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tv   News  RT  November 7, 2020 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. projections put joe biden the white house as the 42nd u.s. president as the key state of pennsylvania to class more votes count vice president elect described the way as not just about as she said congratulation. believe we did it. here given that a president of the united states #. donald trump declared victory for himself in the election that could still be a twist as the republicans launch will suit so for a late surge and posted by let's apply to. the fallout from election night in
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america creates division we have from new york the claims of fraud hung over the u.s. democratic system. over mr north you go. to. the people we trust is a direct threat to our with democracy trump he's right and he needs to find what he's trying to for because to be some kind of front this country. on its feet on an election season as the need to put the rest and deficient of us society has put 5 to support to continue to rally process of the country. how do you know watching all of the international i'm sask attendance my calling
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don't water on its socks save this 7th or rather it's sunday early morning the 8th of november and it's now 4 days since the u.s. election looks i we might finally have a result a number of media are projecting that joe biden has been elected the 42nd president of america having secured 290 electoral college votes just to remind. he 71 needs a victory the form of the planes when in his home state of pennsylvania helped push him across the threshold meanwhile don't trump a stands up to 14 wild that have been claims all the election fraud by. the have been claims of election fraud by the truck campaign in fact has passed away averaging to yani stress that the allegations any allegations of fraud will see the election end up in courts be settled a lawsuit will be brought starting on monday. first time it was discovered it was here in pennsylvania just a couple of days ago. that the deviousness see behind me are just
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a few of about i'd say 50 to 60 poll watchers who will all testify that they were uniformly deprived of their right to inspect any single part of the mail in ballots as you know from the very beginning the mail in ballots were a source of some degree of skepticism if not a lot of skepticism as being innately prone to fraud. i think there are a couple of things that we can pick up on what giuliani was talking about one thing that has hung over this whole really election cycle this is being you know something that donald trump is want about for months not is of course the problem of election fraud he takes the problems with mail in ballots. you know a lot of them each have dismissed it they've said oh it's just ill founded baseless let's just because it's very mild very well might be you know there's nothing at the moment that's been provided that would suggest that trump is 100 percent right
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that it was all fake there are a couple of things that are coming out that some people say well let's let's just hang on a 2nd to take a look at the right absolutely i mean there's no doubt that mail in ballots are disproportionately usually in favor of the democratic party of more liberal voters especially in this election where a lot of people who you know are are sending in absentee ballots are people who don't want to be in situ in social situations with lots of people at a time of the pandemic another thing is that but there's also the problem with rudy giuliani statements about how we don't know where exactly a lot of these mail in ballots came from a couple days ago rudy giuliani made a statement saying that they could be from mars from for all we know they could be from the moon and especially it's especially also strange that a lot of republicans weren't able to to observe this process and so will we have evidence of some fraud or evidence that the proves that no fraud was going on we
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don't really know well certainly with say that he's not going to concede until it will clarify it in the courts i loved like this result celebrations might be a bit from chill it looks like the way it's not going to get a clear resolution for a couple of weeks i think is no doubt a possum to bring in that. pen who has a new york for us again of what all these latest details coming out from the states particularly in pennsylvania by the way it looks like the energy and the momentum is behind joe biden at the moment. indeed pennsylvania has been called for joe biden based on the count as it currently is there is no way that donald trump could get his lead back pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes have been given to joe biden joe biden has declared victory in us media seems to be agreeing with him this is what we heard from the biden camp america i'm on it that you've chosen me to lead a great come tree the work ahead of us will be hard but i promise you this i will
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be a president for all americans whether you voted for me you will not i will keep the faith that you have placed in me now kamel a harris who is the vice president elect she has been filmed in this video is now being released by the biden camp of kamel harris informing joe biden that he is victorious and that it looks like there will be a biden harris administration in the white house for the next 4 years this is the video they've released. early. days of president of the united states. now at this point it's pretty clear the white house isn't buying it donald trump tweeted out that he won and by a lot just a few hours before joe biden declared victory donald trump addressed the country on thursday and raised his concerns about ballast ballot harvesting ballot dumping
