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tv   Eat the Press  RT  July 31, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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only about the south china sea that makes it so that 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. hello everyone let's take a look at today's menu to see what we're serving up on the track u.s. attorney general william barr testifies before congress giving the media get another chance to let their audience know just how they feel about him besides questioning bill maher today and hopefully for you a lot with one m. s. and b. c.
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host openly urging a congressman to trip up bar during questioning projects $1619.00 many believe it's no more than revisionist history u.s. senator tom continental says he plans to introduce legislation to prevent schools receiving federal funds from including it in their curriculum so what is it project $21.00 czars cooper will be here to explain how a millennial is being affected by what they're hearing and seeing in the media today christine teet of young americans for liberty says they're frightened by what she calls the media's marxist indoctrination what does she mean by that will ask her on july 27th politico ran a piece which included labeling senator camilla harris as joe biden's v.p. pick complete with a quote from biden praising is selection the paragraph was quickly taken down and dubbed a mistake by the new site will show you the whole strange futuristic piece. let's
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eat the bread. oh young. good bye. on tuesday the attorney general of the united states william barr testified before congress and the media had their fangs out stephanie rule for instance on m.s.n. b.c. she was talking to california congressman eric swalwell who at one point wanted for impeached and she could not contain herself i don't think he's gotten better since i made that call he hasn't gotten better and in fact if you look at things that have happened since then i'm thinking roger stone for example things have gotten worse given all of that let's be honest besides questioning bill maher today and hopefully for you tripping him up what oversight king your committee realistically do you did you hear that hopefully you'll trip him up during questioning hey
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stephanie you forgot to wear your impeach bar hacked what was that about sticking with them as n.p.c. one of the people who is looking i apparently to replace joy reid who moved to week days from weekends is a woman named tiffany cross and she had on a guest an african-american backing donald trump in fact he happens to be the head of the national diversity coalition for the trump campaign and here's how some of that when you're colleen i hear you they these racist terms why didn't china the very same trying to cultivate 19 he came from well yes then she asked him or accused him of this but i am curious when i see folks like you support this president has trump ever promised you anything financially in exchange for your blind support of this administration or helping his campaign on the record can you tell us if he's ever promised you anything financially or otherwise you know people
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like you. black republicans accusing him of taking money or a bribe to support the president wow you see in her world one mind set per race kind of like what joe biden had to say not too long ago if you have a problem figuring out where you're from mere trump and you a black accusing your african-american guests of taking money or a bribe to support the president is rude it's demeaning and frankly it's racist which probably mean she'll get the job at m s n b c if she wants it fox it's not the same as it's been we've talked about that here's more proof they recently cut out of a white house press conference after the press conference aired part of this video from. someone killed your whole family well the older they also see
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a. little help someone burns down your whole precinct about your own side can't wait to see it. and you can see that is anything but a peaceful protest and. all right we were not expecting that video and. our management here at fox news has decided we will pull away from that at this time now to be fair the video also contained a scene where a rock said f. the police on it with graffiti but they cut out after the video was over harris faulkner later addressed it but i can't go on without addressing that we're approaching the top of the hour the white house press briefing is something that is important for us to carry for you and so a heads up at those times with videos like that middle of the day sometimes it's helpful and as you could imagine the president was not too happy lumping in fox's part of the lame stream media who refuses to show the truth about the riots around the country and take a look at this on monday politico ran
