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tv   News  RT  March 8, 2021 1:00am-1:31am EST

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so join us of the. forum even the shallows. in the headlines this 8th of march profiting from the pandemic 2 senior german employees are quitting in a major scandal for allegedly earning hundreds of thousands of euros from facemask deals. and claims elsewhere financial mismanagement during the pandemic by the u.k. government which is spending millions of pounds on a brand new media briefing room while frontline health workers get just a one percent pay rise. plus as president biden's long awaited covert relief bill passes the senate people may end up getting even less than under donald trump.
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now i am in our good money for russia this is art international with me kevin owen thanks for checking in and to take you through those monday morning headlines in a bit more detail than 1st a lawmaker at germany's ruling christian democrats are stepping over revelations that this company earned a quarter of a 1000000 euro for brokering a facemask deal and the senior the sister of christian social union party is being investigated too for allegedly profiting from an even bigger contract to provide protective equipment in the pandemic to get across all this morning with our europe correspondent peter all over in berlin want to get paid what do we know about the scandals in this morning. pandemic profiteering is the last thing any party would want to be involved in or accused of at any time really but for the christian democratic union the christian social union conservative alliance here in germany this couldn't come at a worse time in september they're facing their 1st election of the post angle or
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merkel era and just next sunday they've got big local elections in boston vote and book an important state here in germany and these allegations these claims of pandemic profiteering they aren't going to help them in either of those that involve 2 senior politicians we're looking at nicolas lobel of the cd you. misled all of the c.s.u. now if we take this the new sloan 1st now he's been. he's already said he's not going to run in september he has stood down from his position as the deputy leader of the union parliamentary group but he's denied any wrongdoing where is mr lobel has done the same said he's not going to run in in september and he is stood down from the national party immediately but he did mr lobel have this apology to me as a member of the bundestag i should have acted more sensitively in my business
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activities especially during a pandemic i blame myself for this mistake. well that apology not enough to save nicholas lobos political career but the idea that these 2 will stand down at the next election has already been seen as not good enough at all by senior figures within their conservative union bloc but what we've we've heard is they want them gone immediately because voters will understand that these politicians could set to be set to make tens of thousands of euros from their wages if they stay in post until the election in september in fact senior figures in the party of been lining up around the block to say that this type of thing can't be accepted and these 2 have to go straight away to fill their own pockets with essential goods such as masks do not represent the people but the lowest interests to collect
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a commission that is to want to earn money through mediation in emergency situations is not possible that destroys trust in our democracy. well one of the reasons the party is so keen to distance themselves from these 2 is we've we've seen continuation of covert skeptics and those on happy with the way the german government has handled the pandemic out on the streets of the country here in berlin just over the weekend there was another demonstration against the way that angle of merkel's governments handled the situation but it's not just here in germany that we've seen that as well there's also be repeated in other countries across europe we've seen in the czech republic in the netherlands in france in austria as well as people aren't happy at all with the way people are frustrated with the way that european governments have handled the pandemic these type of a his ations of politicians lining their pockets by brokering deals when it comes
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to damascus in p.p. that's only going to add fuel to that fire. from where you are while journalists north of thomas fassbender told us to the public fieri over the issues are going to damage the ruling party there in germany would be to raise. i think that definitely the christian democrats as a party at the forthcoming coming elections will take a hit there's 'd no question there is anger about this the interesting thing here is that mr little bit just last year was the subject of a completely unrelated corruption of misbehavior commercial misbehavior case within his own party that man has been known for a sort of potentially shady behavior is there where allegations and nevertheless the party sort of shut their eyes that is of course 'd the dangerous thing it's not just a matter of the law such of the letter of the law but also. 'd about the way to
