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tv   News  RT  September 26, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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i mean. the military plane crash in eastern ukraine leaves 26 people dead the sole survivor is in a serious but stable condition. hundreds of ontic government protesters turn out again in the bella russian capital with several early arrests reported the latest demonstration follows alexander lukashenko his inauguration this week for his 6 term as president. on the wrong grounds america's new sanctions regime against it as medical terrorism the iranian foreign minister speaks to r.t. . the united states restrictions even transferring money to buy
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a box so it's basically medical coverage that he was using could. very well can see you're watching r t international with me and. our top story a ukrainian military plane has crashed landed on the motorway in the east of the country taking the lives of 26 people there were 2 survivors of the crash but one has died in hospital the other was in a serious but not life threatening condition correspondent gave more details to kevin. the plane was carrying 7 officers all on with 20 flight school debts originally there was supposed to be 28 people on board but one kid that was not allowed on the plane now it was reported by officials that. reported
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a failure and one of the engines before the crash and investigation has been launched soon after the plane was and gulf and fire and emergency services rushed to the scene along with officials and also the personnel of that military school and this is what we heard from them. when emergency units arrived the plane was on fire and everyone who was inside died. you 1st of all my deep condolences to their relatives and loved ones it's an awful tragedy for all of ukraine for a university for crews we trained young people who would defend our motherland. yes so many young lives going there again. look at the pictures coming through in the stream very close to a busy road busy road to waste a lot of people the fire engines of course but it was literally just a couple of feet all of a. busy road. it could have been a heck of a lot worse if it comes just a few feet further on hit the road well the 1st thing that comes up in your mind is
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the suggestion that the pilot could have tried to land on that motorway but that wasn't the case but still you can imagine all the cars trying to dodge the burning parts and the plane crashed only a few kilometers away from that military airport it was only a training flight so again just because there were cars on that highway there were plenty of witnesses they were talking about. massive fire and again like i said burning parts being thrown around this exactly what we heard from one of the witnesses we were driving on the motorway by the city of to goof when we saw fire and heard several explosions one after the other at 1st it was not clear what was burning there but then cars had to change course as the plane was burning in pieces right on the road while the investigation is already in full swing obviously saturday has been declared a day of mourning for the victims the ukrainian president ford selenski has decided
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to visit the crash site himself a massive tragedy for ukraine that is. the 2 months since the disputed election plunged into turmoil protesters have once again taken to the streets a number of arrests have been made comes in the week president bush and co was inaugurated for a think term as president month earlier than expected international community condensed in the calling it a secret inauguration where no public within 5 said it also provoked anger among the opposition police trying to disperse the crowds at this latest protest seemingly adopting a line of play. with just. this is the 1st weekend since the inauguration of alexander lukashenko here in belarus we are in the better russian capital in minsk and to do that right now
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saturday is the weekly event the women's march all women who are who disagree with alexander lukashenko who do not recognize him as their president they have decided to make a show in the center of the better russian capital victory day square commemorating the defeat of the nazi germany back in 1945 and it was one of the one of the venue's one of the places where women were supposed to take their march to apparently they sure people in green people in black and they decided to change their route they decided to turn around now again these women's marches they have become a weekly and a sometimes an even more regular thing here in belarus and well but this one is special because again it's the 1st one since the inauguration of alexander lukashenko it has been branded as sort of a rehearsal for for tomorrow's action which is expected to draw tens
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of tens of thousands of people several people have been detained here today normally the practices they would be detained and later released if they didn't break. any laws but all those who are marching they remain defiant the try to get scattered whenever they get scattered around they regroup and emerge in new areas. iran's branded new u.s. sanctions against the country as medical terrorism the words by the foreign minister came in an interview to ati's well the pot program which as in a few hours the new u.s. measures target iran's defense and nuclear industry they blacklist 27 individuals and entities that washington claims are involved in developing nuclear weapons washington earlier said it. was reimposing all u.n. sanctions that have been in place before the a wrong nuclear deal all those old restrictions have hit sectors of iran's economy
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hard like banking for example all banks including the radiance that to a bank found themselves on the blacklist well that makes it wrong are they able to pay for much needed medicine as many organizations refuse to deal with those banks fearing u.s. sanctions washington claims it's only about stopping the development of nuclear weapons something to wrong does denies it's ever been involved with speaking at length to our teams worlds apart to the iranian foreign minister says it's the people who are left to suffer. certainly the sanctions and economic hardship that the united states imposed on iran has had a significant impact we have quite a bit of money stashed in countries abroad and those countries are prevented by the united states from even allowing us to buy medicine with our own money whatever the americans are saying about. sanctions not affecting humanitarian items is just like
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the united states restrictions prevent us from even transferring money to to buy vaccines so it's basically medical terrorism that the u.s. is engaged. 13 members 13 of the 15 security council members quites wrote letters to the president of the security council once on the 20th of august when the united states issued its so-called no to be caged in and once on the 20th of september when the united states claimed that is purported u.n. sanctions have come back rejecting it and that's what's important and that's a major diplomatic defeat for the united states isolation of the united states. verification by the international community of the legitimacy of the iranian position really rich is an important achievement not just put it on but for the international community and for the rule of law. north stream is
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is a very clear example that if europeans allow the united states to bully them when it comes to iran the united states can bully them when it comes to the lifeline and north stream is extremely important for europe as you know and the united states is even trying to intimidate clearly intimidate germany from from engaging with russia in that so i think the lesson that has to be drawn from that is that if you allow a bully to operate then these new leaders know and i think the europeans need to realize that. we have said that with or without the united states iranian interest that or. guaranteed in the j.c. we don't want anything outside the g.c. people we simply want what is ours what was bargained what was negotiated within the j.c. pewee and it cannot be renegotiated j.c.
