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tightening the screws france begins to ease itself down with the government convinced that it's got the virus rather than a theory a lessening of restrictions could backfire. look this is new to see. the look down this week the british prime minister reveals his plan to help steer the country back to some semblance of normality but the lowdown stays put for now with a new covert alert system to monitor progress. and 33000000 americans have been left jobless by the crisis the nair of the hardest hit city employees billionaires to help reimagined post virus and.
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good afternoon and welcome thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. we'll start with an update on the latest global coronavirus figures the total number of infections that is now above 4200000 284000 lives have been lost more than 1500000 people have recovered. france is taking its 1st tentative steps back to normality today it's a week lockdown these being eased back although some restrictions will remain in place for instance masks are mandatory on public transport while some see the overall move as being positive for this fear it could lead to a 2nd spike in infections or do risky has details. from today that's monday many
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shops will be able to reopen schools will start to reopen public transport will be running more efficiently than it has over the last 8 weeks people hoping to get the taste of freedom for the last 8 weeks every time they've left the house of had to have a personal permission slip and act to say exactly why they're leaving the house for a select narrow set of reasons that has now been disbanded with them people will be able to move freely within. the country is split into some regions still in the red zone which means there are a heightened concern. to the fires in those regions and here in paris is one of those regions this is what the prime minister said when he. was definitely going to be the easing restrictions from. me the president the republicans confirming
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that given the latest results the progressive lifting of the measures can start or maybe. it's another step in the fight against the epidemic it is good news for france and for the french people well not so much good news is that public parks and green spaces will be reopening for the moment that's expected to take place. will start late june now already. people coming into the. sanitizer but now shops will also be able to. wearing face masks they are also. all public transport in france with people. facing a fine of 135 euros now there has been criticism over the plans as to how that's going to. transport network saying you know they didn't have enough people on the ground to be able to enforce that and looking for. help and in
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fact this morning many fronts t.v. stations have been showing some of the chaotic scenes not just in the metro here in paris but also in stations and connecting stations around the country showing carriages full of people not respecting the fact that despite there are moved freedoms now that social distancing is according to the government in parity of those also criticism of teach from teachers saying you know we shouldn't be opening the schools while some businesses are concerned that some of the advice from the government hasn't been the exactly clear in the not really sure what they can and can't do there are also those businesses who can open such as cafes and restaurants and bars you off that they haven't been included in this easing over the restrictions and there's also criticism from the public a sense from the public that they not quite sure that the government's got perhaps the right strategy all the government is going to succeed in its strategy one poll
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showing that 74 percent of people didn't think public transport would be safe to use another poll showing that some 58 percent almost 6 in 10 people didn't think that the government would be able to successfully implement exit strategy and of course there is also this fear that while many people are hoping to see more freedoms down to get out and about that they will be that predicted the 2nd wave of the coronavirus of the french government has stated very clearly if there is a 2nd wave if there is a rise almost restrictions that people are hoping to see in the back of they will be back. well with life in the united kingdom put on hold now for almost 2 months the prime minister took to the nation's t.v. screen sunday night to outline a possible way forward will be a gradual easing of restrictions although every step will be strictly monitored there's also no exact date when the full lockdown will be lifted what is the hourly
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has details from london the u.k. prime minister boris johnson addressing the country on sunday evening analysing his plans to resolve a lot of the measures that have been in place in the u.k. since the end of march but the prime minister was also stressed that the country isn't in a position to lift those lockdown measures in any meaningful way it will know this is not the time simply to in the lock down this week it would be madness not to throw away that achievement by allowing a 2nd spike we must stay alert we must continue to control the virus and saved lives. now with the u.k. having the highest death toll in the whole of europe mr johnson announced perhaps a new strategy moving forward the announcement of 8 fight it system ranking a threat from coded 90 similar to the type of anti terrorism threat level
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assessments we've seen in countries like the u.k. and elsewhere with the ranking government front low level one all the way up to critical level 5 and obviously the lower the rating the more those locked out restrictions can be lifted to chart our progress and to avoid going back to square one where establishing a new alert system run by a new joint bio security center could be the look level would tell us how tough we have to be in our social distancing missions the lower level the fewer the measures the higher level of the top and stricter we would have to be now to have been some accusations that mr johnson wasn't particularly clear when he came to explaining some of the measures for example saying that people who couldn't work from home should go back to work but of course many workplaces like restaurants like theaters
