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march in the headlines this morning germany imposes yet another round of harsh anti covert restrictions as a huge scandal over political profiteering from facemask sales hits the top with the health minister of self in the firing line. as protesters hit the streets across europe against painful new. measures people tell us why they've had enough. they are now mark we have their doubts we no longer know which flow to stand on we are a little lost to some of the big thing is you can restrict life so much we are here in castle today because all the measures that have been taking here in germany no longer serve the people. and. to play down the crisis new images of
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merge of child overflow facilities and the country grapples with the biggest surge of refugees on its southwestern border in decades we'll tell you all about it. below them for good morning to you from moscow this tuesday watching r.t. international with me kevin i mean for the next 30 minutes to take you through our new stories we're talking about this morning german chancellor angela merkel has warned the covert situation in her country is very serious as she's announced know a new round of harsh nationwide restrictions till mid april it includes a ban on gatherings and the closure of shops effectively then shutting down public activity over east. even you where in the situation which is very serious the number of cases is rising exponentially and intensive care bears are
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filling up again it comes after a german research institute confirmed the country had entered the 3rd wave of infections last week saw the highest number of daily coronavirus cases in 2 months and a massive corruption scandal over facemasks is no reach the top 2 with the health minister himself facing questions our europe correspondent has the latest this morning from berlin. the federal government here in berlin has extended covert 19 restrictions across the whole country but that is amid a mask crisis which is ensnared a new face the german health minister a report over the weekend in the online version of news magazine dish bagle claimed that again spawn authorized the purchase of more than half a 1000000 masks from a company called bird bird as berlin boss mr spawn's husband himself down your phone care the company insists mr frewen care had nothing to do with this transaction that no commission was paid and denies any wrongdoing whatsoever and
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1st on to work toward a media that the board of hooper birds and media over the health ministry to assist with the mask perhaps you are mad when the german government wants an urgent need for this the c.e.o. of the minister directing that kind of act and the minister of defense but that means that the border representative in berlin mr phone was not informed about the mask business neither by his company nor his husband who had been the direct contact person that contradicts common sense. and i can only repeat that according to birthday mr spawn's husband was not informed or involved in the transaction at any time but earlier version of the article had claimed the bird it was owned by the health ministers husband that was later corrected to reflect mr for and his role as an employee but that hasn't stopped lawmakers from seeking clarification from the health minister this salami tactic with the bit by bit information from
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the ministry of health about the procurement of masks undermines the trust in the institutions of our democracy it has to stop we now need an independent transparency officer to shed light on what is going on the health minister himself is biased mr spawn's allies have dismissed the article as thin soup but op. zation parties are circling and can smell blood the birds are publishing house owns papers like the dow also deals in masks half a 1000000 went to spawn's health ministry has been a representative aspirants husband both like to attend buddha parties because somehow the villar has to be paid what does one actually have to do in the merkel cabinet to be dismissed of course procurement had to be done quickly during the crisis but the wording of 4600000000 euro suave out a call for tenders is under considerable suspicion in view of the corruption
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scandal to a ruling coalition politicians of already fallen jew to personal business dealings in mosques for profit scandals but what started out as a probe into a pandemic profiteering now morphed into a wider investigation into what money german politicians have been making aside from their ministerial salaries the scandal has caused real damage to the ruling conservative union's reputation they suffered for huge historic losses in recent local elections with the green party taking up the slack in one of those areas and nationally when it comes to polling they are emerging as a real potential challenger in this september's bundestag elections in what's being called the super election year here in germany there couldn't be a worse time to have the whiff of corruption surrounding you peter all over r.t. early. hotter of the ruling christian democratic union told me people can't take
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the apparently contradictory law rules anymore. germany has never been as polarized as this and in post-war history we have a gap between rich and rich and poor country and city young and old left and right nationalists and patriots people are fed up or see a lockdowns i've just heard reports from from a different source from russia that pretty much life is back to normal it's it's tough it's one of the toughest countries in germany some of the european countries germany politicians are basically toppling over each other to raise the bar to make it even more difficult for people plus the vaccination council germans if they used to one thing are used to an orderly state orderly administrative procedures and we don't see any of this and we see contradictory. administered orders we see contradictory and failing policies so germans are fed up but they don't or all of the requisite and appropriate conclusions in the right numbers that this government
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has failed. but germans are the only ones in the e.u. increasingly frustrated with the handling of the pandemic our correspondent in paris neck charlotta bensky gauge the mood of other europeans as they too warm they'll no longer take economically damaging restrictions with the following images from the weekend maybe reflecting that anger. you're. on the street suv europe these are all the scenes that have been playing out this country is what's again are announcing a fresh wave of restrictions as the 3rd wave hit rallies protesting against what they branded health dictatorships were held from austria to sweden serbia to