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a story profiling 12 possible v.p. . picks for presumptive democrat presidential nominee joe biden including senator camilla harris but according to news busters originally political labeled harris as biden's pick writing on july 27th that biden announced his pick up paris on august 1st calling her a worthy opponent and a worthy running mate who will bring experience and great debating skills to the ticket now the profile was changed without explanation just hours later and when asked by fox politico said oh it was a placeholder it never should iran it was a mistake a mistake how did that happen a lot of people would like to know. the 161000 project now you may have heard about it and your kids may be learning about it in school but not for long if arkansas senator tom cotton has his way he says that if a school receives federal funds it should not be allowed to teach what he calls
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this racially divisive revisionist history to our kids is he correct well horace cooper is a senior fellow at the national center for public policy research and co-chair project 20 one's national advisory board and i can think of nobody better to discuss this and him horace welcome aboard sarah welcome back to the show let's start at the beginning what is project or the 69000 project for people who don't know anything about it. so the new york times said that they wanted to do a story commemorating the 400 year anniversary of the arrival of slaves in the united states and it was called 161000 and then they expanded it to be a series today there are school districts some 35 school districts in states all across america that are incorporating the ideas and thesis of this
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project now not withstanding it the original historians who are involved in fact checking the reports have indicated there are a number of in accuracies there are number of mis characterizations and in fact a host of organizations including the smithsonian have called out the 1619 project horrors so your organization the national center project $21.00 you've done extensive research on this project and you published the work that you found and you're not alone 4 of our nation's greatest historians you say the smithsonian as well but the historians wrote a letter to the new york times editors back in december of 200-1000 complaining about the introductory essay which they say points to a dark vision of america where black people continue to struggle for rights that they may never receive due to white racism so that's that's that's part of it that's not even the the factual content of the of the project but that's just the
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tone that it sets and their vision of america within the project. well yes and as i was about to say and now in the new york times owners have been discovered to be slave owners themselves notwithstanding that none of their coverage mentions any of this but the more realistic point is that instead of starting quote america's history with the arrival of slaves which by the way came from africa not is a result of europeans conquering countries in africa but because of a vibrant and thriving slave trade that happened in africa and which continued to happen in africa and by the way in the 21st century africa is ground 0 for slavery no none of their coverage
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discusses or understand or puts in context at the same time america the united states constitution in $1787.00 created an amazing and exceptional idea and within 75 years of the creation of that document slavery was banned in all of the united states so this idea that this project covers what really happened in america this project actually covers up what actually happened in america right right all right i want you to go back with me to 1905 the lead s.a.'s of the 619 project nichol hannah jones called the white race barbaric devils and said columbus was no different than hitler and this past june she said
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this. yes it is disturbing to see property being destroyed it is disturbing to see people taking property from stores but these are dangerous and violent is wet and agent of the state nails on a man's net until all of life is leased out of his body. destroying property which can be replaced is not violent that this is the person who wrote most of the piece that is amazing it started with her bigotry and the whole idea of the 161000 project is imbued with this kind of bigotry the idea that there are hundreds if not thousands of americans all across the country today who have lost their livelihoods whose property has been destroyed the idea that fat should not be of consequence there's
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this mean going around that people have insurance has anyone heard of coke at 19 a lot of folks lost their come and they had to stop paying for their insurance their property actually isn't going to be replaced this eagle eye dia is being promoted by the genesis and by the way the pulitzer organization ordered her a prize for this fabrication that historians now recognize does not accurately cover what really happened as part of american history horace very very eye opening thank you so much for your time sir. thanks for having me on. we don't have. to fix that in the next segment. of young americans for liberty
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will join us don't go away. u.s. secretary of state michael ok oh yes on a mission he claims the world must change china or china will change us oh should
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we interpret this the cold war to be waged against me this is also implying force regime change china is certainly a major global competitor but is it now or. thinks . we are here to ask.