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remain closed so unclear exactly how those people could go back to work now this is johnson also of course announcing gradual easing of restrictions on wednesday we could see unlimited exercise being allowed in public places like parks but again there are fears that the public could just take advantage of that to flout the law rules that later on in the summer we could see the lifting of the strict sions on children going to primary school and secondary school for example and also later on in the summer we could also see for example bars and restaurants opening one small albeit with social this. unseen measures in place but mr johnson was also keen to stress that should receive one small increase in the rates of infection or even in the number of people losing their lives after testing positive with coke and 19 then the harsher restrictions could once more be put back in place we'll be
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monitoring our progress locally regionally and nationally and if there are outbreaks if there are problems we will not hesitate to put on the brakes. and incest doctor and author malcolm kendrick believes that the easing of restrictions will be good news for patients with other conditions who are now more medical attention. we need to be relaxing restrictions now because of the there are also other problems that we're not they're not talking about if you're not coming to a hospital because they're got chest pains if you are staying at home children only really going to want to take one diabetes which the major problems are to us that those children are right each of us who says this is terrified to bring them because we're told that so so there's a lot of times that it's going on and. you know pieces with cancer not being treated patients with other serious conditions that are not immediately life
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threatening are not being treated so i think even just from an old perspective you know i think you know with respect we should definitely be a lot in this in my opinion we should have planned it earlier i think that they now recognize that actually we shouldn't be trying to fill up. with people who are either got kuwait or potentially have got what i call somebody unexploded boxes that oh it's all right they don't have any so you know and then they sent me here now recognize that this is not. a fire that broke out at a hospice in the russian city of charisma gorski overnighters claimed 10 lives early reports suggest that the fire was caused by an electrical fault also revealed that the hole was wedged in his presidential with no permission to carry out functions as a hospice a criminal investigation has been launched with the owner reportedly being questioned. new york remains the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in the u.s.
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as it struggles to deal with the rapid rise in infections and whether some neighborhoods in the bronx queens staten island they've been hit far harder than wealthy ones as the new documentary highlights. the. quarantining new york is a little bizarre because there's there's like 2 worlds right so we're in a world 2 where we feel very isolated we're working from home but we're still working and then there's this like other part of new york that we don't see when you look at like the map of how home it is played some of the wealthier neighborhoods it's been far more contained in the numbers are much lower than some of the flora neighborhood it's like 2 different world.
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service i'm all evil how many absent certainly allowed to be early we probably don't argue over the last 2 weeks and we have more than 100 more to go and we're going round going in new york which is considered one of the or areas. in the we were with the other core population are dying water because in everyday circumstances when you go to a hospital in new york city and probably not any of. the 1st thing they actually are is you having to put the body of the in to you will ya please do you think this is a real. me while the new york state governor has already outlining his post outbreak plans but his decision to call on america's richest how about this prompted anger in the big apple at the moment as the story. united states has the world's top number of
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coronavirus deaths and 33000000 americans have now filed for unemployment u.s. officials are saying this is a catastrophe on par with 911 or pearl harbor many have accused the u.s. government of dropping the ball failing to provide adequate health care and effectively mobilize relief however the new york state governor andrew cuomo has found some saviors to help reimagine new york in the aftermath of the pandemic billionaires. cuomo has given eric schmidt the c.e.o. of google the task of helping to reimagine new york in the aftermath of the pandemic with talent health remote learning and broadband probably the best mind in this country if not in this on the globe to do this is i believe a true visionary especially in the field of technology and that's eric schmidt and
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we've asked him to come work with us now google has already earned a distrust of millions with their project nightingale that acquired the personal medical records of millions and their ownership of fitbit. the new york governor has also decided to bring bill gates on board bill gates the microsoft founder and billionaire is set to help revolutionize schools across the state bill gates is a visionary in many ways and his ideas and thoughts on technology and education he's spoken about for years but i think we now have a moment in history where we can actually incorporate and advance those ideas advocates of public education have slammed his initiative as pushing privatization . both the gates foundation and your coma have a history of pushing privatization and agendas that have the potential to destroy
