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tv   Documentary  RT  December 6, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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music could see out the tenuous cast concept of losing the need which pulls up on the investment of the economy which. political mental image of the underworld as a child the novelty of it as leon feasible is going to need to get there that. night at the collegiate athletic you will need to know if a committee to the buy needed to get their knickers some of the funky. color those of the year thank you. any money and tell them to come in.
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when i was. a little bit. he come. around the south. america. for charge and one of us will be out there to go about their home tomorrow if they will die again with a medal for getting out see what they will get back if you get the money that i'm about to do it will look by a bomb sniffing i'm going to get them to meet up under the. balls because. they're going to be laid out baffled reported my mother because his upbringing after his uncle jafo. have you would you which is when you pray that. all.
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the money moderates will get some i mean how much is up to minister to my god in the eye level be cut out. to it then we cut that. hump of old age out of us from those of us will in the eyes of u.t. how do you know what a while they are both 1000000000 of them local to you but i feel that they're going to want to get you to get torn both by elites and us will have to get our mob on you i got a good plan they got no with me on it all the same they want the mark of a south how much luck am awful galba. alive while your mom leveled off at the idea of a whole lot of michael going to our room we're not doing it for us so you know a little bit as a soldier getting. local. he knew.
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it was. not on assignment but isn't that. but how does the money. come down then gets out of this without some budget. motion. that said in the meantime i'm letting too big a. play they see meaning in. play maybe not give a 100 not saying i'm not cuz the team was scared bad me the mahi mahi about hama leave town. not to make us feel good to solve them.
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no months in montana not because i'm closer to ask if i love was. sold up on the kids used to me it was. coffee and food bank you had gone by here you might have been a worry. maybe was just one of those who mean well you'll stumble about being a muzzles that i would. be close to going to. school for some kind of stuff to come with us on the. cocoa credited by killing was a d.v.d. i feel like i took the rules on a little bit of magic and i couldn't really go i've been away teeny. w.j.c. your make up got to give a few. that . you. 2
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just go to without prompting one call it back up people are you because he's got our young that is also a pilot who don't want to think the author are no not around so now to tell you how terribly much of a lot of promise i mean if somebody want you sick. sick of vile how you expect when they. are to walk. out of me what's relevant i'm darker milan and all that good bad or that the left out when the eagles look to get out of their home or are divided on that. made and i'm here to much on may. need a face to see just to see if we have met says i easily hopefully but he has. all.
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to gauge a building businesses. media head to our fashion mcclanahan our mass of the cost of being lawful for our much loved hamada kid i a. home a snob i have to say but i'm for some cause less than it will seem because you go ahead because they have to kill you hosmer they have seen here is a young is our little deceived we all thought it was the air yeah good job that book that is similar crowd to the year the one book about the mayhem sharmila with their order is about that but they. measure my hair. when you're doing. one of them. for any hair. color measurement of we are going to call you the winner to put it down if. i'm a devil does it. serve the truth who will go out in a gym army i did not know that we don't know but everyone at the time i got elected
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only has the worst of it. are the elected leadership. but it isn't really an. ego it is a legend of the. make a the model about this will just some of them what is not of majok of the idea that got me what the motto. i didn't do but is one who enjoyed our job our only good job is that me joke of the idea out of some of the market in them that may walk is toward peace we all make them but to pray that our growth of tomorrow that is out there that i may 1 day when hosley of a hand hair up tomorrow we were to do so will be the dinner i took the mocking about took up our highly colored if not for my little. over the bottom are the things i did not. tell me you. mean me. all the while you or me but. all it. to me as then don't provide an extra one came from
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a. possible cause pop on the bossiest who we are talking. to to me was the same age as he'll tell you because. all its money would go to the no literally the mothers tend to come any time they are so tough to populated kids above all that they would call time out of easy company if they knew he was a lyric made tuesday with don's facility to implacable decay dance was getting enough to present them enough. citizen with his own play dance one can unload it puzzles them enough. in. the joy of be. sure your voice here john but i think all yosh would made was that he is that of a hand much would you say have
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a yes. or no is mishaps they have a hand you have to hide it the weak. my heart that i for maybe me. would have us the hop a hey. believe me now that it. to you there's that girl did mold me in her little over the globe it told me eat a really low to be about. the love that.
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because you were there yesterday i. was. not and i. was. going. to you know i have become sick and my near dark you had us at the yet but i have. time maybe decided to. give us a lot of kids who are doing as i said i did lose that part of yeah it was good was to start my life in a dark matter but love going because of a certain set of. kids
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less along with a. little matter to get out of the hole i need and will get a better man and most of the other part of. the also have full was. suited that is a means to the full school i actually are lucky to have one of them have time to run with them it is a skill of. leukemia would love to know that he. did what comes when good will set its but then that limit is a bit off walty a 2 year old can reduce their general martin getting their money. for the new technique toolman need to be to reach into the do know how to push and to move up on it and to get past it and they look at it to mean you get past it or not the time from going over sounded. well our south kitty bull school absolutely
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incredible i didn't mean by going to local vivia to visit one girl oh ok i would have loved to do that but if they. do share of the chicken. he used to know that you're not the image of each other in the end. to gene and good luck gives him a. little bit maybe 20 of them out of it going into the not they didn't need to then but i've been to some but i had to let you go but i'm sick of each of the kids will need a preacher but what about the family which blacklist we need to look at just have to. be put in prison look up at the top of that which will. make the. most. meth out. of the condo. but the. question would you do. not. model your ultimate abroad.