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puree is alive the security council proved that it is a lot. the united states tried to torpedo this resolution. the united states not only left the room but. try to destroy the room now it has to gain a seat back in the room and that is not automatic i'm not putting any preconditions i mean you do not want to have a situation in international. environment where somebody can leave an agreement and come back to it this doesn't want. little trump powers nominated judge amy kone barrett to the u.s. supreme court she has to fill the seats left vacant following the death of justice ruth bader ginsburg trunk all the judges eminent eminently qualified qualified for the job if he did barrett would solidify the right would lean of the courts whereas
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conservatives hold a 5 remove giora the u.s. senate republicans have pledged to confirm her nomination before november's presidential election democrats aren't happy with that saying the voters should weigh in before the post is filled. privacy activists are sounding the alarm over amazon's new in home security drone however the retail giant insists it's the next big thing. however some potential consumers seem less than convinced describing the project as insane and there are questions over who else could use the device to snoop we've got opinion in new york. it's absolutely insane that that be that's being marketed
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and sold to a public a little and. let's see if someone could hack it i mean you don't want this drone to go into your bathroom while you're taking a shower is that companies like amazon and ray are collecting data they do it constantly and you know it 1st they say when i click you know we're only using data for this and then it comes out 2 years later that they've been listening to every word that you said so. i'm concerned about it but you're paying with your data for convenience and that's. that's the rub that's what happens nowadays that's. unfortunate but that's a people doing amazon has been courting control the sea with a number of its new products there's unease about a wrist worn device promoted as a health gadgets which can scan your body and analyze your voice and the company's alexa god lurch one assistant continuous small speaker 1 into
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a listening device amazon is this no one can view your data without permission and it won't ever sell that information. the launch of the indoor drone is planned for next year although the smart home division of amazon which developed it called it ring says the product still needs it regulatory approval investigative journalist dave lindorff believes this latest offering is in line with how tech giant now praise. well look amazon is all about collecting data i mean that's that's what they do it's same thing with facebook and google they're collecting enormous amounts of data on every with every person they can get we know that the major internet companies and companies like amazon are cooperating willingly with police state local and federal police agencies intelligence agencies all they've got to do basically is ask and they get what they want the real question is why
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americans buy these things i mean if people know that they have been to stories about alexy monitoring what's going on in your house amazingly. american citizen seem to be ok with the idea of large corporations collecting every kind of data you know they complain about the government collecting data but they don't seem to mind the idea that he's completely. autonomous and regulated corporations are getting their data. still ahead flexing their military muscles 18000 troops along with. the battlefield in a huge military exercise in russia over the tells us the brain.
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well whatever the americans are saying about. sanctions not affecting humanitarian items it's just it's just like we have been trying to transfer money for the covert 19. callbacks. w.h.o. back seen gallon be able to without even trying to transfer money even for normal influenza vaccine. the united states restrictions prevents us from even transferring money to to buy a vaccine so it's basically medical terrorism that the u.s. is. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confront cation let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic developments only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical
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time to sit down and talk. welcome back there have been final scuffles in central london as an estimated 15 thousands gathered to denounce the government's new covert lockdown measures as police police moved in to disperse the crowds in trafalgar square for ignoring social distancing rules and not wearing face masks and demonstrators threw both tools at the officers who responded with batons the rally was called off to new coronavirus restrictions were revealed police made several arrests and a number of people were injured. lebanon's caretaker prime minister has stepped down after failing to form a unity government the president said michel a you. you know admitted
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a miracle would be needed to achieve any unity due to disagreements on religious based quotas vicky appointments lebanon's been in limbo since the previous cabinet resigned on must following the huge blast in beirut which killed hundreds president a union had given a stark warning if the prime minister designate failed to bring the political sides to get together. as a much more if the government is not formed where are we heading. to hell of course why else would i be standing here speaking if this wasn't the case. france's lesson is for mcallen a to get a unity government president mccrum was one of the 1st world latest to arrive and off aid on condition the political parties came together to paris says it regrets that failure says it's still not too late political commentator amal awesome and doesn't believe fronts can freely help. mccrone tried to come to lebanon and tried
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to talk and he spoke with the right people mind you he spoke with the political elite that are governing the institutions of the government they hold the institutions hostage because this was the fact of the thought of giving employment in the government according to the ca if i scored they hold the institutions hostage this is why my current tries to talk to them but what can micro videos do with stuff that people it's up to the political parties holding these institutions he called for the elections but there is an election and any viable democracy in the world when you have an election and you have a majority in parliament that meet george you formulate a government and whatever is not within that meet or becomes opposition this is not the case in lebanon they are not even allowing the people who won in the election to formulate a government because the majority is allied to hezbollah and me although the political bickering and on the role of hezbollah in lebanon so basically it said that luck and it's an economic fallout and live among is literally headed to where president obama that he said it out late in the end he should not have said it but
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was being honest we are having to help. a new guide on language sensitivity has been issued for local government stuff in berlin but it's left a few people literally lost for words.
