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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 22, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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greetings and sal you take us let us start today with a little black gold texas tea you know i'm talking of course about oil yes in a fossil fuel driven world oil is at the center from which everything else springs sport including the hand-holding love affair u.s. politicians have shared with the saudi royal family the political and business relationship between saudi arabia and the united states of america has always been a controversial one at best and downright despicable at worst at least to those of us you know most of us eyes living outside of the washington d.c. oil lubricated power structure but now in the wake of the coded 19 pandemic in the
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prices of oil balling to rock bottom prices around the globe due to lack of consumption the once mighty fossil fuel power structure is frankly falling to pieces even us oil production for the 1st time in history dropped below the 09 to an incredible negative negative $37.00 per barrel negative. yes they don't pay you to take care to take the oil up their hands but what the once mighty oil empire of saudi arabia now crumbling when asked to wonder just what the united states government is still trying to protect when it was revealed last week during a civil lawsuit brought against the saudi government by the families of 911 victims then in a series of filings u.s. attorney general william barr yes william barr the addon as well as the acting director of national intelligence richard grinnell and other senior officials insisted to
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a federal judge in the civil case that further disclosures about saudi connections to the $911.00 plot would imperil national security and in case you were hoping to at least know why the contents of these documents would impair all u.s. national security well you don't get to know that pro publica goes on to a point that the administration insisted in court filings that even its justification for that secrecy needed to remain u.s. secret. not even 19 years plummeting oil prices and a pandemic apparently can break down the walls of u.s. government secrecy that still surround the attacks on september the 11th 2001 which is why we are always watching the hawks. on a city street. to. see this. great
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city this least systemic just says show. so. we're going to watch and. and i'm obese across so ms cross while they still play a game of we're not going to let you know anything about 911 not even the victim families of the victims trying to sue the saudi arabian government for potentially their involvement which we saw come to light in recent years about their low level involvement at least that's what they're saying low level involvement that's incredible it's incredible and extremely disturbing because i think that you mentioned this but we saw all earlier last year where they were so much resonance around those families there were different celebrities in the media leaks coming in crying before congress talking about how we really need to get to the bottom of this obviously there are the families themselves and you had a congress you had
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a president who acted as though something was going to happen who acted as though saudi arabia we would have we would have more information and they would be there would be some sense of relief for these families that were thinking of that all of that i mean. last september the 11th that a ceremonial gathering at the white house representatives of the families of those killed in the attack asked for full access to the f.b.i. secret files to help their case that's what they were asking for bread eagleson a banker whose father was killed the world trade center was. at that event stated quote he looked us in the eye on 911 shook our hands in the white house and said i'm going to help you it's done i think the 911 families have lost all hope now that the president is going to step up and do the right thing he's too beholden to the saudis you see that again now with bars saying no no no and there are secrets there what secrets are there left you know that's the real question about to ask you what are you protecting how does it harm u.s. national security to know who exactly was ultimately involved with 911 or will it
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make us look bad or will make members of the bush administration look bad you know who is this going to who is really her and of course i think is going to make members of the potentially make members of the bush administration look worse i don't think they came out of it looking good in the 1st place but there are there's also a relationship a very complicated one the united states has had with saudi arabia across multiple presidencies and there's been somewhat of a friendly handshake slash turn our backs when we know they're doing shady things situation that we have been ok with for a very long time i think this could potentially open up a powder keg if i'm if the american public actually knows just how deep everything was around 911 and their level of involvement but it also pulls into question president trump's pretty chummy relationship with the saudi n.b.s. most definitely it's interesting too because since the plaintiffs filed their lawsuit in federal district court in new york a 27 team is so long ago that this issue is going on their primary focus is but on the relationship between the hijackers and you know low level at the time for what
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we know low level saudi officials that were here in the states it's also important to note the really kind of jumps out at me is pro publica is also reporting the bar insisted to the court that public discussion of the issue public discussion of the issue would reveal information that could cause the very harms my assertion of the state secrets privilege is intended to prevent it blows my mind i mean i just cannot like. when you don't. know we've said on the show a lot of times when you don't want to look nefarious stop acting the various when you don't want to look like somehow the united states look the other way or god forbid was implicit in some capacity with what happened on that day stop acting like you have a secret to hide it and it looks as though we definitely do as a country and it's problematic on many fronts not just for the families and those have been involved but also because the united states government is hiding
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something that could be not only potentially harmful to the faith that individuals have in our in our government institutions already but also it's all mistakes and we know that this is happened time and time again a billboard to his. deficient level of credit is a puppet for the top administration there's a lot think he is trying to circumvent right now and he just doesn't want the truth to be told and i think i think it's important for people to realize the you know member of the trip administration came in as well kind of waving the flag that we're going to bend over that we're going to drain the swamp we're going to do things like we never were going to do before but you saw him for a lot of people in that crowd that supported him they were people that sort of weird was with happen with j.f.k. so we were not on my level but now he's done that about face j.f.k. didn't release everything the cia said about everything you know and i don't swap turned into business as usual exactly that's where you saw over and over and over again. scammers in those looking to take advantage of people when they're down on their luck or the lowest of the low they prey on the weak vulnerable and those in
