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tv   News  RT  July 10, 2020 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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no wish to. switch your thirst for. the u.s. hitting 3000000 coronavirus cases and accounting for a quarter of all the world's kobe deaths its neighbors don't seem convinced by president trump's claims his country is leading the fight against the virus. are opposed by un investigator concludes the killing of wrongs top general by the u.s. at the start of the year was unlawful. angela merkel c.d.u. party puts forward plans to fill half of all posts within the party with women in the next 5 years. a very warm welcome to you you're watching aussie international with me making arun
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our top story the us has hit 3000000 coronavirus cases the now accounts for about a quarter of co the deaths globally nevertheless donald trump is still trying to convince everyone that washington is leading the fight against the virus but canada mexico and even the e.u. are convinced as caleb maupin expects over 130000 americans have died from coded 19 and the number of those infected across america has surpassed 3000000 mark but that hasn't stopped us leaders from bragging claiming that the usa is the leader globally in fighting the virus i think the world is looking at us as a leader and covert 19 we showcase. 99 percent of which are totally harmless. results that no other country can show because no other country is testing that we have now the rest of the world isn't buying that one bit the us is neighbor to the north canada
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says they are doing a better job fighting the virus than the united states is we were able to control the virus better than many of our allies particularly including our neighbor non-essential travel between the usa and canada has been shut down since march now some people want to open up again on july 21st but most canadians say they want to keep the americans out canadian prime minister to skip his meeting with donald trump in the mexican president earlier this week the reason he gave the safety concerns of course but it looks like a prime minister wasn't missed at least by trump gushed over his southern counterpart spin a profound privilege to have you with us today and it's a pro found privilege to have you as my friend we've had a great relationship right from the beginning the mexican people are incredible. they upheld our highest values god family and country now you might remember that
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a big beautiful wall was the central plank of donald trump's campaign now things have taken an interesting turn sense now local residents on the arizona u.s. border have been blocking the roads to keep americans out of mexico and mexico actually installed just impaction tunnels for travelers from the united states none of this has not been any wind out of america's sails the u.s. government is convinced that their allies across the atlantic will accept america with open arms made some real progress technical progress and now we need to draw that to a conclusion and then they'll be a system a system to monitor and measure to make sure that we get the timing right and we get the toggle switches right both sides of the atlantic want to get this back up and both sides understand that our economies depend on the deep important relation trans-atlantic relationship matters and harsh facts still remain the european union has banned all non-essential travel from the united states for all of its swagger and self-proclaimed status and fighting code in the world is keeping its distance
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america is isolated a pariah like never before been artsy new york a former transportation safety board official has been looking at what actually is currently like for americans during this pandemic he made this report faulty america. ok well you've ordered are there are always the airport now able to see how the change what changes have been made by their allies in the airports on checking in and what their reaction travel is going to be like now until they know . what. you can see that there's people here it's always pretty easy to practice social distancing right now the 1st thing you do before you go into the airport for sure you're wearing your mask and when you're inside the airport and. your travels make sure that you wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds. away and or using hand
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sanitizer. we're in the southwest check in area at national airport in washington d.c. you can see that there's a limited number of kiosks here usually i would say that there's probably about 3 times as many kiosks here if you look at the airport it's empty. i can tell you right now we've been here for what 3045 minutes and this is the most people i've seen the airport all morning for the t.s.a. security point here at washington national you can see there's a limited number of travelers here going through security so the chances of your being delayed for security are pretty slim right now during these times would be people are traveling like they were prior to the pandemic the c.s.a. is also trying to maintain social distance and you'll notice on the floors they put some marks to remind people to maintain 6 feet apart and social distance.
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t.s.a. has no institution new rules and regulations on how their interaction happens between the passenger and the agent it's no longer will the passengers hands or their boarding pass or the points i devise to the agent this agent will observe it from them with us or the passenger holds it up for them. as well as showing them to their id. if you're thinking about food you might want to think about something before you get to the airport that you can bring with you as i'm in this more affordable restaurant for very limited and the ones that are open. in the ones that are open the kind of because there's not many options for people to go. for during the flight self so it really was kind of an unremarkable. other than that everybody had on masts and since it's worth less they maintained the. the little things if you to the point was pretty for mood early good results what kind of cleaning they
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were doing with the point in between every flight and also the crew every night with what is not now we're here in nashville so let's go get our baggage. health care workers have been the ones on the front line throughout the global pandemic but i've also been putting their lives on the line in order to help those in need a new audi documentary has been hearing from the relatives of medical workers who succumbs to the virus you can watch the full documentary here on r.t. later today it's also available on the aussie documentary website here's a quick taste of what it's about. before we came to america mainly does this on our. minds our my mom she was. there style it was. your sister's.