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concerns about how the count was being carried out without transparency according to republicans and now we basically have a statement from the white house saying they don't accept this result there will be legal challenges this is what we've heard 7 7. we don't know why joe biden is rushing to full sleep poses do we know and why he's meeting and trying to help him they don't want the truth to be exposed it's pretty unanimous. it's pretty unanimous within u.s. media that joe biden is being treated as the winner he's being considered to be the presumptive winner of the 2020 presidential election but many within the trump camp have their concerns have said there will be legal challenges so even though today is saturday and the election took place on tuesday even today with the projected winner this is not going to be the end of the 2020 alexion and the controversy surrounding it so quite quite an intense moment we've got biden supporters out in
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the streets celebrating we've got trump supporters protesting we've got legal challenges being planned it doesn't seem to be over. well that was capable penn thanks so much for bringing us up to speed on the very latest is sure to be you'll be out for a couple of hours if not something that we can say for sure we'll see. what it's all about you go here but if you want to speak to dr james. well let's cross live to professor of the school of engineering and applied science at the university of virginia and a former national chair of the libertarian party thank you very much for joining us sir now what do you think the bidens victory victory is going to mean for the u.s. i mean this election has been historic and the country is a very divided moment right now how do you think he's got what it takes to unite a divided nation. no i don't i'm not sure that anybody has what it takes to unite us we have
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a continent wide population ballpark 330000000 people who have very different views about what's the proper role of government i don't think anyone is going to unite us i hope that president elect biden if he does become president biden that he will actually think very seriously about how we can move forward and i my personal opinion is that the the way to move forward is basically to reduce the size and scope of government to reduce the importance of politics in people's lives and perhaps he will take the opportunity to review and rethink many of the programs that i think cause so much controversy about people because so much of what we now have in american society by virtue of government involvement it is basically there's a winner and there's a loser i think what we want to do is more move more toward institutions where it's win win i actually want to ask you that you quite rightly said president elect or is he who we don't know what's going on there is so much confusion still or
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something the cables talking about just possibly i know it's all hypothetical but how do you think that playing out now i mean tom doesn't look like he's backing down it feels like we did you see on his out that trying to get as much evidence as he can t. think that. i don't know maybe luck is looking down trump. well i think that. if i had to place a bet and thankfully i don't i would bet that joe biden will be the next president the united states i doubt that there is enough evidence that that funny things have gone on that would cause any sort of change and even if even if evidence doesn't emerge of funny business taking place i'm not sure what can actually be done course the states ultimately certify the election to send the slates of electors to basically cast their electoral votes so i'm not sure that there's much that even if there if there is good evidence that something bad has gone wrong unless we're
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talking about clear and convincing evidence. that say a computer flipped a number of votes where you can actually prove that this number of votes would actually have gone to president trump i really don't know that there's much that can be done i strongly suspect that the ministration will basically play this out as long as they can but i if i had to bet it would be that that. mr biden will be the next president. well dr lark since 20161 of the main things the democrats have done the question the live the legitimacy of donald trump is point to foreign meddling do you think that with a biden presidency the script is going to be flipped or what do you think are the republicans just going to kind of drop that strategy. art the short answer is i don't know the longer more nuanced answer is i don't know but i have some ideas i think i don't think there's any doubt that governments outside the united states are very much interested in what takes place in the united states and i wouldn't be
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the least bit surprised to find out that governments including that of russia and the people's republic of china as well as iran have tried their hand to try to influence american american votes my personal opinion is that it's not going to have much impact the american people will decide what they want for our own parochial or provincial reasons so i doubt that any sort of effort even a sophisticated effort by the parties outside of the united states is going to have much impact or has had much impact one also i think and says hillary clinton has suggested trunk pass been given the cold shoulder by americans he might be the fast pass into a single time in decades but is it fact does suggest think what has been so unpopular. i'm sorry i couldn't hear you there could you repeat that question sorry hate or a clinton that basically said that this is america just rejecting donald trump but at the same time even if you've got 70000000 people behind him is it bad to say
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that he is so unpopular. i don't think so i think he doesn't he doesn't achieve the sort of votes that he has he did in my opinion he clearly does have a fair amount of support i don't think he's ever had more than say 40 to 45 percent support of the american people but then again i don't think hillary clinton had that much support either. i think president trump is very unpopular with certain segments of our population my personal opinion is that he seems to enjoy sticking his fingers in the eyes of people he doesn't like and that he has he has caused those people who don't like his policies to go to great lengths to try to defeat him which apparently they have. dr james like professor at the school of engineering and applied science at the university of virginia thank you very much for your input it's very valuable thank you for the invitation to be present.
