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tv   The World According to Jesse  RT  July 31, 2020 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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70 percent of workers wages but as the democrats and republicans fight over what to include in the latest stimulus package $30000000.00 americans remain unemployed and the moratorium has expired on rental even actions that were implemented under the cares act a new eviction estimation tool based on census responses predicts that over $17000000.00 households are currently unable to pay rent nearly $12000000.00 of which could be evicted over the next 4 months. jeffrey what do you want to see in the next thing in this package because the last one left a lot of people hanging well bruges. let's get in that ad a moment 1st of all we've got to go to the system you have a system and i've said this before based upon bribery how much money entities give to the republican party how much money entities give to the democratic party and then how much they give to each individual candidate so it's a system of bribery so when something like this comes up the people that pay them
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their money are going to be the 1st ones restored they're going to be the ones taken care of in other words the rich people they will get taken care of and that we're still under some sort of influence that they'll be a trickle down effect that if we give all the money to the wealthy people eventual a little trickle down to the poor people well everything's in trouble now because you've got people out there that are frightened of things like social security and things of that nature and you've got to understand something spending stimulates the economy so if they cut back down giving people money the economy's going to suffer because the people won't be able to go out and spend that money so the economy will stop spending is the gasoline that fuels the economic engine we
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better wake up to that fact and taking money away from the people who are going to spend it will kill the economy not enhance it. now also included in the hills act to draft is legislation sponsored by senator mitt romney to quote strengthen america's endangered federal trust programs which he claims will run out of money due to government spending during the pandemic now experts are skeptical that the trust program will be strengthened by this plan because romney has long sought to gut social security and medicare if the trust act passes reforms could result in future generations losing sufficient social security and medicare benefits just imagine for a minute what the us will look like when people in their sixty's can no longer rely on social security and medicare especially people like me who have already you know graduated during 2008 in the last economic downturn well you've got to remember bruges this is socialism and we're scared to death of it you see people hold that
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social has and we can't have that here they need to understand social security is socialism medicare is social lives i'm in the united states military is complete socialism people need to learn in a capitalist society you have to have socialism working hand in hand with the capitalism and find the proper balance to both which lifts everybody up and then everybody does better you must have some socialism and i'll tell you this if if this is true and they got social security and medicare then the united states of america will have no middle class anymore by any stretch of the imagination we will then become a 3rd world nation with only rich and poor the trust act was previously endorsed by at least 30 house democrats and of course dozens of republicans both parties find ways to rein in the national debt by gutting social programs that help essential
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workers seniors and the unemployed while boosting socialist programs that help the wealthiest americans like the trump administration's proposed payroll tax cut which they are considering putting in the skills act well and also let's talk about something else it's in there this brand new f.b.i. building that he wants. now why should the f.b.i. what's the matter with the building they're in what are they need a new one for at a time like this when people out there are going to check to check if they've even got a check and yet here's what i heard the reason ears they were going to build this has been in the plans for a couple of years they were going to build it in another area but now president trump wants it rebuilt right words at you know why because if it doesn't happen there hotels are going to go in there which is going to cause his hotel to have competition he doesn't want no competition that's why he put this in the bill to
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build a new f.b.i. office so his hotel won't have any competition and i'm sure mitch mcconnell will rubberstamp that is the always does. in other news the pentagon has announced plans to reveal new details about the government's one secret u.f.o. program the pentagon previously claimed the program was defunct but recent senate committee reports confirm that people are still working on the unidentified aerial phenomenon taskforce government officials say the main goal of the program is to find out whether other countries have breakout aviation technology that could threaten the united states but it also reportedly seeks answers about life beyond earth now over the next few months the director of national intelligence will publicly disclose some of the pentagon's findings on unidentified aerial phenomena folks are just the government officials are pointing fingers at the aerial capabilities of russia and china more than they are a possible extraterrestrial threats since space is obviously another theater for
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the new cold war i wouldn't be surprised to hear w m d level claims about what our so-called adversaries are doing in space which you no doubt about it i mean president trump has already started up space force so he's going to send military up there and you're going to see the militarization of space because that supports the military industrial. which is hugely powerful and needs support to keep jobs growing in our militaristic country that must have a war at all times even if it's just a cold war we still need cold and hot wars go in at all times the burners gotta be on them it's a shame but i'll tell you this maybe they could make a deal brigida maybe here on earth we could make a deal that all wars will be fought an outer space that might be a good take. flight it up there and that way not one bomb would have to go off on the planet earth we could do all the fighting up in space do you think maybe
