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tv   News  RT  April 19, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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yes well the world of politics. i'm sure i'll see you then. moscow rolls out automated id checks to allow essential travel around the city during the long day and after the digital scheme suffered some glitches on the city's metro system. this doesn't make sense. for medics in the united states or their lives are being put at risk by the government's failure to supply hospitals with protective equipment. and french teachers and doctors criticised for the plan to reopen schools by mid may. and dangerous.
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great to have you with us here with your global news update this is r.t. . let's start with the latest covert 19 figures more than 2300000 cases now being confirmed worldwide at least 161000 people have died with the highest death toll coming in the united states and also 604000 people have recovered from the virus. you know. orthodox christians around the world are celebrating easter sunday but for most going to church is not an option this year because of the pandemic so and russia services are being live streams and of the russian orthodox church truck karylle is urged people to stay at home and pray 11 overnight vigil at the things really christ the savior of moscow attended by just
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a small group of clergy traditionally thousands would gather there to light candles from the holy fire flown in from jerusalem while the russian orthodox church is given some recommendations on how to bless the traditional east the cake at home and president vladimir putin sent out his easter greetings. with i'm going to present what we did was look these east to celebrate ins are happening at a time of restrictions when they're necessary to battle the disease known around the world we are closely analyzing the experience of other countries to understand the situation you see the risks and assess what to do in any scenario it we will do all that is necessary to stop the pandemic there is no doubt that rush will make it through these challenges with dignity i'm happy easter stay happy and healthy in russia 361 people have lost their lives to coronavirus their almost 43000 infections the majority of them here in moscow and this week the city rolled out a digital past scheme it was to ensure that people only use transport for essential
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purposes after some early setbacks the system is now fully automated teller reports . this week saw a few changes in the way russia is fighting with the creative virus outbreak on wednesday a new pasta stove was rolled out right here in moscow brought to teach you limit to people's movement around the city and that's going to remain in force until at least the 1st of may now i can show you this one here is my it's got my name it's got my possible data it's also got my employer's information and the most important thing is the possible code right there i talk and i need this to get to watch trapped in a taxi from pretty much to go anywhere other than to throw out the rubbish walk the dog go to my supermarket or my local pharmacy but there was a few teething problems at the beginning the site you register on crashed because of piet tomato and on the 1st day that they came into force they appeared to do more harm than good.
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it's not surprising then that initially the reaction to the pasta was a bit mixed with whom can i curse or not this doesn't make sense but also in everyone is a know what all they say is usually do it right now and never once started to plan for passes and the server crashed yeah the impulse but it's idiotic these kind of what those cannot so it's not a quarantine at all these are the right measures and should be strictly implemented but they must remain reasonable so the program that was told that was that each and every part of it was physically being checked by the authorities obviously creating crowds but from next wednesday the system will become 3 automated you'll have to link up the metro card to travel permit online and if you haven't done that the barriers in the magic just way open and you won't be and out through much more efficient now a similar formal streamlined system has also been created because we heard stories
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here of people waiting for hours to get that documents checked but now the cameras will be scanning to see which victims have the right. and which don't now another big announcement this week was the perspiring of the night of may that is the annual victory day parade along with new yeah it is possibly the most highly anticipated event in the russian calendar so a bit of disappointment especially as this year was going to be an extra special about as it marks 75 years since the defeat of fascism but a large gathering of people especially while the 2 factions who are in the out risk category was something the russian president said was simply not justified at this point i ordered to change the postpone the rehearsal for the military march on red square and postpone all of the mass gatherings to celebrate 75 years since the great victory we have been promised the event will be held in 2020 just at the late date either in the summer event. so those are just some of the key decisions that
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were made in russia this week was seeing how it started to dealing with 19 and various ways to try to keep the country safe so we can all return to normality as quickly as possible pharmaceutical firms worldwide are working flat out to develop vaccines and treatments for covert 19 and in russia patients who have already recovered are hoping doctors by donating their blood plasma with antibodies for transfusions one of the 1st stone is talked through how it works. but. i became a donor 2 weeks after i was discharged from hospital as far as i know there was the time when the concentration of fan type bodies in my blood had reach its peak i received a call from the hospital and they asked if they could pass my personal data to another medical institution then a team of medics from school if i saw asking came to take my blood for testing 4 days after i learned the results were good enough to be