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lie. down history has been criticized for spending millions of pounds on a white house style media briefing room it comes to the country's foremost standards are called prime minister boris johnson's alleged use of a charity for a 6 figure renovation of his official property an abuse of his position and some of pointed out it all stands in stark contrast to the me give a pay rise offer to health workers on the front line of the coven fight 1000000 spent on a media briefing room 3 and a half pounds a week for nurses make no mistake this is a political choice by the tories it sums up boris johnson's warped priorities that he can find millions for vanity projects while picking the pockets of n.h.s. staff our n.h.s. heroes deserve a fair pay rise after all they have done for us the conservatives are wasting $2600000.00 pounds on a vanity media sense of a boris johnson while denying n.h.s. workers a fair pay rise the conservatives priorities are not the british people's priorities
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. the u.k. government insists difficult economic circumstances mean it can only afford a one percent pay hike for n.h.s. staff it with inflation predicted to reach $1.00 and a half percent this year that's likely going to result in a real term pay cut and as his union says they deserve more they're preparing for strikes political commentator anthony webber told us the government's priorities are all wrong. but media companies enjoyed the need these societies were and those are sure to. a finer our will is a shortage of finance money should go to. the very. certain schools or options of a cruel direction like. giving a late start but it does. rather a pool message for governments to spend money on promoting it certainly not
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prepared to spend money on people who have been looking after people who are paid in hospital and so on are people who live theatre interests even nurses and so on but also in britain the government's extended to september now its so-called 3rd low scheme to pay 80 percent of people's wages for hours at the current work in the pandemic it predicts the cash injection will get the economy back on track but in the latest episode of art he's going underground show with afshin rattansi british economic historian robert skidelsky questions the numbers. they think there's a lot of pent up demand that there are a lot of savings that people haven't been able to spend and that as the shops and entertainment places reopened people will flock to these places with the extra spending power and that'll make the whole thing revived but if you look at it realistically i'm very skeptical about this because national income has fallen it's
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fallen by 10 percent cent in 2020 that means savings of all there as you know some people will have extra savings but what about all those whose incomes have fall they're not going to have extra spending power we're talking about people who are being made on employed because small businesses are closing going bankrupt and or cutting down on their start and rather than keeping that population on 1st. i would try and provide work for them and especially young people. are the headlines for the smalling italy central region of landsea wants to manufacture the sputnik the vaccine and has asked the government to consider its proposal lies he also plans to purchase a 1000000 doses of the job the country's health minister says he supports russia's shot. in my opinion if the vaccine works and is safe i do not really care about the
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nationality of the scientists who developed it therefore i am open to sputnik v. as well as to other vaccines should the european medicines agency in the italian medicines agency give their approval we are ready to cooperate with russia even very soon what movies already been approved in 2 e.u. countries hungary and slovak here it comes as the blocs criticized for the slow pace of coronavirus inoculation in some member states well chief of italy central region telling us about the approval process for sputnik the. more. it's necessary to produce vaccines in house in order to be self-reliant and avoid the problems we've recently faced including the difficulties with job supplies and on time deliveries autonomy will benefit everyone in this case we've always treated the sputnik vaccine with great respect paying particular attention
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to the scientific evidence behind it therefore we have no reservations about it off we still be in the explanations of its validity in the medical journal the lancet and by the laws there are only national institute for infectious diseases in rome we've always said that the efficacy and safety of vaccines are the main thing whereas their origin doesn't matter to us. all one thought gently we can't take decisions absolutely independently and always have to wait for the approval by regulators we also hope for a fast track process so that it doesn't get bogged down in excessive red tape because we are in emergency and in great need of doses in italy we don't expect to see any disputes around the sputnik vaccine because we believe it will contribute to the common good and protect the health of our citizens. joe biden's covert relief bill finally passed the senate after a moment vote on last minute negotiations $1.00 trillion dollars of aid may seem
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like a lot but teleports next people may end up getting even less than under donald trump . ungar in america especially for children has soared to historic levels unexpected medical bills have created a surge of families desperate for in america the richest country in all the world we have incredible hunger what ours is possible as the u.s. continues its brutal battle with one invisible enemy an old one has of real poverty but for those one in 10 americans who lost that job and fame never recover all those 3 in 10 low income families who worry what their next meal is coming from good news joe biden promised you a helping hand knowing she works 40 hours a week you live in poverty and it wasn't just higher wages no biden was also going to rip open the government's what it and hand out those support checks.