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switzerland from poland to france demonstrators say simply a part. we don't know. we no longer know which flew to stand on a little lost a syllable or we have the impression of being masak when a tree produces and without anger have a social life this restrictions are totally useless i just feel like come along we can go out like you want as long as we have our significant so should we change the restrictions may be coming through germany more than 20000 troops to the streets of the city of paris so i must protest just to try to support the so will be using the destruction was a threat to freedom. here in ca we are here in castle today because all the measures that are being taken here in germany no longer serve the people but i consider corona virus to be a serious disease just like the flu which can also be very serious but to make a pandemic out of it as we are experiencing now and with many restrictions on our
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basic rights i don't think that is justified. we want to cameron said pepper spray we used to disperse protest is the tactic was all sing used in the lytton's protesters were left whipped but they were made undeterred across in the u.k. in the capital of london approach. justice defied a current ban on public demonstrations they demanded the rules could change a pool echoed by movement 60 piece they've written to the whom circuitries saying quote malloy saying people protesting was no to acceptable or q green was no proof dozens were arrested as tempers for 8. years you. are going. to be in must see
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a different term cool was taken in defiance of health regulations the house to stop the streets for the underclass callable a party atmosphere shut down by officials as it descended into destruction. nothing justifies destroying collective efforts to contain the virus nothing justifies desecrating the side of the route by and building collapse nothing justifies attacking children's games and public facilities. while the evil is trying to tackle that scene shortages it's it emitted to making mistakes during the pandemic but have lessons been learnt and i think this isn't so still being made on the go and not very thought free. i think they're not doing a very good job at it even if it's working but by luck not really by design i think that. extends it is a land. is the most important thing is that 0 reason
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to consent he said you're at the little i think we have learned from and we took action. the thing is you can't restrict life so much easier citizens are once again feeling the pain of tightening restrictions but after more than a year of living by the rules it seems now that more and more people believe that they are to flee do you damned if they don't. ski paris. u.s. immigration officials warn of an unprecedented migrant crisis on the southwestern border there a record $5000.00 unaccompanied children alone are reportedly being held in border patrol custody authorities are run out of space with youngsters now old and overflow facilities in cramped conditions than democratic party lawmaker released these images from the city of donner texas nice to see hundreds of children
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allegedly stranded in patrol custody that the their across the area for more than 10 days border crossings from mexico as a 20 year high presenting a tough challenge for the biden ministration right now no less it play down the emergency. children presenting at our border who are fleeing violence or fleeing prosecution who are fleeing terrible situations is not a crisis well it just points we've got washington d.c. officials going back and forth about whether or not what's happening at the border is really a crisis we've got biden promising that he will visit the border meanwhile we've got the border officials and leaders of the democratic party in congress urging the administration to get back to reality take their share of the blame for the policies that seem to have mentioned this crisis and really get a grip on what is happening you have a breach on national security levels that have never before been seen in modern
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history it just blows my mind how disconnected from reality they are or maybe they do know maybe they just don't want to call a spade a spade you know because it's uncomfortable it's a slap in the face i think they i just want to let you know what's going on we need to get a handle on this before against out of hand even within a week i was already calling the white house to say hey guys you've got to take a look at it when you create a system that incentivizes people to come across and they're released that immediately sends a message to central america that if you come across you can stay while there are big calls for the administration to get things under control and start responding to what many are calling a crisis it seems like the biden administration does not want there to be media access to what is happening on the border and the u.s. facilities that have been set up one journalist was quite outraged about the fact that he had to go to another country just to take photographs of what was happening
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here in the united states you have to stand on one side of the border i respectfully ask u.s. customs and border protection to stop blocking media access to their border operations i have photographed c.b.p. under a bush a bomb and trump but now 0. access is granted to media these long lens images taken from the mexican site until now u.s. faces journalists have needed to stand in another country to photograph what's happening in the united states how many will recall that while donald trump was president so to graps of children held in facilities detention facilities that were set up during the obama administration were widely circulated and there was mass discussion and outrage about you know what they referred to in the media as huge as in cages and there was widespread does that ing of the facilities your recall congresswoman alexandria because you know cortez had a well publicized visit to the detention facility and there was widespread coverage