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because. risky well this one as rigid would be a get tough with the bad news of what might i get out of it i go look good naked naked did most of it with a modern looking to make it a head ache in a big ball jude of us at the. alter. to give a. tall bald lump of gold will accommodate them just in the time when i love i give them a comical to watch them balance. my. niece of what are they for the mafia. always be polite. never engage with a negative
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a good or confrontational. don't get into any conversation or start answering questions just. surviving. definitely don't want to be. in the jump. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich and guilty or if you're poor and. you've got 2 eyes 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more in your sand if you don't take that advice easy going to dig yourself. joe biden they indeed be inaugurated in january of next year will you have a legitimate. campaign start when the next president. and the neo liberal
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is headed not to. be near idjit. was he he was 6 i was that 6 was. thank god i was thankful that i. was. thank you. thank you thank you
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but. it was. just. the me i have. and it was. ok julian akido on hoagy was the star you make it to me like he is your enemy here chad you're putting me on the whole is that make me look easy on the. side like your car down sort of. job but i'm on a little bit here was mr 2 started to high is the of the sea is cool but i saw the void there does he come up to what you did before boldly get there double boiler
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lab for digital school south america here our job would be here to discover the scope of what human didn't miss for not an hour the way that mcquay funded the. general is to his have said the of the city to walk out of prison to get both of the company of the seeker to under is really a radical. completely different how something that was good bad mother he did would be if that's the law will he get that little bit of medals it'll be to get hit you seek out each other for you to play like i said had the best and the secret to fall in love with a bit about making it not be just the. those that do best and that the appellate act is cups of tea cup as something. yes they do a how to use cup is the. business will be.
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tough but i. am the father you for me i'll be one made to you going to tell but tell you that. you knew but are you sorry you leave but are you a mother but are you. yours probably the most savvy big party you want but he still for the heart is. he's your colleague i trust i will keep up a little but come on. move on new cars have a global movement i don't know. i mean that you.
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know nothing new packaging. in terms of what kind of cars. just for maybe take up part of town. when i look down that stuff the small uki ethel's school candle souls. with small uki you. take you back and tell us about them not god has been able. to play on the outside that will bob kaname feel again a nice and. sunny and his allies there's also a little guy coming for his knowledge has a need and has easy going to see. if he doesn't name must.
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one say. that there's a book on fire because someone living there. one day with all of us to get where did. the kids he goes i mean does he have a mystic castle and a compass full bodied emily's act that still has that she tried to. tell is that the man at the drawing at that occur along do you call when mommy call . don't call it by the law neil got to get home as a wife i was. not bought a cup of tea i mean look at that story how much. of it. was. your door i said or are you my mother you are so i did with your mother yeah but my
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back is 15 got way too empty put it when i didn't think that. they are very young but nevertheless i made a good. use this summer you're not about a bunch of dying a.v.m. marked up somebody a little. if you will notice that we've all got i must leave here in the moment what is your problem and if you will get to this mall go to. a little smugly go what we do other than via some of you can warm body we call them without you before gamin dagwood go beyond that. because i'm in debt for the use maybe just so that the yeah maybe i'm watching to get both people who believe the will of the david wessel of the.
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class. because. i think. it is being. put at.
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the foot of. the pond again. the pot c odds to put any panties at heart he'd be fun to try and feed the. family but that he hog. 6 what the hey are joe that i have seen. here i'll go to when you get past a no relation point here to wake i add a spin but i have a perception of what you want to feel and get a cancer care center closer than joel himself as i'm he'll get a whole lot of us would have to ask what education be really be taught to. be. if only. to believe. in them yes i think we as a kids and a lot of us we were child care center your home but cheerful. so that could be
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a 2nd not just make it out come over to the correct stocking or. buy high because i care luck with the not you have a schedule hobby a spinning jahar dancing your job would be a mistake. to care for the highways fair city i'm going to love all of our advances to be humble walk alone go home good just take it down say you must let me hit a good boy in the natural hell hole of things i'm sorry you don't sleep do it good sounds pretty cool but i do sounds good because just the very thing has the 5th cup but then i decided to come close to that i'll. come up with a pocket sick of the hey is that i got a part there could be a bit of joy i am going about his navy jet i fitted me maybe just how to get you high give me joe lhota hey joe gun they give me begin with hey. honey golly.
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the you. don't mind i'll do. what the customer support but because he turned up to. a lecture. as a fight to the death so i was would mendoza bullock you've measured a good tool by bringing up the case of. the old soul when a tough it. was really to be found is the name you felt you could make a month on a cooked up a cat could. get them a common. believe they have on all of. them got nothing going on money could not afford to because they. cannot be a one off so we can call the police on a chain you just give us is a torch of this. act
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is a. matter of yeah i do. that very. well. i do. since the buffer could you be so so so. going to hear from them on their travel to me. who would limit the trouble to give them a finish on the issue that. the potato had made a committee read together. i want to go to john then go get him
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a tornado. as they have the pedal caught up to see a grammy going to upset him in a matter. of fact that becomes. cold chill gave me the chill bomb beyond all cultures clinging to climate. just what is a truly dingaan's i'm going to struggle for you but you are likely killing me to the conic on playing out in the snow was adequately.
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join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to get us out of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. yes there is a saying. i think that on the cheap. and then we went through all the countries let's idea is really their right to scold us company he said if we give them
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everything to do to pass. this country. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country. let us into the mines at the same time. noticing fundamental. the soon to run up with a similar symbol john a good one. because if you feel if the middle of congo were not that got good we believe again with the phone about the food stamp with the plane. would come back to the 3 story you have to see. at least in the best the. blue. blue blue of view.
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and for all its runs into a 2nd weekend over a bill that could stop the public from filming the police or government insists it . also it's a couple of weekly. the world's most available vaccine russia says it will. costs will cost less than $20.00 per present. to u.n. members. and inhumane and degrading rights group accuses the e.u. of having its own guantanamo hundreds of its citizens held as a terror suspects.


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