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today the latest weapon coupled with the fighting skill of the american soldier stand ready on the alert all over the world to defend this country the american people against aggression this is the big picture now to show you part of the big picture here is sergeant stuart wait. the privilege of serving the united states and uniform is no longer limited to map. out your place by the women's on the koran taking this grooming and feminine means is one of the 1st lessons learned by the way through. their work demands that
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require a perfect physical health system. sure you've all heard the say there's a right way. and the army. a . campaign this isn't running off a bridge and putting it into a. model but by.
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5000000 you're everywhere and it doesn't matter with your a man or a woman only your. own 5. second guessed it's a lot of work it's totally clear. there was a waiting list for the navy over a year and i knew i didn't wait that long so i had a friend to me about the coast guard and i went to the coast guard and they said that they could get me in within a month so said ok. i
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tried college and i had. a good job but as a married and an east texas i bought my own little house and the military was something i had always wondered do i come from military family i was always taught that it's every citizen's duty to join the military if you can you should so i want to go ahead and join and start a career. i'm sure that air force i was 17 years old had a boyfriend that encouraged me to go in so that's why they didn't give you permission to go. when i was in high school i was impressed with the marines but i met. a colonel that used to run laps around the truck after soccer practice and he said he'd be perfect for the marine corps has a really smart with the marine corps needs the professionalism the camaraderie everything about it inspired me. after i graduated. i left
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for orlando florida which was the 1st time i was ever on an airplane and a life. initially it was just wanting to go see the world because i'm from a really small town i had a college scholarship to go play basketball but i instead opted to go into the military. you know what i chose to do. i come from a long line of military when we had somebody from every generation on both sides of the family all the way to the revolutionary war i had served in the armed forces and i chose the marine corps because no one in my family had ever done that. well of putting on a uniform every day and you know just getting out there and giving it my all and it's a very proud feeling. that i would have done the camp and it was create the camaraderie the discipline and everything it taught you who
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i wanted to be that's what they taught. obviously it was different taking a shower with different people all of a sudden. but disagree experience i was a sailor every single report on me was excellent grades i knew what i needed to do in my job was a great team leader. i really enjoyed the whole challenge of it i got several different awards and kudos it was mainly men love that i could blend in and keep up with the guys and work as hard as. the new economy was challenging and education was talk notch my senior year i was selected to be one of the top 30 leadership positions by the company great officers there. after basic i went to the naval security group 8 act. alaska i remember getting there you
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know issued a parka got set up in my room and then he took me to the bar which was in her barracks and set down in a table were was me and about 10 other guys. and you know kind of felt like a piece of meat on a slab at that point and i never wanted to turn around and leave so much of my life that i couldn't. get it yes. i. did. i met corey december 17th of 2007 i was on watch when she got to the station and then this blew me away when she walked in. right. order ok thank you. the command told us that she was coming then there were some
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issues but we didn't none of the crew knew exactly what had happened and i didn't find out. for a long tours. i was stationed in saginaw michigan. i was the only female in my section. i had a supervisor it got to the place where i get calls at 3 o'clock in the morning and he are telling me to come get him and i'm like i can i'm bad and he would then threaten me. i'd walk in from training and he'd be sleeping in my bed. when we went to one of the higher ups the chain of command they were all like his his drinking buddy and they told me just because i didn't like somebody they were going to switch me away from this guy. it was in the evening around taps and. he don't lock the door and he'd come in and he had an erection and he tried to get
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me to touch him i took my right hand and i pushed him in the chest and started to yell for the other guys to kind of hear me. he hit me across. the left side of my face i remember. holding the closet thinking what just happened. to my face hurt so. when we went to the command about it me and this petty officer who saw my face. they just they've let it wait because they didn't want any kind of problems going on. a couple weeks later i needed the key to do my cleanup so i knocked on his door and he said ok yeah come on in here and here and i said no no i'm going to wait out here. and he screamed at me and he made me come in and grab my own arm. the.