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but the biden administration seems to be rather adamant that it is simply not appropriate to give the media access and to publicize what is going on at the u.s. borders i don't necessarily think that it's appropriate for a journalist to be inside centers that are at that are and are not permanent places for children and children are not placed there permanently now white house spokesperson jen psaki says that the biden ministration is very committed to what she calls trans parent sick but it seems like when it comes to the situation at the border it's much better to divert people's eyes and change the subject and try to avoid bringing attention to something that is to resolve a situation that many are referring to as a crisis. investigative journalism group project veritas also really shocking images from a micro facility and on a texas 3000 migrants have apparently been kept in tight spaces wrapped in those space blankets even said michelle to the 50 of the refugees of police who tested
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positive for covert in the last few days alone to the managing editor of project veritas told a small. there is a major influx of illegal immigrants and that is according to the source of my view 50 of them are coded. that sexual assaults he does it will salt take place daily our sources told us that there is many as 3000 migrants in this facility and donna texas at one time they're very cramped from the photographs you can see it's very spartan living there's not a lot of mats or beds or cots they are living in a difficult very tight spot it looks like a nightmare it looks like like something out of a fiction novel you can look back as far as comments from this administration encouraging people to rush the border encouraging people to climb any barriers just any way you can over it under it get in and we will take care of you a plain and simple people are coming over sick or not legal or not and they're
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being processed and it's being done in an awful matter now that we've uncovered the conditions here but it just seems like mass chaos and yes there is a kind of a caravan it seems gearing up. but keep your posts though because stick around the smalling morning by the way the u.s. judge holds practically they'd made the. democratic party narrative as a poll reveals trust and outlets has plummeted coming out. caches losing koreans in lycra strategies c.e.o. michael saylor 15 percent of its purchasing power per year why would you hold on to something like that when you have a big coin that's appreciating on average 200 percent a year for 10 years it's
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a pretty simple trade once you see the raw numbers. seem wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to stamp out this thing becomes active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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again a senior u.s. federal judge that has accused practically the country's entire media from t.v. to newspapers to radio being puppets of the democratic party and the public appears to agree with most no saying outlets support political positions rather than inform . the increased power of the press is so dangerous today because with very close to one party control of these institutions the new york times and washington post a virtually democratic party broadsheets nearly all television network in cable is a democratic party trumpet a democratic party trumpet i mean what an exaggeration it's not like they treated his inauguration as the 2nd coming of christ in the inaugural address the beginning had a little bit of soaring rhetoric a teeny bit at the end in the middle it sounded almost like a homily like a priest explaining something from the bible while they were just excited once it was actually in the white house they saw this throwing the tough questions at him.
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out of them or not to michael in crisis the media's not about that but they did go wild of those weird c.g.i. hands or maybe they were just expecting the other president and our president harrison i took a virtual tour vaccination centers on a i will admit though that seldom is what great in times of timing because remember that bombshell recording with donald trump pressuring elections investigated georgia to find him ballots he wouldn't have to move out of the white house while the recording revealed that the post misquoted trump's comments on the cool based on information provided by a source did not tell the investigator to find the frauds or say she would be a national hero if she did so instead transferred to the investigated to scrutinize ballots as in she would find dishonesty there. you will notice that establishment media errors admissions mistakes and outright lies always slanted one way against me and against republicans meanwhile stories that heard democrats or undermined
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their narratives are buried ignored or delayed until they can do the least harm media outlets should be regarded as political entities not journalistic enterprise yes but that's just an exception because when it came to trump the washington post was very sad and honest and objective and balanced and anyway trump had fox news on his side always share leading yes i have heard how some democrats want cable companies to drop fox news one american news network on newsmax but maybe you shouldn't spread conspiracy theories no i'm not interested in what silberman said he should be borne in mind that the 1st step taken by any potential tarion or dictatorial regime has to gain control of communications particularly the delivery of news it is fair to conclude therefore that one party control of the press and media is a threat to a viable democracy well that's a huge saturation no one watches the news anymore anyway it's all about social
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media just go on twitter not a democrat party trumpet to be seen silicon valley also has an enormous influence over the distribution of news and it simply filters news delivery in ways favorable to the democratic party and although upstart conservative networks have emerged in recent years their visibility has been decidedly tailed by social media either by direct bans or content based censorship well that's not true what about paula what do you mean apple amazon and google while i'm sure it was for a good reason and as the censoring content yes that was the one time that twitter brought that one link to the new york post article about hunter biden's business dealings but it's a little like it was a big story that could've i don't know sladen. lection and anyway there are other hard hitting stories to report on.
