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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 27, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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we're all set to cross to some more great program stay tuned to find out what's on offer wherever you are across the globe today live for now and thanks for watching . you know we've broken a lot of stories over the years the hoax that is the fracking industry we broke the global stretched against banker occupation and a bunch of other ones that we were in the lead covered it nobody else did i think now we've got a tiger by the tail here i think we're in the midst now of handing up the torch from the u.s. to china to be pushed out of this trap is upon us is it just gets more and more evidence coming in.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm puny about normally speaking the role of the media is to inform the public this mission is now on hold large parts of the media landscape particularly big tank actively intervene to determine what the public can know and from whom has controlled speech replaced freedom of speach. discuss the media and more i'm joined by my guest in los angeles kim iverson she is the host of the kim iverson show and in nashville we cross to roger simon he's an award winning novelist and academy award nominated screenwriter who is now the
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senior political analyst for the big times all right cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate oh ok let's go to los angeles they always go to the guess they got a earliest for this recording that the sheet it came you know something i've noticed and that's happening over a number of years but equally well since the advent of the trump presidency we're a fax going on in journalism they seem to have got the operator or maybe i'm missing something here because we don't have fact based journalism i understand the difference between back based journalism and opinion journalism and both are acceptable but fact based journalism seems to have been suspended let's put it that way go ahead yeah i mean it's really difficult to figure out where we can find the actual fact based journalism these days and you know it's really interesting to me that so much of the journalists that are out there right now are the news organizations or in the entertainment news organizations are so against and so
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obviously biased again for byte and you know one of the interesting things about that is that they make so much money off of the trump and ministration being in the white house and so it's interesting that they blatantly they overlook facts or they don't even they don't report on them they don't give the full story and it's all it's just head scratching to me that they would be this way when it seems beneficial for them actually that trump is in the white house yet you know roger is going to be something called the trump hangover in media if he loses on the 3rd because they're going to just they will miss him dearly they're going to miss him for his spot for their bottom line do you think i mean people that have tuned in to find out what joe biden had to say go ahead ron. i think you're actually right to be a financial disaster. in fact it's kind of funny to think about it because if they're fools they should now suddenly back up by you know 8 days before the election and try to get trouble later they get for their own benefit of course they'll never do
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it but if. we think you've got you're in trouble who is actually and so to be is i'm someone who woke up one morning and had 15000 twitter followers deducted from my account. i don't know could i complain i do you know i thought about it for about a minute and a half and i said. the source of all if you like he it oh the loss of all the student followers as if that were ahead if it works the as it did it is really you can play to twitter. no he handled it with revenge but that's the point here you know kim why should a woman what universe are we living in we're facebook and twitter to determine what newsweek can consume and where we can consume it here i don't know i mean i'm not a shareholder in these companies i i don't know if anybody elected them were they
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elected to anything except maybe boards from the shareholders i mean this is an unconscionable situation an unprecedented one why should these private individuals be able to determine the the media landscape and and we're basically as citizens we we were told we're given the right to determine our political destiny but we're not we're being interrupted we're being punished go ahead jim yeah i mean these are these media giants these tech giants are social media they are controlling the narrative and one thing that we really need to pay attention to is that yes they are private and yes they have the right to do it i suppose because they are private companies and people always point that out but they are being pressured by congress we have to remember that since 2016 and since russia gate and the democrats just blaming everything on russia russia russia that they went after the social media companies and saying you are to blame for russia and so they went after them they pressured them and
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a lot of this censorship that's going on with the big media companies social media companies is actually directly coming from congress and that is something that i think people shouldn't overlook that where does that fall when it comes to infringing on our freedoms and frank you know infringing on that 1st amendment with that government pressure it seems to me that that is an absolute infringement you know because roger the way things are going the people you know the powers that be you know the the professional manager real class that looks down on everyone here they're on their own he's complaining about conspiracy theories but the way they they manipulate the media what do you get is result you get people thinking conspiratorial like why is this happening why. can't we understand no ok think the whole that the whole scandal or a leg scandal i'm always careful with my language surrounding the biden family you know i mean there i have been presented in something by some news outlets facts what they determine to be facts ok and fine let them go where they were when russia
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game was just allegations and and leaks and anonymous sources that were never proven ever but when you have a case you know there's a hard drive there are witnesses there or there are wire orders for money that these are real things that you know that we have a right to consider ok and particularly if they act accusation of political malfeasance is in play go ahead roger well you know rich when it gets away with it suppressing a lot of us because there's something called section 2 services the legislation which is now under review actively into the national homare no 2 senator and friend marsha blackburn is in the forefront of getting a sort of a revised were section 230 does he listen i don't know is it sort of gives the twitter facebook etc a fire wall against be sued for shorts material or suppressing a serial which of course they do it causes it to its reach them is as if they were
