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selected this time, the fight against drugs took a tragic. he told us that andrew was competing short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening. the i was begging to go to 100 because what i've seen and witnessed in belgrade was so destructive to this day. i have an icon to sleep, the 1st of all in depth investigation into the victims of america's brutal war on terra with a line drawn by the us polo. my son was a bag of former guantanamo detainees, shows the horrors in june. they had a sound, a woman in the next room that led me to believe was my wife being tortured
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a wave with pictures of my children in front of me and asked me where do you think they are now? would you happen to like me? took your way we get access to cobble airport just days after it was abandoned by western troops, the terminal and equipment shattered and destroyed in the us retreat for the helicopters. and there are a lot of them that were abandoned the was have been caught various various electrical blocks removed. britain, the foreign secretary grilled by a pays over his handling as a crisis. and i've gotten a sudden why he was relaxing on the beach when kabul fell. to the taliban plus well, this is what it feels like. the ice breaker for the ice, average tremblay certainly a bit different feeling. t crew continued his journey on that nuclear icebreaker plowing its way through frozen northern sea. this time exploring more of the high
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tech vessel with each crew and encountering an iceberg along the way. ah, they're low from ortiz, will des h q mosca this thursday, 2nd of september, kevin. and he would be for the next half hour with our latest. as you heard with the us, i've got washington's no set to review the failings of it's rushed and chaotic evacuation. and here at r t, we to set to scrutinize the risk impact that occupation had on the lives of millions in a special project called ghosts of wal i 53 year old was a bag lives in brittany, runs a non profit and doesn't look at 1st time like someone who's lived through the
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experience of america was prison practices, but he knows 1st hand all about that. i had to stop telling myself that i'm the father. that i, my son, i'm a husband that i'm a human being. i started to call myself what i had been told that i was, and that was my number 558. that was my number and going to the in was in may 2002. i was interrogated by the c i and the f b i and they threatened if i did not corporate to send me either to egypt or serious to be tortured with us. are you with the enemy? there is no in between. and that doctor still stand ah, in. i
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think it's quite clear to meet the united states response to the terrible that of of 911 was vengeance. the war on terror is not a police operation. it's a military operation. why they pick from me? it wasn't just me, they picked on everyone who knows if anybody prepared to hand you over to contact to talk to you. you know, i live through the packs and he's the enemy overwrite, and i'm my parents and i'm a deal national. they handed me over to the americans without any legal process for me with me. i was held for a year in 2002 to 2003. and i saw 2 individuals beaten to death by american soldiers. these terrorists played by
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a whole set of different rules. it's going to force us in your words to get mean 30 and nasty in order to take them. i will use all tools at our disposal to the boys. a few bad apples. isolated incidents, one by one, the terrorists are learning the meaning of american justice. to me, this place, i pity my what me and i did. states was doing that. they were bringing people to this torture sight afghans, 40 afghan, and abusing them outside of the rule of law, and then allowing some of them to go back home. and they would go home and tell people, this is what the americans did. by the time i got to guantanamo, i was begging to go to turn on because what i've seen and witnessed in the background was so destructive to this day i haven't,
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i can't sleep. i use several of us since one cannibal, including several taliban members who now heads of various departments in the government were tortured. we were stripped, we were beaten, was spat upon. we were humiliated photographs. this was taken during this period of time. they had a sound, a woman in the next room that led me to believe was my wife being tortured a wave picture of my children in front of me and asked me where do you think they are now, what do you think happened in the night and took your way, and of course what they wanted me to do was try and a confession that i was a member of the title which i was not. and this was, i'd say stand that i got it. i think i got it better than a lot of the other prison. i
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me. ah, so this is the handmade calendar that i made when i was in quinton, them. i thought that perhaps if i counted the days that it will be easier. but when the days turn into weeks and months, and then 2 years, i realized that it was just futile. when i received such letters from my children who are very young at the time, it's actually made it worse to look at the calendar and start to count down the days my children were growing up without me. and every day, without them, with a stab in the heart. and they would come sporadically, they had to be vetted uncensored by the us censorship. my daughter who was 6 at the time, wrote a poem, 12345. once i caught the fish alive, and they redacted that because they said that has numbers in
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a numbers could mean some sort of a code. so it was that kind of nonsensical reduction disconnecting from the idea of being a father. ironically and sadly, but also my own personal faith, my belief in god my reading, the koran and again and expectedly becoming friends with several of the american soldiers who would bring me little snippets of inclination sometime next week in a chocolate. sometime maybe we can a dvd player and show me a film, lexus, humanity that i have never forgotten to this. and i think i left guantanamo not hating america because of those soldiers, me messages directly from some american soldiers who say that