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public schools this collaboration raises a red flag and real questions about what shape our reimagine public schools will take postponed demick and whether there will be recognizable as public schools at all the gates foundation or big advocates of common core and initiatives aimed at advancing america's performance and education which is already quite low especially in the field of mathematics the program actually has made things worse since 2013 when it was implemented at this point test scores are at a historic low. or new york city mayor mike bloomberg has been drafted to help out in the field of health care you set to create a human contact tracing network mayor michael bloomberg has volunteered to help us develop and implement the tracing program thank you very much for taking it on because it is going to require a lot of attention a lot of insight
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a lot of experience and a lot of resources big tax on based out of southern california is now setting up shop in the big apple many fear that while this could create billions of dollars in profit for the silicon valley monopolies it will result in even more dependence from new yorkers on these mega corporations can't think of a worse or more dangerous development than this one hope new york education and health care unions are getting prepared for defied of their lives. trying to take out the troubling democracy play acting goes straight through by billionaires monday gates tuesday smits next abed's history magine the future of the economy and is it to imagine news friday maybe black or just runs everything. 1st bill gates and now eric schmidt these are not people who should determine for us how best to provide services to everyday new yorkers instead we should tax them all so people whose job it is to decide state policy can do so more effectively now the pandemic
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is far from over and my cd is still shut down but the race to dominate the post code at 19 world has already started and not surprisingly the billionaires have gotten a head start you know it doesn't surprise me that hollywood you sell you know let me tell you about the real new yorkers see what. we see that just in that recent state budget he cut $2000000000.00 from medicare $400000000000.00 from hospitals in the middle of a pandemic i mean we see have we have any and also you never taxes are all you never never taxes odds are so many proposals and status and. to tax the leaders tax corporations you know to me it's like a bunch of billionaires getting together and creating new institutions and this post from their car on they lived in this echelon this is rural onto their own was
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you know and you really see how they lose touch with you know the normal ordinary person. democratic presidential hopeful joe biden's perhaps feeling more confident now about the sex abuse scandal has been dragged into that's after the media started to play on the fact that one of his accusers lawyers appeared to be a long standing supporter of president trump build the wall previously having worked for the russian news agency sputnik all of that ignoring the fact that the alleged sex assault occurred back in 1993 when the full story after this break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you there. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or a made in the shallows. make
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sure words less trustworthy in the current us political and media circles it seems any connection to russia or president donald trump woman who accused democratic nominee joe biden of carrying out a sexual assault back in the ninety's is now being treated as a russian agent for exactly that looks at what stands behind the accusations. so many of us do not just be the perfect time to explore new things in my days of solitude i think how do you my skills as an actor and i want to show you guys something i've been watching i call it the diary of a bullshit democrat the 1st to get into character russian national she drops a couple times a double dose of the president ok i'm ready. like my photo i was blindsided by the section some of the actions agents made it gates
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to bite and by someone tara reid i mean i know some woman has come forward for accused by reason of your already uncomfortable with that snipping and touching and there are all those photos of him and then there's the hash tag keep job i said but i think such a convincing no no something's fishy here and of recent days new evidence has come tonight revealing reid's accusations for what they really are a huge russian conspiracy an attempt to get that topic trump away and that it not the 1st alarm bells when i saw who is representing reid torah regis go to new lawyer his name is douglas wigdor he supported donald trump in the 2016 election and gave $55000.00 to the trump campaign and the r. and c. ger in that cycle surprised coincidence i think not i mean we do did also donate to a bunch of democratic candidates in 516 and he defended fox employees an agenda
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discrimination case and he did so represent christine lacy for when she confronted by counting up. my argument that let's just forget also making the super suspicious the other lawyer being defended by one of the tour knees working for terror read is bill moore and a former employee of sputnik the russian government's english language propaganda arm i mean i couldn't put it better than this very professional and i'm biased and i said see john list between that and read alexandra lawyer who was fired from sputnik your sputnik for get this incorrectly reporting a wiki leaks story something about this whole story and its timing stinks to high heaven also stinking to high heaven the fact that we tell is clearly a wash plant i mean she criticized america for its imperialism whatever that means and last week talked about president putin back chested on
