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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  March 4, 2021 8:30am-9:00am EST

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eloquent he makes complex issues accessible view such as his and those of common weale are what we need coming out of the pandemic terrorists al says it was an excellent show as always but particularly good this week as richard murphy explains what a newly independent scotland can be and how energy will see it we are happy to says exciting stuff from professor murphy encouraging for scotland norman says we need to get that information the professor was discussing there so that more can hear and realise that scotland has an incredible opportunity to decide its own destiny and place in the world iris says the e.u. will one scotland definitely as a foolproof european either contributor and we should be part of that european union as a full and equal partner sunda whoever says and pay a lot for it too and finally alan mccarty says excellent show richard murphy is an asset that scotland should be using with his extreme and to of course to an economic argument thank you well thank you very much indeed alan for your comment
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and then over to alex who's interviewing rina shah finder of republican women for biden really show welcome to the island so i'm sure things for hurting me. rima you were successful in the election you got praised them by the elected at least helped get them elected how's that working out so far well right now we're seeing exactly where most americans expect to see in the 1st 100 days of any presidency which is the settling in of a new administration one that feels sometimes familiar yet uncertain we're seeing a candidate make good on the promises of his campaign trail and i think that's why i was confident mostly in my go for joe biden just because i thought that clear somebody when they get into the oval office they're not measuring the drapes they're not sort of taking at the greatness of being in that position because he's the leader of that he had a very robust role in my opinion as a vice president and he believes in one for his vice president as well and so have
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the confidence that i have in this president is a he will get in a day one that he will hit the ground running so we're seeing a mixture of that right now has it been perfect absolutely not he's a flawed human just like anybody else but i'm most excited about really the promises made with the current 19 pandemic which was what many of us really wanted to see from whoever was going to take the or all of us next. but from the died inside from your point of view it looks like the donald this back in his speech to the c.p.i.'s conference this week in the case that looks like him times to complete role of the republican party how do you feel about that well donald trump is back as a private citizen and like i just said with american politics at teatime the real change clearly the existential threat has been neutralized for the moment i think and that
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was he was very divisive in so many ranks and i think the nation really needed healing from that bias that rhetoric interest rhetoric he waits and which we saw get into it go into action are generous that the job i mean he signed up for a very difficult task but his life story here is the development that's far different than dollars from trump came from a role that many americans can only imagine is really mom and so what he's really doing our in his leg as a private citizen is going right back to that world country club and comfort while americans across the country 'd are suffering mothers like myself who are very young children have not had their children well for a year now it's been one year my children of it. and i really believe the poor handling of the pandemic entirely arbitrary to this situation by the advocates of donald trump say that it yourself and people like you who campaign for the democrats i'm not real republicans how would you answer about jobs. and i would
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think that donald trump was not a real republican i opposed him from the minute he declared his candidacy because i did not find him to be a republican in any way his his records speak to that entirely his opponents in the republican primary gave great statements and would look at history if donations to liberal candidates his own lifestyle it was a real moment in which the republican party showed its true colors when they allowed trying to hijack the party and to come in and really without any empirical evidence say that i'm one of you know so the reality of this is that donald trump goes out into history and into the canals of history more than anything else as a disgrace president if the republicans want to say that this is their standard bearer they can do that but there should be room for divergent viewpoints like mine
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in the party one that means that we can reject what we don't believe is right for the country donald trump rejected science and that is while we continue to have the current 19th impact over half a 1000000 americans dead on our shores because of what happened under his watch now donald trump was beaten disgraced as you put it but nonetheless in terms of the popular vote he got the highest vote of any republican candidate in a presidential election has slipped so it must appeal to many many sections of american society. well certainly that's a good point and i think it was because frankly republicans did not want to vote for the democrat so many people in what i found over the course of the past year were not willing to still take a chance on a democrat and it's because of the strain polarization in the country people on the right hand demonize the left and hence that that democrats want to take us closer
