practice, people can be anonymous on the internet and get up to all sorts of criminal activity, closing all sorts of home with the states and judicial bodies, having no practical way of getting behind that. and so that, that is the,
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the home that needs to be addressed. so the balance has to be struck where there are sufficient safeguards to make sure that the police are doing it on the back as it were in the proper grounds for it. and so those things do take time, so it's getting the balance, right? remember, governments will take as much power as they possibly can. and this is what the stream in government is doing. now. they are just taking as much power as they possibly can, because they can elsewhere islands, day to regulate ass labs. they won't stop messaging service with a rack or 225000000 euro fine for breaching you data privacy laws. it relates to a prior launched in 2018 questioning, the transparency, the company's privacy policies, including the way uses days have processed and clarity of how rules are applied on
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the platform. the commission called the violation very serious, but facebook owned watson says, a disagrees with the decision. also infringement, same of you, very serious nature. they go to the heart of the general principle after spare, and see, and to fund a mental right of the individual to protection of he's help us no data. we have worked to ensure the information we provide is transparent and comprehensive and will continue to do so. we disagree with the decision today regarding the transparency we provided to people in 2018 and the penalties are entirely disproportionate. is not the 1st instance of penalties being imposed on tag giants in europe just they summer amazon was fined by locks and bugs regulates and full breaking e data protection rules as well. but privacy campaign and tech export bill, new believe defines won't really sad as a deterrent. but there are some companies on facebook and google are examples of
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this, but actually have a business model based on exploiting data. and these companies need to be held to a counselor different level. the problem that we have is, while nominally under g d p o, you can find a company for 4 percent of its revenue. very few of the data protection authorities are doing this. facebook and what's up or in a position where they are regularly fall in the fall of the regulations i'm facing already. it will friction that whole this volume. this is the chicken feed to them . they all have enormously deep pockets. and there's actually no assurance that this form will actually ever be, levied against them. they're going to go to appeal and they will stretch this out as long as they can. and the irish regulate it's just trying to attract a big tech booms to base that european headquarters in ireland for a favorable tax regime. now,
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volume in charge of regulating these organizations and holding them out. i didn't really don't want to run the boat here up to date more news in about 30 minutes. they change the ah, the ah, ah the
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ah me or is your media a reflection of reality? the in the world transformed what will make you feel safe for the tycer relation community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere which direction?
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what is truth? what is faith in the world corrupted? you need to this end. ah. so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah ah, i use tell us dave, how many.


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