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the teacher student actually. was revoked or should still speak. a new school year gets under way for students across the world but classroom life won't be the same amid tough covert 19 rules. season fizzles out in france over fears of corona virus outbreaks among my group great kids with tons of grapes already being left to rot after the pandemic so sales hamet. we are experiencing a crisis is that we have a new way to be even worse than the great depression in terms of economy for champagne. and as america's polarization intensifies ahead of november's presidential election clashes between protesters and trump supporters start to look like a civil war with people killed on both sides. by
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their very good morning to you this is r.t. . france has seen a spike in 1000 cases during august the number of new infections increased on average by a record 3000 per day it's little thorazine to reimpose some protective measures masks compulsory in workplaces as of tuesday one sector that's been hit particularly hard by the pandemic is one of france's proud to start swine production on the shoulder it looks at how it's lost its spark. it should go hope but this year's champagne harvest will be little more than official consumption of champagne is expected to fall by as much as of this year and unprecedented loss of around $1700000000.00 euros now while champagne great growers have agreed to leave
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grapes on the vine cutting production by around 20 percent the effort may not be enough and there are fears that little can be done to salvage the situation with some describing it as being the darkest year in the history of the sparkling we are experiencing a crisis that we have value waits even worse than the great depression in terms of economy for champagne. when i hear that other sex has received help even without any reference to their profits i say look we continue to work and we need to support workers we're switching to the principles of our janick winemaking and besides we only asked to compensate social benefits and only for the period of the current 19 pandemic but we will pay at least for now and have the fuelling that we will pay the full price the curve of 19 pandemic has hit the industry hard not just
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because orders from staple buyers like restaurants and hotels are down but also because the harvest is about to get underway and there are fears of a qubit outbreak amongst seasonal workers some 100000 arrived hof of them from eastern europe but due to the nature of the work champagne growers say social distancing is impossible as there is never to be going to be close mix in the mystery board a flare up of infections in seasonal workers often cramped living quarters the european center for disease prevention and control has already outlined how clusters. prove it 19 have been reported by workers who carry out seasonal work such as fruit picking there have been several outbreaks at farms in the south of france raising concerns among those that live in the champagne region particularly
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as the area has so far largely been spared from france's recent spike in infections free testing has been set up for seasonal workers however anyone who tests positive would have to self isolate and lose their wage hardly enticing the problem is the migrant workers aren't coming to get tested because they know they will lose the jobs if the test positive we can force them to come for champagne an area that is used to helping people celebrate in style 2020 is turning out to be a bit of a difficult potion to swallow so let's even ski r.t. paris. students across the world are back in classes schools have reopened after the summer break but for money face to face learning won't be the same this new school year with anti coronavirus measures being brought in to prevent breaks for example in germany recommendations vary from state to state but include the use
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of masks regular disinfection of premises and smaller class sizes well in the u.k. masks are recommended in common areas like classrooms and lessons are taught in the same classroom for each group in front schools of focus making sure pupils are washing their hands and the use of masks has been made mandatory for students and teachers let's go to our test on cordy's outside a school in moscow looks like a slightly different periods to the start of the school year. yes well good morning neil it's that time of the year again it's time for kids all over the world to go back to school and many won't be sitting in virtual classrooms just because of the coronavirus. and september 1st here in russia it's an important day everyone gets dressed up parents and grandparents personally see off their children to go to school but this year the celebrations have actually been canceled because of the large crowds they usually attract on top of that not all students will actually be
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going back to their physical classrooms parents have the option to keep them learning from home because a lot of them are afraid that schools are just going to close down again after the 1st call for snes these parents won't be according to new regulations these parents won't be able to physically go to the school classes are going to be starting at abnormal times to keep those sizes class sizes down and masts will be mandatory for all 'd staff at the schools the authorities even said that returning to. remote learning is actually still on the table for all students now in the u.k. the government has taken a bit of a different approach for months they've been trying to the authorities have been trying to convince parents that schools are safe instead of putting together a plan to safely reopen them it was actually just several days after school began that the government started recommending that students over the age of 11 wear masks in the hallways busy and public areas and they also recommended that
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secondary school students could be able to stay home every other fortnight in the event of a local lockdown so the student the teachers in the u.k. actually were not very happy about these last minute guidelines. we've been asking for months and months and months was. unbeatable that's been seen as a kind of act of heresy and yet here we are all the friday night before a bank holiday weekend the schools get away it really isn't the government's funded . then there's france where the country's education minister said there shouldn't be any hesitation in sending the country's nearly 13000000 students back to school although the. minister did admit that it wasn't quite possible to make sure that all classrooms were safe to return to and the president emanuel macron even said that there could be possibly another lockdown in france as the country is facing exponential rises in cases of the coronavirus there so as you can imagine french