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a donor. some of it's the procedure itself is rather simple and takes about an hour during this time you're surrounded by medics who are monitoring your condition but it's not scary it's fast and causes no we're losing sleep in consciousness anyone who came through this conveyed infection could do the same if the way it was said my plans might help 2 or 3 people who are about to be put on a ventilator. are you to mosque which you'd better put on a medical mask yourself and then see people wearing masks and how's months you'd soon run you for a month you shouldn't think this won't happen to me and i thought i was immune to this disease because i hadn't been you know for 13 years but it happened anyway it's better to stay at home for a month or 2 than stay in a great forever. united states has registered more than 39000 deaths from covert 19 that's according to official data with at least 27
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doctors and nurses dying from the virus but media reports are quoting much higher figures and some medics and even taken to the streets blaming the government for the severe shortage of protective equipment was. the. one behind. me. that really occurred outside a hospital in new york which is being devastated by the pandemic medics there were carrying signs that demanded urgent action to get supplies of personal protective equipment needed the state's death toll now stands at more than 17000 and emotions balled over that particular protest nurses saying that they're risking their lives because of government incompetence. so i was. just. what. does my discovery oh no why us then damn it
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if you do it. work as well i wonder. let's think about the fact that the mount sinai bosses right now are in their mansions in florida while they're nurses and dying because they can't get the proper v.p. and they just don't give a damn they don't care about our lives the loaded the gun they played russian roulette with working people's lives with training the consequence which will sign from the lack of protective equipment medics in the usa that the health insurance system. it's also putting people's lives at risk a post by a nurse a nice that it has been widely shared on facebook and it's direct smith recalled the final words that he heard from the patient who'd been put onto a ventilator those words were who's going to pay for it the nurse spoke with r.t. and it was really sad because someone who is you know potentially going to die the last thing you should be worried about is how to pay for their health care it's speaks to
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a misallocation of you know we have almost endless discretionary spending for militarism. we recently just you know injected $1.00 trillion dollars into the stock market you know just that those that that but when it comes to health care you know the constant question is who's going to pay for it which is the same question as the patient ironically. and you know it just shows where the priorities are well i don't know that it's necessary to have a multi-billion dollar annual military budget you know which with our legit department of defense where i think the real honest effort to defend would be with providing care for our citizens especially with the amount of people that just lost their insurance that's types of their employment as you know a lot of people just lost their jobs with this pandemic so. france has one of the world's strictest lock downs with hefty fines for those who break the rules speaking earlier in the week the president said that the measures will have to be extended until may 11th to date 900000 people have died from coronavirus in
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france and a monument on the mid mistakes have been made. it to demean it doesn't got me to see the epidemic is still not under control we need to continue to make every effort to try and stem the spread of this virus because the more we do that the more we will be able to save lives a lot. of these so who are we prepared for this crisis well i think the answer would be no we weren't but we have to admit our errors we made difficult decisions when dealing with incomplete information changing information about the virus. and the containment measures half dealt a heavy blow to france's economy with restaurants and cafes out of action many owners say they won't have the finances to reopen once the pandemic is over the mop as the market is calling for schools to resume normal activity in mid may but many teachers think that that me would be premature on the do basically reports schools could start to reopen from may 11th that was the announcement from president matt
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groening prompting a wave of criticism not just from teachers but doctors too this choice reveals an absolute lack of logic it is very difficult in a school environment to enforce social distancing measures and now the 1st environment that the president wants to reopen is the school environment how does it no longer carry the same risks. well the federation of french doctors says it's worried the target date could generate an unnecessary risk and is premature children do not necessarily follow instructions they will naturally play together and risk bringing the virus home that criticism seems shock but perhaps given that almost in the same breath mark or announce that restaurants bars cinemas and museums would not be reopening until further notice that's left some teachers groups reeling who they're going to return with young children and adults packing