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juma for small business owners to be concerned how that changes and with control of the house of representatives the senate and the white house the only trinity nothing could stop the democrats puffing that kind of bill no out of touch little greedy republicans not even trump no it was a done deal right but we obviously are now alternately send the. money to less people in the administration this is not the promise that we need. conservative democrats have fossil divide in the admin sense fewer and less generous relief checks than the transfer has been good so not a done deal biden promised one thing with has $1.00 trillion dollar aid package the house then took a stab at it and the senate's now taken another stab at it and it's a wounded form almost $12000000.00 fewer adults will get the relief biden pledged
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unemployment benefits are finishing a month earlier than planned and as for raising minimum wage to $15.00 well courtesy of some democrat senators who vetoed debt that won't be happening and if you're wondering what an elected official offering in the face of the people they sell looks like well hey you go. to cinema cinema. no i'm sure though it's a big thumbs up from have for $174000.00 annual salary but if you thought biden himself brainchild this bill was as devastated by all this well think again he is comfortable with where the negotiations stand he is controversial and knows there will be tweaks at the margin so if these tweaks mean that american struggling to stay afloat amid the biggest recession in the u.s. in decades on getting the money who it is what national democrats particularly
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nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have chosen to do is crimes through a 1.9 trillion package that includes things like funding on the national endowment for the arts and national endowment of humanities and the subway in silicon valley to help nancy pelosi constituents and while the washington elite did eventually realize that splashing $100000000.00 on a subway in the richest town in america wouldn't sit well with those people standing in line to food banks when will it realize that it works for we the people and not me myself and i well the mainstream media were delighted by the bill with the washington post branding it a defining move. those that forced the changes headline offered on line but. showers money on americans could washington post exaggerate by density humans in the market desk way probably not shameful creepy had learned worthy of north korea
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jeff bezos washington post letting us know always well keep taking a so watching netflix and ordering from amazon because biden is showing us with money who make a train with a check of the still doesn't come home my friend soak up all of the money showers my fellow poor's the amounts are being paid are just a drop in the in the bucket the payments are proof that their faith and they bite administration was well founded and the reality is of course that much more of the covert relief bill is going to other causes no other interest groups in the us you know we have a constitution and the government has grown by leaps and bounds beyond what the original intentions were at this point the number in the duties of the american federal government have. the number of tourists arguments over laughable you know the last coded stimulus package had billions and billions being sent to foreign countries this one has everything from money for amtrak which is a perennial loser of public money. 3000000000 in aid to aircraft manufacturers
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almost 300000000 for the national guard for the arts and all while people are suffering and i would add that while there are clear signs that the global appetite for the us treasury which is us debt seems to be waning this is a heck of a time to be incurring a lot more debt. so the program smalling as brazil reports to stir big new coded records present goals to know nonetheless telling the country to stop whining about the disease and what they're having to go through on it after the break. so seems wrong. just don't all. get to shape out just being active. and engaged equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the world is driven by a dream shaped by our own personal. dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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again monday morning here in moscow sure is with you too if you watch the clocks 19 past the next president both scenarios called on people to stop whining about brazil's covert catastrophe suspend the country's registering its highest daily covert death rate last week it's got the 2nd highest death toll in the world with more than 260000 victims so far. sugared you for this quarter do you mean enough with the pretentiousness enough with the wind your photo how long are people going to carry on crying for you for we have to confront the problems obviously we need to respect the elderly those with conditions but where is brazil heading to if we live in fear. because they're in hospitals are struggling to find room for the sick because the health system is overloaded meantime this containers been placed outside the clinic in the north of the country where is it there it is here to hold victims of the disease residents gave their reaction to the move is grim to see
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that isn't it. but i think people are panicking and this container shouldn't be out in the open here this doesn't help. that it has a huge impact i think it makes you more careful and more inclined to protect yourself it's only when you actually see it that it has any impact when you realize that our people in their lost loved ones were all to blame people but also the government because they should set the example. the editor of a brazilian news agency told us the president must take the blame for the worsening situation there. i think it's political strategy. all the time trying to prove to the brazilian good palatial and then he has this situation that control old food the situation is completely out of control i don't feel that resume is going to have a bad the situation before may or june because we have