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a horse she literally wrote a love letter to the murderer trying to keep biden from the white house. yet the new york times is calling for the d.n.c. to establish a truth panel and investigation for what we all know the real truth the kremlin has been cooking us up for decades they thought all the way back in 1000 times to the bike one day run for president so they plucked a random young doctor put herself in a life long psychologically damaging situation to say she qualified to when he finally got close to keep the white house but they had to make it believable so they got several people in on it to be like her ex-husband on several occasions petitioner tara reid related a problem that she was having at work regarding sexual harassment and u.s. senator joe biden's office and her ex neighbor i remember her saying here was this person that she was working for him she added lies to him and he kind of put her against
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a wall and he put his fan of her skirt and he couldn't spinners insider she found that she was assaulted and she really didn't feel there was anything she could do and even a mother i'm wondering what. would. go through the press in washington my daughter is there after working for a prominent senator and could not get through with her problems i mean like he's about to payrolls you contrast the thing that comes out of his mouth anyway that when the cavanagh case came along they probably thought they had it in the bag women do not sit around making these things up these women have come forward knowing they have everything to lose they thought that will do it these women who hounded caffein are commonplace double standards to that over presumptive presidential nominee who should not be running on character for the president the united states you want him to withdraw i wish he would well have
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a home because one woman says nice things about russia and goes off to my candidate the only one that's not. shaky on his 7 year old life as much prissy as i could think to into my hash time's up canvassed. so what you think. you'll find too subtle it's going to. legal analyst for the us to believe the whole sex scandal around joe budden sprue the hypocritical true of the me to the point the truth is now that we're seen this with joe biden with terror read is that it's not me too for all women it's me too only to protect women that accuse donald trump or his associates it's only me to if you accuse somebody who we don't like if you accuse one of our guys we can't really believe what you say that's absolutely duplicitous and it's exactly what this movement similar movements have been supposed to stand against this is complete
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apocrypha and we're finding out more and more that the democratic party in america and that includes a lot of the mainstream media outlets that the mainstream media the democratic party in america are just they're just interested in helping themselves they do not care about women they only care about women that are going to help their political and their social causes that's all they care about as women for their own political gain if it hurts their political gain those women can be tossed aside. let me just quickly bring you some breaking news just in this is from russia which is heading towards lifting some restrictions now starting from a 12 the country will be ending its non-working period that's what president vladimir putin has just announced via a video link a few moments ago he also announced the signing a decree on the work going into the fight against the coronavirus by today regions have been required to present the president with plans for lifting restrictions but the final decision on an easing that will be made by doctors says the president and
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also said that the fight against the virus will continue and all restrictions will be lifted step by step. and average right up to date really appreciate you staying with this era marty as we continue to keep you informed through our website r.t. dot com various social media channels and of course the live t.v. broadcast from studios here in moscow plus london and washington now start hand over indeed to our to u.k. 11 days for you in half an hour.
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we go to work so you straight home. good food descriptions sound up to tell using even for the owners so how to choose this pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the pet turns out that food may not be a sophie people belief we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders they've cut allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge of a demick of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets less treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of
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their food because they're already making a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. time after time here we're going on the ground from the country where the worst coronavirus death toll in europe as countries across the gone didn't begin to ease the lockdowns and fuse. coming up in the show risky business how to interpret our politicians of the podiums of a today give us a life or death advice on coronavirus we investigate risk literacy with risk and rationality scholar at the max planck institute harding risk literacy center director professor good grounds and 1st class passengers on a sinking ship has covered 900 further exposes deepening cracks in us that your
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money power we ask award winning sociologist which blackman how mass mobilization can now transform the neoliberal world order only some more coming up in today's going underground or 1st all around the world our politicians will today be telling you how to live your lives and not be killed by coronavirus how to decode what they're saying and bypass the politicized spin incompetence. joining me via skype from berlin is director of the harding center of a risk literacy professor good grounds and thanks so much greg for coming on so as i say we're going to all be watching our politicians tell us about the fact that they are following the science how should we interpret what those politicians tell us in the in the context of risk and literacy i think it would be really important that people themselves think about the risks get into or only with their behavior i'm also not sure.


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