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tv   Documentary  RT  May 29, 2020 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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people must be played badly on our media most egos i suppose oh no. not this one about all the love money for. me because it gives me too much as the big book of what we said. someplace here most people most of them here are most came in nobody goes from believe me now it was with he was he was put oh you. mean those don't. meet that of the compass he was. going to someone on the list of people not united consuls who still live in the you i don't like them in the field vehicle. and also knows a lot of fun little models but if you see all of them up they call because they have you seen in a political muscle monosyllables a little bit of what you think of as a buddhist but on the plus. side but
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a compass you know if you know much about us all to get. a. feel good who put it in the. place and. go. i got to know most all that i got you in the community today and when you see below the light fires at the name one when you think you applied. a. little mentalist almost. in this here some of this comes on the. plate but i'm hot car look both highly mental the kind in the. come for mental.
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help at night so they went. but up boy i figured i once had a key in. one important thing about you and. your idea of i mean could be anyone may be. i mean they could keep. someone in the process of almost since you are little. 5 year olds. i mean most particular you'll come to meet that. is the mark of.
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the more mental approach the moment that for many companies he will thank you mr. include. through allowed in then one must combine year to fiddle with your theory keep the board in there my book will never be the latter met the last came in like . a lab robot look a look at the novelist but up where it's all the state are coming into his time and if they have a seizure. going if they are going to suspect that the you are in. say give simply to give simply land they want if you had people there is only going to compass enough yellow get out of here in colombia where it cannot see me into a compass you know use in a loop. well
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please join us the. entire you know then go with that and they see it then you. see that he thought your calculator. merely. that he has with us the way coca cola like the nasdaq you know the our local companies made a 1000000 on me let me look at the article community towie i thought me by media the way it is that i will see it all aspect all kind of eagerly papa you know here i want a spot on the scene of the moment that i just don't see clearly. since it will get a lot but i'm with every going to get us bundle yes these what it is already almost flawless 1000000 it does this go when they're not then the made up by the comment i mean for media that happens when i get a call but i like all katie is yard gioia. because they chatted a bit as they made landfall yes like ali. google but i let me
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come with outlook and it doesn't equal just. called iacocca. to me. when and then can but no one made a mistake when i suppose that. their name was that is the one they all know that it's inside. the united states. with their my joint educated is there. by law even a it's a window a believe give us a google easterly with a mutual with would 111 in your lap again i don't get is there the thought is they did do it and it was one of the has just been.
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yes. i don't miss. this case. you. know. but i. hope we can put on.
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one young. but i love seeing cool a lot out of the. channel this. would be you just. get on a. must begin you know how are you but only. only less you on the. compass he knows. not a good. kid is he to. always stay in this. for. so do you.
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know man because he never got that he got the b. and bill in on. this. that in england now but no i think on. the medical dr he can. call a. number of influences but i mean like people in political but i see on. the brain disease would you. say. yes to. this american are putting pressure on them but i think i remember a lot think that there are 15 and i want to give you one appears to appear busy. or kind of a little hard on there are 300 of your thoughts were taken literally hundreds of
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miles up you make it for the argument column or lower. it was. theirs or their servers i have to carry it around i'm out here not to get dinner. you're not what i produce kid i had to laugh but i would laugh i can be an impasse stuff but i don't know for our devices yeah i mean let's get ya must give me good story i'm going to go matthew and mark you don't want to. know that i love jennifer hudson last night i was in a very flattering on last interview yesterday with reporters in moscow to. get on him and i had an astronaut. her delighted with her from early on ask her. behavior of his background not by men. not ideas. therefore care
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for and if you're with a chemical worker i'm going to make them in front of a little money in. the feed lot of work if people remember they're going to control the whole not be learned there are 3 and i am appalled by john mcdermott just being able to see her skill nestorianism simple by jumping over the little good idea of perfect i'm going to fire you are going on into. the minute i've been in office and i thought i'm going under every rock on the biggest internet funny go get a visionary. there for school no rush. never came to an understanding that if.
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you cannot be bold with the yeah you like. is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation will community. are you going the right way or are you being led so.
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what is true what is great. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness.
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counting the cost and charting the future we demand any good theory to proceed it is time to assess the economic game just as the crisis changed between one company and if there's going to be a recovery what kind. and are there lessons to be learned. happen finding another one of the. way to go through a food. bank itself mukti about. closing this we've got to go through hard luck the thing on the other decide this the work of a coward and an optimist all right then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way.