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need of assistance in times of crisis these scum of the earth tend to rear their ugly heads the covert 19 outbreak has left many across the globe in both positions outside of their control and some landlords are taking advantage of this while tenants are struggling to make ends meet lambert's are slick soliciting sexual favors in lieu of rent payments for that cell it's happening. expects for housing is the reality economically disadvantaged tenants are faced with the hawaii state commission on the status of women has received numerous reports of landlords sexual harassment and it over the past couple of weeks coinciding with the recent job loss furloughs and economic uncertainty driven by the coronavirus pandemic and the time for perjury tactics and dark room deals designed to take advantage of those struggling couldn't be more perfect as of last week a total of nearly $22000000.00 americans filed for unemployment benefits according
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to renee williams a senior staff attorney at the national housing project landlords have all the leverage in the landlord tenant relationship and in these situations they especially prey on women who are vulnerable who are housing insecure have bad credit or who don't have anywhere to go. sexual harassment in housing it isn't new nor limited to the fallout caused by kobe 19 there are cases dating back to the seventy's and eighty's within public housing projects and throughout the early 2000 to present day in fact in 2017 a federal lawsuit filed in kansas outlined widespread complaints of sexual harassment towards female tenants from 2009 to 2014 the 10 it's not only one but to date the justice department has filed or settled 18 different sexual harassment cases and housing recovering nearly 2700000 dollars for victims that's that's incredible i wish it was higher i wish that number was. really hurts of a deep level when you see
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a story like this because it's like that's your home not someone's home not someone they're paying rent because that's the one place on earth that they want to be able to feel safe at your home. and it's beyond upsetting just because these are people who are already and ultimately vulnerable positions and i do want to hearken on the fact that this is not just significant for kobe 1000 yes we've seen some upticks across the country but for people who are in battered women's shelters there have been housing landlords who have come to those shelters to talk to the managers and they actually end up taking in a lot of these women and once they get there now it's time for your no sex for pay and it's a situation that we've seen across this country for a really long time we have it in what's interesting to me is the there's not really any kind of infrastructure available to protect the victims of this kind of search will be which is they're not like there's not really like ok we know we can go to h.r. you know if you're in a workplace at least since me too you feel a little more comfortable or you know what i can talk about it to h.r. maybe something can happen but what are you doing what can you do and that is the
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major issue most people don't know who to report to it is there is no age are specifically for a lot of these housing projects that folks find themselves and or even in terms of public housing for hood there is so many levels before you can. actually report anything for those who live in assisted living organism housing projects and it's pressure because those women feel like there is no place for them to turn because who do you report you can't report it to your landlord he's the one who's doing the abuse that you're right you're right and that's this rock and a hard place mess that this and i'm glad that you pointed out the important fact that this is a problem that's been a long time you know happening over years and years and years you know covert puts a little more of a spotlight on it but this is something that's been affecting women for a long time absolutely i mean there have been lawsuits across the state of ohio where there were there were landlords who were offering sexual favors to either delay rent payments or in many cases to actually be able to take away a lot of the
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a lot of the interim burden so if someone's credit didn't allow them to live in a certain place then landlords would offer some levels of sexual favors to get over that rent hurdle and bring people in so we seen those cases one in particular was a guy who literally had cameras placed in the in the homes so he was able to monitor these women as they were undressing as they were showering and thankfully that case went before the federal before the federal government and there was restitution paid to the victims but this is something that we've seen here for years this isn't and this isn't something that's just containing the united states either absolutely not europe has also very large cases london specifically there have been cases there where again most of these women many of them battered or abused women some of them in dire economic straits who are running from you know abuse situations find themselves in housing projects where the where the landlords are taking extreme advantage of them particularly younger women who don't really
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have any place to turn not only are they threatening them after they send them sexually explicit photos or after they you know show up on their door basically asking for these favors but they are also people who know that these women have no place to report to google's going to go. with the screams to me and. and what you know one of the things that could actually help this and maybe i'm wrong but one of the things that could at least a little bit help this at least right now during cold it is if you have the referees as it was you had this thing where people didn't have to worry about someone holding their rent over their head and that kind of thing correct absolutely and that's the serious part because it is something that we could even levy a very quickly if we were able to say hey you know you don't have to worry about this right now you know that good story good good story and i hope people pay attention to it and keep up on it and we do actually get some infrastructure put in place to solve this problem moving forward all right as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on demand through the brand new portable t.v. app which is available on smartphones through google play and the apple app store you can do this by simply searching portable t.v. or you can stream us to your t.v.