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and he raped me and his birth. every thing came to a complete and the day that i was raped i got there in february by april i was drugged and raped for the 1st time i had like a cold or pneumonia like symptoms and so they sent me to get shut down and while i was waiting to be examined. and came in any help himself he said he was going to the bathroom he came into my room and and that's when he raped me the entire time i was screaming and yelling for help and for him to stop nobody came to the door nobody came to help me and maurice cure anything they made it very very clear. that. if i said anything they were going to kill me. you know in then of course i didn't have anyone to go talk to because the people that were perpetrating me were
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the police 'd. it was my 1st time ever and was had a tough time convincing myself that i'm still over. if this is happening to me you know i can only imagine surely i'm not the only one which i found out later going through the claims process that i wasn't. it's just after. i see a shadow of a human head over my body next thing you know that i'm awake and like he's on top of me pushed my legs apart and put himself on top of me and start playing at my shirt and i wake up and that he's on top of me. he's already pitch. i was drugged i remember the sounds the smell.
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of it is locked and loaded $45.00 at the base of my skull. engage the ball so that i knew there was around chamber all i could do was continue to concentrate on breathing slam my head against a concrete wall and very forcefully had sex with me and i just went to my tent pulled a sleeping bag over my head and cried myself to sleep so within the 2 week period. he raped me 5 times we got tested. i had tricked and. and i was pregnant. he did. rape me. 991 in congressional testimony it was estimated that 200000 women had been sexually assaulted so far in the u.s.
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military if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and that was you know more than a decade ago i would say you could easily double that number and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the u.s. military. we're feeding our hopes our dreams our desires our money to compete this creates a war do we get back to you know like that's that's a bad deal so when this technology jumping out of this one is the goal is you helping to keep you healthy for it or to keep the you know you connected and i missed it so we will live in an area the post screen area where we were a little less and all the screens. and it will be more in harmony or will help us more. it's an old song for do 50.0 musical number 2 the pretty one when you have no kids
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of you to complete new momentum and don't going to. see the i'm all the good that you need done episode of all through singapore the only surprise up on top of all since i was in the uk at the flick are young and beautiful mom simone. and for those minutes and i go for you all that he would rise and then that there's not enough profile up to 5 years or. something to motivate to you all to see a 0 percent deal so some of it to go. to see joe go to shows. because people will put him in a fiscal commission alicia years of school with the most from. the new c'mon the porn you pull from the school the supernatural mean are just.
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or in the current. here's this all was prescribed in the last 3 to 4 months this is a practice of. prosperity towel program this is the annex. i'm tired of taking all these men i just want the v.a. to fix my job. i was having the most horrible pain in my face so i went to the dentist because i thought it was just my teeth or something was wrong. the doctor came in after the x. rays and asked me if i'd been in a car accident when he hit me in my face he dislocated my jaw and it's both my disc forward in my face so i don't have
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a need for my where they should be in my face they told me i'd probably need a partial bone replacement. bone and laying on my nerves for so long is starting to actually disintegrate. i've been on a soft diet for 5 years now. i can eat the foods that i everything is. jello. a lot of. times. the movie is.
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that it was. my dad my brother prior navy in the army national guard and. then the family in. it was excited and completely just going and all my family was proud of me. as my biggest hero. told us of your own being taken care of and i guess that's one of the hard things that i have to accept because i told her that she would be. who's in february we got a call. one
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who is dying and he. rubbed his hand all over my entire body and. he said i own all of this. and i was absolutely scared didn't know what to do my dad. when the 1st thing she said was bad. and. i said. what happened he said i was right. and you're a virgin. because. tribute. don't ever think you're. my main nerve in my spine and
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places and my hips are rotated. my title is director of military plans and personnel policy for the navy. we have specifically trained judge advocates our navy lawyers in our naval criminal investigative service those investigators are all specifically trained in sexual assault any report of a sexual assault is fully investigated in the united states navy they didn't take care of it for a year and a half they were tracking down witnesses they had all these students that are. and they can walk them down and say hey you're only hold talking to statement and i didn't and i went through 3 investigators it was like ok i'm giving this case that's what it's sort of oh and i'm giving this case i'm going to take care of it oh well this is really want to really want to deal with it females would come up to their commanders or their and ceo's and say that they were either sexually assaulted or abused and i don't think it was taken seriously i think
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a lot of times a cursory investigation was done and they were basically told to just suck it up a member bring in a young service member been brutally raped and bring him to see or command and try to make sure that this girl was taken care of properly and this idiot. for crying in order to stop crocus built milk on a time the credibility of the witness was called into account had the potential victim had she made claims like this in the past there was a lot of witch hunting going on i was ordered to advise a victim of her rights for false statement when i knew that she wasn't lying i was asked to bring her in advise her of her rights like a criminal and interrogate her for false statement until i got the truth out of her . what we hear again and again from soldiers who have been raped is that as bad as it was being raped what was as
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bad if not worse was to receive professional fratelli ation in their chosen career merely because they were raped when you report something. you better be prepared for the repercussions if a man gets accused of rape it's a setup the woman's life i could choose to report it but if i wasn't if you know if they found that what i was saying wasn't to be truthful than that i would be reduced in rank you could lose your rate you could lose rank you could lose your school if you file a false report so. do you want to file a report. with the. everything in the 1st my friend ed to make me they sound leave me to 2 different times to my squad leader and he told me that there is nothing he can do about it doesn't have any proof they actually did charge me with adultery. i wasn't married he was
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they took me before make my hand the tank commander and he says you think this is funny and i said what do you mean his like the solid jokes you say what do you mean they go see the 3rd girl report rape this week even as they all in cahoots you think is the game. right. ok and how hard is i usually take.