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very badly. very good job. in america. great it's a completely different country different culture different languages so my pants were what they can get or. my parents are from miners. actually the 1st people that will deal with the patient order even the doctor with the last conversation my mom and i know her i was there. i was there. he is laying everything's going to be ok we're going to be ok my dad. everything. that's always been here my mom. passed away. the same day as my father actually the last time i spoke to her she told me that
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she doesn't want any tubes on her but when the doctors said that if they removed it so she will also go. again and make that decision for her and then. i feel like if i would have said to him that. i killed her. the way. of course we were very hurt and sad but we weren't surprised to say they said jane separable and. we were very very very close family. with never imagined just what our parents and their last days in their lives here. to just watch a car. you know bring them to the majority place. to 1st time i met michael as in christmas. and my questions are being asked.
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as time passed and then my need to talk and then knowing the child their personality the feelings change and grow into love you do i am yeah i'm from you know who i am i mean this and yet. none might be. able to be that i am as an action inside there and then. my as adults are you know my own mind now my mother my honest. friends i don't grok it in your. you know india and. yes i mean they say oh i don't mean you're nice i am. funny i love you so much i love you so much. your mommy i'll be. most minimal but yeah i mean look you know when you i mean so you. well i'm back
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and my you know and you know but yeah. in other news this hour serbia has been rocked by a 3rd day of violent protests against lockdown measures being reimposed. thousands protested outside the parliament building in the capital condemning another restriction by the government which bans gatherings of more than 10 people the demonstration that began as a peaceful sit down protest under the slogan sit down don't be set up soon turned violent although organizers blame hooligans for the unrest. 6 officers are being left injured after police clashed with protesters outside the
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greek parliament on thursday as thousands raged at new rules designed to curb public demonstrations the law put forward by the center right government and recently approved by the parliament aims to restrict all vandeman stray sions deemed dangerous for public safety fire bombs were thrown at the police during the arrest to the ported who responded with tear gas and flash grenades. the map of solve part one soon who was one of the most powerful people in south korea has been found dead after a 7 hour search operation his daughter reported him missing. police later found his body on the mounting close to the mayor's official residence and police haven't disclosed the cause of death but have ruled out suicide. prosecutors in paris have revealed there will be a full criminal investigation into claims human corpses donated for science were left to rot and be eaten by rats as
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a leading university so the defense team has more details from the french capital. well this was a very gruesome tale one that certainly not for the faint hearted it emerged last year that their allegations that thousands of bodies that had been dissed donated to a research center here in paris had been found in the most appalling conditions you mentioned one of them there that parts of the bodies had been eaten by rats there were other allegations that bodies were just strewn around naked they were piled up on top of each other now families will completely or garst when they found out that this is how their loved ones bodies had been treated after death after they had needed them and a report that sort of highlighted this scandal in the 1st place had even more details to highlight the upper limb of one is placed on the belly of the other rubbish bags overflew with pieces of flesh the proliferation of mice flies and
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infestations many of the bodies and body parts have maggots in them. the head lies on the ground you have the feeling of being in the 19th century or in their nations with the putrefied bodies on which the doctors work well distressed families have brought. complaints against the university which is one of the reasons why this investigation has now been launched but at the time when this 1st emerged one medical union blame this on the fact that the center had just been overwhelmed. when we read the article we got chills because we couldn't imagine that such things could happen in the faculty and that the corpses could have been treated like this with no respect to the wishes of those who donated their bodies things that break our ethical code so this chapter's deeply and this made us address the medical union to see if they want to react. well if you think that this story couldn't be any more gruesome it actually took an even more disturbing turn with allegations
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that the university was even making a profit from these bodies that had been donated selling them on to other companies the allegations are that one whole body was being sold for nearly a $1000.00 while single body parts were being sold at around $440.00 so really some pretty disturbing allegations against this university which at one point was the largest center of its kind for this type of research opening all the way back in 1953 it was shut down though by the french authorities last year after these allegations of merged people just completely horrified and shocked as to what they were reading about at the time an inspection panel recently released a short term interim report into what happened it perry discarded university saying that it was guilty of some serious ethical breaches the family lawyer of some of
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the families of the complaints against the institution have welcomed this investigation saying they hope that finally justice will now be served. still to come here an investigator concludes the killing of iran's top general by the us at the start of the year violated international law that story and more after the break. my. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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welcome back the u.s. secretary of state says his country is being completely transparent regarding the
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international law basis for an as strike that killed iran's top general custom sell them on e now comes after you an expert concluded the assassination back in january was a little full. my report doesn't annex presenting a case study of the targeted killing of iranian janiero all have some sort of money concluding that is was a violation of the un charter governing the use of force and an arbitrary killing the international community must now confront the very real prospect that state may all opt to strategically eliminate our ranking military officer shows outside the context of a non war and seek to justify the killings on the ground of necessity not imminent the rapporteur however also described iran's retaliatory missile strikes as illegal on the 3rd of january this year president trump ordered a drone strike on generals in the mind here baghdad international airport
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washington justify the killing by saying solomonic was planning an imminent attack on u.s. interests in the region however its never put forward any evidence to support the claim back then the attack triggered protests in iran and further afield. that. of next column are presented her report to the un human rights council from which washington withdrew and 2018 however that didn't stop the u.s.
