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we can handle those things better than we have. plenty. of. heatly please. thank.
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he believe in a world where industry doesn't want any regulation they just want to put their products on the market. and. we need a regulation so we don't do. crazy things because maybe sometimes we do crazy things i don't know but i'll accept that we have regulation we want to regulation i was in this. if you don't behave then yes penalties that's why i. always say that the industry makes money of course it does if the industry did not make money how many people would be out of work. force over the last concern the public interest in the public. safety is definitely
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not taking precedent corporate interests corporate profits have been getting priority with the regulator so that needs to change and one of the big ways to do that is just to require transparency. we suspect we'd love transparency we would like to publish everything we use. it's just not allowed and we use if so cannot say we don't keer there's intellectual property rights but we are if so we publish everything's it would just be breaking the law. they prefer intellectual property. to the council of children. if you make money out of selling pesticides how much incentive. does these companies do these companies have to get us off pesticides will they make sure that we get to use less pesticides or will they make sure that we use always
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more pests. to the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in the lobbying to deliver regulations instead of researching substitutes and how to make these things differently. but frankly i've been in the industry for a long time i have never seen a brown envelope if that's what you're leading to absolutely never. you know the industry it's in the industry's interests to bring food to the tables that is safe at this high quality. that is reasonably priced so that you and i and all of those people working in food industry can also sit down and eat good nutritious food every day at a reasonable price. progressing goals risk you are referring to are
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2 accidents industrial incidents while serious all people who are injured or people die every time this happens for industry in general it's a defeat. however those incidents also allow us to improve to do it better next time and to progress and there is no progress without an analysis of risk versus going through. what is progress in this progress moving forward whatever and using any technology we are capable of inventing but it's not because we know how to do something that it's useful and that it's good for for the people we put some intelligence on what the technology and what progress is i don't think that progress is ruining the future generations house by using tons of chemicals that that can that can create disease and if
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cancer. to someone who's 20 years old that's next.
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if we were today we. would not have airplanes would not exist because airplanes sometimes they fall down so there is a risk we would not have automobiles because every year in europe $5060000.00 people die with little more. precautionary principle i think is a disaster. 'd and yet we are no more and more. and you will place these 2 other culture we are forming in europe. north americans or so americans. you know seats because we don't use those we don't use technology. i mean it doesn't make sense we want to participate and be competitive on a global scene or not. and in europe we have this romantic idea of farmlands that business people.
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will never cultivate something that is dangerous and they would never cultivate something they don't need they're just business people and we should get them to their business. and we can't expect them to act in any other way except as businesses. the only way that would say is if there is a root and branch revolution in the way that we do business and that would need to involve all corporations all over the world because as long as we treat soon like a global commodity. we have a very big problem. and
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part of that problem is that food will go to the highest bidder and the highest bidder may not be someone that wants to feed the highest bidder maybe someone wants to feed your car this is entirely the wrong way to look at food food should be food . i would be. making money. in profits it's about because. it's about an informative. big uniform lens with one group action. it's about corporate control. and it's mostly also
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economically it's about international markets import export it's all about companies controlling in faraway places lands to export commodities is not about food production is not about feeding people. industrial agriculture is a form of mining. and it produces raw materials and then you subject raw materials to various uses and the most of the uses go into animal food and textiles fiber fuel whatever you have. the rest of it can't be sold more expensive to some other use will go into processed food processing.
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so is food necessity always food a business transaction food is both yes so we all need to eat that's for sure but in europe we have a very comfortable full stomach conversation. we haven't had a famine in europe hundreds of years so we have no idea what it means to have the choice between want to move to a new tomato we have to tend towards europe doesn't really matter to us if we have a chimney. and i think we are. unaware of the impact our decisions here have on countries where there is no food no a days this is a big confusion between. general interest in the interest of industry because the priorities jobs and growth and growth it jobs are more equal to
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people's lives. if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more quotes so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interests of the industry but this should be a communal fight. modern i recall sure relies on side the rights relies on precision farming which is a connection between such a digital machinery and all of the tools which are valuable for farmers. unfortunately i think europe is losing its edge as far as food production in agriculture because of overly. conservative restrictive regulation and these tradeoffs between progress and the risk is not 100.