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this has been a, a war that has destroyed us as individuals, soldiers spoken to told me that they cannot sleep at night. so i am in no doubt about the, the effects of this war, not just on the individuals, but on the nation as a whole of whom the soldiers representative me has gone to the shop and unity types were destroyed. the united states produced a senate report on torture, but not a single person was ever bought for charges for these kind. recently i gave evidence the international criminal court for their investigations of abuses by americans, and they will investigate to the united states, the african national army and the taliban. the only ones who responded by threatening the international criminal court will be united states of america. they
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said that we will sanction all members of the national committee court. we will arrest any members of the icpc who come to the usa or elsewhere that want to investigate us. i think the united states of america needs to step back if it wants to help any of any assistance to the people who understand it's gotten the position to negotiate those conditions. it has, it has been an aggressor. the taliban already made gestures to russia to its china, towards iran, to its pakistan with indonesia would be like states and britain in particular. i think they're feeling very upset because this is a defeat. it's a military defeat. however, you want to look at it and not imperial hubris, as it were, will not allow them to say that we need to move forward and continue within negotiations that we began in doha, that they cannot be any more saber rattling. it's no good for the african people. it's no good sense. no, with a britain or america you've really got to find a way forward and bag well as
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small the people whose lives is shattered by the us war on terror ahead. so meantime of kindness turns into his 3rd day of post us reality with trouble, a potent devoid of western troops and under the full control of the taliban, us armored vehicles helicopters, ammunition can be seen abandoned outside those once so busy terminals of late i've seen a corresponding board guys who have next reports from cobble airport. these place looks very different to what we arrived to during the evacuation that cleaning the plagues up. there's said enormous amount of work to do what with all the vehicles, all the armaments, all the ammunition that was left behind by us and allied forces as they retreated as above. while there was of this tool as a person that is still being cleaned up. but as i said, there's
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a lot of work to do these evacuation that the pentagon calls the largest and most complex in history left a whole lot of trash behind trash wreckage. and they, bree the taliban command, that tells us they destroyed 95 percent of the equipment, stuff, and systems. they destroyed everything and destroyed cars. airplanes, especially the military or for us are destroyed 100 percent. we asked the she the airport and once crammed into the back of a pickup truck, we got our wish. it was like a movie set, a disaster scene. our 1st stop was the helicopter graveyard, all the helicopters and there are lots of them that were abandoned at capital airport. they have been sabotaged quite visibly. the wires have been cut various various electrical blocks removed and smashed, apparently with
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a sledge hammer, anything the taliban or even afghans could use the americans destroyed and what they couldn't bring themselves to destroy. they let use of the, the don't create the cause such as the on lot. we have yet many of the gods lives behind by american booth. but they weren't locked in crates as we had be led to believe they will let you at the dentist, someone before the final us troops had taken someone, had opened all the crates and left them with, with food on line animal activists of mobilized in the thousands there, in the sense that the american troops could have left behind these dogs right there next to the runway. at the mercy of the taliban. the americans live the dogs to get out from the specific places. but our teens or officials called the in charge of
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those dogs and to dave, they came to the port and they are trying to collect the docks and they are trying to in the facility for them and what they need to give them all we can say that the safe, these may be just what the taliban needs. a p r stuck collect the dogs and the move with the activities and reap the humanitarian glory. alternatively, they may have enough on their plate. she, the americans didn't justice for the helicopters and vehicles. they trashed much more than that when i was at the, at the morning to the airport. so i saw a lot of destructions here. many things were destroyed. i don't know who did this actually, american was there. we have got damage in the section. you can see at the backside of me, it was also damage, but fortunately by the help of a lobby made it and we might make it correct. the other interesting thing about the
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airport is the, the hundreds of armored diplomatic vehicles that have been left here. abandon during the evacuation, they used these vehicles to block off roads while the evacuation was on the way. this is passport control at capitol international airport. this is the states that it was left in after the evacuation was complete for some reason, other than destroying or the military vehicles and aircraft that the united states left behind. they also did store much of the airport civilian infrastructure, computers, x rays, cameras, even arrival and departure screens. here they saying it was the americans who cut the power cables knocked over the monitors, smashed windows and kicked in doors, even lou to the vending machines. why? that's boredom. bats hate. you don't end the 20 year war and leave in a humiliating evacuation without feeling
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a little bit of spite. or i'd get you a couple of guy this dog, the biggest failure of foreign policy and a generation the u. k. foreign secretary dominic rather than blasted by parliament for his performance and i've got to stand the pasty withdrawal of us troops and swift, successful offensive by the taliban. apparently took rob by surprise. it is important for us to know what you were doing and what you were doing from when did people were holding with you? i'm not looking to brush vicki over this. i just wanted to when you went things, when did you, when? in fact, when was the last time a foreign minister went to a 2nd stop, went to beck, and i'm not sure i'd have to check if you'd like to know the busiest, very have to come back to very great, but seems particularly random because high come us was recently started arranging the evacuation of german people through tashkent and it seems to be a route that works really effectively from germany. did you ever at any point,