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at home by downloading the portable t.v. ads on apple t.v. and on line of portable t.v. more devices will be available for portable t.v. coming soon and coming up on this show legal analyst molly barrows joins us to discuss the latest on the u.s. government's moves to bail out the wealthy wealthy let the poor suffer and in florida keep the w w e essential to our daily lives we don't want to miss this stating the watching the whole.
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thing. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is truth what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida
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the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery it meaning messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court. i am shocked shocked as far as society we feel. we don't know she'll share this truth on. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know childress.
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when the con. takes a nosedive the us government doesn't bail out those who've lost their jobs can't afford rent or mortgage is and are seeking assistance to keep their small businesses afloat no uppal sam bails out big misses large corporations and banks it's the american way a 2 trillion dollar relief package with a payout for individuals that doesn't even cover one month's rent but rest assured the small business package would help your local business not so fast the 3 $150000000000.00 relief fund was exhausted days ago leaving small business owners high and dry but chains like chris and checks shake shack got their money shake shack c.e.o. found his conscience and gave it to him 1000000 back citing how the restaurant
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chain has access to capital that others don't funny how the c.e.o. knew that but those giving up the money didn't the survival of working class households is the pending own government response of this not to their prized lobbyist groups favoring wealthy and powerful business and private interests but the responsiveness to everyday american but economic bailouts thus far have heavily favored everyone but me american people who need it the most in florida former governor rick scott let the movement to dismantle unemployment benefits for those in need a decade ago republican lawmakers cheered the agenda and danced as unemployment compensation disappeared almost entirely today with florida's economy heavily dependent on tourism and only 6 percent of unemployment claims paid out the sunshine state is going dark. on top of everything somehow some way pro-wrestling was designated as an offense show business. things can't get any crazier. joining us now is legal journalist.
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molly always a pleasure having you. here in florida so we'll start with what's going on there for those estimated to lose about $1000000.00 jobs by june with an unemployment rate of 15.5 percent by july it's needless to say the current system will fail unemployed floridians what can the state legislature do to assist residents during this time and will they you know will federal assistance bail out the state of florida that is one of the labor and. the real question is what. the answer angry e-mails and calls and. calls for them to come off floridians are angry and they're definitely seeing the results. like you mentioned forward. i mean it stands now is already one of the lowest unemployment benefits. in the state in the nation so it's a bad situation for a lot of. 2 point really dire packages. a little while ago.
