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tv   News  RT  September 25, 2020 2:00am-2:28am EDT

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systems in our streets in our homes that can possibly track what we're doing. in headlines this morning 25th of september france registers a new daily covert record as the number of cases passes 16000 in the last 24 hours but the government's fresh antivirus measures are sparking anger. being time by trial and error a u.k. volunteers could soon be deliberately infected with coded in the world's 1st human vaccine trials of the current sparking ethical concerns. also coming up to this morning for you major world carmakers file a lawsuit against the trump of ministration of what they dubbed an unbounded unlimited trade war with china. and a license to kill british spies might secure legal protection to commit crimes
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following ongoing battles over the limits for the security service in undercover operations. good morning from russia just to 9 am here now moscow when i was kevin 0 in here at the world news center for for the next great t.v. company is to take you through these stories that it's not great used to start sadly again france has set a new daily covert record with more than 16000 cases registered in the past 24 hours on wednesday the french government announced new measures than to try to contain the spread of the virus health authorities have set up graded danger levels to cover alert reinforced alert and maximum zones areas was more than a $150.00 cases per 100000 people shown in red while the worst hit areas with more than $250.00 cases per 100008 much darker red faced the strictest measures but
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business owners a fuming. insiders working on the project say the trial could start as soon as january at a quarantine facility in london volunteers will reportedly receive a vaccine and then a dose of the actual virus a month later well is but an online backlash over the questionable morality of that move. volunteers a lot how can this be ethical when corona virus infection can be fatal wonder what we would be saying about this if it was russia not u.k. project risky reckless irresponsible typical of russia how risky are the human challenge trials the activity leader of the trolls did not confirm the report must be said the british government has also not confirm the details of the scheme but has said it's open to conducting such studies. it's quite unusual of course if we had effective treatments the rush for
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a back seat would me wouldn't be so would be so strong it's no optimal an optimal way of doing it ideally you'd let people get back the virus normally but needs must with the devil bright with our backs are against the wall on this and we've really got to be able to come up with a vaccine in pretty short order so i think some people think this is a way of doing it you know you need to it's a sub optimal way of trying no 2 ways about it the fact is the hospitals in this country in the spring were gone by lots and lots of people who were seriously ill many of whom were literally unable to breathe and needed the attention of intensive care that meant that that so the hospitals were unable to this jobs their normal caseload stuff and that was the basic problem. major car companies including tesler of 5 filed
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a lawsuit against the trumpet ministration for unlawful tire of some chinese made parts as the u.s. president's trade war in beijing leaves american firms struggling now to find alternative manufacturers saskia tale has got the latest on that one this morning. fost in serious speeding it's way to dominating the car industry but it may have reached a bit of a roadblock increase tariffs schools economic. through the increase of course and the impact of profitability due to the complexity of the 3 com computer and the demanding timelines necessary for teslas exponential growth to say is unable to find another manufacturer to meet our requirements tesla has filed a lawsuit against the trumpet ministration y. well t. components the company uses namely the computer chips are made in china and as luck would have it these parts are subject to 25 percent tariffs as part of trump's tough on china strategy edo musk says it's
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a car crash and the tariffs are all poetry capricious and in a piece of this question probably not what a president wants to hear from one of his country's greatest minds who he's fine gold in the past is one of our great geniuses that we have to protect and with mosques a single says probably not what trump had in mind when he promised to make america great again protecting our workers are protecting our companies to trade war hurts them doesn't hurt us with a hole in his pocket now musk is asking for a refund with interest of course on all the tax he's already had to pay and tess was not the only company spinning out other big hitters like miss a day's fortune volvo have also decided to sue trump and co they are irony of all this is all while these tariffs are quite literally driving away business for americans and europeans for beijing they've been a road 2 to give us a fixation i don't create profit but you know the trade friction between china and
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us puts pressure on companies whose main market is the u.s. the value of exposed to the u.s. has decreased companies have been exploring multiple markets the result is remarkable and has enlarged known u.s. markets well the. the u.s. market for chinese products is trying to search on is overall exports keep growing better words no doubt for president trump who 4 years ago said the cards were in american hands we have the cards don't forget we're like the piggy back this being wrapped we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing it's their greatest turfed in the history of the world while 4 years on the u.s. trade deficit with china is almost 10 percent more than one trump said those wads and for years on it looks like it's now tester and co who are the ones looking into that piggy banks and saying empty words not those gold coins they were promised.