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consent or offer to reside? now i consider getting home with the job. it comes a day after a tv interview where he indicated that military intelligence failures led to the rapid fall of the country to the taliban in effect, blaming the ministry of defense reform ahead of the army. hit back at rob over suggestions that thousands of afghans eligible to come to the u. k were left behind and said the government had been forewarned about the situation. and numbers were a key question for the can we see? did the foreign secretary know how many u. k and 4 national long vulnerable people were still in afghanistan, which apparently he could not answer. confident in numbers remain, but we think that they would be in the low hundreds. why? 100, you mean $110.00 sort of area or do you mean under $3400.00? they will be in the low hundreds 100 sounds that it could be $400.00 or it could be 10510115. i'm. if i could give you any more precision,
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cuz i would let me somewhere between 10500. so let me explain. k nationals. so let me explain why it's difficult. there are also questions about rob's role in the evacuation. he delegated a key telephone call to the afghan foreign minister to a junior minister to make a call, which ultimately didn't happen wrong off. how often he telephoned ministers in other countries to help assess what was needed during the to process. but the foreign secretary believe the efforts in the u. k. much those on the ground who is take response helpline and the email address in your department, not even being opened. so the, the issue as you have a search for the door is that you have a search of emails including late emails and requests like that. but let me just explain the situation for you. just purely transparency. we got 3 types of cases. they melting away to get, frankly, and countries that didn't use 3 different question question,
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you're going back to the question from that from when i was really been fine. but other company didn't use one process. how career problems other examples. they don't, people after almost 2 hours of questions, it remains a case of wait and see to discover if there will be any consequences for the current foreign secretary. k parties that without from london. so as the ripples for the pull it begin to be felt the big picture around the world. western media said the us exit from i've got to stand is going to actually maybe benefit russia and china more here with the americans gone. they say they jing and moscow said to gay, lucrative influencing that central asian country. and it's been something of a talking point at a big major economic forum that kicked off early today and rushes for a spring together. investors from around the globe as go. they're excited voices covering a lot of off. so 7 i was ahead of us. so good evening, early. good evening to you now. how's it gone ahead of us. there's a day's business and talk happened. what was said, well, greetings from the lead, give us talk cabin. the city is also known as russia specific gateway because it's
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located on the eastern, most point of russia, right across the sea, from japan on the border with north korea and china. and this is a see to that, this is, this city is indeed posting a major conference in a conference that was set up specifically to facilitate the russians own pivot to asia. economic pivots, 1st farmers because they part of their world. asia pacific is growing faster and more rapidly than any other part of the world, but also political pivot because a russia has good working relationship with every single country in this region without exceptions. but obviously, i'm sure, you know, the strongest relationship the strongest, the strongest partnership with has developed is with china primarily because of the way these 2 countries, which had some sort of relationship in the past. but because of the way more
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recently these 2 countries have been able to accommodate each other's concerns and contribute to each other strengths and russia and china have very specific, very unique vision of eurasia, the whole, your region continent as an integrated economically logistically, infrastructure early integrated space, a space from lisbon in portugal to blood of us talk in russia, that's could chime to gather regular neighbors could feed off each other's growth rather than jostle with each other for power and influence. and this is the main theme of the call conference, eastern economic forum, and many participants of this conference where they are taking the back a by the statement of the american president joe biden, that russia and china would want nothing more than the american scene of garrison for another decade, this is as far from the truth as it could be. but before talking about that,
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let's listen precisely what the american doesn't have to say through gauge the serious competition with china. we're dealing with the challenges and multiple fronts with russia, and there's nothing china or russia would rather have, would want more in this competition in the united states to be bogged down another decade in afghanistan. you put a straight forward lead. this is not an honest analysis, both beijing and moscow have been very vocal in their criticism of the american presence of ghana, some not only because of the consequences, it has 4 of ghana, some the loss of live, the loss of resources, the loss of can amik development loss of money, the growth in the opium trade, but also the repercussions have had for the why the region, central asia, for russia saint john province were china, beijing in moscow, i have seen the american presence there as