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to a country like venezuela they've employed booky man tactics to get republicans to say you're better off putting for the one that's currently here than what you don't know and that really speaks to the problem here we've had for a time for a long time now we've had so many average americans feel like they're not represented whether it's federally or even in state houses across the country they feel that politicians are beyond their reach that they're not average people and or they go to public service to enrich themselves i think that what we really saw here happen in election 2020 was people saying what's another 4 years that's what republicans took into account they didn't make the calculation that i made is that another 4 years could be dangerous for the country and i think that's why so many more republicans expect it clicked for donald trump again but just when people like yourself thought it was safe to get back in the water at times are these not
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going away to play golf he is back again so what happens to the republican party with us over winning presence of the donald tightening all that. well like i said i don't turn the room again i feel there is certainly been a wave of coming out of the tweeter and she added we want to be in the needle anymore waiting the next bulletin china shop moment at a news cycle has slowed here in the united states which is good for the american psyche i believe but when you just touched on it with the charm meant not worrying there and that is true of the truck movement isn't going anywhere and it'll be interesting to watch how that we don't be yours if i am because trump and her get him to be hinting at a shadow presidency is going on and that's the kimberly caldwell that it's the pack this weekend she was the warmer big news person out here in the united states and it's now the program and. she spoke at the back and she sent trouble achieve more from his desk and wire than biden commer harris well the next 4 years that's really
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wild to me that's not democratic that's not respecting our american norms and tradition and i think even though there's not a libel polling to tell him to the bathroom during the americans do you want our norms and institutions respected they were and how be theft is that to be a lie but when we look at the nation of donald trump's politics can you put your finger on what is it that you're so hostile to as these policies on the economy isn't of national policies it ought to set the the lack of respect to the will come sil's from a riot if sections of american society. i find on the truck to be a wannabe dictator that's really ultimately what it is for me and the fathers i believe keep uganda and we know what dictators do we know when government gets too big and too oppressive and donald trump is a big government guy while on the other side of his mouth he tells conservatives
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that he's a small government guy he's a guy who doesn't have any kind of doctrine he hit certain groups of people simply for existing to me he showed the country what he really believes the country should be and it should be a country in his opinion that is predominantly comprised of white folks who practice a certain type of christianity that's all evidence and that's not what america wants america genuinely wants to be the melting pot that people like myself who are raising the eighty's and ninety's until it could be this beautiful experiment where people come together from different walks of life and really subscribe to certain things this pursuit of freedom and liberty and equality for all the riva share the plenty of many trump some want to be some sort of lining up to seize the top at some point from the donald if it decides to pass on can you point to a stunned a bear or from your wing of the publican party who might be
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a serious challenger to take it in a different direction. well what common theme we start this past week at the conservative political action conference was gaslighting tonight. folks were saying you know they're wrong the g.o.p. is not divided we are a big night party and they're been transurban good thing and that you know we might have some differences within the republican party but trying to energize a part of the electorate that's necessary keep in teach for the future for the g.o.p. to win and that the g.o.p. will continue to build up what we're trying to get them and they still very much the figurehead i reject that i do think the republican party is quite fractured more so than what mainstream media in the united states at least is willing to admit as well so it's going to take a good bit of time to reset her hunger station again and speaking every century i think there are some good center right voices that really will be allocated at some time particularly in the lead up to our 2022 midterm elections i'm looking at
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people like congressman adam kinzinger from illinois a good young boy in his only has early 40 of congresswoman lynn cheney of course the daughter of congresswoman from vice president dick cheney and she's the number 3 republican in the house she has shown that she can stand up on principle and speak your mind it doesn't have to be in unity with everybody else in your caucus also congressman jamie rare up there a young mother in her early forty's as well from washington state she's a congresswoman who also voted with congresswoman lynn cheney they were the only 2 female republicans in the house of representatives who voted to impeach donald trump a 2nd time so i think these are the voices of the future look at studies that show that the majority of americans make up the reasonable center and yet 30 percent of the extreme wings are in control of all of our national conversation so that leads to a misunderstanding of reality this market of centrist has to be tapped in order for
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us to really build a stronger and more night it future and said that's what i'm looking at those choices studio. really shall know both g. or p. woman for pres the biden thank you so much for joining me on the alec salmon show thank you for having me let's stay with us for a totally different perspective on the future of the republican party from ed mark preston of the phyllis schlafly egal society join us said. just buy a little survival get. customers go buy your stuff. then now well we do something. that's undercutting that what's good for the market it's not good for the global economy.
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welcome back to the we know i turned from republicans for biden to republicans for chump and alex interview president often the shafique of.