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not publishers but of course they are publishers in fact in the country new york recently publishes so maybe if you're getting away with murder and in fact there's there are smarter publishers new little published it is new year's is a release from those years so. in that way it i think that people should support this revising of 230 because that's really going to hopefully help but i think it's going to go much further than that. i mean you are the product happening these are private companies because when i think that all of us were under. we seem to understand censorship as the state censoring people hear it and i think that's kind of a more pure traditional definition you know but we don't live in that world anymore of day spoken twitter arse essentially utilities now they function is utilities
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right now and so i think the censorship the willows we have about censorship should be applied to them because they act like utilities and they don't act like monopolies they are virtual monopolies so these last shouldn't apply to them as well so we have to amend then to 30 isn't going to be enough ok we're going to have to do more because if we don't do it pretty soon that we won't know what we're losing we won't know what we don't know kim yeah absolutely these social media companies are in fact utilities we are not you know if their publisher is the way that they're sort of behaving at this point then every single one of us that's using the platform is essentially what some kind of contractor of their publishing service where we're where they're editorializing us and are we being hired i mean it it becomes this kind of interesting where do they really fall and they haven't been able to to really define their business model and for the user it's obvious
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what the business model is we're using it to connect in the same way we use telephones to connect the same way we use or any other sort of service to connect with other people and they're saying well no but you might be able to to blast out your opinions and your fake news conspiracy theories to thousands of people well those thousands of people had to actively choose to follow you they had to actively choose to friend you or watch you or subscribe to your whatever it is 'd the platform so really the definition for these companies does need to be nailed down and then after it is completely defined what they are then they do need to be regulated in a way that is appropriate for their business model but in my opinion they're absolutely utilities and they should not be getting in the way of my communication with you. you know kim brings up such an excellent point because all 3 of us we create content what about what about our rights ok as creators of content here
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because you know roger the same thing happened to me on process i mean you know you i notice that you know the number of hits for a program is gone down steadily but the number of comments remain the same it's really quite remarkable i wonder i wish they could explain that to me and of course other programs and then just for our you tube page subscriptions and wobble up and down and there's no rhyme or reason to it and when we ask there's never an answer go ahead right there in syria they control the algorithms and internet rees's you and i asked him are all too seriously at their prey whenever we write say on t.v. are all letter is is under their control and we have no idea where the rhythm. and they change and all the time us so we see who are saying i think this is dead google's more dangerous even then she replaced nokia so. i mean going back to a chemist saying we're trying to curry entirely. the fact that we have fact that
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these companies are global. usually infamous is nothing if history has even remotely. i mean these are sort of dish there you know i did in the country where you can even see them like you know rand or someplace they have to work our lead any. new never beyond is there to be a control with flow of information global this is really scary actually i mean it can but it makes it more scary is that there's no accountability i mean if you look at how we have a politician you can you know you know bring out your broom and you know to say you know sweep them away in the next election year there's no accountability i mean you know for example the way they're treating the that the story surrounding hunter buy up i don't mean they don't give us any explanation why you're doing what you're doing when you went after the president of the united states for almost 4 years.
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without any facts that were discernible and provable but in this case there's a lot of interesting things but there is one so it's one sided it's hypocritical but they still don't say you think they might i know that they're being pulled in front of congress to explain themselves i will eagerly listen to what they have to say because there is no explanation reasonable honest explanation for what they're doing. yeah there really isn't i mean they it it and it is interesting it's kind of what you said earlier where this they're controlling the narrative leads us all into feeling even more conspiratorial i mean they say oh we got to stop the fake news of the conspiracy theories but then the rest of us sit back away and we see them doing as we see them controlling the narrative censoring information choosing what we can and cannot say i mean even rips of doctors researchers politicians journalists everybody gets censored on their platform it doesn't seem to be just tear your basement dwelling conspiracy theorist it seems to be anybody and everybody that they just don't agree with or
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a narrative that they don't like to hear and it is something that it is very scary that that it's a formal. mind control i mean it sounds conspiratorial right but it's a it's a form of mind control it's a form of brainwashing the public into believing one narrative and one narrative only and they aren't held accountable they got away to hard braking. or discussion on media and journalism and. in the 1920 s. and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the city of the union and many of their descendants still live in russia. going at the risk of knowing no rush but us though up at a stop yes it. will stick on things on their way. back home but i can merican suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. is that lump us mud the real.