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state department from hitting back at the accusation. this to dentures and tedious report undermines human rights by giving past to terrorists and it proves once again why america was right to leave the council it was an international crime of grave nature of threatening international peace and security to the us and this state that hosted the u.s. drones operations their responsibility and must be held to account for this lawless behavior and criminal act we also professor of political science at the university of 2 wrong about whether the report would have any influence on the us. it's not going to have any actual influence on their behavior nevertheless we have to remember that under the trumpet ministration a us soft power in the world has been declining and by soft power we mean how popular the american way of like the american political and economic system is in the reason for that is because during the trumpet ministration the americans have
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conducted a very controversial policies whether we dream from international organizations carrying out illegal strike such as the killing your boss and so on the money or even the trade wars that they started under the trump and ministration us influence in the world has been declining in the long run this will have an impact on american power and standing in international relations. with almost half of angela merkel's cabinet headed by women germany's already one of the most progressive european countries when it comes to women in politics but the chancellor c.d.u. party now wants to go a step further and introduce quotas so that women make up half of the entire party in the next few years with all the details has been to all of the. german conservatives the cd you are looking to dramatically shake up the demographics of their party top brass this week approved quotas for women in senior positions with
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quotas for those standing in elections under consideration this decision was long overdue the quote is a crutch it doesn't solve all problems but it is the 1st important step to better involve women if women continue to be represented in offices and mandate as little as before they can have no influence in shaping the future so how will this work the plan is that in the coming bundestag election 30 percent of the positions in the christian democratic union will be held by women rising to 50 percent by 2025. in order to proceed the equality proposal has to be approved by party membership in december that may not be so easy with critics saying that position should be based on ability not gender shouldn't quality counts instead of a quota or there was a would be for a quota based on various professional qualifications economic sectors and years of work outside of politics criticism of the movie isn't just coming from men with
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some seedy you women saying this attempt at equality is simply or just it could end up back firing a quota or 40 and 50 percent does not correspond to the proportion of women in the membership if in the future it is easier for women to get a position in c.g. than men it will be i'm fat while others say this will lead to the achievements of women who reach senior positions being belittled i myself would have opposed to it if i had been told that you can into this office because you were quite a woman many women find undervaluing to assume that they only came to office because of their gender more than women don't want to be stamped the cd you already has a woman in the country's top job of course angle a miracle is stepping down at next year's election though and there have been allegations of her potential replacement being pale male and stale opposition in
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the green party you have described the equality movement as told will have to wait until december of this year to find out what cd you party faithful think these are all about r.t. . marini is a professor of eastern european politics at the university of genoa that she believes there is still much to be done to integrate women into politics. it's not enough i as i said it's a starting point of but then we realize the day to these women have many difficulties to go on with their own political career to improve their. missions political positions and maybe to become also party leaders. so they are more used to just to say ok we have female in our parliaments we have the meal and our ministries and sometimes they do not have important let's see the meanest. usually there are and they get position and for shame many is for gender
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opportunities of policies which are not considered very interesting and very important for the national government and if you look down to is that. if you neal who. are in all defense policy so it's not enough and it's not so easy thanks for joining us today here on r.t. international that's all from our team here in moscow but we'll be going live from london and r.t. u.k. at the top of the hour. time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to excel or transitions to sustainable transport sustainability stay number may not be more equitable and sustainable world. they claim their production is completely hama's.
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it. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is something this must be going to mean and i mean look. this is the move of news to me do you want to. underscore that with superman and. some rumors isuzu. through she's going to be named chris mccomb do you mean. they're one of those who just came up with a ticket did you hear that oh. i'm talking about is a very international community. media used to the trick we're going to play.
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with just a look at this though so sorry you didn't. go to the push of the will to restrain the growth of brazil so there nuchal script. is everything produced to lose it when it comes to do with the above the. 5 they have i would affect all day but i decided not to take physics why. would i get can tell you that. the past 3 presidential election cycles demonstrate voters are against foreign wars and foreign nation building nonetheless both remain high priority for the release why is this our voters being denied a say oh see any exactly why should us and no one forces stay and this.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness.
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greetings and sell you take. yes put another can know a lot on the cake as the united states of america celebrates another birthday this year is coming and going of the 4th of july but. there is not much room for selling . aeration because well my friends things are looking pretty grim here in the red white and blue land of enchantment and tater tots yes on the eve of its 244th birthday a majority of folks living inside the united states say that things are definitely not looking up in fact according to the hard working stat junkies at pew research there are statistics and findings and polling has found that about 7 in 10 americans 71 percent say they feel angry about the state of the country these days
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while roughly 2 thirds 66 percent say they feel fearful angry and fearful and who can blame us we've got code 19 exposing our for profit health care and our for profit elected officials as nothing more than broken down systems of charlatans frauds and grifters are once vaunted system of justice where originally you were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty as fallen into a steady diet of racism and classism in fact a new reuters investigation has recently revealed that thousands yes thousands of us judges who broke laws or old use have remained on the bench and then in the past dozen years state and local judges have repeatedly escaped public accountability for misdeeds that a victimized thousands add to that the recent discovery by the miami herald.


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