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on 39. 114 months. of the v.a. . mike you want to. but if we were there. and. this goes everywhere with me. and this goes everywhere with me. you always have protection with jesus but sometimes you need just a little bit more. time to go. it was they c of course they. they ordered they ordered a back x. ray instead of that but if you're some make up. we should have they should know you should know what's wrong with me like read my stuff and you'll see that's
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my face it's not my back it's not my legs my arms it's my need to prove i don't even know what your case is even like entering the know why waste the gas money the trip anything it was completely a waste of time what a good veteran's day right. it's a perfect way to spend. it. because it was an isolated duty station they were in charge and we were just like cattle. it was the 1st time i was drugged and raped i was this room where some of my friends and family had like one or 2 drinks and when laid down it was like instantly i was not feeling well and came to having a pillow over my head in my friend. raping me. and
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that went on repeatedly. most sex offenders are hunters just like any hunter they study their prey they study their movements to study the behaviors they study the environment. you have rapists that prey on other human beings they they stock them they they wait until the victim is that the most vulnerable point in time to perpetrate their crimes a lot of times a victim as somebody that the suspect is very familiar with and they're very aware of what's going on most sex offenders have this hidden persona that nobody ever sees except for the victim therefore when they're caught or if somebody reports people don't tend to believe that because they don't see the typical sex offender if it's an officer it's an officer that has had a bit chilly in the past preyed on and enlisted they would do it once they get away with it and then they think wow this was pretty easy i'm going to try to get in
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particularly for a savvy perpetrator to work with in a relatively closed system like the military it becomes a prime. a target rich environment for a predator. what a was discharged they moved to seattle or things got really bad. i started to lose everything. is homeless. the addiction to selling drugs crack and a guy. 40 percent of homeless female veterans have been raped while they
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were surfing they spit into such depression and it appears that they can't hold jobs they can hold their lives together and they end up on the streets when i 1st started training as a gemini and i look over and it was like the universe was like a gal. in my head i was like you are i know there are some special of our. wow for sure when we 1st started dating it was hard. the biggest hurdle was not taking p.t.s.d. personally it does get really stressful and sort of said to have never known before hand what she was sort of in her in her prime now she's anxious and sad a lot of. going
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to go going to go perfect you need. to become. my tens if i can around doing something you know michel be like check it in like oh it's ok 3 minutes i ever appreciative of it you know they may see me really sad that here's this little 11 year old boy that's watching out for my well me. and her kids. you know i wanted to go away. you know and it doesn't go away. and we're going to fulfill it focuses probably to the people i promise to be you
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know we've all pots to. be ready for a. home . that you want to work. on no. full be. coming coming coming.
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these policymakers have grown accustomed to the idea that every single problem can be solved with money for anything why can't we solve the coronavirus of money printing the market now is starting to scratch just had a little bit and saying wait a minute that's insane so therefore valuations look like they're going to be marked already in correction territory on these markets down 10 percent are we going to have to bear market valuations down 20 percent probably i think the likelihood is extremely high ali they have a 50 to 60 percent drop that's probably a 10 to 20 percent probability.
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to defuse the intensification in the russian and turkish president meeting in moscow on how to reverse a military clash in syria when both leaders on the lining the necessity of that face to face discussions. taking claims. weak forces that opened fire on the refugees at their shared border leading to the death of one man greece that strongly denies the allegations and breath increasing after allowed migrants to try and cross into that you needed.


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