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welcome back to the like simon show thank you alex always good to talk to you. ed you're not the only one that is but donald trump is but like the terminator there question i'm going to us you looking to come by this week is the not the danger of that instead of c.p. you have go what donald trump good new co p. pocket though it's the trump conservative political issue as opposed to the conservative coalition is that no a big well it's a it's an astute observation alec and let me explain what i what i had saw in the last 4 years with donald trump as president he really became the dominant republican political figure now that's no surprise in a certain way but because he is not sort of fading off the scene like reagan did for example reagan was the last dominant american republican political player like
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trump but trump's not leaving right he's he's staying in the in the fray and you're exactly right when when donald trump is at the party he takes all the oxygen out of the room he's one of the greatest showman we've ever had is one of the great leaders we've had and so i think it is donald trump's party the but that doesn't matter what matters is the next election is almost 18 months away and then after that the presidential in between now and then trump is going to coalesce the $74000000.00 plus supporters who voted for him and then we're going to see where it goes and i think they'll still be some twists and turns but i think that's what he was doing at sea-tac but it look at the people that say the republican party is up for grabs they're not understanding american politics it's trumps party america 1st less foreign wars smaller government drain the swamp but it's all trump right now and i think that's going to be that way for as long as he wants it in a certain sense but every lead us to have succession planning and it's not easy to see that is within the ranks of the republican front runners anybody who could
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realistically dawn the same mantle as the donald you're right ah. donald trump is going to eclipse anyone sort of coming in behind him and it but i think you know american politics again it moves on those structures in 2022 they'll be another one in 2024 and i think we'll see some things a merge i believe donald trump needed to do what he did for him and he needed to do it because he needed to solidify the option i don't know that he has a plan yet on where to go i kind of think in american politics we often say it's a mistake to run the last election they changed so much and there's going to still be some more changing but again it's it's trump's party and he's the dominant figure in america on the center right now. the trump come back and make people like mitch mcconnell feel with him capitol hill isn't he the soft a figure of the donald trump would still need and he seems to be funnily eliminated
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when donald trump was president mitch mcconnell passed into office by a by the senate about 250 judges transforming our judiciary mitch mcconnell knows the game and if he gets a president on his side he'll play the game if he gets a president opposed to him like biden he'll play the game so i don't think that's the question the bigger question alex is i think we've seen now a true transformation in america the parties are separating and the republican party has a claim still has to be sort of worked on but a claim for working americans a claim for the noninterventionist wing of the republican party that's a new for us right that in the last 25 years republican party has been the party that fought to fight the wars and change the world so donald trump shifted on immigration on china the republican party has a stark set of positions that are different than they were or maybe more solid in
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a certain sense than they were 4 years ago that's a big change so going forward mitch mcconnell will come in behind whatever the success is because he's got to win races and in 2022 mitch mcconnell's got to win races in senate races to get back the senate and he's going to care where the base is and donald trump is talking to the base on cash a question about the difference between. center right and right wing ideas on the economy and philosophy and the force of personality is the a danger of the some of the right's ideas on how you should run an economy in a society rather than clips by donald trump's personality where he seems to react to a variety of situations on impulse as opposed to having a body of thought behind it do you think that's pretty unfair on you you'll stand a better no i think it's fair actually alec i might say it's less on impulse than on his instincts about how to operate
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a business and his and his success in life but i would say the republican party the conservative party has changed look i found myself and i'm a pretty conservative guy on a lot of social issues and other things on the economy i'm less convinced that the free market with the government we have right now can operate the way it's supposed to in other words the free market is constricted by government therefore we have to change what we're doing here's an example i said this on an r.t. program last week i was i was adamant the republican party has to embrace helping working people this may mean that we have to give direct payments to working people as they transition that doesn't sound like a conservative on the economy and i think trump move the party to being open to that in a way they weren't before look the republican party used to arrive at wall street to pay homage to these great titans of industry now we say the system is rigged and we have to change the system that sounds a little bit like left wingers on some of these issues so trunks instincts towards
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populism has transformed the can transform the conservatives not to your point out you've got to keep developing ideas in behind it to make it clear to people what's happening but in this transformation the information age and all that's happening so fast we've got to be different than the old free market that says it'll just work out for you if you just play by the system the system is stomp. a lot of americans it's happening the world too so i think trump has led us in that direction rather than fast in the idea of a fair martin been dragged to the left on the economy by donald trump but i'll let that pass and ask you instead if say i was right of said the american on the economy and perhaps a slight fall adventurism and to venture in those terms of military policy but on the other hand i didn't like the president's record they called society and thought it was a bit old fashioned then would the public and they still be
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a comfortable home for me well i'd look i think alec something i hope so i mean i think we have to adjust our rhetoric as you say every leader is going to be different and i think after the trump era era period there be some other people that will be different in terms of tone and all the probably have right now is big tack and our old media are really dominating what we see and hear and know so a lot of people were afraid of donald trump and coded when you look inside the numbers a lot of other people working class african-americans working class hispanics were saying that's a guy that's on my side and i think again we've got to pull all that together he's a transformational you know transition character but those pieces i think are real and i think they'll make room for different kinds of supporters like the positions you have i over time i think that will solidify but it is a big challenge. adonal come has galvanized support new support for the republican
