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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  April 3, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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live from the world headquarters of the r t america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez all right hi everybody i'm rick sanchez we welcome all of you watching from all over the world as we begin this newscast 2 breaking stories that we're still following for you and need to bring you up to date on the 1st one is coming out of los angeles interesting early enough a train engineer intentionally on purpose drove his locomotive at full speed into a u.s. naval hospital ship that's docked there to try and help coronavirus patients the guy's name is a duato more right no he says he did it because he's suspicious of the u.s.
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military vessel and that he doesn't think it's there for the reason that we're being given and he wanted to warn me entire world about this his train there's the picture plowed or it hit the ship now we should tell you this national mental health officials are advising all of us to look out for each other at this time i'm going to give you a number if you're watching us in the states this is the national u.s. help hotline if you need help or know somebody who does mental health here's the number to call 180180662 help 180662 help meanwhile here's another breaking story that we're following for you right now this one involves 2 cruise ships off the coast of florida that are said to have as many as. a 1000 or more passengers. we don't know the exact number of them that are ilb but it may be somewhere between 50 and a 100 at this point that are sick on the ship and some that have died still on the ship. at least one passenger who died has already been taken to the morgue
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state and local officials have been trying to decide what to do especially considering that some of these passengers and the crew members are not florida residents there not even a u.s. citizens local officials are afraid to let them disembark aside from asking why in the world these passengers chose to take a cruise ship at this particular time there's also the question of what to do with them if they stay on board more and more people will get sick and die if you let of this a barque how do you do that how do you keep them from spreading the virus to people living in south florida we are hearing now we are hearing now that there's a development and that there that there's a development in the story that apparently involves allowing some of the sickest passengers to disembark we're about to clear all this up for you our our correspondents are working on the story as we speak and are going to bring you the very latest as we're also joined by a hospital official there in south florida exclusively who will let us know whether
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some of these patients will be taken to some of these florida hospitals to get medical care everything is kind of up in the air right now look this is a developing story here on the news with rick sanchez where as we always say we believe it's time to do news again. ok here's a list of the questions that you're going to be asking tomorrow after watching our coverage what do you do with thousands of passengers on cruise ships that may have coronavirus scientist astronauts using what they can to build a moon village and will sports ever be the same and how are we going kept by without them. as you can see a lot of stuff is going on and all this week we're bringing you special coverage of the corona virus with updates from around the world that everything that you need
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to do to correct your go to protect yourself and your family tracking coronavirus ok what we want to do right now is get right over to our rob global coronavirus update desk i think the story of the moment right now are these cruise ships off of south florida 'd and what they're going to do with these passengers who are on the ship ben swan how many are sick how many have been able to get off what's the plan what are they doing down there yes it's kind of organized chaos or maybe it's chaos without organization right now the in south florida you have these 2 cruise ships they're both holland america ships one is called the sand and the other one is called the rotterdam president jump in mention about the ship saying he couldn't just allow them to stay in the water that they had to allow some of these people off he called it a humanitarian issue and so florida has been kind of going through a process of what this looks like to release people so here's what we know between the 2 ships there's about 1211 people 1211 people who are on the ships of those
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we know at least 4 people have died they are in the morgue on the ship 9 people have confirmed cases of corona virus so we know that the virus is on that ship and is moving through the ships population there are 14 i know it's a lot of numbers i apologize about but there are 14 people that we know right now who are considered gravely ill those people have been taken from the ship and they have been transported to hospitals in miami 13 of those are passengers and one is a crew member so it to kind of give you an idea of what's happening right now that's kind of at at the base here what we know as far as who's off the ship and who's on we also know just to stop you so some people are still on the ship some people are being removed on the ship and the prioritization is based on how sick you are or whether you're even sick. right that's exactly right now there are other people who are not considered gravely sick they're just sick and they're onboard
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and what we're told about that is that they will be required to stay on board for at least 14 more days they will be required to stay for 2 weeks to be monitored from the ship now if if their situation becomes grave we anticipate that they would also be moved to a local hospital but in the meantime 26 people are being told you're not getting off the ship at all you have to stay here until your symptoms clear up again those have not been confirmed coronavirus cases there just confirmed sicknesses on the ship and so they don't want to take any chances in florida with that what are they doing with foreign nationals who are on the ship who are not u.s. citizens ok so this is maybe gets a little bit complicated but here's how it's working because right now the state of florida and the governor of florida run the centers they do not want these people to be positioned in florida or to stay in florida so what we're being told is going to quote here the governor said this he says as the foreign nationals come off the ship as they leave they are going to be leaving the area on chartered planes and we