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you know all too often we tend to ignore how all this media bias tends to influence some of the younger generation how their hopes and dreams and beliefs are influenced by what they see certainly when they're sitting out there in the audience no matter what the platform an amount of what the forum well we'll do our best today to remedy that because rejoining us from young americans for liberty that's why ale dot org is the author of the liberal invasion of red state america she's also a great great person i've known her for a long time we say hello to kristen tate but come back kristen how are you. going to clubs are beyond thanks for how. ok i want you to watch this and i will talk about it i think we really have to be honest about the fact that the people who are
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getting sick the most the core black folks you're saying the poor brown folks are saying the poor indigenous folks if the system is designed to make sure they get sick because they're on the bottom i mean the system is built on top of us as we talk about the episode this is how the system is designed to work if we have to really invest in terri a system that is starting over. you know chris and you speak to millennial is all the time in your call with y.a.l. what effect does hearing this leftist propaganda over and over and over and over and over again have on the people that you come in contact with. it's having a terrifying and profound effect steve we now have an entire generation of americans coming coming of age who hate this country and everything that represents this country and it's not just because of the media it's also because of our education system what we're seeing play out right now is the direct result of a marxist indoctrination that is seeped in to our education system and in the media
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and you know young americans for liberty we see how this plays out perhaps better than any other organization and why this needs to be stopped we see pathetic statistics 88 percent of elementary school teachers consider teaching history a low priority and said they're teaching kids you know that the country is racist they are tooting social studies classes that brainwash kids and of course we have the media parroting the same messages so it's no surprise that so many young people are believing b.s. narratives that just aren't true but we have a duty to push back and to show young people that this country is great that you know that the foundations of liberty and freedom are what make us so prosperous but right now because of the media and the education system we really are out a point that i'm terrified it's going to be very hard to come back from yeah it's
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going to be very interesting and very very very important to watch i you know there was a great piece in the american spectator that points out that that teen vogue magazine ok has been doing their part in trying to fill the heads of young girls with the left version of history here we have ronald reagan wasn't the good guy president they want you to think he was and here they they tell their oppression of all readers hate the ideas of karl marx a more prevalent then you think christian how do we stop this kind of brainwashing in the you know. the glitz of of teen vogue from having the desired effect that teen vogue is setting out to to have it comes down to parents steve parents need to take control and educate their own kids because at this point we cannot trust the school system or the media to do it it's really sad when i was a teenager i subscribed to teen vogue and it certainly was not as call it
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a closet is now on the problem is that parents magazines that are marketed to teenagers they know not to take the time to look through them and they just assume that oh you know teen vogue magazine for teens and a subscriber kids to these things parents have a responsibility right now it's to start educating themselves on what the media is telling their own kids take responsibility to educate your own kids tell them about our country tell them about our history and also seen all of this just underlines why school choice is so important the left and the teachers' unions and the media they want nothing to do with school choice they want to get rid of school choice because they want to have full control over the indoctrination of youths and they've been very successful parents conservative anyone who cares about the future because countries need to fight back and fight for school choice because ultimately it's actually the poorest and least privileged among us who are hurt most when you remove harder for them to remove choice it's. i'm glad you brought up school
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because once the young person goes through school and does their best to succeed and be the best they can be they see something like this take a look at this story n.b.c.'s newsgroup chairman has a goal he says he writes as a news organization we have a unique responsibility to look like and reflect all of the people of the country we serve he said that the goal is for 50 percent of the news organization employees to be women and 50 percent of their total workforce to be people of color chris and how does this this workforce that looks like america montra make kids young adults who are working to be their best to have work go their academic life to be their best and now they say hey it didn't matter because it's all going to be a quota system. that's right the message is very clear it doesn't matter how hard you work all that matters is that we have an organization to check off means box's these companies couldn't care less about diversity because if they did they would
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be trying to recruit people with diverse backgrounds and stop that's what creates a truly diverse workplace instead all they care about is checking off boxes and by the way this is extremely offensive to very hardworking and brilliant minority job candidates because when they are given jobs or promotions now they may think that they were only given that job or promotion simply to check a box it is so. and hopefully this kind of thing is becoming so flagrantly obvious and it's political you know what it's all motivations that people will start to see what's going on and begin to push back 30 seconds you're hopes for the future are you are you confident are you optimistic. i am i think the left has gone so far overboard they've become so flagrantly socialist they are now promoting complete chaos in our streets you know they want