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a very. do lay in all this nation we don't have any more income to protect. them to stay at home and the next story and see all 6 days i going to be even at war with the situation we have a levy who at this moment. desperation and anger in lebanon as the country's economic downturn there pushes more people to the brink last week the lebanese currency hit a new low fueling nationwide protests reporting from the capital there is local journalist linda tommy. and downtown the streets have blocked the roads blocked them with burning tires trash trash bins they set trash bins unfired basically everybody is angry at the further collapse of the lebanese lira to the
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dollar the lebanese pound reached $10800.00 lebanese the rest to a dollar which is very much under president that the protesters are very angry at the government for being so inefficient for not being able to form a cabinet that would unlock the billions. promised by the i.m.f. should the reforms be finally implemented it's been close to 7 months now that lebanon has been without a proper functioning government situations that is very very. very law. we closed this road because this is our land our country and we have become poor we have endured so much that's why we are closing the roads again and won't let anyone pass. we are starving we are here at martyr square setting tires on fire because the price of a loaf of bread has risen to $3000.00 lebanese pounds and that of a kilogram of rice to $7000.00 all while the dollar keeps rising there seems to be
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no end in sight a lot of people a lot of lebanese people are thrown deeper into poverty and a lot of people are desperate they're fleeing the country they're now jobless they're left with absolutely no hope and this is why they're expressing their anger and frustration out on the streets of beirut. tough times there and they will talk to tough times and try to deal with adversity little thing to tell you about a new r.t. documentary speaking to a russian paralympic athlete and national sailing team member who lost his leg and an ax there was serving in the army despite that to me trick now says he still active in the gym in the pool filming his video blog back in 2019 you became the 1st russian paralympians across the. for a straight the foremost part of the continental boundary between europe and asia choppy waters there he also won the national sailing cup for differently abled athletes if you want to see more of his story i can tell you this half hour of it coming up on this channel just
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a minute or 2 but that's the way things are looking. for any more of our news today kevin 0 in on the whole on duty team here in moscow have a great monday. join me every 1st day on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. you know. this is crude oil. so they need to actually physically hold it out of the ground you would have well well well well well. there's a lot of money with the oil and with that comes. a lot of
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a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a $100000.00 a year. as a minimum there's an issue. here maybe. they were all $60.00 a day hard work for the workers not used to work and so they want to relieve their stress of how do they relieve their stress these men move back out like these men that comfort these men that. people have been murdered up here people been raped their massive drug issues up here you have a boom you have everything else that comes along with money. the world is driven by shaped by.
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the day are things. we dare to ask. there's a reason a signal which is about there's no. idea what you're going to give us more than that you are. now arguing your idea that our home was going to talk about it at the couple times i've done so figuring out to get the power from somebody.
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who wouldn't. have them going about this. thing in which no brush will know it so we're going to see that there's a bigger and brutal repression. your own personal could get caught in the kind of struggle for as you go on from your rights as a resume or no saying so it's almost all to the porch and post about it but i was. this don't want to be a great. ulysses be it the middle be sure it was just that you thought about dominating the standard nor. yet the cousin with a bit of that was us know. that if you're caught that the digital social. little doesn't live with the way you thought that you'd all work. with lee so before shooting it off. and if you want me to read this. but even if there was nothing at all. about don't do your little research because i. lost interest.
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that was another huge disaster the middle of his narrative i was to let them go today it has rules but i feel them with. see the film on. the. do i deal. with this mom is that always suddenly by you me each other pretty oh yeah i knew that in the press but i was that we didn't get an idea essentially built them from going to. i think heard some of the do not i could but of. course watching this for you was. going to be appalled by this divide in the fact that there's a write off in them when it does it then is when you come up with a bigger problem of my own to think that it was the levite of. someone there just isn't there any and we played until this morning i mean you know
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which inform people michel and it's not to mention. for you who number one wake up with the secret and. then inability to see it or goodness enough to know it was from the who are nor why don't you put your story it's a beautiful soul and so i stand when i was a graduate school with the most just got out of those numbers but he has. done of course we can with a little little bit this sort of. thing was not viewed. you'd notice there's a button at the crease or even more. so precisely said i'm sure i'm with him in love with. someone before her body has this quarter with anybody get them things and that was a clip from a child nicholas. witchell that would ensure looked at but it's all the 3rd. so personal files are immune to. the grades of locals it's
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