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that's what they got mine but i doubt it we now turn to the health sector where a new study of coded 1000 patients out of n.y.u. confirms that the disease can cause widespread blood clotting now this comes as a growing number of coronavirus patients under 40 years old suffer from strokes and blood clots some patients did not have underlying medical conditions or other symptoms associated with the virus a pathologist involved in the autopsy studies says clotting was found in almost every organ researchers looked at as we previously reported on the show health experts now believe coded 1000 is a vascular disease and respiratory illness in rare cases the virus also triggers a life threatening inflammatory syndrome in children that causes cardiovascular shock fever and hyper inflammation a study by the centers for disease control and prevention shows that 73 percent of
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children who suffered from multisystem inflammatory syndrome were previously healthy at least 70 percent of those subjects that did test positive for sars kovi 2 so there is a link just like doctors and scientists continue to warn us about all the immediate and long term health consequences of the virus yet people keep risking their lives do you think this is partially because so many americans already of law. decent health care are we just used to dying unnecessarily and people are just giving up no i don't think it's that at all i think it's arrogance i think it's people in this country stink somehow they have freedom i wish people would go to my website and i don't say that often where i discuss this because i'll tell you what if masks don't help then why did they wear that my mom had to wear 16 to 8 hours a day why because she was a nurse in surgery if masto don't help why did they wear them in surgery to control germs it's back to simple all people. next time
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when people have surgery and they don't believe in mass to taking the preparation tell the doctors and nurses they don't have to wear a while they operate on you see how that works out for you and i'll tell you what we're going to end up like a 3rd world nation because we are pampered we are not willing to sacrifice like our parents did world war 2 that's the biggest problem here you've got an ego problem in america look at the rest of the world they're wearing masks and they're defeating they're saying we're the worst at it because we've got an ego in the way it's time for a break when we return jesse sits down with author simon and holds to talk about the importance of international cooperation when it comes to solving the world's biggest problems we'll be right back. the world.
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then damon join you. i don't know crap. no shots no. action just belt. well strap no 1st. points your thirst for action. how can you explain love i've been to 82 countries i did in 12 but i came here and on those 3 days i just filled with hope caro but it is only come pretty isn't it 6 show. i made my decision to come here because i felt i
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knew i could build a new life here. soon at the engine open company's new. clothes a preview but i think god decided that this money is not going to be free profile and it would only. my one dream is that all my children 'd find the same kind of happiness i do. i love my home i love the cold weather i like the culture i like the history like everything about it. but the muslims especially finals i know that i share. a russian fama. the world order that. simon and holt founded the good country project to help nations work together on global challenges like
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climate change and poverty he joins me now from london to talk about his new book the good country equation how we can repair the world in one generation wow simon the good country and back says the annual survey that ranks countries very contribution to humanity and the planet where does the united states stand on this latest well jesse the u.s. ranked 45th place in the last edition and yes it's pretty much a tie with russia which ranks $45.00 just you know wow 40th that's that's out of $150.00 countries so it's not yeah out of 150 it's not so very bad well i don't know we're a country that likes to be number one and to be 40 if that you don't tell people here you want to be 40 yes anyway what countries have made the top 10 and q can you give us some examples of what they're doing well the countries that are in the top
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10 a rule from europe. and in fact all but one of them switzerland are in the european union and of course i get a lot of angry e-mails from from people all over the world saying it's just because you're in europe well i'm not in europe anymore we left and that's still dealt with top of the of the index it's basically because within europe. the member states of the european union have a long habit of cooperation and collaboration together and they've seen the benefits of it and that's why they keep on doing it they work together all the time and it works for them now for the past 20 years you've advised leaders all over the globe many issues why do they come to you and what expertise to you give them well you know in the 1st place 20 years ago or so they started coming to me because i was a specialist in a very very narrow area i was a specialist in national image with the country is well regarded by the world's population or not and governments most of the time came to me because they wanted advice on how they could improve the image of their country because they'd think it