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to abolish cops they want to raise working people's taxes open the borders to abortion on demand they have gone overboard that any reasonable taxpaying american can no longer support the democrats don't let yourself be fooled by the loud left wing they see on twitter about is not representative of the true country even people who may not love donald trump they're probably going to vote for donald trump in this election because they are so terrified of the alternative future for our country that the radical left wing represents. all right christine always great to talk to you and a good y.a.l. dot org i believe correct and check error out check out the organization thank you . thank you so much to you. here's another story of social media selectively censoring content that falls on the right side of the political spectrum even when it refers to or maybe especially since it refers to police
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officers r t s natasha suite has more conservative groups such as ones supporting back the blue rallies happening across the country say they're getting silenced by facebook and when facebook steps in to give a reason they claim the same rules don't apply to the left plus the rallies to support police terms in fact the blue have been happening throughout the nation but organizers say facebook is censoring them we had more than 6300 people had already r.s.v.p. to the event on facebook and as of last night facebook took down the page with no explanation after these pages were taken down donald trump jr taking to twitter saying why is facebook colluding with state governments to quash people's free speech the tweet has since been deleted as well as senator josh hollies of missouri who tweeted because free speech is now illegal america according to a facebook spokesperson the reasoning for taking the back the blue group pages down was because events that defy government's guidance on social distancing aren't
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allowed on facebook. ok many conservatives are outraged as group pages for n.t. for black labs matter protests happening that are also defined the government's orders are not being taken down was by the violence burning of buildings and ignoring social distancing orders facebook has not deleted any of their content well this week big tech companies including facebook were grilled on capitol hill the facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg maintains his innocence saying we can pay hard we compete fairly we try to be the best some lawmakers maintain that these companies simply have too much power reporting for in the press and costs wait r.t. . one named joe biden i'm a democratic candidate for the united states. and it look really over here like receive help out enough or if you have to buy give me a look though ok well 1st dojo biden is not running for u.s. senate he's running for president of the united states and chris wallace the host
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of fox news sunday has been trying to get him back on the show to give him that platform so that people can give him that look that he was asking for in our interview last week with president trump a question whether his democratic opponent joe biden could handle a similar encounter well this week we asked the biden campaign for an interview when they said the former vice president was not available well keep asking every week maybe biden is busy because he remembers the last time he was on with chris wallace mr vice president thank you oh thanks for your time please come back in less than 13 years sir. aren't you have crack you very much all right it's christmas anyway i just heard chris i don't know i just said chuck i tell you what man and these are back to back maybe biden is busy because he's afraid chris wallace will make a replay this q. and a but why do you have to want to make a change though what's a for them to sign. why should they remember the surge will make your case
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i'm not going to know i don't wanna i'm not going to tell you and maybe biden is busy because he's afraid that wallace will ask him about this beauty and i have nursed and nurses and watery hospital who and bend down whisper in my ear go home and get me to make sure that. probably nothing ever torrent you can't do in the covert time and now you actually breathe in my nostrils to make a move to get me moved or maybe joe biden is busy because he's afraid chris wallace will ask him to recycle you know that thing where you know a series 37 are all men who want a creative goal you know that you know the thing so if biden is busy too busy to be with chris wallace how can we be sure that we can believe what joe biden recently said about presidential debates i can hardly wait. i can hardly wait to
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deal with whether you're for himself was a stable genius i can hardly wait to debate it so will joe biden make another fox news sunday appearance maybe will he debate donald trump i wouldn't hold my breath but we shall see. and that's our show for today folks i want you to stay hungry stay curious and don't forget that you could watch this show any time you like the full show which you have available right now on portable t.v. if you don't have it go download the portable t.v. app from your app store i'm steve balls bergen i'll see you next time right here on the press.
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we go to work so you straight home. thinking of getting a new phone the ones we've gotten here she's not our lot you know and. in this tiny little wired we don't use a crate with him he will just. freaking out he will let us bring him anywhere.
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thousands of breeding dogs are caged in the into lane conditions on puppy for i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold air the rain the snow the thunder nothing they have no protection. because you. know it's kids. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even joined a good businesses are involved but i can't give them a percentage there has been a shocking amount of the organized opposition to efforts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding facilities most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog.
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hello from rhode island where i live stick in close to home planet safe during the pandemic hope you are too snapshot of the usa for a 1000000 plus fetid with a corona virus which has already claimed over 150000 american lives a crashed economy record unemployment race riots were all as a president who promised to make america great again asks us for a 2nd term will he get one let's ask the author.


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