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the small classrooms 20 square metres maximum of the school cafeterias a crammed with 500 people inside it's completely incoherent to leave bars and restaurants closed because of 20 people at the same time open a school with some 502-1500 students one of macro given reasons for reopening schools gradually was to fight against social inequality hold off on the demand only too many children notably in poor areas in the countryside are deprived of school without access to digital tools. since schools closed in march teachers have few educating their students online they have been public television services broadcasting lessons to the nation yet despite these new concerns from the government about students for ling behind the education minister genre show blanca recently it finds that they should take
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a break you stop holidays for one teaching union there is a clearer motivation behind the return to school we have the impression that we are being personally author of the economy it seems like the school is being used to the big childcare service so that mom and dad can go back to work that's also the belief of the teaching collective. the red pens. this is an irresponsible decision driven by economic interests life is more important health is more important than the economy. the red pens also say there needs to be a concrete plan to protect not just those who work in schools but the pupils to. get what we are waiting for is a more viable situation mass testing including immunity tests mosques in large quantities and although i won't be ready in $26.00 days it's impossible a bold plan hasn't yet been formulated about how schools will reopen
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schools will though be disinfected and full classrooms will be out of the question that's according to france's education minister shore michel but for many teachers the devil will be in the details will they get face masks how will they enforce any social distancing that still mandated and it says longer says the return will not be obligatory how can 2 the government be sure that the most deprived students well actually come back to the classroom. r.t. paris more than a 1000 sailors on board a french aircraft carrier have tested positive for covert 19 the shoulder goal is docked off the country south coast and it's not the only nato ship to have suffered such an outbreak.
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so the. death toll spirals the. spiral into russia. is making the. story after the break.
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i've been arguing for the last decade or so. crisis is both a structural prices and it is also a crisis of statement you're going to see in a capitalist edge of money and this endemic did not cause that crisis it only made it they asked. and made and revealed to the whole world and it's going to aggravate all of the red dimensions of the crisis the health emergency millenniums we're still going to be left with this dual crisis of structural the structural crisis of the economy and the political crisis of state budget in the cd. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy
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confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. welcome back the new york times is accusing russia's president of personally helping to spread covert 19 in america according to the newspaper kremlin propagandists of done just by discrediting the us health care system senior correspondent takes a closer look. nowhere in the world is it as bad as in america a quarter of the world's confirmed infected are in the states the economy's on the brink of ruin millions fighting in employment someone has to take the blame
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preferably someone foreign we want to look into the world health organization because they really. they called it wrong they call it wrong they really they missed the call blame the world health organization blame the chinese blame conspiracies and of course blame russia the decade of health information promoted by president vladimir putin of russia has certain white confusion hurt major institutions and encourage the spread of deadly illnesses the new york times lies right off the bat there is no widespread confusion in fact americans trust in scientists and doctors has grown yeah off the year according to pew research a record 9 in 10 americans trust scientists and doctors and less than half of americans trust the media or the new york times apparently for good reason experts
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fear that it will foster public cynicism that erodes washington's influence as well as the core democratic value of relying on demonstrably facts as a basis for decision making the facts as follows in january it was the new york times that misled and misinformed potentially millions of americans about the pandemic telling them it's nothing to worry about and that the flu kills more people reaching an audience is far greater than any russian bought network given the checkered history of coron teens throughout history they've been used to persecute the marginalized lawmakers in the media should rigorously examine the bases for any such restrictions. trump followed the advice he read in the new york times. delaying almost every measure against the virus from mass quarantine to international travel restrictions to the last moment a device that has potentially could tributed to the deaths of thousands of americans sure they apologized and admitted to being wrong but it was too late mr
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putin has worked hard to encourage americans to see vaccinations as dangerous and federal health officials as malevolent and here we thought it was a matter of public knowledge that the united states is the capital of the world's vaccine movement a movement that was birthed not by putin the k.g.b. but by a british position who were really nice link vaccines to autism the legit autism vaccine connection is perhaps the most damaging medical 100 years even today masses in the united states refuse vaccinations because of the 998. the reason it snowballed this because the media gave a controversial research paper. including the new york times which gave a platform for conspiracy theorist and vax to speak the spite the overwhelming majority of the scientific community insisting it was nonsense it is absurd to