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moments across live and see what's actually happening stateside how this news is big accepted by americans i believe we're looking at washington d c a a democrat stronghold of course 93 percent of people that voted for joe biden looks like people have come out in force look at that crowd getting all the way to the white house i'm sure that very happy if they call step out of joe biden the new model be sitting in the famous oval office come january 20th not the same time protests are happening in atlanta georgia specifically and with large approach groups they are saying this election has been stolen from the atmosphere you can see there in d.c. lots of people out in force they're happy they're standing by that gate that's been erected around the white house with that plaque odds with the flags celebrating for sure. what has been an election season that seemingly deepened the rift on to vision of u.s. society the 2 camps out in the hundreds in support of biden and trouble right now
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with crowds gathering in washington d.c. new york philadelphia and other major cities all across the country delays and claims of 3 to 4 would have created rifts on raised questions about the u.s. democratic system but we decided to go out into new york and every action from people. hold missed gold or you know. you go to what's good for the people to people you know i just want to remember to be there with the right person to see it see good do good for the people we over america that trust is a direct threat to our democracy to our freedom and to our everything that we live for and everything everybody went through in this country so i think he's already proven himself to be a threat to democracy money who is that we can give us. all the hysterics of the last 4 years and start moving forward as a country there's no fall out at this point even though he's going to last which is
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probably going to be delayed. the presidency is from he's right and he needs to find out what he's fighting for because there is some kind of fronts in this country so we need to make sure we do so within the us i think there's a murderer who who remains my whole point is that where we people have freedom job. maybe care and they can be free to be whoever they want to. their reaction to joe biden's projected victory has gone far beyond the u.s. with the range of world leaders sending their congratulations to both biden and camilla harris european politicians were among the 1st to react to the projections and charlotta pinsky brings us more on what's been said. well as soon as those projections show that biden would be the next u.s. president those reactions from e.u. leaders have been thick and fast pretty much every country's leader the prime minister or the deputy prime minister and m.v.p.'s have been tweeting their
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congratulations to the team of joe biden and camilla harris will start off with the european commission president. who offered warm congratulations to the both and talked about the you and the u.s. being important allies to each other we also heard from the austrian chancellor sebastian talked about shared values of the usa and of austria and europe in general saying that he's looking forward to working with them cooperating in the future also the italian prime minister just to become to saying that the u.s. can rely on italy as a. also congratulations coming through from the u.k. prime minister boris johnson from the french president and from the german chancellor angela merkel congratulations to joe biden on his election as president of the united states and to come our harris on her historic achievement the u.s.