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teachers also were not very happy either. as soon as they'll be in contact with one another re going to try and get them to our stair hands but let's not fool ourselves we know that would 25 pupils we want always be able to keep an eye on them. so this year's 1st of september clearly is just as important to the authorities as it is to the students or the power of the students will life returned to normal this year or will another lockdown cause a return to remote learning for all students only time will tell many thanks for a live report from moscow court. earlier on i spoke with the world health organization is representative to the russian federation the stop to really to give it to says that you could never live a night or risk. we have to say that the schools are part of the by the community and they have to be seen so so if there is good control in the wider community that
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ensures quite a lot for the schools and we have to take that into consideration however there is no 0 risk we have to think about that but when the knowledge we have about college over the last practically 8 months and all the efforts that are being put into place we do believe that this is the right moment to discuss it to move on to return children to schooling but in a safe mode in the beginning of this year then a number of measures have already been announced by the areas countries and by various schools but the most important thing is what to do if a child tests positive or it basically if a child develops symptoms or to start as well most likely that grass will go on here of learning depending on the number of cases in the school who tested positive we have of course learned a lot about the virus but not everything and the issue about i said to magic
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persons and asked him to my children and spreading and how much and how more remain very very topical it will however require quite a lot of discipline quite a lot of strong capacity started to action and for speed reaction but as i said there is no cigar. u.k. the pandemic is stripped of many. patients of essential services with some having to wait more than a year to get a routine operation will be more on months later this hour. before that though amid increasing unrest in cities across the united states the country son is to look like a war zone over the last week alone to be alone protesters and a trump supporter were killed in the situations fed into the 2020 presidential campaign joe biden blasting donald trump for refusing to condemn kyle rittenhouse who's facing murder charges after killing 2 people during a protest in kenosha wisconsin last week. that was an interesting situation you saw
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the same tape as i saw and he was trying to get away from them i guess it looks like and he fell and then they very violently attacked him and it was something that we're looking at right now and it's under investigation but. i guess he was in very big trouble he would have been i he probably would have been killed tonight president trump declines to rebuke violence he wouldn't even repudiate one of his support is he was charged with mudda he's too weak to scared of the hatred he has stead to put an end to it the elections that take place every 4 years in the united states generally polarize the country to some degree or other but 2020 is taking things to a much higher level clashes on the streets between black lives matter activists praised by democrats and from supporters are starting to look almost like civil war
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. i think i. get. a member of the right wing patriot prayer group was shot dead in oregon and that's just days after a 17 year old was charged for shooting 2 anti-police brutality protesters in can no show wisconsin now some on the right hailed the shooter in can osha as a hero meanwhile some on the left have celebrated the death of a trump supporter. donald
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trump has taken a heavy handed approach to the protesters with 0 tolerance and joe biden has also denounced the violence but early on you had a different message i said in the right to be fact angry and frustrated and more violence for any more people is the kind of answer the question but are totally correct the deadly violence we saw were of a night in portland is unacceptable shooting in the streets of a great american city is unacceptable i condemn violence of every kind by anyone whether on the left or the right and i challenge donald trump to do the same both candidates feel the situation has gone too far and both candidates now blame each other for the chaos. here guess what she used children of these protesters. to read about it is happening under donald trump's watch we are not safe in donald trump's america the hard truth is. you won't be safe when joe biden is in there
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donald trump is running as the quote law and order candidate now that's an unpopular position in some circles meanwhile biden is on the defensive as conservatives label the unrest the biden riots with the election just 2 months away and the country spiraling out of control it's unclear if either candidate really has any idea how to fix the situation it will mop and artsy new york stay with us how about with more news after the short break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. dramatic. move. i
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don't see how. very critical. you sit down in. all this insider trading and the policy saying we're going to expand. indefinitely as you are saying that's the worst kept secret in the history of the world because there is only one thing they can possibly do they can only print you can only you can taper a ponzi scheme before they can then they can only expand. exponentially like any ponzi scheme you need a bigger base of the pyramid scheme has to get bigger and bigger and bigger it is showing up in prices commodity prices and we do see people now reporting back for food i'm starving on the street.