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i think europe is the best potential to be easy leading i would go to all region in the world we should be the ones with the best jobs and the most invested seeds in the hybridisation genetics base the size chemicals machinery we should be because we have everything we need to succeed in my fear is that we are not using this potential to its much you. label off promise to be competitive the best in the trades relations with all of these countries the federalists i mean otherwise we stay like a fortress and we don't let anything in that doesn't let something out and you know
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this is not the world is not like that everything is connected neither thing is global so what we want to see is something very different is a model built on diversity on biological diversity that as you know different crops planted together crop rotations. welcome to maximize your financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yonks this is what happens to pensions in britain delicacy you watched as a report. this is nothing like football. that's not a money spinner but it is expensive. mandates
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dangerous. this is the speed limit. and they have no brakes it's a. cut some. do we get as humanity our act together. to change and reconfigure it to get. how we operate on this planet or we will make also stops and.
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that's defining moment and we have to put the technologies in place where they belong they have to be then assistant to golds while many people if i say that would say yes yes of course makes sense but. i have not understood that this is not where we are now we are now defining future visions through technology advances but i want to turn it around i want to have a collective vision where we want to be in how we want to design our environment our now our food system that operates within the planetary boundary is . in defining it where it respects the rules of the planet. and not by some sort of we've been ip your late planet to the point where it meets our needs in economic terms.
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continuous improvement of existing things because i have the. let's call it the old continent. slowing down a little bit in making progress. if decisions are taking on the motion the left or right. this is not the basis of a sustainable farming what progress do we want are we willing to trade of some of the benefits for some of the risk because we're facing a world which is more and more globalized so we are pecans to. other parts of the
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world which do not always play with the same growth. while living in a very strange place today because we have on the one hand challenges of obesity and overweight and on the other hand we have challenges of under-nutrition now nutrition and starvation. there are geopolitical issues in parts of the world where there is less food and we need to find ways to get food to those parts of the world either through aid or through producing it themselves and to produce more food on the same amount of land that is we can't use more land we can't use more resources.
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less or see the morgan city of the momento. disappear the camero therefore the muscles are really just accumulate could only come in to what is the move to the. mill is that. the place you ask. him over $1000000000.00 he made a good. one . do you imagine the number of crime the diseases that are in every family today. it is no due to new viruses or new microbes that have been found in all breast cancer friends that's not true so it is due to
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environment and to crony poisons that outnumber them walk down the crawling always ins designed to be toxic initially and spread all over the place. first it's. going to you're going to do it because his mom i don't book you don't want and i'm quoting dissident do you continue mama. you know so many cool know what i said in my life. more credited to be dishonor communing with a mama inflow model you may trust us he could. talk among. to you in the.