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visit britain a warning against new legislation to let undercover agents get away with serious crimes including murder. there is a grave danger that this bill could and are providing informers agents with a license to kill it is deeply alarming that the proposed law does not explicitly prohibit m i 5 and other agencies from also rising crimes like torture and killing it must be amended to do sell the new legislation will be introduced this week to allow agents to carry out necessary in proportion of offenses the full list of crimes that can be allowed is not disclosed legibly the bill sets no limits the government though insists the bill is comply with the european convention on human rights and doesn't provide a so-called license to kill we discussed the issue with former british intelligence agent danny mercial. our spy agencies in the u.k. are the most legally protected and least accountable of any spy agencies in any
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notion of western democracy and this is just another law that will protect them so i have some sympathy for the agents in the field who want to be sure that if they have to do something that's illegal to protect their lives shape their lives or get information will save others lives yes they do want to be protected and that's right however if this is going to another warrant system which is basically and i 5 would have to request a warrant from the ethical march to the home secretary. and then they would have immunity that is why do you come to abuse and this is one of the things that david shayler reported way to him in 1981 the warranty system is a tick box exercise government ministers always sign off on them because they don't want to take the risk that something might happen if they don't. and they can be gamed so it's a sort of a state of notional democratic oversight and notionally national legal protection but actually i think it's part of a bigger power grab that's going on amongst our intelligence agencies the u.k. . 100 major organizations of the highly divisive decision by the french
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a terrible magazine charlie hebdo to republic's cartoons about the islamic religion . shilo dubai in paris picks up on the story this morning for you. in the wake of this surely to trial the satirical magazine which was attacked by terrorists in 2015 as we published some of its most controversial cartoons depicting the muslim prophet mohammed sharply to use as it is described as being essential but it provokes condemnation from several muslim countries such a deliberate act to offend the sentiments of billions of muslims cannot be justified as an excuse and press freedom of freedom of expression such actions undermine the global aspirations for peaceful coexistence as well as social and interfaith harmony and soon the publication the magazine received death
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threats. charlie hebdo is once again threatened by a terrorist organization threats that constitute a real provocation in the midst of the trial of the january 2015 attacks. i had 10 minutes to gather my things and leave my home 10 minutes to leave behind a part of my life that's a bit short it's very brutal. he was told the french media have now banded together calling on people to see and buy the magazine with more than 100 french news outlets have offered backing the enemies of freedom must understand that we are all together the 1st opponents regardless of our differences of opinion or beliefs the appeal is to defend their right to speak arabic to publish freely solidarity for surely every 2 may be the central theme but the letter is also touching on the broader dangers that are facing those who publish critical content
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. that journalists are under threat almost all over the world no reason to think they're in more or less danger in france there are 25 journalists who are dead in europe during past years in the past few weeks alone the french president lashed out at a veteran reporter just for failing to consult with the government press office over the story. what you have done taking into account the sensitivity of the subject is irresponsible you have always heard me defend journalists and i always will but i tell you frankly what you did was serious unprofessional and mean r.t. is also in the president's firing line. rushes in speed nick have not behaved as media outlets and journalists as agencies of influence and propaganda rushdie and speak nick have several times false it's about me and my campaign that's why they
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have not been invited to my headquarters all of which makes the climate of reporting shall we say wrong difficult it was every day for that you called many journalists just threatened by different groups mafia far right. crazy people etc journalists should be careful the political climate in france who was journalists haven't gone any better now than in other countries some may say the press is supported by to know but it's my subversive realism is under attack journalists are under attack and there are more and more laws against professional secrecy that affect journalists and so on. they can be fine line between pushing the boundaries and outright provocation the likes of sholay editor will always divide opinion but a world where journalists aren't able to tell their stories through fear is surely something that none of us want to see so much even ski party paris.