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have not going to coming back on track bad there's been no public just to let you know we got the pictures up of what you're describing right now the chartered plane used to be eastern airlines now it's a charter company flying out of fort lauderdale and miami international airport go on yes owner it to you again he says as foreign nationals leave there they are going to be a leaving on chartered planes they are not going to come in contact with the general public it is going to be a very controlled exit again those words from the governor of florida run the census so essentially what they're bussing um somehow from the. ship to fort lauderdale international airport and then getting on a plane and flying them out yes and not only not only is that going to be the foreign nationals who are who are exiting that way you know but buses. they're taking all of the passengers who are showing no symptoms as they are being let off they are being screened they are being cleared by 3rd party paramedics and then
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they are being escorted from the area by deputies on motorcycles there are literally motorcade to rick taking people either to hospitals or to these chartered planes right now they are treating it like a police escort to make sure that anybody who was on the ship does not come directly in contact with the public final question i understand that there are dead people on the ship as well is that true. yes for there are at least 4 dead people who are on the ship right now we do not know how long those bodies will stay on the ship what we have been able to find out so far is that they are not in any rush to get those bodies off those ships so at least 4 bodies remain as i said there are there are 14 people who are gravely ill they were transported immediately but those bodies will remain in the morgues on the ships at least for the forseeable future wow. great stuff unbelievable as this story develops we will keep you up to date right here on the news with rick sanchez thank you ben for that
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report you got it you know there have been ebbs and flows in the relationship between the white house and the state governments throughout all of this in the last 24 hours it seems like it's got more nasty than in the past with new york senator president trump firing off angry missives at each other and then last night and maybe the 1st president shot off a memo using white house stationery that was probably as insulting as it gets but behind all of this is the really important part of this which is what about the supplies what are the states getting what are they not getting and who's responsible for making sure that they get it so that they can deliver it to health care officials joining us now with the latest on all of this is scott you know hughes pick up the story and tell us how things are going back and forth between the state not just the insult but perhaps more importantly scottie the supplies. well that's the thing rick you're right that letter was met with cheers and groans
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from people around the country as they read president trump's letter to chuck schumer but it is a bigger picture and that because just like with any crisis minutes do matter and indeed the coronavirus typical items which are usually readily available for use around the hospital are turning are not there and so hospital staff are turning to government officials to help get them the item that they are needed to help save lives however governors are quickly realizing these resources are not within their own state borders and have turned to the federal government appealing for those critical medical equipment they need from the national stockpile who's in control of that stockpile though who does that make decisions as to who gets what well that's a thing we hear a lot about this national stockman's actually the strategic national stockpile which is a motorcade in a very secret undisclosed location just outside of washington d.c. and it's management by fema which has been flooded with these frantic request a front for good from all the states now these requests are made in conjunction
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with a federal task force and the white house as well as the mass to what is needed best and who is actually going to disarm these different types of items from the national stockpile or is it better to use materials from state from the private sector now the state allocations are being made it may some population hospital aren't coronavirus patients risk level and existing state resources are the factors being used to determine how much a state gets of what specific resource it's requested. governors are saying. it's not they're not getting the right supplies certainly not in a timely manner. well that is right rick and there are several governors who are very unhappy with the equipment or more probably the lack of equipment they are not getting despite their requests as well as this chaos and this disarray that seems to exist within the delivery system of at their request now there are questions are being raised why some states like illinois massachusetts and maine received only
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a fraction of their requests while states like oklahoma and kentucky have received more of their equipment they requested and you have to imagine that's the one state that is actually very happy with the whole system is florida who has received 100 percent of their 1st year request with governor sanchez actually praising the response and its close relationship with president trump and i said i heard you when you had new york and new jersey with governor murphy saying his request for 2300 ventilators was not over asked in new jersey only received 300 ventilators in response is this thing political. or that is a thing that's obvious the accusation some would like to make it to be awesome you governors are weary to publicize and to criticize because democratic governors have become a popular target of president trump and his press conferences however there is no direct evidence to say that republican states are receiving more favorable treatment in fact some g.o.p. states like georgia are having just as much trouble getting their request fields.