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out they discovered this tied directly into prosperity if a country has a good image you get all the tourists you want to lean vestment you want will the talent you want but if you're an unknown country or you're a country with a negative image it's all difficult and that was where it started now your work seems to be centered around encouraging international cooperation. howards international cooperation different from capitalistic notion of globalization well i think the capitalistic notion of globalization is basically about trade isn't it it's about opening countries especially developing countries markets to producers all over the world and in itself that isn't such a bad idea except that over the last 20304050 years the benefits of that globalization have been spread i think we can all agree very unequally indeed but what i'm talking about here is not trade i'm not talking about a new form of globalization what i'm talking about is the fact that humanity is
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facing some gigantic challenges from climate change to poverty to low standards of education to conflict to pandemics and we're only going to fix those challenges unless we work together and we don't work together nearly enough so what the good country philosophy is all about is giving countries good reasons to work together not asking them to do it for charitable reasons but because it will produce better results for everybody now how does international cooperation generate goodwill worldwide and what are some examples of this who says one of the interesting things that i run a big survey called the nation brands index which i've been running back since since back in 2005 and it's collected over a 1000000000 data points of polling data just asking ordinary people all around the world in dozens of countries how they perceive other countries and back in 2012 i
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decided that i wanted to ask this big database why is it the people admire some countries more than others what which of the countries the people of my are and why and basically what the analysis told me is the people of my own good countries by which they mean they admire the countries that contribute something to the world that they live in outside their own borders so if i live in kenya i don't especially. care what say india does for its own citizens or canada does for his own citizens but i do care whether india or canada contributes something to the world in which i live and which my children are going to grow up in so it turns out the number one driver of a positive image for a country is the perception that that country contributes something to the international domain to the planet and to the rest of humanity so that's basically the the discovery the more good you do the better you perform because people like you now we're in the midst of a global pandemic in your opinion here's the international community cooperating
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successfully on their side ron. what do you think i mean the international community hasn't shut off in the possible light during the pandemic has it and in a way what it's done is it's revealed to us the sad truth that when the chips are down and things start getting really difficult what countries tend to do is they tend to batten down the hatches look inwards and look after their own not even necessarily their own citizens but their own special interest groups their own businesses and all arrested having said that i don't want to be too pessimistic about it we are for example making advances in the scientific analysis of the of the virus we're making great advances in terms of developing vaccines and all of that is partly because scientific cooperation between countries is still good it's still there it's still strong so i wouldn't want to say there's no cooperation and no collaboration we could use a whole lot more than there is so i'd give us
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a kind of 5 out of 10 right now. ok now do you think the united nations is affective in bringing countries together as we're led to believe it is well it's the best thing we've got i mean there's no doubt is that if you would designing the u.n. today this is a very different world from the world that the u.n. was originally created for and i think you designed it in a very different way it would look very different but that's just idle talk because even if you and i did sit down for 20 minutes and design a better u.n. which i'm sure we could do and it would be great fun we don't have the authority nobody has the authority to impose that so i think that the parts of the united nations that are trying to combat poverty and inequality the united nations development program all of the parts of the u.n. that that help the developing world there are great and we would not want to be without them because they do so much good the security council and the general
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assembly the parts that act more like a sort of world government. no it doesn't work it's not fair and it needs adjusting and i think we will change it i think it will change itself it's trying to change all the time so again maybe 87 out of 10 for the development parts of the united nations and $3.00 to $4.00 for the parts that are supposed to create new policies together now you've stated the world's biggest problems from poverty to climate change. can be solved if countries collaborate with one another rather vent competing with one another yeah the fact of the matter is that i don't have a problem with competition that would be stupid competition is a wonderful thing it's part of human nature competition between countries is lifted visit billions of people out of poverty competition only becomes a problem when it's the only alter which we worship and that's basically been the
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story of the global system for the last 80 years. if your wife says you learn how to mix and to harmonize competition and collaboration you can compete but you can also work together and that's the little lesson that humanity needs to learn today we need to learn how to collaborate and cooperate a whole lot more and compete just a tiny bit less but i'm not talking about self-sacrifice here jesse i'm not saying that the country should sacrifice themselves for the benefit of other countries that would be ridiculous i have no problem whatsoever when president trump says america 1st it's a statement of the obvious if you're elected to run a country of course you put the interests of that country 1st but what i disagree with is the implication that maybe that means everybody else has to come last if everybody comes last in america is going to come last as well america needs a prosperous thriving global economy it needs to work as it has done in the past with the other countries who also want to come 1st or 1st equal so i think what i'm