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if you're watching the close exactly 50 minutes past the hour thank you for choosing to go out to international let me tell you what's ahead the britons hailed a commitment to a new energy source but boy oil majors critics though see it the trick maybe we'll tell you more when the. wall street financial engineers like kleptocrats divert. money printing into their pockets at a rate that according to the rand corporation it was more than $50.00 trillion dollars so that is your god that's why we have social unrest that's why we have incredible wealth and income gap that's why we have such a distorted economy that's why wages are not keeping up that's why we've got inflation raging that's your smoking gun and the story.
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seems wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days because you advocate and indeed from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. well the damage no certainly no borders to nationalities. doesn't work we talk about serbia we took a back seat world needs to be. judged as commentary crisis. times we can do better we should be doing
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better. everyone is contributing to our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. again i'm kevin now in this is out international britain has announced a massive commitment to so-called green hydrogen as part of efforts to be carbon neutral but 2050 boris johnson says he's a cold but quite extraordinary potential we have folks when we want to lead in carbon capture and storage technology i barely believe was possible but i'm not
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a complete evangelist. i want to use those technologies to develop a lot of hydrogen going to be a big hit on hydrogen. thought a lot of purposes and not least the ability to hydrogen has to provide a lot of grunt for. the trucks the trains even caps the planes vehicles well pay per green hydrogen seems to be an excellent alternative to fossil fuels it's made using renewable energy and the only by products are oxygen and water great that but professor of mechanical engineering david save on points at the technology is incredibly inefficient to. be using hydrogen economy. through. you have to build a very large amount of renewable interesting just to give you an example if you
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have our home heating directly. through with a richer city or you do the same thing through hydrogen you need 6 times more electricity to do it through harder and we are at a time in human life where the america of renewable electricity is limited this is not freely available or tuesday we're trying to. dig her own eyes the entire global energy system and to require 6 times more power to one system than another it's completely obvious that you don't want to do that well the hydrogen taskforce a lobbying group founded by the likes of oil giants b.p. and shell has been pushing the government to commit to audition for the long run one of the goals is 100 percent clean hydrogen hating in the country by 2025 they also call for financial support to build hydrogen fuel stations for road transport
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but critics of the dash to hydrogen warn that fossil fuel majors know hydrogen won't solve the planet's climate goals. we know that global warming is dangerous the additional danger here is that is that this gesture hydrogen is is going to cause a lot more delay what we will see and there is no doubt that we'll see that hydrogen is far too expensive for vehicles and too expensive for home heating oil we know that we know that it's going to happen but it's going to take quite a few years before people realize that that's the dash to hydrogen which is being promoted by a very powerful international lobby. in the in the in the fossil fuel industry well that's doing it's causing delays it's causing electrification projects not to happen it's causing governments not to make decisions about what to do and you
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remember that we only have until 2040 to completely decarbonise if we're going to get to one of the 2 groups of global warming it's detrimental to carbon emissions it's detrimental to energy usage there to mental to the current session rates and still a commendable to the energy security so it's got everything there that and nothing good with it. as the battle for u.s. presidency gains momentum donald trump now suggested he may not accept defeat and a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the race which shocked rival joe biden artie's caleb maupin looks at how history might repeat itself i think in the supreme court then should the election ended a stalemate. there is always plenty of anticipation and tension in the lead up to a u.s. presidential election however 2020 stands out this year people aren't so much worried about who wins but rather what will happen after victory is declared donald trump
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made jaws drop when he refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses to joe biden on november 3rd you have to see what happens you know that i've been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the ballot surges esther and been able to ride committed to making sure that there's a nice little worries for all of the we want to have get rid of the ballots and you have a very transfer will have a very peaceful there will be a transfer or frankly there will be a continuation that sounds pretty ominous if you're a democrat and it's given fuel to joe biden's pretrial of trump as a would be dictator. being facetious i said what country or where you are. says the most rational thing my. mother would say but it's not just donald trump hillary clinton has advised joe biden not to concede to donald trump under any circumstances in other words not to