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a way to soar discourse and disorder. instability and own neighborhoods, and i think they are quite relieved to see the americans loud and actually quite graceful in giving jo by them a credit for making this very difficult decision. a couple of thinkers i talked to at this conference, they recognized that this was indeed a very hard decision for joe biden. and as you pointed out before there ended looking looking forward to exploring economic and developmental opportunities. and i've got some because i've got this done, is endowed not only with central your regional location, geostrategic location, but it's also reach in many mineral resources that have everything to take its people to peace and prosperity. and the africans themselves realize that last month i had a unique opportunity, exclusive opportunity to sit down with dennis and former president commit. because i, who nowadays plays
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a very interesting role of unofficial ways and between vitality by the african people and the wider world in general. and this is what he had to say about potential future of again, if, if we the afghan people will grasp our immensely important strategic location. well. and which has been for the last 300 years. we are in the middle of envision in which of gather says neighbors with the super powers of today . therefore those who are competing with the superpowers from far away, definite killer, come into our territory. for that competition, the i've got people must handle this more accurate chain capably. almost understand the value of the saw, the tree art, and the location that we are. and use that, especially in promoting confidence and trust with our neighbors and the major
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powers in our region. and have been with us as allies for stability. and because we're talking to us, so we can leave it there for a couple more days of the big forum to go keep us posted over the next few days and that will leave you for now. most talk i'm going to continue our adventures. in fact, a few minutes out for a spot of taking in of icebergs arctic animals as we go to the top of the world. a lot more on our team considering adventure, the north pole was still a pull that russian nuclear icebreaker, massive fake. so in the 2nd part of his report, constantino's cough praise, the cold meets the ship's crew and even takes a plunge. and this is brave into those icy waters. previously or departing from the city of more mascot, the whole board of worlds only nuclear ice breaker played this ship is huge. i mean it's basically like a rebuilding step and our cabin nothing fancy, but it has everything we need. we walk around the ship. i see radiation doesn't
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mean i could be exposed to radiation. all right, i'm writing more like a lot. we're going all the way to the north. now it's time to meet the captain. a tall, handsome man who likes to smoke. he's bite on the bridge while steering the mighty out so forward. at the 20 mile, it's the rudder as i understand. through all the more than you can effectively cool the ship's wheel, the rudder above and it has automatic steering, which holds the ship's course for the sum of course. so this is something like an auto pilot, right? nice axiom of the bill. that's quite an auto pilot. auto pilot is what keeps an aircraft in 3 dimensions, whereas on a ship it's just to show up. and then if i turn the rudder or that was, it was assisting you course the vessel will turn and adjust to a new steady cause. and this is what happens on
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a lower deck every time the captain adjusts the course. the helm sets these large pistons in motion, which turns the ship left. we're right. we were on the bridge interview and the captain and we were lucky enough to side our 1st arctic iceberg. shoot you this back to the day. icebergs aren't 100 percent white. they have these beautiful to wash sheet. they also come in handy for local birds. it's an habitable iceberg. i can tell. there are birds on sea birds which rest in the water. they use any surface that they find it an iceberg or a ship. they use it to take a rest. after 2 days of sailing, we reach friends, joseph land, and uninhibited arctic archipelago which belongs to russia, nor this is the northern most part of russia and a last piece of land on the way to the north pole. so in the chance we're
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approaching the edge of the world now the most dangerous part of our journey begins. if something happens, it will take days for someone to come rescue us from now on. we can count only in ourselves in our captain the well, this is what it feels like. the highest grade for the average trembling, i'm definitely can't admit when the ship hits the, i mean, it's huge. blaze on the deck. let's get
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a closer look. they are. they are hard for her bachelors that are constantly working underneath of my things. at icebreaker ramsey, i did actually write the pot at 1st and then crushes down word with all the mind. and that's one. the propellers come into play. they help chop the small pieces painting the way forward, watching the ship break yards and push dry and chunks of it inside is mesmerized. it's really both calming and intimidating at the same time. have a look at this. the white path led by the ice. gregory's close enough as soon as we had passed through in a few minutes or the hours. it's all going to be covered with ice again as it we've never been here. shows you who the boss is around here and i guess makes you feel small and insignificant parts of the ships start to cover with ice as we get closer to the north pole. however, the temperature is an extreme just under 0 degrees celsius. unlike me,
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veteran polar explorer who we interviewed on the deck even refused to put his hat on the resolution. it's a common misconception that the north pole is the coldest spot on the earth. it's completely false. the north pole is the middle of an ocean. the ocean does it kind of have storage as it allows temperature spikes frequently at the north pole. it's warmer than let's say in tango or mac on or they can means the pole of coal does not coincide with an actual geographical one be there by ascii has taken several dozen expeditions to the north pole. global warming, he says, is speaking. it's tall on the arctic and the eyes becomes thinner every year. however, he doesn't believe men made c, o 2 emissions are to blame for everything. and i share the same viewpoint is fine. to also think that this process is not a reversible in nature. the anthropogenic factor is the main way. what it means is that imagined for a 2nd. we'll switch to green energy and stop reducing.


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