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eye and this is the database to go through and so to doxy of course so look. they don't know that most in there are. usually. a must say would you. guess so let's cover the lesson but it is. the way. that in the got out of the nato . is not the biggest how it got this was just kept by the new year there's a chill pit in them in. located call me a high speed baby done the 2nd choice that bottle of gin is a consume more people cause that ice which does yes. this is some toxic dust but a lot of broke theo on by that system on 30 minutes i stuck
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a number of suspect chips yes to several up more than possible because on the know the thing you know i cannot put on the limited must you model she'll she'll to you it will give us a bit under what can only a little be out you don't know. a lot of. will not get your new little disk. management can see though listening to thompson in cedar when you knew by see it toddy i would look out their mouth into a little bit in a moment although. creamy. last team out to take. me into the middle to
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the ok maybe add on to see the scene for a while you can look at the net but only because he will see about a lot to getting into the. community and must be able to give you a hit a low end salalah he did the monthly 2 weeks and. will today going to get along. and be student of neda lends her nada document. is a good fit. but it can only. but it calls for eochaid it us as a limited government individual but accomplished as he will it he'd like to see kentucky and you've got to push for an oil law to the media no will get it but to do the opposite a toggle as short a shield my daughter she will feel blessed to go by law to see though the law or
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what a few only in the us have to in their own petard but what i will call not a lawsuit out there while the real model see a few not going to be a media. so all these chemical compounds are out made out of petroleum petroleum is of course he'll fuel very sticky and it is by our cumulated because it's a 4 sided compound which last long. this is why it gives the society the livers and include means and cancer because it gives of the disease that are the destruction of communication the new cancer of the 1st reason you have cancer is because you will sell cannot communicate to each
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other anymore with the rest of the body. and the common all diseases it's the same problem never was diseases like blocking someone's eye in or or even depression it's the same problem also immune disease or all other malformations in the baby's it's all feels the same problems a cell cannot communicate but this happens on the long term so that when several years several dozens of yours so you cannot see because you drink a glass of wine with pesticides or a piece of bread with base decide you cannot see this effect immediately many of us your born and to. modern agriculture have understood that it's easy to scare people it's easy to to use fear as a strong emotional driver for a change in policy and for influencing policy sometimes it's in the interests of
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the anti industry groups to do that of course because. that network brings in money for them as well so i think we should look at this from both sides we sometimes have visits from them recently they invaded this building and they have done so before and through manure threatening letters and stuff but ok that's part of the game i suppose we do not we you know when we fight against when we fight against when we try and dialogue with people that we don't have the same weapons i sometimes have the feeling that. we have bosun arrows and they have atom bombs as soon as there's an engineer or a group of people who are against something maybe maybe the bandits maybe they stop using it in place of importing so in terms of development and trust i think we risk losing a lot of trust as a region when i say industry has the truth we know what's in our products for
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example that if i if i make a product i mean you can go home this evening and make a buy area in your kitchen and you know what's in there and you write it down that is the truth sorry but you know we are an industry we know we're pushing our products we can tell you this is the truth this is what we put record in our products when i say we have the truth i'm talking about alan are talking about philosophically the truth i'm talking about what we do we know what we do and we can talk about it. on the. compound cover you don't a domain delivery assume there's a face or less something deep is the seed these are. really hard if you've read the book listen to one of them to see it back to normal because.
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losers are also. does evil us you know me and liza only do see this and just. for example. see do more on the how to read down than a glass on the whole we don't need fountain out why don't you think this will go under the bow simmo something you should reduce you may. it was younger because we. knew not who don't recall doing some on the immunity said cachet the president had to see the last in the. bit hard to take particularly in this city before such a mess on the part could you rephrase that such unfold the. grief was a. compositional citic he deceived kelly in nepal he took sick even they collaborated on a new phone on a very console look before that in social as he killed one to seek you on that day
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. done that there are no before that on the may counties of you need listen and he's the sound is an emo. local now i'm puerto rico feed on c.n.n. it is official a south a coffee down here paula community chelsea feet. also met 2 more solo. so you. americans. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership our country
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a large understood the bargain you get a home and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and think about the longer deeper history. in the united states not just. the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is for. please.
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when the stories are shaped the way karen r.t.d. developers of russia's sputniks the vaccines on an official memorandum of cooperation with astra zeneca they hope that combining death vaccines will improve the efficacy of. a new more contagious strike has been detected in england causing panic worldwide with more than 40 countries banning arrivals from the u.k. . clemency for killers but known for whistleblowers dozens of pardons from donald trump excluding those who spilled the beans on american war crimes but to include mercenaries found guilty of the mass murder of civilians in iraq one was so that there is no interest if acacia iraqi blood has recalled her miscible and has no significant cost.


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