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one by elsa store. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all some of the rear groups who were to prove you're in the united. around great crowd. to the moon if you go beyond the oakland you. know almost a 100 years later history is repeating itself my great grandfather george time went to russia. probable worst. to go anywhere why not me. what am i come here. welcome back to cross where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind
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you what conking about the media. ok rogers go back to you in nashville i mean one of the things that's very curious for me and maybe you both of you have a different experience but you know because i do watch the media and i do try to watch a wide array of media even though i really it's really cringe the most of the time for me i don't really have a very difficult time understanding what they've been penned demick is all about and what you should do because it's been so intensely politicized and it's very very confusing and i wonder sometimes if that's just being done intentional just used the word mind control which of course i think would be much more controlling people's behaviors ok and i'm not asking you to take a side on this debate about the pandemic but i think it's very damaging for the
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public when you get such conflicting because everybody seems to own science and except for one scientists are censored ok i mean that really scares me ok i don't have any background in this kind of stuff i don't understand i look to authorities of legitimate authority is when they say well he's a legitimate doctor he's not he's a doctor but he's not legitimate he's political and they start pointing fingers at each other i think that that's a really huge disservice that we have right now and and and facebook and other platforms they weigh in on it you know i get this all the time on facebook about cope in coverage and news and fake news and it's as i find it really bewildering and it really damages the confidence the public has in the authorities. well you know we're a show here and everybody seems to be agree because i get to we agree with you. notice shit is my fault or was a radiologist and they. are the manhattan project so you.
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crack up and what does it say she taught me as a lawyer where there's no such thing as settled science. and. it was right. and it was a way and way you're applying of course is all these people are telling you what settle some heads it is and every meeting facebook at musically is very comparable of that and. we have things like the great barrington statement that just came out from the doctors wrong why they dash through example masks are of little detail of the etc and these are real serious people skip noted you know conspiracies it is serious people in their basements smoking crack they're really in the real deal and budget maybe later although i don't know if you know me or we don't know we're not given the opportunity to think for ourselves. but that's just it came to
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exactly what's going on here they don't want people to think for themselves and they want to look not to look to these people for a guy but the problem with that is that i have a fundamental ideological difference with posted there with the way they see the world ok and i refused to submit i have my own views i will make up my own mind and i will go to the people that i think are authoritative that's our role i believe our right to do but. i'm only so you know like when i put up a a video in the you know in the end do you monetise why is it the money times ok and then you know you have to write to them and a good number of times they say oh ok fine but sometimes they never do and they never give you an answer or go or you know it's just like you know in my day in a writer's agent you know it's a xerox copy of something in that it's big xerox so many times it's built into the side and it's all faded you know it's like they don't care about you they don't
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care what you thinking ok i mean the i don't think people understand how ideologically driven these people are kim yeah i mean it's really a shame and regarding this pandemic the government's role really should be to give us information and as much information as there is and then we should be left to do what we want to with that information they should tell us look there spikes going on in your area this is where the spikes are occurring or this is what we're finding with mask or this is what were you thinking with this or that just giving us the information and that is the that's the tool that we the people would use to make up our own minds and that goes for our previous discussion about social media and the censorship we need the information we need as much information as we can get from a variety of sources with a variety of opinions and then we the people get to make up our minds based on all of that information now they say well we might get also information but that's up to us and snake oil salesmen have been. there is all this time we need to determine
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what we think is truth and what we think is false it's absolutely true the consumer has the ultimate sovereignty here and they and they forget that you know roger you know when i look at what she was really trying to change the media environment because it's really been quite dramatic and i don't i don't think you have to be a really keen follower of politics is that the media has kneejerk response to be against everything he says and does and sometimes he actually has some good ideas and you can see does some good things here but when you have this kind of blanket thing against him if you end up being irrational you end up being against good ideas and follow ups and things like that because i don't know how the media recovers from this because they have conditioned themselves to be so ideologically driven ideologically correct i mean it's going to it's hard for me to fathom how they're going to react in a biting era if the times that becomes president ok i think it just you know like
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they did with barack obama never criticize them here well if that happens i'd like to remind all of these media people and detect why do you think donald trump got elected in 2016 ok if you're just going to fall on over the ideal not the person that you are i have some kind of ideological affinity with that's how the media has abandoned the good up with the for the good of the people ok people made up their own mind in 2016 and that was the people's biggest mistake and they going to be they have been punished for it and i think they're going to be punished even more even if joe wins next week go ahead roger well i drew that there's a price i will name the right side of it is a. big looms and there are always media day and the wake of the public to be suspicious and maybe i mean it which is good. thing because this truth about