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it's an important story and i'm glad we have you there to cover it for us thanks so much appreciate it thanks. we continue our special coverage we welcome all of you watching from around the world. in london julian assange is standing trial on whether he will be extradited to the u.s. to face espionage charges the stakes could not be higher saunders libya even life is on the line freedom of speech is also on trial though you wouldn't know that to
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mainstream media. what if you can't win every single time eventually some workers have to participate in the american economy the american economy is not just buying for this not by and for terrorists there's labor involved people who work with people our families our values of the american history that like a state that has to be respected at some point you simply can't throw the 2 groups of wall street charlatans and give them 6789 trillion dollars and expect them to whip up something that's not outright an act of terrorism. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids ask and as
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a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game between the teams most of the complaints i would say. is made. close one you know the children's each other and this could be just the state of california make $6000000000.00 you have to prison complex just to get some 20 year life where. you don't care. anything. hey what about omar sanchez we've just been told there's an update so let's get back over to. probably there's something else going on that we need to know about ben bring us up to date what's going on yes of the very latest here you know
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president trump has been talking about the need to cut oil production worldwide opec countries i'm calling for this is well there's a big question rick about whether or not the oil industry can even survive this as we see the price of oil falling by half well as of yesterday the president said he had met with mohamed bin solman head of saudi arabia as well as president putin and russia and he said that he had gotten an agreement from them to cut oil production by about 10 about 10000000000 barrels of oil now the president said he had put that together but today the russian president just a little short time ago came out and said yes that is possible but only if all major oil producing countries follow suit let's listen to this. according to preliminary assessments i think that we can discuss if we don't should in volume of about 10000000 barrels per day perhaps a bit less perhaps a good more gathered you here today in order to discuss these questions. so
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you heard it there it's $10000000.00 barrels per day $10000000.00 barrels per day but what's important about that rick is that again this is an issue where president putin says all major producers have to be a part of it and that includes to the united states which has become the world's largest energy producer yeah exactly and there's the fracking are an issue that's going on but you know by the way the elephant in the room here in the united to talk about is you could cut you could produce all you want but there's no need for it nobody is using this stuff right now it's i mean there's no demand so increase when i lower supply who cares that's exactly the point isn't it that it's a supply and demand issue but right now everything that supply and demand is being propped up by government someplace right so fascinating story the good stuff and i'm glad you got it to us thanks ben it's very important to the market here's something that we need to think about will this coronavirus moment that we're now living through turn out to be an opportunity waiting for
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a crisis to happen. let me explain in words will this now be used as an excuse to cut into more of our rights take away more of what we have while delivering more wealth to those who are already extremely wealthy we're not asking this in a vacuum it's not like this as it happened in the past lead can over dhaka tonight he's the person who's been aside to think about this because he's the big thinker in the room. yeah no i don't thank you it's called the shock doctrine and we're in the middle of it naomi klein wrote a bestseller about a documentary about it and basically the our rulers are authority figures they many of them wait for these crises to hit and then they use them to to get wealthier to get through policies that no one would ever approve for example what we've witnessed so far was the e.p.a. has announced they're not enforcing environmental registry regulations this crisis
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as if you know oil companies were. behaving themselves before that now they have no reason to behave themselves. they're taking away rights from the mashpee tribe going after native american land they're another one is obliged to worry about public schools are they going to do what they did in new orleans waited for that crisis to happen katrina and then they turned all those in to charter schools they privatized all the like so you know could that happen again also constitutional rights the department of justice just barman says that they want to basically allow courts to claim it's emergency so you don't they can lock someone up basically indefinitely no trial no charges because of an emergency but then what's an emergency is a you know a sprained ankle that emergency is a generalized tornadoes viruses they can be anything be careful what you give up now because you may be stuck with it forever yeah yeah that's essentially what you're saying because once the crisis is over you then have to hope that those