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accuse the n.y.t. of helping birth the anti vaccine movement 20 years ago but for some reason it's ok for the new york times to accuse others of spreading simulate this information the russian president has waged his long campaign by means of open media secretive trolls and shadowy blogs the regularly cost american health officials as patronize and frauds putin didn't put a trash bag on that nurse but american c. then says dressed in trash bags they lose faith in their system in their leadership because their leaders have failed them not because putin said everybody involved. if we are such a weak sister we did the right protection to be in that environment that is a. little bit i. look at all the charlatans the bloggers the televangelists who are being watched by millions of americans that putin do you see behind america's
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faith based medicine coverage 900. 0. 00000 was it puton or american politicians who cut funding for counter pandemic programs was it's russian boats who urged americans elderly to sacrifice themselves so the economy could keep running i think all of my my fellow grandparents out there are going to be smart we all want to live we want to live with our grandchildren as long as we can but the point is our biggest but our biggest gift we give to our country and our children and our grandchildren is the legacy of our country we can go on and on about how american media and politicians bungled the pandemic until suffering but instead will end with this quote from the new york times itself it is worth
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remembering that disease where the fear of disease can bring out the worst in humanity and then makes open feet scapegoating jews were widely blamed for the black death creating a fertile field for demagogues the unity difference this time it's polluted. the pandemic has brought entire economies to a virtual standstill and with factories shut to roads and tim planes grounded there's been sharp drop in pollution levels in many parts of the world the cold justice quite striking.
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staying with us here on our team is we keep you up to date with all the latest information on the corona virus pandemic get to the very latest by heading to our website antti dot com or our social media channels or do the old school way and shoot into our library costs for studios here in moscow also london and washington d.c. stay informed and stay with arctic. a
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lot and very nearly be welcome to worlds apart as you can probably gas some joining us now from our usual studio guys from the comfort of my old almost going to conference reach over the last couple of weeks isolation has become and being overbearing and while most of us can't wait to go back to our normal lives it's hard to tell what normal even means at this point how will the college 19 ordeal sheesh the way we run our politics economy and social relations well it just doesn't amount joined by william robinson professor of sociology at the university
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of california at santa barbara professor romans and it's good to talk to you thank you for your time thank you for having me on i can see that you're also connecting with us you know a whole no no the only one you have. a whole order or almost a month. what it's been like for you. well we're on yeah we're on lockdown the university closed over a month ago in the 1st week of march and we moved to online education mean this is a completely different like we know it last forever but i also think that we're never going to go back to normalcy it will be by normalcy is great. now you've been writing about the parents all for capitalism globalization for many years and i think it's fair to say that you've been treated radical about it by the standards of the wall street journal i wonder if these last weeks and months have changed
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your analysis in any way not at all i think it's confirms my analysis i've been arguing for the last decade or so that what we're capitalism crisis is both a structural crisis and it is also a crisis of state when you're going to see a list edge of money and this pandemic did not cause the crisis you know only major they asked us to write and make and revealed to the whole world and it's going to aggravate all of that the dimensions of the crisis the health emergency relents but we're still going to be left with this dual crisis of structural the structural crisis of the economy and the political crisis of state budget are missing and have generally been mainway how base that structural crisis manager after it's off is very interested and accelerating inequality you know they told my daughter sad a warning more than if. we. undermined capital as
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a. nation difficult to function it's a bit like a snake eating its own tail i wonder how do you think because 19 pandemic is going to just bag these. struggling system do you think it's going to x. and it's like time by a little bit or do you think it will be ultimately to final blow to. i don't know if this is going to be the final blow to have local capitalism and not at all i wish that were the case now but to be honest with you i'm a democratic socialist but let's look at what's happened a global inequalities are simply unprecedented we've never seen these levels you mentioned one percent controls over 50 percent of the world as well but a more relevant data is that 20 percent of the world's people those that kids have lived in the system control 95 percent of the world's wealth so 80 percent of the world's population and that's something they cannot consume and so the global economy has been pouring out over it he said.


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