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9 you don't you don't feel it doesn't seem to you live here but you do i have seen people with their cars so messy and things all over the place how can i go to work with my life like that i mean has to have a little order you know because this is what we need to continue it is not that perfect but it's. the way i won and it makes me feel better. just like maria around 30 other people sleep overnight in their car in this free parking lot nevertheless most of them work there security guards drivers secretaries or even computer technicians. korea is a cleaner and a care exhausting work that she does 7 days
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a week. well you know. depends where my car 8 is if it's like this i won't have to be flat because my back hurts if it's like better. to provide some comfort for all these people an organization has supplied them with a water point portable toilets and a small outdoor kitchen where maria prepares her morning coffee before going to work. this kind of wood well it broke out feet which is a famous in the united states. reus fall from grace is a situation that affects thousands of other americans. for a long time she had everything she always wanted. she was married and lived in this beautiful house. but after 5 years of living together her blissful
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marriage suddenly fell apart. he could adopt me dump me as ok it didn't work bye bye ok bye bye see ya later there were no i don't have. a moment. now ben no furniture or no house. this is my car i have a safe here. and. now that's the way it is maria didn't get to keep a single thing she preferred to leave everything to her ex-husband and turn over a brand new leaf but over the last several years in california the cost of rent has risen so much that her salary of 1500 euros was not enough to afford an apartment ever since then every morning before heading to work she goes to this gym she exercises for 45 minutes but she mainly comes for another rather urgent need i have
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to take this decision because i have no place to shower. one time i can shower for a week feel terrible let me tell you you feel like a home and. thinking. that why should i be doing if i thought oh thank you him so i came here. her membership cost her $40.00 euros a month the cost of continuing a near normal life. upon leaving the gym no one would notice that maria no longer has a house and that she sleeps in her car. the quandary job because of that because if i don't shower nobody's going to hire me i'm going to be homeless no car no nothing might my world's going to go drop you know. what i'm going to be doing i'll be complete 100 percent homeless. come with
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a. chess kit he it. maria is just one of many middle class american citizens who have in recent years fallen into poverty. and officially america is great again since the 2008 crisis the economy has never been stronger a record breaking growth and unemployment has dropped to a historical low less than 4 percent an upturn for which donald trump has claimed all the credit. there has never been a better time just start living the american dream but despite what the president the firm's the famous american dream is far from being achieved in the united states 40000000 people are living below the poverty line and millions of workers will go to great lengths to stay above it to get my mail plus give back i did it
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twice a week becoming homeless overnight is what these americans fear most because here the system is not very kind of those short of cash to catch up real quick for your kind have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted in some states being late on your rent is no laughing matter. here one by one tenants are they good at gunpoint where marvelously back if even the whole thing up badly. for these americans on the verge of ruin seeking medical treatment can cost a fortune but the heart beat and take your medicine to because you may not get one or the other and so some people are standing up in solidarity making sure they're taken care of free of charge in field hospitals not unlike those found in a country at war and insight into the lives of those who cannot scrape a living in the heart of destitute america.
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san diego in southern california $300.00 days of sunshine a year and beaches as far as the eye can see an idyllic setting the picture postcard california san diego is also one of the most dynamic cities in the country here unemployment is practically nonexistent. this dream lifestyle was once an everyday reality for eric he was a successful computer engineer earning 7000 euros a month today at 53 years old this man lives alone in his car and to eat for free he's made an agreement with the employees of a pizzeria. hello . how are you today. it looks yes. thank you.
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what do you take here that these are the slices that they have in their display that they haven't for too long then they put them in the fridge for me so that they donate them. to. eric comes every evening to pick up some pizza. thank you very much very much appreciate it ok i'll buy. he's going to share these unsold slices with other victims of poverty because for a year and a half eric has been sleeping in this parking lot the one where maria the cleaner also lives with his pizza he makes his neighbors very happy. there's a lot. like a 55 year old driver it's. our hungry. do not today no no no i had not drive on didn't.