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trickle down from what you know it's interesting that it was implemented federal benefits $600.00 a week namely individuals that something of the you know the whole entire unemployment the government that there. has been working properly and a lot of that need the money aren't getting that help and a good reason for that is because. we made it to number we do those employment benefits the lower the amount of money they receive and you know when they want to do it and then benefits. under do we get to argue against that former governor now running or he said no that's more than a lot of people are getting they were already on the point of going to discourage them from going back to work i don't think we could have a more out of touch senator because this is a state where a lot of people rely on tourism they rely on. you know working at restaurants and
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service industries down people are hurting and so when they see these decisions being made in iraq it's really frustrating i think in some ways this bailout will help because a lot of our revenues. in that. legislators do in having the money to address this. but you know the again let's set up distribute federal payment so again people who need it the most aren't getting it because problems with the portal and they're working on it presently they are a lot of people are still waiting there are hold lube issues that are going on and really i think the are the coronavirus shows just all the weaknesses and it's aggression that is really going on in the right. situation and molly you mentioned this partially in your your response
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a moment ago but florida's economy is driven by industries that coping 1000 has affected the most we're talking leisure hospitality retail many of those jobs just going to come back what will florida do to the state itself. you know they're going to have to address the nation. we're going to have to take a look at it and we're going to have to look at job creation and and john training you know you can't rely on. the weather's nice and more because all you can do you need to get out to the beach. open it up again well i think i think you're going to do you think you're going to like a lot enough where they you know when you make decisions like allowing iraq again. to wonder is really making decisions that are overall going to. rely on one of the program on and vacation in florida and or the 1000000 will that rely on the many more we've got to do more to help oscillation. were you the opportunities and not
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just stand out as oh they're always look internally and out they don't want to work . in trouble or any not her fraud allegations as well and so you know for them that's a real opportunity here to step up and do the right thing and then everyone will they do it and trying to stage it's always interesting going here it's like a wild west well you know it's interesting because i think florida is also a microcosm for a lot of issues that are happening that are that are affecting states across this country because of some of the policies that were in place before this this pandemic i want to jump you mentioned the you know before of the clear of the essential business which look i have a history obviously with the given my father and all that you know but what with florida facing massive job losses and growing income inequality how can we possibly just apply allowing wrestling with no one when you can even as a floridian go in and see it and pay money to go see the event but i don't understand this move at all. a lot of people are asking the question that was up
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you know i. mentioned you know alleged you need as root is already out of orlando and under them expanding the former c.e.o. now married to the current you know the world wrestling entertainment when i was there was some times i've been at reading is. that trumps you support israel election campaign so there's no need to change in anything and we're not getting that those sorts of connections certainly make you know. so if you don't ease in the central business when you have so many people that are hurting out of organic and you know i clinic down on one of my friends or small business owners. and so when you're looking and seeing and i like wrestling is not really entertaining when you have to say. oh my gosh i'm content that's not very reassuring there are literally charming there are. money to pay
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their bills you know what are you going to get about. are having to go to school anymore they're going to rely on online learning which again it's not as though it's not as intensive it will are my actually is that what they're going to have to fall back on you know because there are not going to be any to describe it so i think that we do think a lot of people do that we use i think a lot of learning and need. a lot of reading think. oh you want to keep electing a guy like governor former governor now senator as. we do you guys. you know when you're in by the way we look back we don't want to clarity and radio american. or the mall or we always love it when you come when you're spending your soapbox on the show always a pleasure having me on and you take herself out of florida and keep up the great work. with the absence
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of human beings around thanks to stay at home orders and social distancing the world around us appears to finally be breathing a sigh of relief as we've reported. pollution levels dropping but many species who are on the brink thanks to human beings are starting to make a comeback including the leatherback sea turtles in point of fact baby leatherback sea turtles on a beach in thailand researchers discovered a lebanon new leatherback sea turtle nest the largest amount seen there in over 2 decades meanwhile here in the united states once again talking about florida on florida's juno beach an incredible $76.00 leatherback 'd baby sea a total mess were discovered with less human traffic and plastic and garbage to say that the future little ones stand a much better chance of making it out of their nests and to the oceans and hopefully the way to go baby sea turtles got a love that all right. all right that is our show for today remember of one in this
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world we're not told but we love enough so i tell you all i love you i am tired and i'm watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and i go see a turtle. has changed. the pharmaceutical companies the rescue the solution. based drugs the people who are chronic pain. believe that their prescription is working for them on the remedy to. price at the. dependency and addiction to opiates the long term use that really isn't scientifically just now study actually suggest that. the long term effects might not just be absence of benefit but actually the long term.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped. blue dares thinks. we dared to ask. when i was told small seemed wrong all right old old just all. the old you get to shape out these days you can't get out of jail and engagement equals betrayal all the once on a find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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so i mean this is to put on the chain on the. with nothing to do in the design it's in the. vocal just going to. show we're still up. should. you put it's not. so there is too.
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much. this is the one business show you can't afford to miss i'm in washington coming up markets remain low as oil tries to claw back some of its way from lafayette and more high profile companies move toward declaring bankruptcy. urging us to america's tech giants that you think privacy rules will explain what the west coast fans want. to be today for let's go and dive right in.


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