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is our most important ally and i look forward to working closely together on our shared priorities from climate change to trade and security the americans have chosen their president congratulations joe biden and come all of ours we have a lot to do to overcome today's challenges let's work together i look forward to future cooperation with president biden our transatlantic friendship is irreplaceable if we are to master of the great challenges of our time well the irish prime minister talked about joe biden being a good friend ireland let's not forget that joe biden has irish roots so there might have been a lot of people rooting for him there and nicolas sturgeon the 1st man. of scotland not just congratulating biden but also mentioning the fact that kemal harris as vice president elect becomes the 1st woman to hold that position in u.s. history so a really big achievement but while the majority of people have been warmly
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congratulating the democratic there are others who may be feeling a little bit less room towards them at the moment including slovakia's prime minister who on wednesday said that he thought trump and won the election and in fact has previously described biden as possibly being somebody who had become one of the weakest presidents in u.s. history let's not forget of course that melania trump the current 1st lady is from slovakia i want to ask you as well we heard there about reaction from angola marcal and so let's take a look how to biden presidency change relations with germany for example well i'm glad merkel is a staunch politician somebody who would work with anyone and we've seen her try to work with trump over the last few years but clearly germany is hoping for easier relations in the next 4 years it wants to perhaps strengthen that transatlantic cooperation between the 2 countries some of the issues that germany is going to be
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most concerned about is the fact of the trade was that donald trump has famously had these trade wars with the e.u. over various issues including what. white house and trump saw as being unfair advantages given to airbus which is a you ripley in planes maker now germany was seeing some of the fallout from that with the threat that there would be tariffs put on german cars going into the e.u. going into the u.s. so there will be a hope that that sort of trade war friction can evaporate now there's also the issue of and. nord stream to this gas pipeline coming straight from russia into germany the u.s. currently has sanctions on companies that are working with that now germany has talked about this pipeline being incredibly important for bringing sustainable energy into the e.u.
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bloc that's something that trump has not been happy with so lots of little issues like that but then there are also the bigger issues issues of nato global issues such as iran all of these germany will be hoping that they will be able to work with an ally that is looking to forge a stronger relationship between the e.u. and the u.s. as has been in the past and we know that obviously over the last couple of years we've seen how john has been pulling out of some international agreement so the parents climate accords that drew a lot of criticism of the iran nuclear deal how do you think biden coming into the oval office could see things change getting the e.u. all hope that maybe some decisions will be even reversed well we know already that biden has been incredibly clear what he makes of some of these agreements you mentioned there the paris climate accord that donald trump famously pulled the u.s. out of saying he wasn't happy with it that sort of caused a bit of
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a fraction in the relationship between him and france's president and many a man you on that court now biden has been clear that the 1st day of his presidency he would reenter into that agreement and in fact that's one of the things that many of the european leaders the m.p.c. any piece of been talking about on social media this evening is the fact that they're welcoming that the u.s. would be back it would be their part of the paris climate accord so that's obviously something that we know biden will do in regards to the uranium nuclear deal again not something that trump pulled the u.s. away from something that was negotiated and the obama presidency when of course joe biden was. vice president so there is that joe biden if he is the 46 president of the us will be somebody who will want to go back to the negotiating table and trying to smooth over those relations in europe is particularly. that that will be the case let's not forget that. other european leaders tried to get trump to stay
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inside that iranian nuclear deal in fact when france hosted the last g 7 leaders summit in 2019 actually flew in the iranian minister something that had never been done before as he was attempting to get those relationships working again to save the iranian nuclear code deal of course that didn't happen and trump refused to sit down with the iranian minister so yes european leaders hoping that a biden presidency will see more. we'll see partnership together but there is a big concern here that if biden is the $46.00 president he's going to have so much on his plate when it comes to domestic issues whether that's the fallout from the election with or that's the 1000 pandemic whether that's the economy that europe may be waiting before those issues are dealt with. we're back to our breaking news where the u.s. . the media are projecting that joe biden has been elected the 46th president of