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in his former life eric also worked a lot 50 hours a week but 4 years ago he suffered a burnout as well as a series of health problems including problems with his heart he could not work and received unemployment benefits for 6 months and then nothing at all i can handle i thought i would get certain. to pull it out for so many years on how to just get on with doctors now i'm going furniture my savings. i ended up. basically burning through everything and what can afford to stay in a farm and. eric is trying to pick himself up nowadays he's doing temporary work in a saving up to be able to rent an apartment. after her long day at work maria is back. to her. yeah it's where i work it's
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a little hard it because. i have to lift a lady she's very had. back and forth back and. 9 hours is. if it's a lot of hours but i'm ok the. first my food my bed i'm ready to jump in my bit if it comes. at half past 9 at night the gates closed from this point onward no more cars can enter the parking lot at night there isn't a security guard and even though there hasn't been any attacks this doesn't reassure maria. i close the door put that we know down like this much and put the alarm if somebody is trying to break in oh well no i come at the 1st break. and my head might cut it
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some may trying to break in such spray. you never know. it's. a few meters away eric is getting ready to spend another night in his car even though the passenger compartment is full to the brim the former computer engineer will sleep sitting behind the wheel certainly far from the comforts of his old life. and one thing that i've really found out about this is that you know the typical stereotype of. you know the homeless person being lazy and not wanting to work or being a drug addict. that may be the case in some places and some and some but the people i've come to in this program most some are very hardworking people that want to get ahead that either have some some health issues or have some of how district about luck or for whatever reason. they've you know come into this is this this situation
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some people are able to get out of it quickly some people take longer. california is a state of stark contrasts despite being the 6th largest economy in the world more and more of its workers can no longer afford somewhere to live but there is another state where the system is even more unforgiving. this state is virginia right next to washington d.c. and in particular its capital city richmond richmond is a former industrial city here a quarter of the population live beneath the poverty threshold. richmond also holds an unfortunate record this city has one of the highest rates of addiction in the united states there are $3000.00 actions per year that's $25.00
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times more than in paris. sputnik 5 has the world. just like its namesake the original sport. the farce cruft to leave. orbit the world while many questions remain unanswered about russia's new vaccine the authorities are confident enough to go forward with mass production. poses for . what's going on in the family states please we made for you to be able to know because no one from the. real raid to receive. interest in
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preliminary requests. billions those of us in fact see. all right this is happening. the window and the reaction has been exactly the same as it was waved by. journalists in the us. the world reaction is made of green cheese. but. if it. is you'll media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe.
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isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being that. direct. what is true what's his face. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows. the addictions are a routine job for officer loyal from the sheriff's office several times a week he distributes these yellow documents. how are you does. candace if he were ok as this was
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a notice set up placed on your door son of action notice you need to get in touch with a management property manager here if you feel the same correct but we set eviction for august the 7th at 9 o'clock. ok thank you ma'am in the state of virginia the law is strict if the rent is late by 5 days the landlord has the right to begin the eviction process a few weeks later the tenant receives a notice on their door. you know what is right you know what it is. go for the one week you know. it's going off. sometimes carried away by his own enthusiasm officer loyal is not always accurate usually a how are you are you are you. now the she there here now this is. this house mean to me. this woman who has nothing to feel guilty about got away
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with nothing more than a fright. i'm sorry ma'am we're at the wrong apartment thanking. the threatened tenants have one week to settle their debts otherwise they face eviction by force and officer loyal does not show much sympathy. this morning he and his colleague must addict the person that lives in this house. it's the. sheriff's office. and just like arresting a dangerous criminal. they enter the home armed with guns. sheriff's office. right now the tenant is not at home and clearly has not had time to vacate the premises. this on your location.
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as for the landlord he immediately reclaims his property on average in france it takes a year and a half to evict someone whilst here it happens in almost an instant in less than 2 months everything is settled change everything i'm checking the windows now. to make sure there is a secure. the tenant has just arrived and is in shock she had been renting the house for 7 years a single mother to a grown up daughter she works but has frequently struggled to make ends meet she can only pick up her belongings the next day otherwise everything will go to the junk yard at her expense. that's. why it's just going to be easier on you like to be a chorus in a backyard or whatever if you were having removed because if he has
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a token ring remove it and as an added expense that you'd be looking at yes i mean i do think all this is. do i think it's hard not to got to do we've gotta do what i gotta do what i gotta do what are you going to sleep where am i going to sleep at if you can all say about me. yeah. yeah you have a good day she's thrown out on the streets with no room for negotiation this is the only way it moves or it didn't. that's up to her if that's the only way she said she would move before this didn't move. maybe she knew what it was. you know she never did say that to me. there are around 10 dictions just like this one every day in richmond as
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a consequence of this express just as budget hotels on the outskirts of the city have become a refuge for those who've been kicked out of their homes some people stayed there for a very long time this is the case where david a 38 year old gardener. was going. sammul same on new day. david has lived in this motel since his addiction 2 years ago at the weekend this divorced fathers children come to stay over and his 10 square meter room for which he pays $1300.00 euros a month. this is it managed as our bedroom living room family room everywhere and this is the little kitchen which i cooked our eggs last night and made hamburgers so i clean the dishes you know we played video games and bathroom. you know got a shower but that's about all. during the week david shares the single room which
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is bursting with things with his new partner. he did want to follow you for 2 years here man on one cramped ike obviously if you put 2 people in the same room for a long enough time it's theirs you know bump heads and have arguments and stuff his girlfriend has a stable job in the insurance business as a couple they could buy themselves a bigger and less expensive apartment yet they remain trapped in this tiny room because their past a big continues to haunt them but at the time she was trying to 1st and then you get so be down by going to places and stuff and then not they're not giving you a place because they're like oh you had an addiction it's you know it shows that you didn't pay just like 2 months or something like that and it definitely was
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detrimental to it you know there was no way of getting anywhere. it is almost unthinkable in europe but here landlords are able to access the past of bad tenants with a few simple clicks a systematic surveillance that has been denounced by martin veg bright a lawyer and defense attorney for tenants. so. this database is a public database i mean anyone can go onto this database and look at it and you can search by name so try a common a common american name a pair we get america less speed ok. there we go and you can see 5 on lawful detainers let's see 10 years ago this tenant had a series of late payments despite being small amounts like this $291.00 they can bear heavy consequences. so if i'm
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a landlord i can look at that and say well that was 10 years ago but i think she's too much of a risk i don't want to rent to her if anything bad happens to her if anything bad happens to you whether it's you know you get your hours cut back at work whether or you break an ankle and you're off work for a month whether you got that car repair bill or that hospital bill or any thing that just throws your budget off slightly you better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted so the tenant really is living under the sword of damocles. with such a system it's difficult to imagine how david could one day leave his motel and buy himself an apartment in which he could properly house his children.