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instead of finally taking care of problems in berlin and it prefers to destroy the german language anyone who still dreams of a lift the lawyers in the face of such a policy can already be held. problem in berlin unlawful places clam crime too little new residential buildings etc etc reg reno alliance 1st of all draft a new guideline for employees of the berlin administration on use of diversity sensitive language. will become a blank. berlin is home to people from many different backgrounds berliners should understand that ministration is their own if the diversity of berlin is reflected in the administration and that is a benefit for the entire city. ok look at some other world news now firefighters are still battling
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a blaze which started on friday in a national forest going to arizona it's now said to cover some $5200.00 acres helicopters have been dropping water in an effort to bring the situation under control locals are being evacuated from the area on. meanwhile in athens. police have used batons and pepper spray against protesters in the greek capital demonstrators have been marching in solidarity with hunger strikers linked to an outlawed militant organization 2 of the hunger strikers have already died. so far as friday's for future climate demonstration is taking place in berlin since the code is lockdowns were lifted protesters including schoolchildren gathered at the brandenburg gate demanding politicians tackle global warming police say $8000.00 attended the organizers claim it was 3 times more than that.
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russia has held a massive military exercise in its southern caucuses region the drill spoken strong combat in cruise missiles and other lands the aerial craft and featured troops from allied countries. i.
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think my 80000 took part in the weeklong exercises with 250 tons 750 vehicles around 300 artillery systems were also involved forces from maybe about the east china i guess down around me on wall attended we spoke to russia's chief general stuff who oversaw the many of. russia's defense ministry has a very open and inclusive policy in general as i already mentioned these exercises were announced by the defense board back in december 29th teen 10 days prior to the launch date deputy defense minister alexander foemen held a briefing for a to shay's to inform them of all the objectives goals teams and the schedule we provided the details to the o. a c
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e the united states and other nato member states today all attachés were invited to observe the exercises and attend a briefing how much more open can it get we do not see reciprocal at. by the united states and their nato allies however for example we have never been invited to attend their scheduled exercises they usually post a very brief announcement with a date and location and nothing else in contrast to how we do it here we provide all the details openly while they don't we can draw our own conclusions and we are wary of these frequent u.s. nato air missions close to our borders. those are the headlines here in aussie international we're back in 30 minutes with the latest.
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back off my ass. i don't. oh hi i'm max foster this is the kaiser report you know there seems to be a bit of panic in the air. point let's check in with stacy herbert i don't more max as you know we've had 4 years of a lot of political turmoil and starting to spill out into the streets everywhere you look not only in the united states but around the world and rand corporation might have an explanation for this now remember rand corporation if you're if you're around in the seventy's they were part of the pentagon papers right it was
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identical ellsberg released the hundreds of pages of research they had done on the debacle that was the vietnam war and now they have basically done some research on the debacle that is fed policy of creating can tell you nair's since 1971 so the top one percent of americans have taken 50 trillion dollars from the bottom 90 percent and that's made the us less secure this is according to time magazine's interpretation of the rand corporation findings that breaks it down to actual numbers everybody has been talking about how inequality is increasing but they look at the actual data and say actually this is how much it is is 50 trillion dollars now since 1974 right after we went off the gold standard right well there's an explanation of this using financial engineering and you can get into the minutia of that but just imagine that there's a pipe that leads from the reservoir to the town and you've got a bunch of bankers to figure out how to take that pipe and direct it into their
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pockets and it never reaches town so this is the problem of the reservoir being fed policy the pipe being. the economic policy and fiscal policy and the takeover by the economy by financialization wall street commodification and derivatives through salt is just that the money is divert it through financial engineering through 0 percent interest rates is negative interest rates through repo scandals through all the financial scandals the recovery on the show for 10 years every single one of those points to one underlying story in fact that wall street financial engineers the quote the krauts divert the money printing into their pockets at a rate that according to the rand corporation equals more than $50.00 trillion dollars so that is your smoking gun that's why we have social unrest that's why we have incredible all wealth and income gap that's why we have such
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a distorted economy that's why wages are not keeping up that's why we've got inflation raging that's your smoking gun end of story thank you it's been great to have a great life no kidding as i said the rand corporation had revealed through daniel ellsberg the the sacrifice of all the young people that the then you know boomers were being sacrificed in the vietnam war for a point for no reason and the same here is basically their data showing that generation z. and the younger malani ells have also been sacrificed to this you know this this war on wealth that can't be won and here's what they say about the actual data so remember this when you see people the conflicts going on right now between boomers and you know they're the winners of the situation and they call people deplorable for wanting to make america great again the data 9 actually shows.


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