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this is simply an issue our in violent male sexual predators for the large part have targets whoever is there to prey upon whether that's men or women. it appendage we can as they hear americans are not celebrating as normal now the normal barbecues in large gatherings of population to watch fireworks are largely being put on hold in many areas and the united states of america has to be more divided on issues from the legality of a forcing facemask that is finding a police force and lots of issues in the 23rd of time like a day as the community looks to those in charge to bring solutions and yet outside of campaign commercials and the parson pointing a finger very little is being doll forward on how to fix the problems facing our society today from either political party which makes me ask on that special friday
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edition of news. where of all the leaders gone. happy friday i am scouting the use and 9 joining you again as america has changed since the last time we talked now we are all adapting to this new normal but it seems like for every step forward we make you take 2 steps back we are seeing the politicians a message in conflict with the c.d.c. and even doctors in conflict with each other confusion and chaos continue to dominate but whose responsibility is it to not only create a plan and more importantly see it implement it well to help me find a clarity i want to bring in ned bryant c. of america majority and former presidential writer for george w. bush and democratic strategist jan ronis who is also going to help us get the 360 view of this very important issue thank you for joining me gentleman. my pleasure
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good to be with you well annette i want to start with you because it's easy to ask where of all the leaders gone but is it more accurate as considering how quickly we crumble both physically and economic go economic and help wherever leaders in the 1st place. well i mean you asked a great question scotty i think that we should have a time to examine our whole premise of in fact our entire government scottie look at the administrative state this massive bureaucratic state and take for example the fact that each c.d.c. are extremely well funded $40000000000.00 for and i in the fiscal year 2020 c.d.c. handed out $11000000000.00 worth of grants in 20182019 with this news that hydroxide couric when it's actually fairly effective and i knew that back in 2003 studies were showing the effectiveness of it against coronavirus with all of this funding they've been given they were wasting their funds on studying drunk money
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monkeys and in fact there was a study by a yale university epidemiologist to show that these grants about 90 percent of them are either wasted or in a fish and and you realize we have wasted all of this time and effort with all of these billions of dollars we just we have to demand more accountability more oversight i think this is where trump and republicans have failed because they should be calling for a blue ribbon commission what have you been doing with all of these billions of dollars to prepare us so that when we get hit by these things you're better prepared and i think that's one of the things i'd like to see trump and republicans call for and i haven't seen it yet. well and that's the thing jan i'm going to go to give because ned it just actually pointed out the problem of republicans now netting airspeeds very little was said about republicans or democrats it was both sides and then you point out the fault of the republicans but jan you know hindsight is 2020 and while we have chatted in awhile i'm sure you have lots of
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criticism for how this administration has treated this post situation but i do have to ask you and counterpart internet has trumpeted the mid-section done anything right during the chronic virus crisis. well it's hard to point at it being right that they've done i look i think the american public is looking for leadership leadership should come in the from the prez united states it could shouldn't come from somebody who mocks the seriousness of the disease it talks about injecting lysol who exhorts his followers not to wear masks suggesting that masks are good who's going to a 4th of july fireworks show tonight in south dakota where i'm sure all his supporters will be messed up people do look for leadership from the president from the top down and i think it's just been woefully lacking in this in this crisis now to look for where there's been past leadership i think you can look to president obama and you can look to president bush before that they did whether you like them or not did exert leadership and they got to do their country through some pretty
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significant crisis made mistakes along the way but this administration has been a disaster at every level not the least of which is this one. skag on her part of it here i want to get it up again i think one thing you can think of one thing the president did good in all of this the daily press to even even give me the people that he brought and. you know he i i enjoyed watching mike pence in the early stages of this crisis because he was in the leadership role of the task force and he seemed competent he seemed reassuring he seemed very professionally seem to like he knew what he was doing but it's just being degenerated into a laughable news conferences with the health officers standing by and rolling their eyes that many of the words that are coming out of the president's mouth i mean it's really difficult to point anything i suspect that may be in the early stages when he banned travel from china that was probably effective in important and necessary so a lot of him on that one but that's the last thing i think he's done in this crisis that i think i can give many compliment for. ok all this got one thing but now i
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know you have a lot of response because what janet says what a lot of people on both sides are point fingers at the other side so in this case you see the response that jan has it's the typical democrat you point right now well i mean i think scott as a couple points 1st of all 'd trumpeted as his band's early on he was strong he was talking about hydrochloric when early on was mocked for it and in the last 24 hours we found out oh actually there are studies and c.n.n. even admitted all yeah i was actually beneficial i have question marks about how many thousands might have died from this if they could have had got if they could have gotten hundreds of couric when could we have prevented thousands of deaths i will say this the other thing too that is deeply frustrating to me over 40 percent of all these coronavirus have taken place and rest homes and assisted living are going to have talked about that why did governor cuomo governor wolf of pennsylvania governor waltz of minnesota send these people back in to rest homes