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with health systems around the will focus mostly on the pandemic it's fear patients are paying a high and sometimes even deadly price as consultations and routine operations are pushed back on top of the world. of the pandemic is undoing some major achievements in health care. looks at whether. their priorities right. well over the quick getting back to work when reopening schools life's getting back to normal how many times have we heard this but now a new report from the w.h.o. reveals just how fatally kovac 19 has set us back the impact of the coded 19 pandemic on essential health services is a source of great concern major health gains achieved over the past 2 decades can be wiped out in a short period of time the collapse of essential health services including health
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promotion preventative services diagnosis treatment and rehabilitative in palliative services is likely to have serious adverse health effects especially on the most vulnerable populations what does this look like in reality though well the overwhelming majority of the 100 countries surveyed found that he health services were interrupted not the kind of the 19 patients but for the rest of the population i.e. the majority which didn't have coronavirus so you wanted a seasonal job you want to talk to your doctor about the pain in your stomach you want to speak to a family party specialist the chances are you really struggled to access the services you need it and for some that lack of accessibility proved fatal to take the u.k. it's thought that the lock down there killed 2 people for every 3 coronavirus deaths as a result of missed medical care so people who were told to stay away from a any who couldn't get an emergency surgery who had their g.p.
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appointment cancelled or who didn't get the regular chemotherapy can you guarantee heading into the winter that people who need cancer treatment or need a counter operation won't have it cancelled again i don't use the word guarantee what i can say though is that we are already on the path to recovering the situation for many though a matter of months to clear that backlog is time they just don't have. i mean even as the government tells us and life gets back on track on the u.k.'s covert death toll which is almost 0 some patients with life threatening conditions are being told to wait until 2022 for a consultation which even then what only happened over the phone is my own sound abstract but here's a real story martin lincoln has joined so ought to write us among other things he's at risk of diabetes unless he regulate his daily medication his appointment to do
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so has been postponed until next year the government tells us the n.h.s. is open as usual and trusts are getting back to normal service as a patient with ongoing health issues i am now deemed sufficiently well enough despite being decidedly unwell to have to wait 14 months for a phone call from the consultant or ginia if this is the new normal it's disgraceful and while there's no doubt that medical professionals are doing that almost in the sun precedented situation our job here is nurses and other staff have worked incredibly hard over the last few months to make sure that all patients who needed urgent care have been able to receive it which has been the case for mr lincoln as the number of people desperately waiting for the help they need grows charities are sounding the alarm the health service is certainly under strain because the government over the past 10 years. under funded the n.h.s. although the government to set out to recruit divisional. i don't know where
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they're going to come from one of the big problems is that people who work in the n.h.s. are very poorly paid. no great incentives for people to to doing this and i think there's no showing that this is going to get better in the near future because this government to ideologically opposed to the concept of. publicly from. we've been told we need to compromise to adapt to this new normal but many would argue this is a compromise too far. california lawmakers have given the green light to a bill that would force companies to have at least one board member from a minority background by the end of next year the state says the move will help to overcome racial disparity people of car must have a seat at the table especially in
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a state as diverse as california and builds on an earlier law which stated company boards should include at least one woman this will rise to 3 for most larger firms by the end of next year and by the end of 2022 at least 3 people from minority communities as well if signed off by the governor the law will be the 1st of its kind in the united states for corporations we debated the issue with political activist and just right and social issues commentator antony bryan logan. it is of course very sad that we needed government intervention and for more diversity on these corporate boards the bottom line is that there have always been qualified people of color unqualified women who just don't have the access to these corporations and it's just important that we do and it's also beneficial to these corporations for their bottom line when they have people on their boards who are representative of their consumers that's better for their bottom line and we've seen that as expressed in forbes magazine in bloomberg magazine as well actually
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you know the bottom line of these companies they already do it ok because at the end of the day they're trying to make money go to the most important part all that matters is have it the most qualified people on the board in a company to have your company get the best chance to succeed ok if it fails and if bale's but having the government intervene and say hey you got to hire that person that person and that person won't change it actually that's called communism and we've seen in tried and tried and failed and failed and that is not communism that is not common i didn't say oh and if we're going to speak to the to do sheeple let's be honest let's let's be honest let's be honest about what those precepts are now unfortunately what anthony is doing is conflating anyone they're going to go into the street and just pick any person of color off the street to be on a board we're talking about qualified people we know for a fact in this country we know for a fact in this country you can be able to hire a tree that people of color specifically sees me scuse me if i can finish my point