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party of the no doubt he has achieved the 2nd love just american presidential vote in history and was motivated by henman has passed but on the other hand he's also galvanized the love just american presidential popular vote and history and that was the vote for president biden so is a lot of difficulty in that while you have motivating all these new republicans you're also motivating lots of new democrats yes of course i mean in terms of the election results as you saw them but a couple things i would say i think the covert situation is one that you presented headwinds unlike anything anyone could have anticipated and i think in america alec and in terms of our our voting blocks our seniors were really scared by the covert and i think didn't think the president the president could handle it i don't think any president could handle we're seeing the lionized democrat in new york a governor cuomo is being is being taken apart because what looked like great work
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wasn't so good but now look at the president trump has been able to galvanize supporters on his vision i would say the opposition to him alex has been galvanized by the fake news media spending a lot the russia hoax was a hoax but it was a couple of years of of propaganda to the american people and a lots of people really should watch c.n.n. they believe that donald trump was working with the russians that the russians stole the election all that then that fine people hoax in charlottesville where the president said it directly said i condemn neo nazis and white supremacists he was talking about fine people who care about statues and debate history and that was pounded into the american people by the fake news media and there are lots of people in america that think donald trump was hitler when you look at the actual facts and you say the supreme court handed men all the time the congress had to men all the time the american people have been all the time he wasn't even conservative on some things. i thought he should have been conservative on so is hardly hitler could 2 more questions on the suspect. is what we're seeing here in america
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something of for obama to essentially win of course successive presidents were how the stranglehold on the medical economy. you see some palm wells and tabs of some regalia against big. people used to essentially go regale against big steel i do think that's true but here's another one more thing alex to think about i'm not sure with the intensity of media and social media that we may have in america ever a 2 term president because by now 6 or 8 weeks or however many days into bides administration even the left is picking him apart right it's almost impossible to operate this massive government and not have major mess ups and so suddenly it's the guy in office someday a gallon office that takes on the weight the takes on the water and is flailing and you've got a challenger who says i'll be better and then get in and they have the same problem
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so i think it's easier now for trump to say look i did some things right biden is stumbling and that's partly what you're seeing and finally eagle ed one quick tip for us when less talk has finally passed on by donald trump who's going to pass on to well i think that the guy that's really right now strong as rhonda santas the governor the governor of florida he was a congressman he was in the military remember people people especially american are sensibility of our candidates they get shaped by these kinds of things and so rhonda santas is one guy that saw a big name josh holley from missouri who's on my home state is a very impressive young guy remember america tends to nominate candidates at least from our senate or from our governors so when you think of the bench it's very uncommon for a guy like donald trump to come in you know in america mark cuban talks about running the billionaire our investors got fame and all but i think you're going. look at senators like holly senators like rhonda sanchez but i think it's far off
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alex before we see who comes after trump he's going to be around as i tell people for 50 years he's been a player in national and international media when he was a younger man in new york the apprentice now president i don't think he's going to quite stop by not going to retire and play golf he's going to keep playing the game whether he's the candidate or not will be a different question but we won't know for a while and martin president of the phyllis schlafly eagle society thank you once again for joining me. always a pleasure alex thank you not so long ago lots and lots of journalists and even a few voters used to more the the lack of real choice in the medic and politics donald j. trump changed all of that and now he's back like the terminator no the party is being reborn in his image and the clicking republican establishment is once again playing for time contending to climb up while in reality rigging the hands of those
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that are already climbing aboard the next donald bandwagon trump no counties in support of a large and vocal minority right across the united states has reached into sections of society that other republicans can't reach his appeal is to main street but hops to the back street certainly not to wall street over in politics every action has a reaction and then tom the democrats of assembled a large and mighty and a winning coalition against them and there's no doubt that trump of them has mobilized the 2nd largest vote in the medic and presidential history the problem for the republicans it is also mobilized the largest vote in the medical presidential history and that was the monday that elected president biden. and so from tells me that myself and all of the show it's goodbye for no stay safe and
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we'll see you again next week. that's geysers financial survival. this is the central plank support diet gum is kind of a problem right now so i stopped. during the vietnam war u.s. forces to neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. until our.
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house heavily bombed country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for that tragedy in laos what help do the people need in that little land on . metabolife small molecule that our bodies make of. that and make less of it as we get older this is one of the things i work on is. because we have less of it we become more prone to infection and the crazy thing is that 19 sars could be to one of its ways of attacking according to deplete the body even more of that
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chemical which we need to fight infections. the headlines in our t.v. european medical agency launches a right wing review of russia's sputnik the events. with even the japs. these tactics in the past however well. they have to work the end of nations being bombed into democracy ministrations says no more us. old habits die hard and the us government watchdog group feels that washington has. enough. maintenance. poll finds that 64 percent of americans believe that. poses a threat to freedom and we put the issue. we have to keep in mind that.


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