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and assisted living at some point to the fact is scottie we've got to have a conversation about how we don't do this again in the future again this blue ribbon commission have a conversation what are you doing to prevent this in the future the oversight and accountability in the meantime i think we're actually accelerating people keep on talking about these tens of thousands of more new cases that's great we're moving towards herd immunity and you can see this in sweden massive spike in cases as there is a rapid decline and death i think we are going to be moving in the right direction . ned brings up a phrase that republicans are saying that democrats are laughing at janet herd immunity concept but he also brought up the idea of governor cuomo and we can talk about leadership obviously from the top and you can have your criticism but do you believe it jan that the governors of the states both republicans and democrats have done what they should have done and stepped up to the plate and working with the federal government or even taking care of their own state. well i would say suggest that i believe governor cuomo and mayor de blasio actually failed their people in
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the early stages of this when they had an opportunity they implemented kind of things that they did later that was might have slowed down the spread of the virus i don't think anybody's looking for a cure of this virus i think quite frankly as ned says that ultimately is going to play its way through society and if in the meantime they can at least slow the infection rate such that the hospitals can respond and treat the people that become severely ill then i think that's a both the best we could hope for and so i have criticism of both the mayor of new york city in the in the in the governor of the state of new york and i would tip my hat to the governor of the state of california who who implemented these closures early and at least slow the virus spread at least in the state of california which as you know is the biggest state in the nation well then i also want to move us to congress and one thing that both of the republicans the democrats have gotten along with is how to spend american money on the thing i'm going to back to you know that you know they've spent to spend a stimulus bills totaling more than 5 trillion dollars and they want more and we're
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seeing more people being motivated to stay home rather than go back to work is congress getting a good return on their investment right now or could know many things that actually prevent the damage this virus has done. i got to tell you congress in my mind both republicans and democrats i have a very dim view of them sky that's no secret i've been very outspoken about this and i think part of the problem we have is this rig system where these guys have been making terrible decisions i think for years the power of incumbency and it's one of those things where we have to have a conversation about how we can actually get to where we can be 50 percent of the incumbents in primaries because you keep on sending these people back to office and they keep continuing to make terrible decisions i think for the country and with the american people's taxpayer dollars i think moving forward i would love to have a conversation both right and left how we can bake the break the power of incumbency and actually bring in new ideas and fresh blood we might get better decisions. and that's where i think you're seeing
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a lot of term limits i've even heard democrats on the campaign trail i've heard them actually think that word term limits things i never thought would happen but jan you know you bring up the point that i was going to ask you to say are democrats just as unhappy with their leadership during this crisis as it seems republicans are as more and more people are starting to stand up and say wait a minute you're not handling this right and we here in main street are the ones that are suffering well you've certainly seen that the last several years within the democratic party and the progressive blurring of the democratic party as represented by some of the newer younger congresspeople at least in the house have moved in the right direction and so there's a lot of disenfranchisement and lot of discussed within the democratic party but i haven't seen the kind of dissension in the republican party that you would hope to see if in fact the republican party is going to change its leadership as well as so probably mostly the democratic leadership is under assault by the younger members
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of congress and the senate as well and so i would like to see the same thing in the republican party. well i wouldn't have thought that. nested if we can agree on that and you know it's always a great discussion unfortunately those n. a public office you know they always don't seem to have the same common sense or motivation i hear out of my panels when i think bring you on talking about it last question i'm going start with you on that ned there's rumors that are going to shut down the country is that more politically motivated there's something more that we need to do for public health from a republican standpoint. i have to tell you scott as you see again the jobs numbers yesterday 4800000 you know explosion in jobs coming back the economy starting to roar again you know you talk about another shutdown i don't think our economy could handle it and i think what we have to start doing and realizing is that there are certain parts of the population that are more susceptible obviously the average age of those that have died i think still around 80 high seventy's low eighty's of the average age we've got to take the older and the more vulnerable and so we have to
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open our economy because i've been making this point from day one the rate of suicides depression all of these things job loss we lost $40000000.00 jobs the economy crashing at some point we have to be realistic we have to again and mitigate the damage that's being done but we've got to open the economy keep it open or else this will absolutely annihilate the 2nd lockdown shut down what absolutely annihilate the american economy to a point i'm not sure we'll be able to come back. well janet we're going to have to come back to you and get your atheism following that thank you for joining us and after the break we want to examine the other issues which are dominating the headlines every interracial.