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in a situation like this to if you're depressed and sit in one little room by yourself alarm or he end up trying to enter on you know doing something stupid and thank god jenkins my only advice right now. trying to be. a decent person and going to. david is far from an isolated case 6300 people are addicted throughout america each day although in the city finding accommodation is the main source of anxiety there is a region where for some the main worry is simply being able to put food on the table. welcome to rural america the appalachian in the eastern part of the country a mountainous region. appalachian was once widely known for its coal production these days almost all the
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mines are closed down it is often said that the american dream got lost somewhere along the way to here. the appalachian region with a predominantly white population is where the poorest counties in the country are found. during the summer at lunch time this food truck travels up and down the disadvantaged areas of roanoke. loose and stacey are 2 volunteers that give out free meals to children. in the school system you get lunch and you get breakfast so a lot a lot of families depend on that lunch or breakfast that they don't necessarily have to buy if that makes sense because
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a sole school system will provide it for them. but in the summer from june to mid august there's no school so then word is most coming from so that's where we kind of step in they serve up to $200.00 meals a day and every. time they arrive they are eagerly awaited. i don't know how you know. because because i read you can have sick hungry yes i'm starving. i'm getting. on today's menu a sandwich a carton of milk and a kiwi in this family both parents do not work they receive $1200.00 euros of social welfare a month but as a family of 5 it's barely enough to live on. well i'll try to get in at least $2.00 to $3.00 but towards the end of the month when the stamps from. maybe one. or the
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articles will now be on the them i don't want to i want to have this when i usually skip breakfast to launch and for us to watch in the night and that's only if you know yes only right being poor to the point of starving yourself to see tomorrow they did not write they. already this reality is nothing new in the appalachian region. 1964 during his election campaign president johnson visited appalachian he was horrified by this poverty once elected he launched a master plan to put an end to poverty today here and now declares on the foundation no war on poverty in america. one of his ideas was to create food stamps which were food coupons given free of charge to the poor. and.
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still to this day the government distributes these food stamps to 40000000 american people in this mobile home park in the heart of the appalachian the majority of families benefit from this food and with. american flag hanging from the front steps this is the mobile home of 58 year old collins a former marine no longer works following a long term illness she receives a pension of 700 euros so every day she tries to get by. the us has a history of complicated and heated presidential election what's different this time is that the biggest political events of the last 4 years is happening amid the coronavirus and the rest of them to the level of civil unrest sparked by the death
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of george floyd and the lives of the radical groups on both sides of the political spectrum. right there with great if your. say. these groups attract barely a week members who have taken to the streets may control tasks look like full scale what you see here was only a taste of what's about to happen this demonstrators are sometimes heavily armed and they are not afraid of violence or law enforcement. if you will of war let it begin with us. or go in to meet those groups and their leaders to find out how far they're ready to go to fight for what they believe just did for this country. and. anybody who thinks that because it's going to slam the election we are problems are
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over not simply not true the problems we're there for president trump they're not going away you have problems with the economy in the long room you're going to have huge debt to pay for the things you're going to do that are we still have a problem in the united states. which raises too many young are going to. jail for grown possessions in search of some of those problems or. simply like not does not stop them. all the while the way the whites are. in the soil or how. local on.
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top that. all men. who want to. start 6. you'll have a final declaration. of victory yet. but the numbers tell us it's clear we're going to win this race stopping short of declaring victory democrat joe biden says he's on track for the white house has announced incomes while he states continue to kind of thing while president trump isn't giving up the oval office without a fight insisting that biden hasn't won and readying nor seats over the late surge in blue ballots also to come presidential limburg media outlets describe the race for the white house is suspended animation this plenty of reaction to the
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uncertainty surround.


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