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some media pundits warn that back could trigger an assassination attempt so anyway it's a total mystery to me why faith in the u.s. media is at an all time low. the media's alleged democratic bias is failed to protect some of the party's biggest names joe biden in case in point says new york governor andrew cuomo should resign if a probe does confirm allegations of sexual harassment 7 accusers those for a come forward in a matter of weeks but biden faces similar accusations of his own of course tara reid worked as his staff assistant 30 years ago and has tried to have her sexual misconduct allegations against him publicized the new york times and other leading media insist there's no evidence to support her claims while the white house denies the allegations we discussed with her direct the apparent double standards than in the handling of the case. but what happens with powerful people like joe biden he
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spent $2200000.00 according to f.e.c. records on public relations to squelch stories that would be just favorable to him i see the same tactic being used towards russia with anti russian propaganda that our political system is being influenced by capitalism and its kind of reach the empires kind of coming to a halt unless we focus inward and look at infrastructure so you have these corporate entities that own the media the only information. and i find it stunning when i see them criticize other nations about propaganda when actually we need to look inward and clean our own house. like animals we slaughter them so the e.u. farmers chief says the block's new agriculture policies less of them and he told us more about why but the european commission that has not give him comprehensive assessment what the impact of the green deal. for particular would have on europe
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and agriculture and i believe that this is quite important in order to assess what we are up against a gross european hang like any agricultural sector in any part of the world is very much an integrated sector so you can't extract one sex for out of it without being a comprehensive to other sectors and there's of course it's missing and we would like to see their overall impact in you know in a sense that we could actually make i'm a system and what needs to be done and what the risks are and this is what we have been pushing european commission to come forward with. the e.u.'s 2030 farm to fork strategy aims to slash pesticide use by 50 percent so called nutrient losses and use of anti microbe drugs should also be cut by the same amount your crowds hope that's going to allow the blocks organic sector to flourish in the next 10 years good plan are not well the u.s.
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agriculture commissioner says an impact assessments being carried out insisting more comprehensive reviews would take place he admitted that the quote short term negative impact from the policies but the farm is representative again says this is simply going to lose market share over it insurer we are very much interested in maintaining our competitiveness and this means that and i asked the consumers we need to be competitive in both the price and what the product sense it's basically a price and quality ratio and what we feel that this person that you into our market there's a risk that we lose our competitiveness if the objectives and the principles that the european agriculture have to accept as art of the green deal and the farm to fork are not followed to the same letter and that's also here are a big question what would be the crowborough impact of all of this sustainability initiatives of the european union in our program of training at hertz to our
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trading partners except the same approach or do where do they have a somewhat different if it's different that means that we would most probably face unfair competition in the worst case here and europe but certainly internationally . final one for now the pandemic ups the pandemic downs mostly downs the last 12 months possibly to news theme parks in the u.s. state of california will be reopening next week of the year long shot plenty of do's and don'ts though in these covert times including some strict rules on how to behave on roller coasters to major post got more. remember having fun like a theme parks roller coasters. well apparently they're coming back but 8 maybe not quite as fun as you might remember that bella fornia has announced it will reopen its theme parks but on the condition that people will stay dead silence while zipping through the air on their favorite roller coasters so
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basically defeating the whole point of the ride if you're having trouble imagining just how depressing boring and sad a silent roller coaster ride could be well japan introduced a similar rule last summer and it was about as fun as you could expect. while much fun and keeping in line with the whole covert thing a bunch of other measures were also introduced such as how many people can be on a ride seating patter the amount of households that can be on one train you get the idea so basically it's we're open but we might as well not be because all the measures we're going to introduce will make your time as joyless as possible what's the point of even opening it's not like you're going to be making any money off of
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this plus it's not very clear how exactly they're going to be enforcing the no screaming on the ride rule perhaps ejector seats while on the move. there's a thought that if you watch the close 29 minutes past the day goes good for you when if you doing don't forget download are up if you do want to miss out on any breaking news it'll come straight to mobile device any time it happens throughout the day for now kevin i was sunning off of a good one. so what to do. it's crazy. how. you sit down.
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