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odd no team no crown. no shots. actually just felt. well and strong no 1st. points your thirst for action. i'm chris hedges the corporate coup d'etat has destroyed our democratic institutions the commercial media is burlesque part of the reality show presence expose the trivial lives seen on contact question more. seen the
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hughes. i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me of the mainstream media and from that higher fan to glimpse the big picture question more. welcome back on may 25th just as a some parts of the country were starting to open georgia floyd a 46 year old a black man was killed by minneapolis place while being arrested for allegedly using a counterfeit bill and what has followed since that very tragic day has not only been at mass peaceful protests 2 around the country but also around the world but also large scale destruction and a looting of private property and businesses as well as violence against police officers protesters and even innocent bystanders now there is this movement to
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defund the police and it's gaining traction with cities like new york and mounting the cutting of 1000000000 dollars to the n y p d budget and in san francisco police officers will not be responding to non criminal 911 calls including domestic argument and meanwhile chapa zones which do not allow law enforcement or any outside government inside the perimeter were set up and pleased and many areas have basically just given up trying to protect their city and maintain order so we have a lot to dive in tucson to bring it relates abdullah g.o.p. a strategist and writer for tell of talk radio host and civil rights attorney to continue this conversation we've had it for the past year every time there's issues like this have come up but this time it seems very serious and i want to talk about the politician are we see are they actually helping in the situation are big like they're hurting the chances of finding a livable solution for all americans to go along with on start with you robert
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because finally when this all started with george glen when he passed away we had it's unanimous agreement coming out of congress saying that his death was wrong but could congress have done anything in those 1st few days following floyd's death to create legitimate legislation to address the grievances which would avoid a kind of the protest and the destruction that we have seen. absolutely and they could've admit this in the bud years ago let's understand that the united states of america still to this day does not have an anti-lynching law on the federal level georgia of just passed a hate crimes law one of 4 states and i have a hate crimes law this pez that within the last couple weeks of that of the murder of a modern operate the fed does that we still have to deal with this issue qualified immunity for police officers a national database of criminal cops training for police officers better use of federal funds not for military equipment but rather for webcam to other surveillance issues funding community programs
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a social worker sort of police officer or are patrolling high school hallways and responding to non-criminal citations that we have technology that can be updated so because we have this medieval draconian system of policing where we give somebody a gun a taser pepper spray a stick and handcuffs and tell them go fight crime that's why you know there's over aggressive nature policing that we know does not work a 'd 100 years ago it was completely legal in america 'd to beach your spouse 50 years ago it was completely legal in america beach or child today in america we are finally coming to a reckoning that is not ok for long for it to be people in order to bring them into custody and to do their jobs if you have to use violence and an aggressive and it's a force to do your job the police although you were doing it wrong think of congress it came to this after right 1891 after. 'd 'd the 1990 the bail in 2006 after trayvon martin after the kaepernick meanly moved but
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there were plenty of opportunities to took this ringback this kind of tinder box set all 'd this situation where files were getting action. well but when i listen robert malenka i hear everything he's accounting for before going down the list of names about police brutality and yes this is largely about a racial injustice or racial issues in the united states now i have to point out the fact that white people also have been as well as hispanics and a lot of other groups are also been targeted of bad policing here in america it's not just african-americans and the fact that the whole argument has been traded into racial injustice does that do it fairness and actually trying to find a solving the problem for police brutality is there a way to separate the 2 considering there is no discrimination when it comes to bad policing. so i orginally i don't think that it is and that's simply because a lot of social media really drives a lot of this and i think if we were seeing instances where there were people who
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were being brutalized by police or if there was a situation where there was a white person who was or any other ethnicity actually who had really suffered like george boyd i think that would add a different context to the notion that this is something that's more widespread across all the necessities i think that there is a lot better we can do there's and it takes some responsibility even though from us within the black community i was i remember i was just having a conversation assume call with senator joni ernst and she was talking about the responsibility that our white allies have in really moving us for moving us for one of the things i mentioned ringback to her that this actually requires uncomfort maybe us being uncomfortable at people being uncomfortable having these conversations and acknowledging that the police are not our enemy that i grew up in this is simply so for me growing up in a neighborhood where there were cops and sergeants and everything this is pretty
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common for me but maybe that does not seem think ace when you're in these densely packed environments like where i am now in d.c. there's a lot that we can do but i think that politics and politics ideological leanings and a lot of those things get in the way of progress a lot of those things that robert mention as far as what congress should have done or could have done quite some time ago many of those things weren't in bill but democrats that support that. well and that's where this gets political our politicians why we're having this question today is because the leadership is stepping up under this i'm going back to malaysia on this one because this is probably the 1st large scale racial injustice situation that president trump is having to deal with where you saw 15 of them under barack obama and you saw countless of them under george bush we keep not getting this right but as a republican watching this do you think g.o.p. elected officials are doing enough knowledge to deescalate this but can they do anything to prevent this from happening again because most of them are kind of just