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to. the floor and you can feel the fee this will persuade you that you have all the ability to get the. thanks but i think is this is the fans that is the company thank. you. there was a guy you could say maybe. in less paris. is he got. eat . a lot of kraut skin me from us all on to a hair would have he it will be i know there's a different data can be. made quite
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a lot of good news i do your right i'm not a big thing that he was the steam to be able to write a book. it's a wonder. he waited corn. into the godless i used just by media. used to do the old prove to us was keen to do it but i cannot bring uncle one could do a coke. music down most of us one never more or less here would have here columbiana. listowel school for if i said abuse was so rude on a lick to b. c. that except. the jawbone i meant they mostly have always been you know if. they want to give them a not guilty as well is put as well as a few days but i wanted to push on that was the one to. go because i didn't list i
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think on the name wasn't in the a.c.f. then yes i just placed the call a homophobe but i. did all school and they're not the most special enough. what does that go. on out of one of my photos poses almost white lines on the sink when to put it down wouldn't think when i just. when. you say who's there gets the i g g you know it's like you know i see the course though i just i guess you have of course double to laugh but i. got this but he goes on like any killer and i think that a lot but did i say i was going to name your das a lot shit ways jay wally has hit upon the amplitude of the end not difficulty someone believing it was just because they got the ball does it i'm not. quite that
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all of us it does this place then they just know when a troll on your place going to develop that you only have. the opportunity up. when it is someone who produces way past they don't know as they stand in no seat in my band i loneliness will see this going on in political money temple they get a yen even less you're not. gonna see what the person s. as i see now that i only see what is one of the new thought on the process wave files for a bit on the damage from 2 journalists with the u.s. . knows as enough of their leaders will see ellis he knows a lot of what they have equal in his present them in a school field but this i know is not at all events he is almost pro lemma but i just get that it put on my eyes i see nando not a me not son he this pleasant on the initials that we.
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moved to new now one of the middle you not meet up with kiddo. will no more use our children. we both see because he is the will of the miracles have shown could give to you most simply going to. be give you the most you know link up with and pretty in pink with movie theater with the school beloved by loud uncle more than through it will mean big. couple 1000000 like got out loud. when you know it's come face even though he. be in iraq we hope the little disposal movietone in a moment. in this one if you. look if you take a good look at a guest and look you don't know. what it is still mostly to be known to get it done most of the employees of the new most get go to be not in most. of the key. but in the sea. in theater it in the u.s.
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a little bit in guys would know that i wanted out you could be most goes. to school until he put up those. sort of maybe. it would be one thing to do it i mean being part of the oh. yeah my diet coke in 1st i like about i come up but i come out and come up. i think i'm going to go you have no keys really are mostly oh please you and i can't be ideological no make us. he was. good that there's
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a because on the whole inside i mean he seemed to. go back to the whole thing. is that when i would give my mouth he said. yes and i would be much. laughing count that i'm ok in this company. if i think that then you. what do you. make. a most manos they wanted to do you. think at this point of the. yes healed we do them 1st and then. in catalyst. you know came out and they got a promise they never. are missing 30000000 so this thing but all of the public eye
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something but the one as i lost them is this. i don't know where i am is if you don't know them what are the. pros you do. these. beautiful miss new no no i do not see i'm broke walkie-talkie. see what came out was out. there and there is no. playbook and then what i'm going to make that's a kind of a much. for your cause but where there was you know so if you are not a citizen working on a plane. because we're seeing. young. people most of the. time we have mother said. it's not familiar. with the will. it will you know why do i once i'm not going to put on my list of this because you
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. look at the deals but it's. just a matter of one of another but you know when it's not you know they know it does this neighborhood well you know they completely ended up out of it but they can't gamble it. always was complaining because they would you go walk. in most cume say principal i'm married to us consulate that's going to something which. is when i say so. it will mean to live by my dear god less a stance or less immediacy accepted by stomach or do you want to. say i'm. going to meet. a case one not quite a few counties being sued by the main. p.c. and the guy you can believe me i'm just a. little less i mean. i called you i
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called. you on. pussy a little bit a little in love the idea is. they. don't. seem a little but i. mean you. know when you're my. kid legal construct that. i kind of the feel of it will. not be lost but i'm going to have to be able to see it in the. least. a bit so that we'll see you more. than a lot of people going to. get out of. a key in this busy period once and close your eyes down don't put out the meat that.
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is. your style a head of people go is. the hospitals they. wait a couple. of minutes get a buzz out and not only did. they give. you. a yes but. he's. going woman. puts a look inside your bengal and you need whole new. which one use. simply keep. the brunt of. this or leave. it alone with. the bomb was crazy.
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about it but i'll. be. hard. but i can use kagan. naughtiest the most this he'll. come up. with of a 1000000 in a long while i'm at the local one i would. also see. example with your knowledge. but i think a. lot of companies you know need to because
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a lot. of what you're saying they call me that. noir you were not good models. and also number one up last is the only. one of the. most voters this is when you do compile these you.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then. no shots. actually felt. no just. switch your thirst for action. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to heal some air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason
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for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on the story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. if we see culture on. prohibitions against kill. at the same time virtually every culture on earth more rewards you enormously if you use killed the
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right person and in one setting it is the most horrendous damaging thing to match in the world and in another setting is a little wondrous thing that they will give you more medals or that people will vote through you because of that the people want to mate with you because you're good at doing that sort of say. no what's a clip of she holds no use to you. are most good but the way it's always at the k. it was a gun battle royal moment and the late. well you know. who told us that would get the clintons up. if they can. see the. you know. the. yes.
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a 3rd night of unrest in minneapolis police station torched by protesters experience the death in police custody of a black man splits the profits for united states. problems will further relax its lockdown starting june the 2nd easing restrictions on cafes talks to on travel in 5 becomes 3. and a new study shows a surge in prescriptions for antidepressants in the u.s. with doctors raising the alarm about that with addiction.


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