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talking about here is a mixture of the 2 competition and collaboration they work well together. and finally how can we repair the world in one generation what can we do it as individuals to help well what it basically says in the book which is which is coming out in a couple of weeks the good country equation it says there are 2 things wrong with the world one is the way that countries behave which is what you and i have been talking about here and the other is the way people behave so it's through our actions and lack of action that all of the problems in the world have come about so we need to change the way countries behave and we need to change the way people behave we can change the way people behave by educating them differently so what i'm calling for now is a new global compact on educational values so we bring up a better generation of kids who run towards these challenges instead of running away from and we can change the way countries behave by speaking to our governments and saying more collaboration less competition simon in a world that feels more fractured than ever thank you for the work that you're
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doing good luck and i'd love to have your back on the show at another time so that we can we can see how we're doing and see how this is moving forward again simon and holt thank you very much keep up the good work thank you so. the war. issue let's turn to the viewers we asked people on social media whether or not they support running is trust act our fairest user says no because people need those programs now more than ever we should be raising taxes on the rich who are making billions while forcing their employees to work in dangerous situations he continues by saying most americans don't want to cut these programs most americans want higher taxes for the rich if we lived in a democracy that would matter jesse use exactly correct right now the brakes are going to the rich people as they always do but i'll tell you what they're learning
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something from this pandemic very can't survive without us. regular people the people are out there doing this work for them so always remember this you can rise up and you can protest and that's what they're trying to stop right now people your 1st amendment rights another user says no social security should be could be easily funded and benefits could be increased just by lifting or eliminating the cap the idea of cutting social security is the 3rd i agree i mean you know people have to have as i said earlier socialism is not a bad thing you need a certain amount of it to graze up all of society social security medicare and the military those are all socialist programs completely where would we be without them and why would we want to change a system that is truly worked pretty well for about 70 or 80 years now hasn't it
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but we're going to change it and privatized it i don't trust that at all not one bit. thanks for watching send us your comments on facebook and twitter for a chance to be featured in next week's episode when we cover more stories ignored by the corporate media and there's always remember when the government lives the truth becomes a trader stays regimented wear your mask. the world. was a pandemic know so you know blood is just flying to nationalities. his or her little bits we don't like. saying.
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judge us coming close to sleep until. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing it's your own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. thinking of getting a new book on the ones we got in our shop around why he didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired how much we're going to need a crate with him he will just stir reaching out into the wall when it's pretty much anywhere near and thousands of breeding dogs are caged in in 2 main conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold
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air the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. is going to continue. to get through chaos across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even giant a good businesses are involved like agoa mom center there has been a shocking amount of organized opposition to efforts to increase the sanders of care for dogs bred in commercial rating for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that had nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog on a. dog industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells their bodies on the streets many of them under age. los
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angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge no if you're going to exploit for a child here in los angeles oh they were going to come out you see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the 6 trades. there was competition there free market competition in drugs in america the price will be low that's the beauty of free market capitalism the fact they don't have free market capitalism for drug prices in america shows you have an entrenched polak up. lead or monopoly and they gouge price gouging and he's right to try to dismantle that but without that kind of premium for these drugs for these companies that however i don't see how they're going to command the multiples they do in the stock market so he's he's got a tesla saying he's either going to take a 50 percent hit on the stock market corey is going to lose
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a lot of people that believe the drugs. to death or to cross the country are announcing that their plans for health even will be educated this fall as the world continues to battle with the corporate 19 pandemic bitterly divided issue the debate over health to return to school involves not only parents and school staff but all members of the community it seems there is only one thing everyone can agree on there is no good option and every choice has a cost this while hollywood seems to be dealing with the costs of close cinemas and production shut down but this is not just about entertainment for you and i as hollywood supports more than 2.


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