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african-american women latino women and indigenous women who have master's degrees or so in making less money than white men with high school diploma let's name 3 of the most lucrative businesses in the history of the united states of america apple microsoft and facebook all founded by white men who didn't even finish college so this idea that white people are being men are being discriminated against when they can still make money with a high school diploma. with a high school diploma excuse me if i can just finish my point. if i could just give us my point if i could just finish my point with if i could just finish my point a high school diploma are still making money more money than black brown and indigenous women with master's degrees so this idea that white men are being discriminated against unfortunately is a bootlicking paradigm by the republicans and some of their black talking points like mr anthony is on right now he knows very very well that white men can walk down the street get pulled over by an officer and not be worried about getting shot
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so you know i mean i'm going to vote. starting in maine so motivated me just like myself ok from poor environment next to nothing and now i'm very successful ok because i started my own thing i thought it my own business ok we're in america everyone can do they are right there's no need to put me here or to put somebody else who does that is absolutely not true ok if i had my own business i didn't if you had and i didn't. want it i don't want a government telling me who i can take and i have all my. black household wealth at $17000.00 a year and white house would welcome $177000.00 a year on average these are good responsible policies and of businesses want them to be dismantled then do the right thing and understand that diversity is not just about numbers but also about shared power the best way to go bad is they have freedom in the country not so much government regulation the best way to go about is have less regulation always rates
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a less bureaucracy that helps all of those grow whether you want to be an employee or stars are all business say less regulation less bring great freedom in america. another chapter in a long running saga donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn has lost his appeal for the criminal case against him to be dismissed for him was convicted of lying under oath during the rush to get probe charges were dropped on orders from the justice department the latest ruling means the case phil has to go through the district courts as all judges ruled 82 against flynn his attorney said he powell called the decision disturbing. split as expected a long line savard from the tone and tenor of the judges said oral argument it is a disturbing blow to the rule of law some background to the case michael flynn was questioned by the f.b.i. as part of the miller investigation into alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election he resigned after initially pleading guilty to mislead the f.b.i.
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but later claimed prosecutorial misconduct and that stage is new lawyer produced documents revealing the f.b.i. had set out to entrap flynn and had no valid cause to interview him in the 1st place legal analyst and u.s. national security commentator jennifer the master believes the case against flynn should have been a nonstarter. not only the exculpatory documents that sidney powell did provide that show that this case should never have been brought not just that but the entire reason that the judge is holding this case out is because glenn pled guilty to a document that he has never seen so we have to think about that a document he has never seen that the public has never seen that the court has never seen that his original interview what they called the original 3 which sidney powell has been asking for so in most legal cases there's a process of discovery we need to see all of these documents stuck just an edited version they have never even produce that original interview as i think their plan is to pass about november but it's certainly important hopefully they're going to
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be ways or methods where they can go that doing this to make this go through faster this is an absolute travesty of justice. as well news in brief for you know animal lovers and what is there is hit the streets on monday over a possible deal with china on pork that would see beijing pump billions into the argentine pig grieving in the street and say the protestors lead to animal suffering on an immense. the lebanese public so furious about the deadly blast in beirut on monday people in the capital were out again demanding a full and open investigation government incompetence for. the yemen more families are reportedly turning to child labor millions of people are said to be on the brink of starvation a pandemic only aggravated the already done situation in the war torn country. rather today thanks to say without international join me for updates and often are .
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the
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keiser this is the cadre of party got gold in money again ready to do that jay powell will do that jay powell old whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa who would get ready this is not virtual this is real they had virtual jackson hole they announce their profoundly consequential zirp for ever essentially we're going to have a 0 percent interest rates for 0.


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