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authority figures will be. like you know what here are your rights back here all those things back because they're functioning again you know but is that going to happen did that happen after katrina or it or in puerto rico where you have got what i can do you one better after 911 we started this thing called the patriot act the heart of it i don't have a bevy of stories with law enforcement officials no one told me the patriot act has been used in ways it was not designed to be you know exactly centrally they just fit it in oh we've got the patriot act now we were allowed to do this before knock down somebody's door investigate them but now we just take out the patriot act and we're able to do it even though that guy was not even being investigated for terrorism right unlimited surveillance of american citizens so there's do you think they're going to give that backs or anything to stop surveilling unlimited well numbers of americans only if we're vigilant i mean if we do segments like the one that you and i are exactly people got to stand up get angry about it until it was things turned to something else that's going on that i frankly as
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a journalist can't help but notice and that is every time i turn on the t.v. i see the white house and the administration having these long meetings with all the c.e.o.'s from all over the united states and it's almost like they're courting them joining us now and these guys are all i can't help but think that when all this is said and done those are the guys who are going to be writing policy i don't want those guys writing policy i don't want those guys made federal decisions for the people of the united states but it kind of looks that way doesn't it i got bad news for you they've been writing the policy for a while now corporate leaders have donated to both parties and they largely own these politicians and so most of what gets done in congress even before this play out but no you don't understand maybe you know what i'm saying i'm not sure and give away going on right now oh yeah maybe the grandest giveaway in the history of the planet earth yeah they're printing money to give it to people and the people who are meeting with the president in the oval office is not your dad or my uncle.
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i agree you tom of the bailout yeah the bailout is this is a bailout that's going to go forever we get another one really went to the average people get i'm easily $1200.00 checks one dime check which is going away to buy the right bread crumbs it's nothing compared to what is given to exactly what you talk about corporate leaders will get all of this money trillions of dollars literally trillions i mean it's it on a badge of money. honestly you can't comprehend how much money is being given to corporately and by the way there may be corporations that are essential that do need some kind of government help it happens from time to time the question is what's the greed what's the limit where does it go and where are the f t r's who at one time in our history said let's make sure we also create jobs let's make sure we help people who may need it or just regular folks write it so it comes down to oversight but there's been you know the democrats claim they fought for some oversight but it's nothing it's a little panel of the 5 people trying to over look over see you a bit before dollars and once you get the accounting leverage that they're going to
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get it's up to 4 or half trillion dollars it's you can't you can't oversee that you know i really don't even know t. you don't trust nancy pelosi to know why are you letting down she is a millionaire owned by other millionaires i don't care that's him this guy picking on everybody about me it's him as usually it's a good conversation and i'm really glad we had it all right i'm going to walk over and see another friend of mine oh my god you're not wearing a tie today we were doing that the boss i do that in trouble for not wearing a tie all your sports got you could do that this is true you look very bad so steve goes are you doing i'm doing well or go where you are and you know what so hey look at this blue it's like we called each other some magic day so sports world this is called jock talk yesterday and for a little levity that now you know we don't have sports going on right now as we know but i just have news no highlights so i thought to be fun to take us back to
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some of our favorite. yes from before memory 2020 how we don't know sports but before 2020 the word let's go back now ok this the k h l you know now that n.h.l. the case well they're all over as far as we know it for the time being but i just wanted to read that was one of the most beautiful k.-tel goals i've ever done a highlight for look at this through the legs of the defender that through his own legs and scored that's a measure of but don't you dismiss just action like that is right anything and h. i mean else i told you i go home and i watch old games i want to watch the lakers the other day i watch the miami or play nebraska crazy stuff me to see so even if it's old even if it's from the ninety's i still enjoy it then i try and get games were i can't remember who won but i could get rid of the flight over but anyway go want to interrupt i know it's a good night let's go back to june 29th right the m.l.s. we covered we know wayne rooney a legend over there in england but he was here with d.c. united last season and he scored a 70 yard screamer now this is just so that's 70 yards away right over the
