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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 5, 2020 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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with others but not cross pollinating not giving details to each other which means it could be very difficult to break up a cell like this and to get information about them and perhaps to stop them from causing this carnage but we ourselves know that it's just not the carnage we see on the streets but there's also a real hatred from this group to wards journalists you know we've seen ourselves being attacked for filming things where they feel that we're showing their faces i think today you might have seen your crew the roughly crew here we saw that they were being told to stop filming and we were ourselves in the last hour that there would be people listening to what we were reporting on and they would be watching to see exactly what we were filming so there is a sense of malice towards the press from this group as well because they don't want to be cool. and just while we've got you we've got a good line charlotte in terms of the violence that we've seen this bad it's has
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been has it been restricted to just a couple of streets can you give us some sense of of context and how widespread it has become. absolutely i mean what do you hear in the protests it's pretty hard to think about what's happening elsewhere in paris but what is clear from every protest that i've been to is the violence is always contained to the main street that the protest has been approved to march down within the areas around that i can guarantee if we move to street people would be walking around paris doing their daily shopping with their children they wouldn't be an issue if if we weren't in the time of coup they didn't there was no restriction in bars and cafes people would just be a street over possibly having glass of wine or having coffee so it really is hard when you're in the middle of it you get the sense of what the violence is but the violence is always contained to a small section of. the city this isn't as if the entire city is burning it is just
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the street where this protest is taking place ok charlotte we'll leave it there for now of course we'll come back she threw out the things we stay across this developing story that shelly reporting live for us from paris thank you. but earlier i discussed the current outrage over the draft law with nicola merkel that she's a france based political analyst we should be surprise that eventually. it's going to have been very very clumsy on this global security lot of i think they don't realize the french are with the whole management of the covert and situation the whole management of the confinement and we've got people. certificates they've got to sign just to say that they're going to buy some bread or that they're going to see a person in a retiree or people are fed up with that and this last thing that i will say that we've got the promises of a police state in our everyday lives and then people are all said it would not be allowed to police brutality so this i think was something that struck off and it's
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no surprise since it's going to continue people really mad and that's what industries and thus far we're seeing such violence don't forget that the demonstrations are not only an absolute bottom of across the country today how do you think man will react this weekend. why did the something kind of stand was using this situation there instead this is what he wants to show tonight this is what he wants mainstream media to show on t.v. he wants to show what a very violent images of demonstrations getting out of hand and this is going to many mainstream journalists are all going to say well look this is the who we need more police are not going to do the analysis of why people are so fed up why they're so mad and they're not going to show the images of the hundreds of thousands of french who are in the streets today who are demonstrating peacefully who just don't want this police state the promises of this police they don't want it anymore none of those images are going to be shown so much at all i think he's cute is in his couch eating popcorn watching this images because she knows that
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that's what he was going to show tonight that he wants to give himself the image of the peacemaker the one who is going to enforce the police and who is going to carmel the to the population part of the population who he thought he was going to be the next elections. ok let's just take a break them from events in paris to do something slightly more lighthearted because conspiracy theories have gone to town recently a bit strange metal objects known as monoliths that have paid in various and often remote parts of the planet tries to get to the bottom of what's been happening. if you're an 80 and thinking of popping down to us for a visit don't. drive very. very bright. that morning less might have met its biblical end but the monoliths mysteries continued to seize the imagination of om tech conspiracists wild white 10 feet tall 3 sided metal structures a pairing as quickly as they vanish into the night fast in the utah desert then
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poof gone well ok ok don't quite. know yet it's a while down here at the moment if the bible belters don't get you the tree huggers well but then something eerily similar rocked up 9000 clung to the way in a small village in romania then poof gone now and ready to go poof before finally crossing back across the atlantic to california just to remind us a most unholy and. the 1st why did they come from is it a prank is that all who put them out why is this happening no one knows except drabs of people on twitter.
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and just like the simpsons foretold the trump presidency an ebola outbreak an faulty voting machines but of a small topic in the white house the moment but that's a conspiracy for another day was space odyssey stanley cook brick in the know we excavated out of the old one the leader the bring the evil. in space odyssey the monoliths were left by aliens to guide us from one stage of evolution to the next. but this time let me be the guy 8 see if the monolith was you and your testing the waters postpone your flight 2020 is not the year to take a risk trust me just stay away. last detail are there now u.k. army veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan have lost a legal battle to stay in britain the high court rejected appeals from 8 fiji born soldiers insisting that they were in the country illegally bureaucratic errors.