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america having secured 290 electoral college votes just to remind to 70 are needed for victory in the form of peace when in his home state of pennsylvania helped push across that magic threshold donald trump on the other hand stands up to 14 all lots of people have been celebrating all across the country but donald trump's legal team has filed lawsuits in pennsylvania georgia michigan nevada so much about the key battleground states that he says it could go all the way to super in-court trump claimed he had won on social media after criticizing biden for laying early claims to the white house. and now if trump gets to the supreme court to consider his case it would echo the election 20 years ago when it affectively handed the presidency to george w. bush going underground host option written c. spoke with trump's impeachment lawyer on the president's chances of winning any
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legal battle. if you lose is the election by losing pennsylvania there's a strong argument that his lawyers 'd can make that pennsylvania should not count ballots that came in late it's a technical argument but it's the argument that prevailed in bush versus gore and there are already 3 or 4 justices who agree with that argument but it would take a combination of circumstances during the election to bring that case into a posture where you would win in the court so i think it's unlikely you will prevail in the courts but that's his best shot what sort of time scale are we talking about would be about a month as it was in 2000 with the bush and gore i think we'll have a result within weeks not months in pennsylvania becomes a key state then i think it will take months do you think trump always had in mind the 300 judges that were appointed under his administration given that he had
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already been suspecting vote tampering well i think he there are a lot of reasons why he wanted to appoint lots of judges his base wants conservative judges but i think part of the reason may very well have been as a backstop as a protection in the event that he had to take the election to court any president would think in those terms supporters of term say he shouldn't have given that press conference on the night saying there is fraud and waited a little bit do you think that will affect any court outcome because he was alleging both little fruit even before the election and of course on the night rather than saying this is the state of play at the moment we'll wait and see i don't think that kind of statement affects the courts it was done after the polls 'd will close so i think it was just him saying what he believed and i don't think it will have any impact either electorally or judicially. well this
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election has been anything but smooth an alien puts ranko takes a look at some of the international reaction. of all the adjectives to describe democracy which stands for giving the people the right to choose who is in charge the man who stood up to take over the white house didn't pick fair stable or strong democracy is sometimes messy it's sometimes requires a little patience as well but that patience has been rewarded now for more than 240 years there's just some of government governance that's been the envy of the world just messy or it's just gotten way too messy and his country we have received reports of many irregularities we believe that there are dead voters that have been counted this is fraud this is absolute fraud trump campaign says they're going to court the biden campaign says it's ready for court fights protests by trump supporters and a series of vote fraud allegations by the president himself trump will go to war
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over this election and that is dangerous for this country there is quite a list of things appearing as cracks in the system take the mail in voting in times of covert when the nation was meant to rely on it at one point the postal service warned it couldn't cope the president flushed the method altogether saying it would lead to a rigged poll if you read some of these pieces there have been plenty of such the media has been questioning the confidence in us democracy here it's been watching the mess in the wings with raised eyebrows but the polarization of america should be a warning for europe we are successful because we preach differences between countries and peoples so we benefit together if we lose the ability to compromise i would democracies are in danger and the billing in america does not quite correspond to the democratic culture we know from the united states it's important that the result is the accepted by everyone is easy to be a winner but sometimes it is hoped to be a loser trumps late night speech puts
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a question mark over his possible 2nd term in office it is hard to imagine what the 2nd sound would look like when the president directly code for the abolition of the rules of democracy he's cool to stop counting votes is a blow to the essence of american democracy here's a voice of concern from allies to pat. we can say for the united states to get into turmoil and confusion because of the election is a minus for its allies and like minded countries but perhaps the most fascinating thing to observe is the smear by america's foes after so many times washington told them how wrong things are with their elections was a spectacle one says this is the most fragile and election in u.s. history who says that the president who is currently in nothis is a rival says trump intends to rig the election this is how u.s. elections and u.s. democracy are we do not interfere in the internal affairs of the united states and
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we hate it when they pretend to give lessons in democracy to the world these beauts and refusal of election results were supposed to only take place in developing states things have changed over this have occurred in the us which is no longer synonymous with a stable civilized and consensus based society now just for a giggle let me read out one tweet as an official one country a calls on country b.s. leaders to show commitment to the democratic process and rule of law we urge all parties groups and individuals to engage in inclusive dialogue to find peaceful solutions to their disagreements to heal national divisions full stop it's a tweet by the u.s. embassy country a in ivory coast country b. from the 4th oh the irony there's a reason a lot of western european nation.


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