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goalkeeper stringer just. one year and it was the occasion was the final score there so that goal was enough for the game winner right there that was in the temperament of the game yeah and saying that's amazing 70 yards i mean. what's the longest field goal in the n.f.l. the way i think i'm a college 87 enough field goal i would say to where near 7770 if you're right there is that 70 in college and 60 something in the pro this high so it's kind of like the saying right right has already incredible legs there now the top moment you know everybody's kind of looking out for each other now you're seeing the world come together so this moment brought me back to last september in 2019 during the world athletics championships oversaw the early go but here we go look at this so this right here in guinea bissau a runner. soon card is helping jonathan busby from a cross official he stopped at the sacrifice davos sector for ice his own race this
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is. the $5000.00 metre medal race at the world athletics he went back he saw busby was struggling with the heat because this was in qatar in september so the heat was incredible you know 100 plus degrees there fahrenheit he saw him about to pass out he would pick them up and drag him across the finish line well but that he did he'd sacrifice his position yes they both were disqualified. just so he could finish because he didn't want to see him go down like that it was 3300 meters left in the race he did i turned around and got him and by doing that he sacrificed his own position in being able to finish the race and you seen that a lot of people are sacrificing certain things for other people you see a lot of good humanity out there with this whole coronavirus going around the world what are you hearing steve how what's the n.b.a. what are the sports that are going on now right what are they saying i mean we are we going to get no but basketball this year not unless it's virtual looks like e sports is all that we're seeing right now with the n.b.a. 2 k. tournaments for example kicking off tonight however no they are trying to salvage
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a season of course the n.b.a. did there are rumors that they want to have a condensed playoffs in las vegas so you know how normally they travel to different cities for the playoffs you know home team away team and there's you know 16 teams total now that's going to be condensed possibly in vegas completely like a tournament style but to have to crown a champion this thing is at least 2 more months of this really so it's doing would be the earliest for the n.b.a. even we don't know about that and that's not. a sure yeah and then the and attended fans know fans of course they have behind closed doors in tennis keeps getting pushed back now they delayed what they would televise they would televise it you know behind closed doors to the public but in person yeah but 13th is now when tennis is looking to start it keeps getting postponed further and further and all the next shoot thank you so handsome really try to leave no almost as you look almost as good as severe oh yeah that's our news thanks so much for being with us if you have friends look at bird newscasts it's not like the rest of them will tell you he is late check us out on portable t.v. to see about.
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micrographs friends aren't sleights and dad sed you know whites are men for example there's their sites against women or more i'm nonwhite so it's always the idea is that statements that directed toward a privileged group are interpreted differently than a statement directed toward an oppressed group and so that's kind of the whole framework and it's it's a political framework that's used the result is of course focusing at least on certain kinds of minor slights and saying more rather than or more than we need to call attention to them but it's not all slight so it's very political and it's funny.
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how. people who lived in towns to which excess is no restricted are allowed to revisit the hopes a few times each year 51 is given a dosey meter to show how much radiation they are exposed to while inside the zone . the march 20th live an earthquake and tsunami. a giant wave hits the fukushima one nuclear. almost the entire facility. the reactor cooling system is compromised then there's an explosion then another and another. radiation rises to 5 times the normal level the situation is exceptional. and that's given the highest possible score for
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severity of nuclear contamination. tens of thousands of people are evacuated from a 20 kilometer exclusion zone centered on the power plant. 80 years later and japanese authorities are still actively decontaminating huge tracts of land. they have removed the upper layers of soil and washed and cleaned everything. now one by one they are gradually reopening areas where the government sees people can live safely. on their own like. the one. that my there. is now i don't want that.


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