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captured the heartbreaking moment that the decision was revealed to the children of one of the soldiers. the judge said that he wasn't concerned with any misadministration on the part of the government and i would eat a galaxy and that he didn't see how the government had behaved in an illegal manner but. to a minute she's the wife of one of the soldiers to wate she brought me to stark contrast to see the moment when she breaks the news of that ruling to the daughters of some of those soldiers to hit home exactly how devastating that news has been to these young girls. so you know that we were going to be going to court to ask the judge if our case could be heard at the high court ok so we were all there on tuesday in at your dad's house and sadly the judge has said
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that our case cannot be heard in court. ok. and i'm sorry about that. we you know we've tried our best to. do asked the judge to look at chilled cases sympathetically and also for the men right and. that doesn't mean that it's the end. we will sort you out. but we'll just have to wait to be here. because i know it's relieved interleague name so terry and lily yet so right there are the 3 daughters of tate to see who's facing the potential of 850000 pound medical bill because he hasn't got legal status in the u.k. grayson kelly is a 20 under seats his daughter despite what is clearly a major setback the goals remain committed to their cause i hate that it gave way
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and his decision is now i can't realize that what he's doing is actually affecting our niece the government maintain that they've acted properly and that they continue to work with veterans in order to understand how best to apply. the home office and the ministry of defense work closely overthe our foreign and commonwealth recruits to make sure they are aware of how they and their families can attain settlements in the u.k. and the costs involved a seat i had wanted us to come and see as she broke the news to those girls to hit home the impact that this is going to have on those men's family she stated that the judge at the high court didn't take into account the impact that it would have on the families and that she said that rather than focusing on the legalities there's a moral imperative particularly on the government to allow those men to remain the saudi adi u.k. and stoke on trent franks when they decide to not going to take a quick break we'll have more stories and
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a company. always be polite never engage with a negative a good or confrontational. don't get into any conversation or start answering questions just ask for an attorney. survivor. definitely don't want to be going to trial. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich and guilty if you're poor and. you've got 2 eyes and ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice easy going to dig
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yourself. out. again you with the trumpet ministration is ramping up its measures against china it has 5 cultural exchange programs in the united states accusing them of being a propaganda tool and then on top of that the secretary of state. has also announced new visa restrictions for chinese citizens today i announce to these restrictions on united front work department officials who have engaged in malign activities to co-opt and coerce those who oppose beijing's policies we call on the p.r.c. to end its use of coercion to suppress freedom of expression. alleged that
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a beijing control group called united front was working internationally to quote bully those who raise human rights issues in china it comes after the u.s. limited things distaste for chinese communist party members and also their families in the united states to just one month the u.s. director of national intelligence meanwhile has also branded china as america's greatest threat john radcliff claimed the beijing plans to dominate the u.s. and the world technologically economically militarily but china's foreign ministry does believe he has different motives for his attack. the us practices of integrated military and civilian development dates back to before world war one the us groundless accusations against china are typical double standards it's 2 purposes to create excuses to justify a high tech market against china and this will eventually damage the interests of china the u.s. and the whole world back together think china national association of international
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studies says the trumpet ministrations attacks on beijing are misguided. recent it due to religion in china u.s. relations is very much caused by the poisoning by president trump and his followers in the us administration if you listen to what president trumpet as government have been saying how much do you really give credit as to what they say how much trouble there is it whatever they are up 30 i think there is not a lot of calls for a lot of misrepresentation lots of distortion because they are afraid of a larger china but the rise of china is a mega trends that you cannot stop child but will be larger than the united states but a larger china doesn't make china and enemy of the united states why should we minimize exchanges of ideas all good services between china and the united states that your largest economies in the world's any minimization of this courage the americans as
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much as the heart the chinese president i do will be a better president for them president trump i hope he and his government will realize that china and the united states are not enemies against each other. now the former director of israel's mossad intelligence agency has given his thoughts on the recent assassination of iran's top nuclear scientist in an exclusive interview with r.t. is going underground he refused to confirm or deny the killing but did shed some light on the possible reasons for the attack now just to remind you what in fact kids are day a leading expert iran's nuclear program was ambushed and fatally shot last friday iran says an explosive device missed detonated along the route of his motorcade near the capital and then remotely controlled weapon was fired no one has claimed responsibility so far although taran was quick to point the finger at israel whose time minister had described the scientist as a threat the full interview will air throughout the day but here's
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a taste of what he said. the american soldiers are very crude each day. is absurd so. 'd you can. show he was a legitimate target illustrates the well yeah. so actually the use. origins of us because the judge was there in the eyes of those who were minders actually. represent. 'd us. i don't want to use words of a. person. this 'd is
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a horse or the method also boots on. and so was israel behind the assassination of the iranian scientist. what you're saying. is the case. people are saying is. now the pandemic has set another record in the united states more than 100000 were taken to hospital with the virus on thursday alone and there is rising public anger to you would have will make a surprising the very time rooms they set. i need to do a much better job of showing folds how to follow the rules i failed. it
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doesn't matter whether something is technically allowed or not i need to hold myself to a higher standard and i will do better. and i regret the throw even though it's violated nor did it said that bad example for which oh. well i think punishment won't work so well here in the united states for those officials will going to have to persuade them actually to participate in mass wearing and not going to a large group gatherings persuasion over the long term will work much better i
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think than punishment i think actually we need to get a whole collection of people little leaders medical leaders leaders leaders business people all together saying the same thing and then all but surely i think our citizens will comply. ok let's go back to some live pictures then of paris at the moment because their protests are awesome force once again this weekend over security bill that could stop the public from filming the police at a gas has been used and the harrison scenes that recorded over the last couple of hours .