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promise a peaceful transition either joe biden should not concede under any circumstances because i think this is going to drag out and eventually i do believe he will win it so if no clear victory is determined on election night it could end up following the trajectory of the 2000 elections where the supreme court ended up picking who the winner was donald trump is already anticipating such circumstances i think this will end up in the supreme court and i think it's very important that we have 9 justices now that's convenient because the republicans could soon have a stranglehold over the supreme court a clear 63 majority the passing of supreme court just. this ruth bader ginsburg has set the stage for a big fight on capitol hill about who is going to replace her on the u.s. supreme court do you remember how ugly things got with brett kavanaugh well this time the stakes are much higher caleb mopp an artsy new york. a mess is so
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far thanks ever so much what she was friday morning who day goes good book please do keep any of us social media reps with you because if you go to. the breaking news as i am so go straight to mobile devotion to worry about a thing free of charge to kevin and for me in the team of great day. cas calendar is dark alfonzo a long day and there's changing to a change guard service. his 1st words were added i will see you're a challenging post you've got 2 years to live.
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i have no doubt that what happened was criminal. that's causing trademark it is a $1000000000.00 industry these companies how does huge financial motivation to solve these problems there are numerous stocks showing that doctors were keen to chest x. ray concentrate straight infectivity on that patient gives them doctors the wrong stoplight. turn the stomach why they would get very sick each of those years day. and people still die i don't know which question are still alive right being hard to live where so many have. time after time called her ration to repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important it's accelerating the transition to sustainable transport
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sustainability stay number man at a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hamas. has the models and it does not the companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is something i'll just as he want any minute i mean look. this is the mood in this new deal and i mean i'm stunned. understood this is going in. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led somewhere. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. as a culture war consumes american politics during this election cycle the economy remains in a big serious state millions of people live on the margins the only constant for them is the insecurity economists debate in eventual recovery basically go to you and
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you know but is the reality the change the permanent one. the impact of the upcoming fight for the supreme court on the 2020 alexion on this is politics. welcome to politicking on larry king while confirmation of a 3rd trump nominated supreme god justice looks virtually certain the impact on the 2020 election is a highly politicized question mark and we'll get one on one perspective from 2 men who come from very different partisan camps but who share experience working in the senate will begin with david brown democratic strategist former majority counsel to democratic senator patty murray on 2 congressional committees and he is in
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washington ok it is get right to it david mcconnell said he'll have a vote on the nominee really haven't before election day. i think he's going to do everything he can to push it through before election day because i think the stakes larry are incredibly high and fraught for the republicans if they went after the election when you know if that only speech believe doll trouble be a losing president and senate republicans will have lost their majority in the senate but the reality is this is a this is a dangerous political calculus for the majority leader because what he's really doing fundamentally is pushing through political force a nominee whoever that person is who is deeply unpopular with the american people 60 percent of americans including nearly half of republicans hope want the next president not this president but the next president to be the one who gets to decide who will replace ruth bader ginsburg are on the supreme court and so it's
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a deeply unpopular thing in this because doing is fundamentally the stakes here are so high because if the cast for donald trump's nominee is a vote to overturn the affordable care act and it's a vote women protections for preexisting conditions at a time when we're in a endemic and we've got over 200000 americans who have lost their lives in the states just couldn't be higher. the thought in some circles that ok biden wins election the democrats take control of the sun and they increase the supreme court to 12 and i've seen i've seen those arguments i've seen a number of policy proposals about about what we might do to reform the coordinate get more equitable.


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