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me as always is always been biased liberal. and it is written by humans ad and yet that unbiased human maybe you have. put it. there's no i'm biased humans watching this program i didn't see that because he selected areas of the stock but either way i think. frankly. that's a group that. solely what is it is so the whole of media may be horrible and the readers are the jurors who leave you are smarter than that that's just it's and we're trying to think through that a bit yeah you know kim. russia game never seems to die if this is this amazing organism it's like this intergalactic by interests that it can survive under any circumstances ok and it can be employed i mean if you're but if you're angry with the weather in must be russians fault ok or you know if you if you
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miss a meal it's because the russians made you do it ok i mean what's being you know adam schiff you know i mean when he dons he needs to go to some medical institute where they examine his brain because of what happened to his brain how can everything go back to one thing ok it's extraordinary how this this ridiculous hoax has a life of its own and it seems it's going to be quite convenient in the future oh and by the way a lot of stuff to dealing with the biden family have to do with china so i guess the russians did that true amazing go ahead and well if it ain't broke don't fix that that's a democratic strategy so they know that this works this gets people riled up this gets people to hate trump even more and to be more suspicious of hammond so retsinas can go on and that's been the strategy all along and it really is unfortunate that. you know even with this latest rook and his taxes and where they
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were oh gosh he only paid $750.00 what was interesting about that was where was russia remember they wanted to see his taxes so that they could figure out his connection to russia and they never found that instead it was a different scandal that they made up but they continue to harp on this russia narrative this russia conspiracy even without continually without gaining any evidence of it except they bought some ads on facebook ok kim. they been saying something very of few years now and you still free to use it as much as you want in russian game there are there is there are there isn't much russia and there are many russians in russia. but we have learned here ok you know roger and you know how was it you know it it seems one of the things they don't ask you everything has been debunked ok but there is no reckoning no one in the media says yeah we got it wrong and i think they're going to pay very very dearly for
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that ok because you know we so much air time so much ink and so much has been wasted on this year and and it shows it unfortunately for me also my pessimism here it shows an a grand conspiracy theory can work to your advantage if you get enough people on board. well you know i always like to think of a show make it gives me a comment when somebody says it's not about the thirty's. and you know if this is an example so much money has to be made out of shape. that it had to show to play to the russians of people who look at china. but the. destitute as it goes through the media too like c.n.n. if they didn't complain about russia even fewer people are watching. it is not to be a part of the leg i think it's that if that applies to embassy b. c.
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even more i mean it's amazing i mean rachel maddow is made an entire career out of it so she she's the media version adam schiff is the political version here and there's no downside to being wrong there you see the the power we have as individuals and as citizens is the shame these people that's the power that we have and i constantly do it and i don't do it in a cruel way but i use their own words and their own suppositions against them ok and that's how you win these arguments with these people but we're going full circle the last 30 seconds goes the kim if we don't know what we don't know that is the greatest danger moving forward 30 seconds but it yeah we absolutely need to have freedom of information that is the most important thing and when these big media companies and when our congressional leaders are pressuring the media companies to censor information they're not just censoring a person's ability to speak they're censoring my ability to hear it and that to me
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is even more of horrendous that they're censoring me from receiving any information or that they're forcing me to receive only certain information and that is something that we the people need to really be guarding against and saying it's not just about somebody's ability to say whatever they want it's my ability and my right to hear it so that then i can assess whether or not i want to believe it or what direction i want to go with that but all in all you know we really need to be fighting back as the people we really need to be rising up and saying we will not tolerate best's a perfect way to end the program here i want to thank my guests in los angeles and in nashville and i want to thank our viewers for watching us here argue cx i remember. the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out some sort of.
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my teenage gang rules here. don't wanna move there no nothing mind. but. the navy will be very. nice seeing her. in for the yeah. and melanie might not be in. the mccain. police all i see.
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the national guard has been deployed in philadelphia as the city braces for a 2nd night of on rest following the killing of a black man by police. while donald trump accuses u.s. presidential rival joe biden of making millions in allegedly dodgy deals we look at nepotism claims involving both families. france warns its citizens in muslim countries to be vigilant that's in response to rising anger and protests after paris defended the right to show controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad following the beheading of a teacher who used them as a discussion tool in class.


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