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all right let's head back to the streets in a paris single get the latest from charlotte pinsky he's with us again and charlotte we're just looking at some violent scenes and i you seem to have some company with you right now but what's the scene where you are at the moment. but it's not feeling quite as tense as it has been over the last few hours but as you can see around me there are still plenty of people around there is a group conjugating at the top there police officers do and will we have seen over the last few hours are some pretty tense and violent scenes here in the streets of paris with violence towards the police and then the police responding with tear gas this is all i've been kicking off over the last few weeks this is one of many
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protests that we've seen about the global security lou this is a law that was proposed by the ruling parties in france and people were aghast about several aspects of that we've talked a lot about article 24 this with. the criminalization of publication of images of the police if there was intent to harm that cause such a for all that the ruling party said that they going to review write that specific part of the law but there's also a concern about other articles including 22 which would use the use of drone over protests like this an article 21 which is the idea of police having portie cameras in life try. smiting that images put all of that i think it's been overshadowed today by the violence that we've seen cause being banks being smashed up or furniture being pulled out and also piled into the streets rocks being pulled up from the ground and police officers fire works again being used in rome towards the
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policing you see that something is happening behind me at the moment is people who've walking down appears that the police so. as one of the things that they do to try and clear the area to troy keep people into the area where the police have been accused of systemic boylan's that's one of the reasons why people were so concerned about the idea of not being able to film them you know perhaps be able to show those issues of police brutality this is one of the things the president was asked about yesterday on friday and he gave a wide ranging interview now he agreed that there were problems within the police but he says this was not systemic. yet live you know as an associate the there is violence in society there is racism in society in france today this is a fact therefore as a police reflect society some members of the police force display violent behavior
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that we must go after and punish them well that is something that many people hate disagree with they think that there has been a problem with violence within the police for many years they point out recent examples that were approved cost that includes the police tried to clear a camp camp just you know weeks ago they say it was the use of brute force only not evening and then also the shocking images emerged of a black music producer who was being attacked by a number of offices as he was trying to get into his music studio 6 that particular . reaction from press. well he said. we also know the families very unhappy with this because their union state doesn't go far enough into protecting them in fact the police unions are fears about something the president said yesterday he talked about
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a new platform being put up in january that would allow members of the public to highlight if they threw. a racist action police officer is one police union actually called for the police today on saturday to protest against that saying that they shouldn't go out controlling people and i do wonder whether there's a link between that if the police were not controlling people and some of the problems we've seen in this protest i'll explain why it's because normally of the protests of the last year we find that as you coming to its process police officers will be checking you back packs to see what you go inside and we see time and time again images showing you the police was they've found quadruple and in people's backpacks including screwdrivers written she is things to make molotov cocktails today i wasn't control my camera moves and controlled and it does seem like that
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wasn't something that was quite usual today so i wonder whether there is a link between the lack of controls of the violence that we've seen but as you can see police now are just slowly marching preaching this down trying to get the protesters into one area that sometimes can provoke problems i guess we will see how the night pans out. 6 to me well ok thanks charlotte we'll leave it there for now that shelob have been reporting from the streets of paris but there have been protests over the last few hours dramatic pictures to you that we've been reporting on over this new security bill still wait to see what president macron says about the latest violence that we've seen thanks. forces in power. we're going to take a quick break. right here.
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well the pandemic no certainly no borders and the flight into nationalities. has emerged with the we don't like seeing the whole world to the. commentary classes please don't think. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenge is grateful to response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together.
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we're segregated. by social class. people also in poverty by 1st. if you're born into a poor family odd you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years younger than if you're born into generational poverty. it's a fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your. bank you have. the job. that it will.
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become we're going to. need. one or you'll.
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yes there is a saying. there won't be cheap cars and then to improve all the countries let's ideas their right to call the us company he said if we give them everything lifting to fast. moving to. this country. this is what we don't understand how we are poor in such a country. that is until the month that i think. you're saying i'm going to. assume to run up a little similar symbol. like good why do you need one leg of the us if you feel if the minutes of on board not that god can we believe again in the world with the phone about a couple of trips with the plane. would come back to the place story you do have to
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see. at least in the best the. mood for. you to. imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings. first it was my job then it was my fear that it was my savings i have nothing i have nothing it is not like i don't try aloof or resources i look for jobs i look for everything i can to make this house. annoying the doing is. the road to the american dream paved with good refugees it's this very idea the deaths that happen every single day this is a history of the usa by america.
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more anger in from say the plans to pound the public from filming the police the u.n. says the new security bill is incompatible with human rights how about the paris insists it won't be dropped although it could be rewritten. russia starts free mass vaccinations against coke at 19 in the capital we look at who is fast in line to get the job bought. we need to understand that this is not going to be a super. being. the head of the international red cross warned setback seems what it says the problems with the virus all.


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