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staying low in the community i don't even want to bother i don't i'm worried about doing that label put on me for even bringing it up. well one of the things that i think what preceded george floyd and i think this kind of explains where we are now what preceded george ford was amar ari and that will that is another situation where the video was suppressed and even though these people his assailants were not his murderers were not they were not law enforcement law enforcement was part of that system that really surprised this video then change or slow and i think for the republican even done chance perspective donald trump was one of those who didn't call out and it wasn't just donald trump you had everybody trey gowdy mike huckabee rudy giuliani all of these people have talked about these incidents which is very different from where we are because i think in these it's typically these 2 cases it was pretty clear there wasn't any type of situation where it is warmer or it was a white or brown or even a for
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a grain baltimore police these could possibly be interpreted where the victim played some sort of role in it this was pretty clear cut across the board i think that the republicans were we are kind of holding back because i think they're not just republicans are i got eyes in general they typically don't want to speak on these things because if they ask questions because i'm one of those i like talking i like communicating and so one of the things i'm going to do i want you to ask questions but i think that we do the moving to do service if we allow our white allies to have these conversations there may be things that they are just purely of lydia's of that doesn't mean that that person this race is so i think these conversations need to be open ended conversations were in gauging instead of just in raising which typically happens well and have a lot of in right now and getting you to robert on that's a lot of people are accusing chris i can teach and a lot of my life is happy and i straight thank i guess what that's not the people that are asking for racial injustice that's not the main purpose of black lives
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matter and yet we're seeing places like and chop sounds do you agree that with the mayor in seattle is just an example that that. showing leadership when she allows the zones to become basically police themselves or is it better to the mayors need to start stepping out both in new york chicago minneapolis across the country as these little individual mecca cities are being created do you think the mayors have to have to start stepping up as well and say not in my town. what members of start doing is stepping up and then sure they have racial equity in communities and they have community policing they bill wolff the systemic issues of brutality and over policing in african-american communities it's a. disenfranchisement on the electoral level they have to deal with a justification lack of it says to jobs like a plan for taisha these little chop zones or whatever they are called are distractions there are not some with jordi issue were african-americans a big dealing in fighting for these is that same change just for be nearly the entire 150 years that we've been free of this country so to get the stretch by you
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know some tents in seattle i think gets us away from the main point that we're at a kairos moment in american history where we were able to make the types of types of generational changes that have to happen and that have not happened to this point and to well it's point about scott's legislation tim scott's legislation was a step in the right direction but it was not the full step in the right direction that that is what the issue is because if you look at the 1964 civil rights at what lyndon johnson said it was that this was a step in the right direction and there will be legislation there after to fully flesh 'd is out that never came they watered down the 1956 civil rights that it watered down the $0.19 civil rights we got the $64.00 and they will never get anything there after so i think what people want now is not bites at the apple what the whole apple at once because we can't not have any guarantees 'd that after this moment passed that we'll get a 2nd chance to reform it then that is why it's important that we get the proper legislation will get true people at the table who are ready to make a difference and make a change and not simply have political rhetoric going back and forth because as you
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said it has not matter whether is a republican in office a democrat in office where there is a conservative government a progressive government we've had these issues were 150 years a time to change and we can't get in and i thought i don't need the last frontier lake on this question real quick if going to make a difference and when this may happen a lot of republicans go this is only happening right now because it's an election year how much credence to put into that argument. i think it's huge but i think that the as i sit with them are already and in the guns of george floyd's those we've never experienced just a collective a collective sigh we want it as we are man so i think that those specific incidents really changed the game yes the election year matters a lot but those specific instances changed again and i think from here he can only move forward i just hope that. well thank you both for continue the conversation will continue to go with that as we obviously hope that they send
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a successful outcome thank you gentleman but it's got to so now in part i want to leave our heroes with this thought for america 33rd president harry truman who said and period where there is no it leadership society a stand still progress occurs when courageous skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better now a better time and the president have a great weekend. on the larry king question listening learning you know i've always said i never learned anything where i was talking it's important to listen to question more.
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you cannot be vulgar with yet you like. americans are growing at propitious rates because america empire because it's easy for the top to see everything and nothing for everyone else america will be better off if it was not an empire so the collapse of the us dollar will be painful for a period of time but what comes on the other side will be i think a lot more amenable to no.
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secret prisons and usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived with. the work to view houses were. preserved were located and the only. access to the story investigators covered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. the great ignore. justice. greetings and sell you take. yes put another candle on the cake as the united
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states of america celebrates another birthday this year is coming and going of the 4th of july but. there is not much room for celebration because well my friends things are looking pretty grim here in the red white and blue land of enchantment and tater tots yes on the eve of its 244th birthday a majority of folks living inside the united states say that things are definitely not looking up in fact according to the hard working stat junkies at pew research there are statistics and findings and polling has found that about 7 in 10 americans 71 percent say they feel angry about the state of the country these days while roughly 2 thirds 66 percent say they feel fearful angry and fear of poll and who can blame us we've got code 19.


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